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Toyota Tacoma Transmission Problems



  • I would have tried to post it on here but it is in a PDF format and I don't think this format will support that. So, since I needed it at the time I just copied it and took it to the dealer with me. I've emailed the site wherein it was and asked them what if anything was wrong with the link. When I get the reply I'll post it.
  • I asked the cashier to make me a copy of it when my service writer asked her to write down the TSB # for me. She said they are NOT allowed to do that. I asked my service writer again he said the same, he said that ANY Toyota dealer would be able to find it with that number alone. Sorry your having trouble with it. i will say this mine is amazing. it is exactly as it should have been when I bought it.
  • it was a real shame and a total waste of my time to wait from September 30 to December 7 to get mine right. It has left a real bad opinion of toyota. I know I will never buy another one. come mid 2011 and I won't have it anymore anyway. The real shame here is with the AWESOME people who came before us with 2009's. they did the real work and they had to wait FAR longer than I did. I want to express my gratitude and appreciation for you. thank you,
  • Well I see there are now many of the same complaints of the transmission now filed with the NHTSA. Others of you out there may want to review them.
  • Well I got my reply from ALLDATA today. Apparently, you have to purchase it now. I see from post #394 that they have there in a .JPG format. However, they won't let me register to see it. Here try it yourself:

    I can scan it and send it to you. I just can't attach it in this format.
  • I have been talking with a tech from the dealership to schedule for this new TSB release for the 2010 tacomas. He has told me that this release only works for a certain VIN range to work..and of course, mine isn't one of them. If anyone hears of this or another "fix" please pass it on. I hope they (toyota) will get this solved soon!
  • You know I've seen requests in here from other 2010 owners. There is also a TSB 0373-10 out for the 2010 models. Can't swear to it but I believe they are doing the same thing in the computer to both. I'd almost be willing to bet on it. This is the first time I've heard the VIN range equation involved in it. Someone here also did the 0373-9 service bulletin on their 2007 and it worked. For the life of me I don't understand why the dealers are having so much trouble getting the service bulletins to correct this problem. Good luck.
  • I don't have any idea either why they are giving the run around to everyone. I told the tech about both TSB numbers and he told me my VIN wasn't in the range for those. First I have heard of it also. I told him about the complaints that have been filed and he acted like he hadn't heard of any problems. So I am guessing they haven't got the whole thing solved yet, so they are going to play dumb until they do.
  • I can't believe he can't find it through the dealer. What's the difference with the VIN numbers? Why would they program one one way and another the other? It just doesn't make sense. You're right about one thing. They will play dumb.
  • Got that right ! And I don't understand it either, what is the difference in the VIN, they should have been made one after the other, and just like the 1st. Who knows!.. .duuuhhh
  • i purchased my 2010 Tacoma about 2 mos ago, and this passed tuesday took it to the dealership and told them about the problems i was having--i.e., downshifting inappropriately, etc...). i had to push the issue (possibly because they have their hands full from all the other complaints of this nature) but in the end they came through. the tech and service writer told me they reflashed the computer per the TSB and now everything seems to be working much better. my advice to any 2010 tacoma owner with this problem is to push the issue. i think they have to go through a checklist to make certain the problems that one may be experiencing aren't due to low fluid levels or the result of anything else before they can do the reflash. i'm just so thankful that the problem was fixed.
  • That could be it. The tech kept telling me to bring my truck in to be looked at. Even after I told him I have already been there and was told it was "normal". He just kept telling me to bring it in for him to look at and see if he can figure out what the problem might be. Guess I'll just take it back in and start pushing the issue for the TSB again. Thanks for the info
  • Wanted to give it at least a week to put the Taco through its paces after getting the TSB. Here is the update:

    Called the dealer again 12/9/09 to see if the 2010 TSB was available yet, and they said they had just got it.

    Went next day and got TSB applied. Noted difference immediately b/c the turn out the dealers is a yield sign where you slow to @10mph (which is where the tranny was acting up).

    I drove my regular route to the office, which is comprised of a lot of slower turns down in the city. The problem was gone.

    Happy to report that I have not had the problem since having the TSB applied.

    Thanks again to all you 2009 owners for bringing this problem to Toyota's attention.
  • I wanted to give an update on my problems. First, the last problem on my truck was not a transmission problem, that's a good thing. It turned out to be a cooling system hose again. My dealership service dept has been excellent and has been the only positive in this whole experience. I did ask them to look up the "fix" for the transmission problem and they took care of that for me. Since I have gotten the truck back I have no more rough shifting ( that is what Toyota calls it ) problems. Hopefully I have fewer problems going forward. Toyota should extend everyones warranties and fix the problems on these trucks.
    Thanks to everyone for posting problems and fixes.
  • Well good for you. It is good to hear a positive experience with a dealer. Hopefully everyone can the fix done and we don't have to worry about this anymore.
  • Have a 09 Tacoma that had a shift problem,dealer installed a new different computer program works well now.(Nov 09) #1awtsb0373-09
  • Sorry for the delayed response. It is the standard radio, no upgraded package. Still no contact from Toyota. Now, since the weather got cold, it likes to turn itself on and off at its leisure. Often, the screen will go blank while the radio is still on, which disables the ability to change channel or volume.
  • taco9taco9 Posts: 1
    Ok, I can help some with the radio issues.The radio's are made by Delco, problem is in the power/volume button. Shuts on/off at will, changes bands/stations, no stations an so on. A bunch of the replacements were also bad. Tacoma is not the only Toyota with the problem. So... big back log.Toyota is not happy.
    Perhaps someone can help with a couple transmission concerns. Mine shifts down into 1st gear between 12-14 mph.Say, like when going around a corner. Also I towed a compact car out west and back this summer a devoloped a shudder in 1st and 2nd gear with trailer load behind. ( Engine was broken in.) Had tranny serviced at home dealer, They stated covered under power train if I have any addition problems. Let me say that I have a great relationship with my dealer but am still skeptical. I don't much care for the auto LSD either. My 06 has a real limited slip differental, superior in every way.Maybe the flash will fix premature down shift issue. Anyone else had the shudder problem? 09 D-Cab, 4x4, SR-5
  • If Toyota dealers now obviously know about the transmission problem and has a TSB to correct it, why don't they take care of it as soon as the trucks hit their lots? Wouldn't this save a lot of customer dissatisfaction? Or do the vast majority of buyers just put up with it? Again what is the TSB # for the '10.
    Am looking to get rid of my old Ranger and am considering a Tacoma, but this transmission problem and Toyota's seemingly indifference to it are holding me back. (Also the fact that I have a small garage and the Tacoma is about 7 inches longer than the Ranger. As trucks keep getting bigger, they become out of the question for some of us that want a quality SMALL truck.
    Thanks for the info. Keep it up!
  • You seem to state the problem with the radio and the cause but you don't say if there is a fix for it. Your tranny problem can be fixed with the TSB 0703-09 and -10 for the 2010 version. I hope I remembered the number sequence correctly. I live in the northwest and the cold spell we've been in for the last month has given me the opportunity to drive my 09 Tacoma Dbl. Cab 4X4 V6 in some icy conditions. I went around a curve in the road the other day and the rear end broke traction and started into a slide on me. At the very same time a beep, beep beep went off from the dash. I'm not sure that beep thing is anything but an annoyance. When your rear end starts sliding you're paying attention to gaining control of your vehicle again. That beeping just throws another what the hell is that question in the mix at a very inopportune time. When the vehicle is sliding the last thing you want to thinking about is what the hell is that sound and what else is wrong. Now that I know about it I guess I can just go back to gaining control of the vehicle and ignore it. Go back to your dealer and have him flash the computer with the service bulletin to fix that. My radio has been working fine but I've heard a lot of complaints in this forum about it and if there is a fix for it I'd like to see it in this forum as I can't depend on Toyota to tell me or the dealers what the fix is. Good luck my friend.
  • I think part of the transmission problem is that not all '09 Tacoma transmissions are having the problem. I have never had the symptoms described in this forum. I suspect the problem centers on how the computer code handles certain driving styles. I use the same tech at my dealer for maintenance so he knows my cars and how I like to do business. He was very aware of the problem and the TSB. He drove my Tacoma to see if he could make it shift inapproapriately, and he could not. He then recommended against reflashing the tranny computer. Kind of "if ain't broke don't fix it" approach. So I suggest to drivers, if you are getting slippage, get it reflashed. If you are not, then don't do anything.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    Just to remind everyone what a TSB is and is not...

    A TSB is:
    - a recommended repair procedure for a problem identified in a particular vehicle with certain components or equipment. If the vehicle is exhibiting the problem, the TSB advises the dealership how to repair it.

    A TSB is not:
    - a recall. The problem that led to the creation of the TSB is generally considered not widespread. That does not mean a TSB can not become a recall; some do if the problem worsens over time and/or becomes a safety issue.
    - free. If the problem part of the vehicle is still under warranty or the problem is covered by an extended warranty, then the customer may receive the repair free or at their extended plan deductible. But if you are out of warranty, a TSB repair is charged at full parts and labor rates.

    kcram - Pickups/Wagons Host
  • Thank you for the reminder of a definition of a TSB. However, since I had the problem with mine and since I talked to dozens of people from Hawaii to the west coast and everyone I talked to had the problem; I and a great many others don't look at the problem so non-chalantly. With all my research this problem has existed for 5 years and many of them are still not resolved. Honda had the problem a few years back as well. Toyota thankfully addressed this one but they have been rude and un-caring up to the fix. It is probably a good thing for you to clarify what a TSB is and is not for sure. You sound like you are from Toyota. If so, tell your management that the so called good name of Toyota has certainly taken a hit over this issue. Do have a good one.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    I'm with Edmunds (as are all the forums hosts), not Toyota or any other manufacturer. :)

    Believe me, I understand the frustrations going on here... I have had my share of imperfect vehicles in my life. Just wanted to remind folks that TSBs are advisories, and sometimes you do have to put forth some effort to get your ride addressed.

    kcram - Pickups/Wagons Host
  • Thanks again for your input. I hope it helps many out there.
  • Had a 09 Tacoma tranny REFLASHED nov.09. FIX the problem,YES of Course NO CHARGE>>
  • Great! Hope you told them thanks.
  • sun5477sun5477 Posts: 13
    At the dealership for the SECOND time for them to "test drive" to see if they can find the problem of the transmission "stalling out". Have been told this time it was designed to do this for fuel economy. They have taken it out for 2 "test drives" since I have been here, which has now been 1 hour. Still haven't come back to tell me anything. I mentioned having it "flashed" and was told they will have to drive it to see what the actual problem is first. Guess I will sit here for a little longer before I go back to the tech and start asking for their diagnosis. Will let you know how it goes. Wish me luck, or them. :)
  • Don't know if this is the same type of problem from your description. Wish you luck. Hang in there.
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