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Ford Five Hundred/Mercury Montego Maintenance & Repair



  • docnash23docnash23 Posts: 2
    mike my car does the same thing, i have a 2005 sel 78,000 miles, i myself dont know why its doing it, if youve had any luck please fill me in, i do all repairs myself, but i cant find anything out either.... email me at [email protected]
  • rickla4rickla4 Posts: 1
    Did you get this resolved? I had the rear brakes replaced 5 months ago on my 2005 Ford 500 Ltd. AWD. At 48,000 miles, I am having the same sudden accleration/bolting action, and it is SCARY beyond belief! It occurs, on an ocassional basis, in drive and reverse. Seems to be the same problem as on the Toyotas. In addition, the cruise control went dead at the same time. Since the warranty has expired, Ford will not pay for anything, and they want to charge $108 just to run diagnostics on it.

    I will never have another Ford!!! I liked this car and it has been through a lot, and I have taken it to Ford everytime for whatever problems have popped up, and within a couple of years, the same problem recurs. Tells me they never fixed it correctly to begin with. Their service STINKS!!! I even told Ford that, and I did not receive any reaction at all from them. They could care less!!!

    If you could help, please let me know.
  • I just bought a 06Montego w/49k miles. It didnt come w/manual so I have a few issues. First the code on the door, is this something in the manual? If I have to go to a dealer, how much would it cost? Second, somebody posted something about the AUX button. I checked that particular website and the kit doesnt have the montego(or 500) as conpatible with it. Could I go to any shop for this? Lastly( I know its a lot), How much would it cost at a dealer for remote keyless entry w/alarm? These r my 3 issues right now. I hope these are it, but probably not? Anything would be really appreciated. Thank you. :shades:
  • I just had the same problem with my 2006 ford 500 I was having the same sudden acceleration/bolting action in drive and reverse yes it does scare the hell out of you i am just thankful i did not have my grand babies with me i took my car to my own mechanic before i took it to ford he told me that it was the throddlebody.. my car has only 33.000 miles on it and it needed a new throddle body the total cost for that was close to $750.00 i had the warranty but it does not cover that ....only the engine and trans thats what they call the power train warranty ..hope you get yours checked by a good mechanic and get it fixed ,,

    good luck
  • I have a 2006 Ford 500 and it definitely has a cabin filter. I had it replaced once. I believe it is under the plastic flashing on the outside beneath the windshield.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 60,981
    Hmm....they may have cheated you. The books say no cabin filter in this car. Anyway, we're responding to a very old post---I was just curious.

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  • There were problems. It was a recall/defect. They had to change the caliper and pads on mine. No trouble since. Ford should reimburse you for the repairs.
  • I have a 2005 ford five hundred with 50K miles and just today my stereo unit stopped working. It worked when I shut the car off last but when I turned it on today it wouldn't power on. I checked every single fuse, even the ones that weren't related to the audio system and they're all fine. I'm assuming that there unit is either junk or there is a loose connection. Any ideas as to what may be the actual cause?
  • spider48spider48 Posts: 1
    Trunk - same as other posts: seems to stick when unlatched, tough to open, especially if hands full. Also, doesn't completely go up in cold weather. Dealer says "that's the way it is" or need to replace lifters. Would stronger lifers work?

    sboyenger: I have sprayed white grease up into the trunk latch which helps to unlatch the trunk. I use to have to press the trunk release several times to get to unlatch, now when it acts up I just spray the white grease and it works for several months. The lift is another story and I have thought about replacing the lift cylinders but have never done it. I just lift the lid up once released and make sure it is up all the way as I have hit my head a couple times... it finally sunk in my head to make sure the lid is up all the way.
  • gailtylergailtyler Posts: 2
    I was reading some of your posts about the 500, how about I did not have that car a year and the catalyic conveter went out on it. Now the problem I am have and it has 59,000 miles on it is when u turn on the AC thecar lunges and act like it wants to take off by itself. At this particular time I am not happy at all with that car. Also they had a recall in 2006 for 2007 500's pertaining to fuel issues and I did not recieve 1 letter about it. I am to drop it off in the shop tomorrow for this problem, I REFUSE to pay any money for Ford's screw ups. I will fight this thing tooth and nails, not at all happy they I got to make payments on a piece of junk. Does anyone elses whine when u turn the sterring wheel?. I will be sending Ford these a letter about this and to the bbb also AG. My car is a 2007 Limted 500. I got the run around with catalyic converter and I talked with their head quarters and asked them where should I go to pick up keys to my new car or whos going to make the payments on it. Last Ford I will purchase.
  • Hey my 500 is doing the same exact thing!!! It just randomly acceleraters/bolts/lunges when i shift into drive or reverse. I havent taken it to the dealership for that problem yet because i just took it their for an oilk change last week and they handed me a list of problems including alignment , breaks, battery , tires, that all needed to be replaced in their opinion!!! So im not sure if i should keep going their since i have a warranty or just find another mechanic in town!!! Pretty frustrating though!!!!
  • sonya71sonya71 Posts: 1
  • I have this same situation. It's somewhat irritating for sure. I haven't had mine looked at.....but yes, I roll mine down...a little for smoking...and then when I want the window to go back up, it goes down! Then I have to go up again. I don't understand it. But, just wanted you to know that it's happening to others too!
  • Hello....not sure if you still are having this problem...BUT, if you are I have found out why this has been occuring!! Mine kept bucking...periodically. Then it was hard to gain speed...etc....AFTER about 7 times in the shop...they tried everything to find out what it was to no avail. FINALLY, a mechanic from New York told them he had the same issue and figured it out. Here is what it is.
    Under the dash....way in there there are two electrical wires. These two wires are to have a wrapping on both wires on them. Well, after a while, they rub raw, just from driving...and the movement of the car. So, you have to take it in...and they will rewrap those wires so they don't touch each other anymore. This stopped mine.....See, each time the wires touched each other , it would buck. Hopefully this helps you!
  • Having problems wen in a stop the car accelerate reaching more than 1500rpms; if you put it on reverse does the same. This will cause an accident.Please help me on this.
    Thanks. :sick: :lemon:
  • Thanks for the info. Already had drivers heated seat fixed once for not working, and now it's dead again. Been about two years though. Last winter, seemed to become disconnected. The seat moved all the way back, then when I got in and the seat pulled up for me, I hit the switch and then nothing. Checked all connections and nothing noticeable was disconnected. But now winter is coming again, and I'm going to have to break down and take it in. I'll show them the service bulletin and we'll see what happens!
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 60,981
    you're welcome and we're wishing you a toasty winter season. :P

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  • My ford 500 also was doing the same exact thing at 47000 miles, I had it repaired which cost 400.00. Please call ford and file a complaint. If all of us call then they hopefully will issue a recall. Of course this was not covered under warranty.
  • me too! I emailed the company and they said there is nothing they can do. I think if enough people complain they have to recall or be stuck with a ton of lawsuits if it causes an accident and they are aware of the problem. I think that if anyone else is having this problem they should notify Ford and hopefully they will recall the transmission. My transmission is the CVT one..
  • Hi Sonia,
    i have the same problem with my 2007 five hundred, it has been doing it for a while and i call my local Ford dealer and they claim that they have not seen anything like it , i guess nothing is going to happen until someone gets kill or if we are lucky just ran over , i am afraid to get it into the dealer and they will put tons of hours and turn around and charge me for every minute. i got this phone number to call NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) at 1-888-327-4236 or online at and we may be able to do something .
  • artpimartpim Posts: 1
    I was thinking of buying a 2007 Ford Five Hunderd with 141000 on it. It is a great deal. All of the things that normally go wrong have and have been repaired. It has had all of its maintenence done at Ford and is documented. It has leather and had one owner who was a traveling Sales perdon. It is immaculate. $6000 out the door

    My only issue is the mileage. How long will this car last? I put 60 miles a day on my vehicle and I dont want to buy something that isnt going to be around in 60-70000 more miles
  • I would be reluctant to purchase this vehicle with that amount of mileage. In 2008, I purchased a 2006 Montego (sister vehicle) with 10k miles. I now have 63k miles on it 3 1/2 years later. I've experienced a few of the problems with mine that others have mentioned (brakes were replaced twice, once under factory warranty) and I had $1,100 repair of a major dashboard electrical problem ($900 covered under a CarMax warranty). I like the car, but feel like 150 - 175K miles is about the max I can expect to get out of it. Is it worth it to you to spend 6K for 3 years of use?
  • How many of the Ford Five Hundred or Mercury version have recently found bubbles in the paint where it's starting to rust through on the hood. I have a 2007 Ford Five Hundred with 68,000 miles, that I purchased brand new. Ford isn't taking responsibility. They want to go 60/40 split on an over $1,800 estimate to make this right. That is unacceptable.
  • evan500evan500 Posts: 4
    im not sure about your brake problems, as i dont have that issue with my car, but as for the vibrations, if youre cruising at those speeds, your transmission settles into a gear to keep the rpms low while maintaining the speed. look at your tachometer while you cruise at that speed, just to see what it reads. then, next time you get on the highway accelerate to about 80 mph. not for long, so you dont get a speeding ticket, but if you floor the gas pedal you will reach that speed in a different gear. if you still have the problems with vibrations after this test, then seek the help of a non Ford mechanic. also, do you have the all wheel drive model which uses the cvt or the front wheel drive which only uses a 6 speed auto?
  • check for flaking and bubbling paint on the hood. Outside and under neath. Mine is bubbling, need a new hood. My husband saw one just like mine, and a friend of mine has the Mercury and is noticiing the same problem. Ford won't cover but 40% of a $2,000 bill.
  • wojf72wojf72 Posts: 1
    I have a 2007 Ford Five Hundred Limited AWD with 69,000 and I too have started to notice that the very front edge of the hood has begun to bubble. My CVT transmission just all of a sudden started acting up. It had no pick up on the highway and it revs when changing from drive to reverse or from park to drive.
  • Please contact Ford. I got the number from the owners manual. My dealer made me do this first. Ford will have you get an estimate to fix and then see how it plays out. For me, they told me that they haven't had any other complaints such as this. We need to all stand together on this and hopefully, EVERYONE with this Ford problem will get 100% satisfaction. It could be another steel problem like they had with the Expedition.

    Please don't let this go. Contact me for any help I can offer. I have my Ford Complaint number if you need it.

    My Ford dealer said he tried to get Ford to side with us, he had me come in and take extensive pictures to show them.

    Thanks for sharing!
  • Do you still have your Ford 500? Have you noticed bubbles/rust coming through on the hood in the very front?

    I have and need others to join in to get this going.
  • protectionprotection Posts: 1
    edited July 2012
    HI I just purchased a 2006 Montego, now I notice a vacuum line hanging up near the throttle body. it has a formed 90 degree bend on the end. the other end runs back to the firewall and connects to metal connector - possibly on the trans. I can't figure out where this hose connects. does someone have a minute to take a photo of the engine bay? Not sure how I can re-pay but I would appreciate it. thanks
  • jdchicjdchic Posts: 1
    My 2005 Montego is doing the same- instrument panel goes blank when I turn on the ignition. When the problem first started, it was "hit or miss" as to when they would work or not. Now, the panel does not work at all. When this occurs the AC is also out. The reverse lights are continually on while driving. I've had other drivers at a stop light point this fact out and say I should get it fixed. Beside having to guess at the speed I'm traveling, not knowing how much fuel I have, not having AC, not knowing if the airbag is working or not, and having my reverse lights on I feel safe in the car.

    Ford's TSB 06-17-9, which supersedes the TSB 06-6-2 describes the issues as "very temporary intermittent condition". HARDLY! Reading the myriad of postings from Ford Five Hundred and Mercury Montego owners both here and at the NHTSA site this is a well documented, common issue affecting the safety and finances of many FORD/MERCURY owners. I would love to see a recall on these cars because of this is a widespread issue and is a common defect.
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