Rear bumper damage - cover up tricks needed

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I recently hit pole while backing my car and this has caused a damage to rear bumper cover with broken at corner. I attached images for reference. I don't want to go with insurance company as it impacts my premium and already paying much. hence, i decided not to invest money for replacement with new bumper. Please give me any thoughts that i can creatively use tricks to cover the ugly broken space at my rear bumper. Highly appreciated for any response..



  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481're gonna need more than a trick to fix that. I suppose you could mash up something to cover the hole but the chances of it looking good are pretty slim.

    I would suggest a wrecking yard or pricing a new "skin" (you don't need the entire bumper), which you will then have to paint. But with the skin off the car, you should be able to do a fair paint match in your garage, or even outdoors.

    There are guys who go from dealership to dealership repairing bumper damage but I suspect they would tell you the same thing.
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    Thanks for your reply, I really don't bother much about color of bumper cover.
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    I think if you buy new skin it just comes in a primer color, like a dark dark gray.

    You might try for a used car here:

    Looks like you can get the rear bumper cover for about $190. If you punch in your zip code they might show you a place near you. Possibly some mobile mechanic or a moonlighter can put this on for you.
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    Buy a paint and ship bumper off ebay, just did it for my wife's chevy sonic and the paint and fit were spot on! Going to cost you about $300
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