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Toyota Tacoma Transmission Problems



  • The fix for the 2009 came out on 11-3-2009. That was several years after this problem came about. It is not new to the 2009. Why it won't work for the 2010 I couldn't tell you. To be honest, I'm not so sure that it won't work for the 2010 or even the 2008/7 etc. It is a programming problem. I'm grateful they fixed it for the 2009 and there might be a vary good reason why it won't work on the others. No one wants to explain it. Doesn't make sense I know but until someone finds out and shares it with others it is what it is. Keep pursing it.
  • Well yesterday my 99 loaded TAC with 49000 was just impounded by the dealer. They wouldn't let me drive it way. The stabilizer bar was rusted off and the frame was truly Swiss cheese. Guy in sales computed my payoff at 1.5 KBB (retail excellent) around $15,300.00 . Believe me, I was salivating.
    I was feeling so good I almost signed off on a 2010 similar TAC which I drove around the parking lot. I didn't, however, and when I got home hit Consumer Reports where the tranny report was all red (excellent). Satisfied, I almost quit there but there were 5 member reviews or posts which I decided to read and one led me to this forum. Thank you so much!!! When the salesman calls today I will give him an earfull. I also posted a warning on the "Rust" forum.
    So now I need a small truck and plow similarly priced to the 2010 TAC.
    Is the Nissan the next best choice? Anyone hear of any problems with the TACOMA manual transmission? My plowing is minimal and I can plow with a standard. Again, thank you forum posters.
  • Whoa! I'd heard of a rust problem but this is unreal. Excuse my ignorance but what does KBB mean? There are other posts in here detailing problems with the manual transmission as well. In all reality I wouldn't have a clue as to which make be it Nissan, Ford, chevy or who ever to go to. I had good luck with Fords for many years but what they produced the last few years were not good. I believe they are getting better but to say there is something out there that is proven I couldn't do. Thanks for the post and good luck. Buyer beware.
  • KBB = Kelley Blue Book
  • "or even the 2008/7 etc."

    I have a 2008 Tacoma double cab TRD and have not had any problems at all. Are there guys out there with 07 / 08s with this problem?
  • Hello??? Thanks, it just didn't dawn on me what KBB was. To many acronyms out there.
  • Hey Guys I just got my Tacoma back from the Dealer after being there almost two weeks. They replaced the transmission hopefully this one won't leak. I'll keep you guys posted and also I haven't heard anything yet from the :lemon: lawyer.....
  • djjrivas:
    I agree with befuddled you should get a copy of your lemon law for your state. I think it is a long long process and if you are paying a lawyer it will be costly. The great thing about the Tacoma's is it has a high resale value so you might be better off trading that :lemon: in. I would hate to see a nice dealership get stuck with it but oh well ;)
  • I got a call yesterday from my service guy at Team Toyota in Baton Rouge. He told me the Toyota Service Bulletin to flash program the 2010 was just released. I just dropped off my truck Sunday afternoon they are going to perform the re-program tomorrow morning. Again it is the same solution as the one for the 2009 only it is specific for the 2010. I will post again in the next few days to report on results. ASK YOUR DEALER the fix is there now.
  • Please post the TSB number off the paperwork when you get the truck back from being serviced. THANKS!
  • My truck: 2010 Tacoma Prerunner Crew Cab LB 5AT

    First post to this forum.

    I bought this truck this past Wed and noticed the slipping problem the next day.

    Just called my dealer, who said they are aware of the problem and that Toyota will be releasing a TSB for the 2010 within the next couple of weeks. My dealer said they would try the 0373-09 TSB if I wanted. I am going to wait a couple of weeks to see if the 2010 TSB is out yet. The good news is that Toyota is working on the problem.

    BIG THANKS to all the forum posters who took action on this to bring to Toyota's attention. All of us 09 & 10 owners owe you a heaping debt of gratitude.

    Will post back the results.
  • A big Ditto to the point of noting the TSB number for the 2010. It should help a number of others. Since the fix on my 09 I've been pleased with the fix. Two days ago while driving however I noticed something which I'll try to describe and I've not seen it again yet. So the details are sketchy. I was driving along at I believe 35-40 mph on level ground and must have felt that I needed to apply more throttle. When I noted that I didn't feel the truck accelerating I looked down and noticed the rpm's slightly increasing but did not feel the vehicle accelerating. I lightly hit the accelerator again until I did feel it engaging. Haven't felt that condition again and therefore I have no idea if it is a side effect of the fix or not. Good luck.
  • I agree with the others that this site is great and very informative to all of us. I also suspect that someone from Toyota is monitoring the site and gleaning information from all of us. I have also noticed the same brief hesitation problem with my 09 Taco since the "fix". Although much better, I still notice a definite hesitation at various speeds until the engine warms up. It may be a side effect of the "fix". I still feel as though Toyota needs to do a little "fine tuning" with the flash re-programming based on information received from customers after the "fix".
  • Has anyone found that 2010 tranny TSB # yet? I haven't been able to find it anywhere.
  • Check post 372. He says it is out for the 2010 now. I would have thought that he would have posted the TSB by now but I haven't seen it pop up yet.
  • The new code for 2010s is 0393-09. I hope this helps everyone. If anyone can find a copy of this or a website link, please post.
  • I got mine back last night. It is way better. have not driven it but a few miles and I can tell it is going to be good. i will keep you posted. As the user before me said it is T-SB-0393-09

    hope this helps,
  • Hey guys, I have been following this excellent forum and I am glad to have found it. Very informative input from all of you. I was certain I was going to purchase a 2010 Tacoma till I started reading your posts. Now I am a little nervous about purchasing a product that has known issues with it's transmission slipping. :confuse: Even if these can be rectified through a TSB, it raises concerns on what else could be wrong. Is Toyota cutting back on quality control and testing like many other car manufacturers are? Is it impacting the quality of the truck?
    I tried calling up the customer care number and the response was the same. At this time there is no known issue with the transmission shifting. It may denial on their part. But that does not give me any confidence, as I am a first time truck buyer.

    Based on your judgement and I invite everyone to pipe in, would you folks suggest purchasing a new 2010 Tacoma at all or would you play it safe with a Frontier?
  • You ask questions only Toyota can answer. I wish I could answer them. What's to say the Frontier doesn't have a problem with it that is equal in problems. Do some more research in the Frontier forum. The cost of these vehicles is high. This is new technology being employed here generally speaking. In years past vehicles operated by means of mechanical operations. Now they are being controlled by electronics. Just think of all the computer controlled things out there. You buy a computer for your home or phone and they are obsolete before you get them home. Not to mention how fast they slow down and run into problems. There are 19 computers in the Tacoma. They are expensive to replace or fix. We're the guinea pigs for this technology. It is going to be a long road before they work correctly. Perhaps we as consumers better start asking more questions and proof that these things really work over time. You ever notice how they survey you right after a sale and how we being so tickled with a new car tell them everything is absolutely wonderful and what a great product they have? Then a few days to a few months afterwards we start to run into all the problems. This so called wonderful product isn't what we thought it was going to be. Quite honestly I wouldn't have a clue as to what if anything out there is any better. Good luck my friend I wish you well.
  • got mine flashed yesterday and so far, the truck is shifting much smoother. As noted by jimmora, TSB# is T-SB-0393-09. The callibration logic is not perfect as I'm still noticing slight hesitation. When in slight-heavy traffic and driving as if you are just sliding - a bit of hesitation can be felt by accelerating at that point then back to normal when gear changed from 1st to 2nd at approx 1500rpm. Overall, the truck seems to perform much better.
  • I'm really glad to here that it has helped yet someone else. It is giving me more and more faith in the good this format can do. Go forth and smooth shifting to you.
  • This site has helped with my shifting problem. 2009 4x4 Tacoma 4 door 6 cyl. The codes used in Canada are different but quoted the TSB # posted here and they fix it.
    The code here is TSB 3310. So far so good. Ill keep you posted.
  • SK1969, I was in the market for a new truck last summer myself and was looking at the Frontier and Tacoma...and the posts in this forum helped me make up my mind for the Frontier (prior to the TSB). Of note, I owned a 2005 Tacoma prerunner dbl cab sb V6 4x2 with AT and sport package and liked it very much (traded it in after a few years for a car as i thought I didn't need a truck anymore which I regreted later for sure)...I did have a few problems with rattles and a suspension issue with the Tacoma, but overall it was a great truck.

    Now that I've had the Frontier (V6 SE crew cab 4x2 AT) for 6months I'll say it too is a great truck and I've not had one problem to speak of, nor have two of my coworkers that have them either (one has a 2005 and the other has a 2006). I'm very satisfied with my purchase (although I realize it's only been 5 months).

    The pros of the Tacoma over the Frontier IMO are the interior was a bit more durable (Frontier's plastic is easily scratched up), the gas mileage is a bit better (I averaged 17-20mpg in Atlanta with the Tacoma and am averaging 16-18mpg with the Frontier in that same traffic), the resale is better, styling is more "sporty" IMO, better turning radius for parking, better safety ratings, availability of a back up camera, more interior storage areas, better availability of trucks with different options, sliding rear window

    The pros of the Frontier over the Tacoma (again IMO) are that the ride is a bit more comfortable, the interior is more car like, the seating position is MUCH better than the Tacoma's (I can see the road much better in the Frontier), the insurance is lower, the purchase price is lower for a comparably equiped truck, the styling is more "rugged", availability of a sunroof, fully boxed frame, 4 wheel disc brakes, rear window defroster, bed light, utili track system in the Frontier seems more durable to me (and it has tracks on the bed floor), storage areas under back seat are easier to access, lockable tailgate, less engine noise than the Tacoma.

    Both trucks have comparable interior space and towing (Tacoma has a slight edge in both cases), bed size is fairly comparable, warranties are the same, engines are both excellent, and dealership experiences are similiar (so far). The things I definitely do not like about the Frontier are the larger turning radius and the fact that the center arm rest is too short (what were they thinking?). Anyhow, after owning both trucks in the last few years, I don't think you can go wrong with either as long as Toyota steps up and fixes the transmission and radio issues people are having...hope that helps...and good luck!
  • Thanks for the review. There has been a lot of people asking for a comparison of the two vehicles. I didn't know but your assessment ought to go a long way for others. Best of luck.
  • Had the TSB installed this morning. Noticed a huge difference just in pulling out of the lot. Service technician was very happy I knew the TSB number because he was unaware of the new fix. In and out in a half hour. Excellent service. Now an excellent truck.
  • Thx a lot folks, that helps in decision making. Looks like a lower turning radius and the option of a rear view camera are features one can use every day. Price wise, the lower mileage in a Frontier seems to offset the cheaper price.
  • Just came back from the dealership after having the ECU updated per TSB 0393-09. Transmission performed flawless during the drive home. Even took a couple of detours to locations where in the past my 2010 Tacoma's transmission improperly downshifted and then upshifted with the surge/lurch. No repeat events today! Looks like the Toyota engineers got the fix right for this issue. Thanks Toyota for the early Christmas present.
  • I just tried the link with the correct html extension and it still reports an error and when you do a search no TSB with tht number exists. It would be great if anyone really does have a copy of the TSB 0373-09 that they cut and paste it in a reply so that we don't have to rely on hyperlinks.
  • Hello, I have a 2010 tacoma double cab truck and i have been having shifting problems since day one that i got my truck and i got it in october for my b-day. I have had 4 tacoma trucks, 98,2001,2006 and now 2010 so i know there is a problem with the trans. I am going to the dealer today for the second time for this same issue, I will post whatever info i get.
  • gkusluch, you're right, that link is no longer valid. It did work at one time, so I know it has changed. Shouldn't have it on their website? I do have a hard copy if you would like for me to fax it to you. I don't think I'm capable of scanning it.
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