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  • they are everywhere...why buy a truck(especially those with the v-8's) then worry about an extra 1-2 MPG? I mean really. We all knew what the MPG were before we bought.. right? I could care less what I'm getting with my new 2003..I know it's somewhere between 14-18MPG...I knew that before the purchase, so why be obsessive over it now? I didn't get the 4.7L to baby around constantly worrying about accelerating too fast because of gas mileage.

    For those posting about MPG all over this site...get over it!!! please.
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    You make an excellent point.

    This emotional situation might be due to the many people that have come in here to post their unprovable claims about "how much" better the gas mileage is on their Fords and GMs. I think it may have made Dodge owners a little insecure and paranoid.

    Some truck media people have done the same thing with patently unscientific results, and I believe many Ford and GM people took that, ran with it and come into the Dodge forums to taunt. I know of one incident in here where a fellow claimed poor gas mileage on his "new Dodge RAM 1500," and he didn't know that I knew him and that he doesn't own a such a vehicle. Under threat of exposing him he has since not been around.

    The closest thing to a pure unbiased test of fuel consumption is the EPA certification. Since as you pointed out there is such a wide range of reported fuel consumption, even with Ford and GM models, the obvious element of the human being having the most significant impact on MPG seems to get lost on many people.

    Best regards,
  • I have to 2nd Greggpats on this. I'm really tired of hearing about MPG with V8 trucks. Let's talk about how the darn things run. If I wanted to hear about gas mileage, I would have joined a Mini Cooper forum! Seriously, I don't care what we talk about, if you all are really interested in MPG(ZZZZZZZZZ).

  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    You've made some good points, too. I think what some find boring are the few who appear to be obsessed about their gas mileage after others are telling them they get better, usually with something else. This seems to have been acute after the new RAM was released with the 4.7 motor and one or two people where in here constantly trying to reinforce anything negative with the vehicle.

    The fact is if you go into the Ford/Chevy/Toyota/etc. forums you'll find people there that report MPG on the low end as well. And I know lots of truck owners who got 19 MPG once and think that's what they get all the time.

    Your recommendation to keep track of one's fuel consumption is not without merit. I think Gregg was responding to the obsession with it and some who bought a med or fullsize truck thinking they were going to get 20+ most of the time.

  • I apologize for cluttering up the message board with mpg posts. I'm in research so it comes naturally. Dakotas seem to be exceptional vehicles and I enjoy testing mine to see what's possible with it, as opposed to what's wrong with it. Also helps during the tiring commute home after work. I'll continue to monitor the board as a lurker.

    Yes, I knew it would not get exceptional fuel mileage. From some earlier posts I noticed concerns about gas mileage as compared to other trucks both smaller and larger than the Dakota. The Dakota Quad cab offers so much more than a standard cab full size truck and does so without giving up comfort, performance, or economy.
  • "No everyone has so much discretionary income as to just pump in the gas and not be concerned about the cost of operation."

    Well, then I guess they shouldn't by a Dakota then if gas mileage is that much of a priority..that's my entire point. Why buy a truck that you know will get around 15 MPG then be obsessive over it? From some of the posts here, it sounds like some are babying around with their trucks and constantly worrying about their MPG instead of having some fun with their v-8's.

    By the way, driving 10,000 miles a year, at $1.75 per gallon, the difference between 14 MPG and 18 MPG is $276 a year. I can't believe anyone who buys a new Dakota at $20k+ can be that obsessive over $275 a year that it would cause them not to have some fun in their driving.
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    My trip yesterday down to my property in the SouthernTier of western New York, hauling my 700 lb. ATV, chainsaws, tools, etc., I did appreciate having that 287 (4.7) motor on those hills between Geneseo and Corning area. In the Dakota the 287 motor is all I could think anyone would ever need, especially for weekend hauling.

    There is one hill that she kicked down on me, but so did the F150 5.4 I rented once. That doesn't happen unless I use the cruise control. I had a guy pass me on another hill in a Sierra hauling a single ATV and his dropped down while maintaining the same speed even though the Dakota stayed in overdrive all the way to the top.

    I started out shopping for a fullsize truck a year ago, and after buying the Dakota I thought I had made a compromise. But after a year now I find that the Dakota is actually the right side, it's lack of exterior bulk makes it almost a pleasure to drive. The precise and correctly dampened steering, the ride, and quiet interior make this vehicle nearly ideal for me.

    As much as I like Nissan and Toyota products, I have to honestly say that the Dakota has really surprised me. The Frontier is rugged and well engineered, but too small. Same for the Tacoma. The Tundra is real nice but also equally disappointing for a "full size" truck.

    I must say if I were to do it again I think I'd have to go Dakota. There's just nothing equal to it.

    Best regards,
  • ferousferous Posts: 226
    I'm really disappointed to read the bashing in these postings. This has always been a great chat room. Clean facts talking about all areas of the Dakota.

    Just to make it clear. The most OVER talked about topic is brakes, not MPG.
  • Thanks to the monitors on Edmunds this is a relatively civil forum. You want to see bashings go to!!!!!
  • bobs5bobs5 Posts: 557
    Been awhile since my last post. Truck runs great.
    Went to Maine for a couple of weeks, about a month ago. Best gas mileage was 22 mpg.
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  • slr9589slr9589 Posts: 121
    I have been driving an 00,4.7,5 spd,2wd,green quad for 3 years with no real problems. I agree that it is a remarkable vehicle that filled a niche when it arrived in 1999.Great feel,power,and personality.
    I am looking at an 03 Avalanche .The current promotions are great and this baby does some fascinating things.It will also allow me to deduct 70% of the price off my income in the first year as a business deduction.
    I would value your comments about this purchase and the Suburban family.I promise not to ever discuss mpg's!!!
  • slr9589slr9589 Posts: 121
    I sold my truck today to the GMC dealer....he gave me a fair price considering I knew it needed a new fuel pump and body work.
    Got a Sierra crew cab,slt, is the size of planet earth will grow on me and OPEC.
    i will contiue to watch this site as you folks are some of the best..
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Stephen, good luck with your new truck. Let's have some details, 4X2, 4X4, gasoline , diesel? Facts Stephen, we need facts.

  • Dakowner, no one need apologize for discussing any normal technical concern. No one can take a munfacturer's posted mileage rating at face value, any more then you can take the salesman's word on maintanence issues. The best way to assess mileage is to discuss it with a group of users. Some of us, like myself, are here to research a vehicle they might buy in the near future, so it's not quite the case that "we all know what we were getting into" - some of us want to know before getting in, thank you. Greggpats, it's nice that gas cost is irrelevant to you, but it's of interest to some. If your major concern is acceleration, well, good for you. That's boring for me. If my driving were the 10K/year you use as an example, I'd be less interested in MPG myself, but that's a low figure, and I'm not willing to assume that $1.75/gallon is normal any more.
  • jimtjimt Posts: 56
    Have been shopping for tires for a couple of weeks. Original tires Goodyear Wrangler, 265/70x16 with 77,000. Wanted Bridgestone AT Revo's, but not available 'til Nov. Decided on Yokohoma HT-S Geolanders. Same size not available without a wait also, so have ordered 275/70x16s. Tire is about 1/2" taller overall. I know it changes over effective gear-ration by small amount, but will this effect computer parameters? Will it need to be flashed(i.e. by dealer) or is this small enough of change that computer will compensate? Any thoughts on this will be appreciated! Jim
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    This is a safety concern.

    The factory service manual warns that the ABS can be affected if the overall diameter of the tires is changed from factory-delivered.

    Additionaly, if you run an automatic tranny, the speed sensors that control shifting may be affected. (do not forget that there are sensors at the INPUT and OUTPUT of the tranny that feed into a computer to control shift-points, shift-length and overall shift-quality.)

    There is also a sensor in the rear axle housing that feeds tire RPM to the onboard computers. These computers need to know the tire rating in "rotations per mile" entered into the computer. ALl calculations are based on this pre-programmed setting.

    Either pay the dealer to update the onboard computer or use one of those "programmer boxes" to change it yourself.
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    I agree with Bpeebles. One thing I would add is that with respect to an automatic transmission, it should eventually readjust the shifts points on its own as it goes through the learn cycle a few times.

  • I finally got the leftovers from my Quad Cab sold on Ebay. Got the Leer topper sold locally and my spare set if tires with the Blizzak snow tires shipped off today to spend the winter on a Dakota R/T that lives in New York. I've still got the brand new spare tire from my Quad (15x8 with the 255 65/15 Eagle LS) that has been sitting in my garage since my truck was new. I forgot I had a cruddy tire and rim from my 93 on it as a spare when I traded for Monster Quad. Guess that will go to Ebay too! How did people get rid of their extra things before online auctions?
    Monster Quad is fast approaching 6,000 miles with no problems other than a lazy headlight. The drivers side lo/hi beam does not turn on on the first time. Turn it off and back on or flash the high beams and it turns on and works till the next morning/evening. I put some of those Xenon headlight bulbs in and those might be part of the problem. I upgraded the factory radio with another factory radio. I found a kind of rare radio with the code RBU. What makes this different is it will work with headphones as well as play through the speakers. My daughters have questionable taste in music and being a nice Dad I usual let them listen to their "music". The RBU radio has a headphone switch on the faceplate. When you press that the radio turns off the rear speakers and you listen to whatever you had selected thru the front speakers. For example say I was listening to an FM radio station. That would make available to the back seat passengers the cassette tape or CD player part of the radio. They pop in their CD and with an infrared remote control select the tracks they want and listen on their wireless headphones (also from Ebay, came from a Chrysler Pacifica) The CD player (or tape) plays independent of the FM portion of the radio and everyone gets to enjoy their music. My only question is why didn't they have these things 15 years ago. I really would have enjoyed those family vacations. My next step is to hook up a 6CD changer or satellite radio so the rear seat passengers or myself have additional choices. As long as I stay with the Mopar parts everything is still controlled by the rear seat remote control independent of the front seat passengers music choice. Rick
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Stephen, your trucks sounds really cool. 300 horses should move you along quite smartly. Enjoy!

  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Rick, any sound system that would allow listening to a ball game while the kids are "twisting and turning" in the back seat, can't be bad. Happy to hear that you sold the stuff that was now surplus to your needs.

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