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Chrysler Pacifica NAV System Questions



  • alaskanalaskan Posts: 3
    As a follow up: Representatives from Chrysler, Alpine & Nav Tech have all indicated that the Garmin is a superior unit; easier to operate and has a more complete database. This begs the question, "why would Chrysler not put the Garmin into the Pacifica?". The Pacifica's other short coming on the screen is it's lack of brightness, with sunglasses the screen is near invisible. Any ideas to correct these problems please contact: Donald Wheat 712-233-1914
  • kjsyxkjsyx Posts: 1
    I believe that you can change the brightness in the setup menu.

    My question is this: Can you set the system to find the quickest route (time) or shortest route (miles)?

    I am getting some crazy directions from this thing when I test it to certain known places.
  • Hello Kay, Did you ever find a fix for your problem? I too am having the same issue and the dealership just wants to sell me another DVD for $200. I have the DVD in the NAV (back rear player) but don't want to purchase another if it is not going to fix the problem. Can you help please?

  • if you are getting read errors, look on ebay for the dvd
    buying the dvd from navteq will cost 200.00
    if you want the update consider the following. there isn't much more on the ae disc then the ac disc. you should know the ac & ae difference if yo've been reading this thread
  • Hi Alaskan,

    Were you successfully hooking up your NUVI to the Pacifica screen via GVN-52? I am very curious to know..

  • I have an 04 we just purchased, I can't get the nav system to work. The dvd will load but it appears to be dead, not disc activity at all. I removed the panels and removed the cover from the DVD unit. When I insert the DVD nothing happens I would expect it to spin up? Fuses are all good and power is to the unit. HELP
  • I was looking at updating my DVD from Navteq from the AA vsn to the AE version. Does anyone know if the update will add the split screen feature like in the 2006 NAV versions? I spoke with NAVTEQ and they did not know, Alpine said that there is a firmware update between the AC and AE disks that is installed when you insert the new disk, but could not tell me what the changes were.. so I wanted to learn more before deciding..

  • yes, it does split screen. it also applied an update to my radio. yes radio. it added fade to my mode buttons
  • My '05 Pacifica came with 033AB. I used the one year update and got the 033AC, but not any changes in NC that I can see...lots of errors. Between Winston-Salem and Wilkesboro NC I am going though cow pastures. My new Cadillac STS has the new bypass around Jacksonville NC and the new I-140 around Wilmington NC which only opened this past spring.

    Have they done much updating with the 033AE version? Don't want to pay $200 for the same old data. :confuse:
  • My Nav system stopped working. When I press the Nav button, nothing happens. I've tried ejecting and re-inserting the DVD, to no avail. The rest of the electronics, radio, menu button, etc. all seem to be working, but the screen stays dark/black. Is there any way to reboot/initialize etc.?

    It's a 2005 with an Alpine unit I believe.
  • more detail please. when you turn the ingition , does the crysler logo appear on the screen? if not - start there. you may have display problems and not nav problems.
    did you check your fuses for the nav?
  • Hello, I'm new to this blog. I need a bit of information. I own an 06' Pacifica and I'm having problems with my navigation system. I'm getting an error message on the screen and I've also been "told" by the machine to check the disk. Upon checking the disk there is nothing wrong with it. There are no scratches on the disk or anything. I'm looking at this problem like that of a DVD player. I'm thinking about spraying some air in it to see if this may clean out any "dust" that may be in the machine. Has anybody encountered a similar scenario and/or has a solution for this??? I would greatly appreciate any feedback. :sick:
  • Is there an aftermarket Navigation CD for an '05 Pacifica. My current disc is the original one
  • dcarrigan,

    Same thing just happened to me today. While driving (& using nav system) got error "unable to read speed sensor" (or something like that). Cycled auto power, the system booted up (got chrysler logo), but that boot just got blank screen after. Next car power cycle nothing displayed at all...that's the current situation.

    Anyone experienced this before? What are my chances that the dealer won't be quoting me a $2K repair bill?

  • dude. my nav stopped working as well. took it to the dealer and all they said was that I needed an updated disk and a driver ( i assume they meant the driver disk - program). Anyway - i cleaned the dvd and put it back in even though it was clearly very clean anyway. Wouldn't you know it -- it came back to life. Or so I thought. I could get it to read the disk and show on the screen... but it still did very little. couldn't show me where I was - said I was in one town, but i was in another.. and it very rarely moved even though I was driving. My next idea is to actually clean the unit with a dvd player cleaner. IF YOU GUYS HAVE FIGURED ANYTHING OUT LET ME KNOW! Just bought this 04 pacifica and the dealer won't cover it cause my 60 day warranty is up. lovely.
  • nuruc7nuruc7 Posts: 98
    Gee, too bad I did not extract my NAV DVD player from my 2005 touring as I had installed it in preparation for the day when I would install all the other NAV components I got off aof a wrecked 2005 - but I forgot to do that. Sort of sounds like the DVD player is on the blink.
  • Hello all,
    Can someone tell me how much room there is in the dash of the 2005 Pacifica please? I would like to install the Panasonic Strada CN-NVD905U and would like to know if anyone has gone this route (pun intended) before.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
  • wzakaraswzakaras Posts: 9
    No Chrysler logo on Boot

    after a minute it says

    Please do not turn engine off

    never leave that mode

    thiis happened when attempting an upgrade from ae to af dvd

    will this require a factory reset ?
    what does that entail.

    rmoval of dvd player or something else??
  • montez1montez1 Posts: 1
    Nav system was working last time I had it on, then today when I turn it on it tells me it is loading CD Rom. After this idles for extended period, I eject disc and re-insert. Now it just says it's "loading" Does this mean that my disc is out of date (2005 Model)? Will an old disc simply stop working at some point in time?
  • molyneuxmolyneux Posts: 31
    Because of an operation, I was not able to drive for six weeks. Before going into the hospital, the nav system worked perfectly. When I started it up, after the six weeks of sitting, I got the message that it could not read the DVD-ROM.
    The Chrysler logo comes up and I can use the "step" button to change the display on the dash as well as the mi/km button, but no navigation system. I tried blowing out the drive. Also, I disconnected the battery for about 10 minutes to try a "reset". That didn't help I did take the disc to a computer and the computer shows that there are files on the disc.

    Any Ideas..................Please?
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