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Ford Five Hundred/Mercury Montego Maintenance & Repair



  • I thought Ford extended the warranty on the rear brakes. Do a search and I think you'll find plenty of discussion on the topic. You're not the only one. The Five Hundred has a real issue with pre-mature brake wear in the rears. I had the same problem. Took it to my mechanic (it was beyond even the extended warranty) and had the problem taken care of. I think they did pads (a good set of after-market pads) and turned the rotors. That was about 25,000 miles ago. The problem with premature wear should not recur. The problem with heavy brake dust build-up on the rear wheels is also eliminated. Unless noone is taking their cars back to your Ford dealer, he should be well aware of the problem with these cars. You can also Google "Ford Five Hundred rear brakes", and probably find the Tech Service Bulletins issued by Ford about the problem. Get the brakes fixed and I think you'll fall in love with the car again. I love mine. (2007 Limited)
  • I had same problem with my '07 Ltd. Was lucky it happened just before warranty expired. Dealer replaced the Drivers seat bottom heater and the Heater module.
  • I love my '07 Ltd despite the issue with the rear brakes and problem w/ heated seat. Both have been resolved. I have 64,000 miles on mine and hope to go to 200,000 or more. (249,000 miles on my Sable, which my daughter is now driving) I love the interior, especially the rear seat leg room. One thing I wish it had tho is better performance at highway speeds. It is underpowered and downshifts way too easily. Drove the new Taurus and loved the performance, ride, and handling. But, I would have to give up all that great back seat leg room. If you get the 500, I think you can also expect faster than average depreciation, which is why I will probably keep mine to 200,000 or so. (If I didn't need a roomy car for 4 adults, I also liked the Ford Fusion and Merc Milan with the V6)
  • c2c35c2c35 Posts: 37
    I just read your message and i hope yur dad bought the car. It seamed like a real fair price. I have a 2005 ltd awd and i love it! I've never heard of the car ever "bucking" I bought mine a few years ago with 31k on it and i commute and i have now 86k knock on wood the only problems i've had has been changing tires and brakes! o yeah finding a good dealership to do the cvt service. other than that it's a great buy! :)
  • c2c35c2c35 Posts: 37
    just wondering if anyone out there has changed the plugs on their 500 yet? I was told I have to buy new replacement seals. :)
  • c2c35c2c35 Posts: 37
    You know I would love to get a little more kick out of my ltd also mine is a 05 with 86k all highway. I have just tested on 2 other cars and one of em is a ford escape is those bosh plugs with the 2 prongs. Both of the vehicles 1 is a dodge caliber and the escape both are commuters and both drivers tell me they deffinitely feel and see a big difference in power and fuel. There is another plug that bosh makes that is a 4 prong witch i was concidering but, the prices for the 2 prong bosh plus the replacement seal package costs about 77 bucks and i think for the 4 prong add about another 10 to 15 bucks (thats with the seals)! Gotta love the LTD'S! I have also installed a k&n air filter that i saw a proven difference, my friend has an 06 ltd and we went head 2 head and i was able to get em off the line easier. Plus it gives a little somethin on the highway when passing. I am like you though when it come to the depreciation i'm gonna be in it for a while but it doesn't mean we can't have some fun in comfort! :shades:
  • I have a 2005 LTD... I bought it new (bought the extended warranty since it was a new model year but haven't had to use it)...

    With all the recent rebates, I wondered about getting a new vehicle and went shopping... Thankfully I live in a smaller town (about 60,000) and the people at our Ford Dealership here they are very honest and straight forward...

    I asked the sales person about trading this car and getting something for about the same payment (I've got another year of payments)... of course he asked me what I wanted and after thinking things through, it turns our I want pretty much what I've got... my car has all the bells and whistles (sun roof, heated seats, leather interior, it goes on and on)... I added Blue Tooth and GPS after I bought the car, I put on beautiful chrome wheels, a spoiler (that changes the look of the car greatly, from a plain sedan to a sporty car) tinted the windows, put on a billet grill (again, it goes on and on)...

    My dealer was very honest with me... he told me, I should keep what I've got... he said this engine should get me 200,000 to 250,000 miles and the transmission (CVT) shouldn't have any problems...

    I took his advice, put $150 into having it detailed (it was brought up to "show room" new) and I couldn't be happier...

    I've had the the brakes changed (note the rear break recall earlier on) and I did have a problem with the driver side seat heater - it tried to burn up my seat (literally)... they replaced that (I had about 5,000 miles on the car at the time)... that's it !!!!

    This had been a great car and I don't regret buying it... I intend to keep it until I drive the wheels off of it...

    My two cents... anyone considering buying a Five Hundred... just because they don't make it, don't let that stop you... in fact, take advantage of the fact that the price is so low (and that's ONLY because they stopped using the name Five Hundred - it's now Taurus)

    Still lovin' my Five Hundred...
  • BTW, I've got just shy of 56,000 miles on my car and keep up the maintenance religously...

    I expect my car to last another 15 years minimum... and I'm completely "ok" with that...
  • c2c35c2c35 Posts: 37
    well last night I was searching through google looking up ways to find if there was any recalls on my 05 LTD that my dealership just never told me about. Well I found one! The site is called I couldn't believe all of the info that I found. Yes it's one of those pay sites but, I didn't spend dime one to print out all of the recall notices which include the recall dates! Well tommorrow i'm gonna have a little talk with my dealership and bring this list with me. I will post another message with my outcome.
  • c2c35c2c35 Posts: 37
    anyone out there changed the spark plugs on there 500 ltd yet? I can see that it looks like a pain!! I've been told that you have to not only get the new plugs of course but also get new gaskets. I was just wondering while im at it should i change the wires in the back? Im not planning on getting rid of this car any time soon. I really wish that ford didn't screw up with the names of these cars maybe they would be worth the money that we owners who love em believe they should be worth!!! :shades:
  • dale64dale64 Posts: 1
    After a diagnostic at the dealer, I replaced the EGR & fuel filter. The car will not shift unless the gas pedal is released. Another mechanic said it could be the EGR coil, what is this? This car has a CVT transmission that was serviced in 09/09.
  • swarferswarfer Posts: 1
    I bought the car new and just had a rear brake issue occur at 29500 miles. Having read the postings prior to bringing the car in to the dealer, I knew what to expect. My vehicle was made in January 2008, the pad material was changed late in 2007. I first noticed a scraping sound during braking at very low speed in reverse similar to worn out brake metal to metal contact. The braking of the car felt "different" with the pedal going down a half inch more than originally with a definite two stage effect. Also the the car seemed to nose dive more than originally in high speed heavy braking situations. The parking brake would no longer hold on a steep driveway. The rear rotors were scored and the visible pads seemed worn down. Like everyone else, my experience is 3 to 4 front brake jobs for every rear.

    My dealer, Cogswell Motors, Russellville, AR, did an excellent job of working thru the problem. With new pads and machined rotors, braking is fully restored to original. I examined the old pads. The outside pads were 50% worn, the inside pads less so. Apparently Ford setup the 500 with extra rear brake bias to reduce dose dive which it does very well until rear brake job time. My front brake pads and rotors are still in excellent condition. There was no metal to metal contact, just sounds like it. Bottom line: Instead of replacing front brakes more often than rear, its simply the other way around. When the rear bakes wear and become less effective, more braking is shifted to the front which is really normal with most cars. Little or no braking is actually lost, just feels like it. Now that I understand what is going on, I don't see this as a big problem.

    Overall, I really like the 500. Its big, roomy, lots of glass and gets decent gas milage (last trip 26.5 mpg @ 75 mph with some mountain driving and 10% alcohol gas). For what I paid, it was and is a real bargain. I can hear the car salesman when your trying to trade your 500, "Gee whiz buddy, you got a reeel brake problem there, I'm gonna have to offer ya $1500 less than you think she's worth. I'm taken a chance here, ya know brake problems are reeel tricky."
  • 51yrsgm51yrsgm Posts: 2
    I have all the exact problems you have , on my 07 500 I also purchaced very high quality, expensive touring tires didn't help at all.
  • nan1947nan1947 Posts: 1
    i purchased a 2007 ford500 limited about a month ago....
    i drove to mpls mn which is about 90 miles west of where i live...
    while in mpls a message comes on stating the quality of oil is at
    1 % and should change oil soon....the sticker in the window stated that the oil should be due for changing about the time i came back question is can i drive the car until i get my oil changed a week from today...???? what exactly is the message saying....
  • bruneau1bruneau1 Posts: 468
    The message has nothing to do with the quality of the oil. It is timed for six months or 5000 miles. if you left it in the driveway for six months, the message would still appear.
  • elastinelastin Posts: 1
    Ive got almost 90k miles on a 06 500. Almost time for the major service. Does anybody know when the timing belt has to be changed. Or is there a timing chain?

    Only problem that Ive had with this was a broken motor mount (the middle one) at 75k miles
  • tictoc1tictoc1 Posts: 1
    I have the same problem. Did you ever find a solution to this? It is very scary.
  • i have a 2006 fivehundred SEL and I have a little issue when im in gear and just lightly tap on the gas and under thousand RPM my car hesitates do anybody have any suggestions as to why this could be? Im just over the 100k mark and i have had the 100k tune-up so i have no idea what to do :confuse:
  • dbgobblerdbgobbler Posts: 1
    had 22000 mi. on the ol'500 when i changed the back brakes, but instead of using the normal stuff i went with aftermarket, EBC brake pads and slotted,vented rotors, now at 55000 mi, i still have a good chunk of pad left, paid under $500 to have them installed, and no rusty rotors, vibrations, or problems check them out at EBC brakes website, pep boys also does the ordreing and installation but they are expensive. on the other hand it beats having to change the pads every 10-20000 mi ;)
  • spikeenixspikeenix Posts: 1
    i got my five hundred last year but anyway my dad works on cars and i have a timeing belt look where u fill up your oil that is the chain inthere the car should never have to be timed
  • rodermannrodermann Posts: 1
    edited May 2010
    I have a 2005 Montego, same thing... dash says nothing except that the driver side airbag light is the only thing on, which means the airbag does not work. Weeks went by and all of the sudden it worked. Few days later... same thing, all dash quit working and the reverse lights stuck on. Thought it was mice. Just heard from the repair shop and was told that the car had a "brain jam" and had to be reset. We'll see how long this lasts. I did find a posting online that this was addressed in a ford service bulletin 662. link title. Also had to replace rear rotors at 15,000 miles and pads and calipers. Love the car, but this is not right... Also we have the problem of using the one touch lowering of the driver window actually makes the window go up which is very dangerous.
  • vocomdudevocomdude Posts: 3

    I feel I need to update my post. Car was repaired. Loose bolts on the drivers side wheel arm. Is that not scary? I have owned many cars and never had anything like that.

    I am experiencing the increased jolting (accleration) that others are mentioning. Nearly kissed a brick wall.

    The latest has been the service at the dealer. I can tell you about choice. My next vehicle can be the biggest piece of crap out there but I BETTER get GOOD dealer service. Yes, I want someone to call me to let me know my car is ready so I don't have to find out that it has been ready for two days and someone neglected to call me. In addition, let me know that parts are available for the car in the first few hours. Don't make me call three days later to find out parts are on order.

    The latest is the car just went dead on the freeway in heavy traffic. Was able to coast to the side of the road. No idea what this is. I am having flash backs to the '89 Thunderbirds that just went dead for no real reason. I am afraid Ford still has that bug circulating around. I will update on this one as soon as I have a solution.

    Ford has so much potential and they blow it at the dealerships.

    As for the resale value. I have always been happy that I could go get a great used that cost $25k new for around $3500. One that is less that five years old. My mistake. I bought one new. Boo hoo for me. I will drive this one if it still runs until I have to put in a 1968 V-8 and replace the vin number to a pre smog car. The body and frame are fine. There is something else amiss in the mechanics.

    Good luck to you lucky ones who got the Tuesday through Thursday cars off the assembly line.
  • bobbisanbobbisan Posts: 1
    Bought my 500 nwe in 2006.

    Had the rear brake pad issue at 22K miles.

    Now, 46K miles, and I'm getting the sudden acceleration/bolting now. VERY SCARY! Had it to dealer, and they "re-timed the transmission" 500 miles ago, but still doing it.

    Anyone have a fix for this?????

    It started after the dealer had to replace the A/C compressor (extended warranty, fortunately).

    Any info would be greatly appreciated....
  • jrwolfjrwolf Posts: 2
    Had the surging problem for 3+ years and dealer could never figure out what was wrong; I finally found out that Ford has a problem with the throttle body, so much so that the part was on back order for 3 months. If you're having sudden accelerations, have them check the throttle body, if you're taking it to a Ford Dealer make sure you tell them there is a TSB, (Technical Service Bulletin) on it.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,869
    Here's the TSB info:

    TSB 05-17-5


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  • vols44vols44 Posts: 3
    I'm in the bad compressor boat as well. Your lucky your dealer had the part. I'm one of five people since Friday in SW Missouri at one specific dealer who's called about a faulty compressor. The other dealer had the same warehouse out, manufacturer back order situation. Anybody know if Motorcraft is having issues or a factory recall is on the horizon?
  • wbbraunwbbraun Posts: 2
    Over the past week, on several occassions I lose the dash function and air conditioning. A tap/bang on the dash and function resumes. Local dealerships say they haven't seen this before. Like the car but this is unusual. Anybody experienced anything like this before. Is it a short?
  • ronsmith38ronsmith38 Posts: 228
    edited June 2010
    Sounds more like an intermittent "open" probably caused by a loose or dirty connection.
  • My 05 Montego has a similar problem. Back-up lights stay when started on and the oil and brake light in the instrument cluster stay on. Also, blinker arrows on instrument not working and can't lock doors via pwr lock. Started out intermittent, but happens always now. Has anyone else had these same symptoms? I'm guessing that this is probably a bad instrument cluster too.
  • j2jbrownj2jbrown Posts: 1

    Poor argument, and I hate it when "car" people use it. My car cost $28K and my new computer $550, which I expect to replace every couple of years. Not so with my car. When I can buy a new car for $550, then tell me to expect less than I deserve.
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