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Toyota Tacoma Transmission Problems



  • I too still have a problem. I did figure out that the problem with my truck only happens between 0 to 20 mph never over 20 mph. The trans does not shift into place at the lower speed. I was given a loaner and it did not have the problem that i have so once again my husband took it back yesterday and we are waiting to hear from my salesman. I want a new truck i didn't buy a used truck and this is my 4th truck so the reason that you were given doesn't wash with me. I know it has nothing to do with saving gas, they will say anything cause they don't want to have to replace yr truck. I will post what happens with me. You must take yr truck to the dealer 3 times for the same problem so that it can be considered a lemon but take it to one dealer that is different from where you have been taken it. I have a great lawyer so that is the first thing i said to them and they said that if they have to give me a new truck they will, I have been a customer for 12 yrs and i have had a 98,2001,2006 and now a 2010 tacoma i know that truck well, so don't let them tell you that if they don't find the problem they can't do anything because that is why the lemon law is in place. Good luck
  • I have a Tacoma 09,that had a tranny shift problem.I purchased in Alabama,I live in Mississippi I had the local mississippi dealer to reflash(reprogram the computer) the transmission works great now.IF YOUR HAVING TROUBLE WITH YOUR DEALER STONEWALLING YOU,GO TO ANOTHER DEALER........
  • Sounds like TSB #0703-10 will fix your problem. Toyota has been very slow letting the dealers know of the fix. Good luck
  • sun5477sun5477 Posts: 13
    Ok, after test driving it TWICE, they came back to me and told me they couldn't find the problem and had 2 different people drive it. So I told them I would take them for a drive myself (which I prefer) and I will show them! They had the Service Manager go with me and as soon as I took my first corner off the lot to merge into traffic, it happen! (What do ya know?!) He tried to tell me he didn't notice it. So I said, Look, I like my truck, this is the only problem I have with my truck, and I have to cross a very busy highway DAILY to get to my house. He asked me if I lived far from the dealership, and I told him it didn't matter, if that is what it takes, I'll take you there and show you. Once we got there, I had to cross the traffic, and once again, it happened. This time he said.."oh". I told him about the TSB #'s I had heard about and he said, "well, let's go back to the office and look them up." Once there, we looked them both up and the latest I knew about (0393-09) described which motor and what series of VINs that it was created for. Low and behold, mine wasn't in there. Told me that they would keep an eye out for the series of my VIN and would let me know if it came in. I'll have to check on the 0703-10-thanks!
  • I can just imagine how aggravated you were during the whole process. That was my contention to them as well. It scared the daylights out of me thinking that I would find myself in a situation wherein I would commit myself to a turn and it wouldn't react. Thus leaving me in a position of being T boned because it couldn't figure out what gear it wanted to be in. If you review more of these posts I believe there are some that state their problem with the VIN number. I don't know why the reason for it but I have heard it. Nor have I heard whether any of those have been resolved. Don't let up on them. Daily if you have to. If it turns out that your VIN number really plays no difference please post it here for the benefit of others. Best of luck to you.
  • That is definitely an option. However, I prefer to give them an opportunity. Naive though it may be I still prefer to think that most business men would prefer to be honest and forthright. Only Mr. sun5477 can determine his tolerance level in dealing with this dealership. If he feels that he is really being abused, as it were, beyond a reasonable doubt by the dealer then by all means have at it. I was on the verge of parking out front of the dealer with a sign reading "Go ahead ask me about my toyota". Any Toyota dealer reading this should pay attention.
  • Ask if they have a diagnostic computer to hook up to your truck under the steering wheel. Have them go for a ride with you. Each time you think it does it lety them know. They push a button and it logs 7 seconds before and after you tell them when. You have to pull over for them to reset / record the event. I did this with my service guys at Team Toyota in Baton Rouge. They had another customer do the same thing. They send these reports to Toyota it tells them exactly what your vehicle is doing. To my knowledge the TSB's are year specific NOT VIN. You might talk to dealerships outside your area perhaps they can explain the fix to your dealer.
  • jimmora, that is some really great feedback. In reading through this thread, I had not seen that suggested before. Great insight and diagnostic information for Toyota to get things straightened out for folks!
  • I am writing to see if anyone else has had the same issues I have.

    1.Once the vehicle is engaged in 4hi, the differential axle screws up and causes the vehicle to spin out of control even at low speed when turning corners. Vehicle wont switch in to 4 low.

    2. The radio. I've had the radio replaced once already and the second one is on the fritz. There are major electrical problems with this truck. Turn the lights on and your radio turns on, turn a corner and your radio turns off. I think Toyota has issued a band aid fix, telling owners that the problem is a defective radio, when the electrical system is to blame.
  • The problem is that until Toyota doesn't give the ok to fix this or admit there is a problem they wont. I am getting a new truck this week because i have taken this truck back 4 times. The trans doesn't change right and last week a car all most hit me from behind because i wasn't able to pick up speed.
  • sun5477sun5477 Posts: 13
    Is the new truck something Toyota is doing for you?
    I have tried to contact them again to check on a new TSB # to see if it will fix my 2010, and yet, I have still not received an answer from them. I am due to get another call back from the Toyota Corp for on an update from my last complaint. I don't think they will like to hear what I have to say. Maybe as long as they keep checking in with me and the problem still isn't fixed, and I keep going back, something might get done. If I had another dealership close to me..I would go there. Might just have to take a road trip anyway.
  • They are giving you a new truck???? The TSB 0703-10 has been fixing the problem with the transmission. Keep us posted. Something doesn't make sense here. With all the complaints this certainly will go a long ways in destroying the reliability of Toyota. Go to the NTHSA and complain there as well.
  • It seems like Toyota repaired the transmission problem by issueing out a tsb for 09 and 2010 tacomas. Any other problems with these models? The radio problem
    doesn't seem common in most Toyotas.
  • Well, to be fair to Toyota I haven't had the problem with my radio. I've had the truck since the end of March 2009 and so far so good. I guess I just hope it's not a problem that comes up in the next year or so. Heard on the news tonight that Toyota is recalling a bunch of vehicles for accelerating not on demand. They first blamed it on floor mats. Sounds like they don't know the actual cause now. I'm suspecting that the computers are developing minds of their own. I can't help but think that they are pushing the technology before it's ready. Guess who the guinea pigs are? Drive safe my friends.
  • I am looking at the 2010 Tacoma V-6 auto 4x2 Access Cab or Double Cab w/TRD Package. I will be towing a small boat (17') I/O. All the posts about transmission issues have me concerned. Does anyone know if the issue has been corrected on the 2010 Models? Also, I have seen some posts about gas mileage and the numbers are all over the board. Does anyone have something similar to what I'm looking for and calculates the mpg on a regular basis? If so, what are your numbers and what type of driving do you do?
    Any factual input would be appreciated.
  • I have the exact same truck as you are looking at but mine is a 08. It has 10,500 miles and I am getting 18MPG mixed driving now (winter in Cincinnati) I was getting 21MPG in the summer time with mixed driving. I check it every tank. I have not driven it on the highway for a whole tank yet so not sure what it would do with all highway but I did tow a small trailer for a week and got 16.1 MPG while towing. As far as the 2010 being right I am not sure. When I was buying mine I was sure to get one from the NUMMI plant in California and not get one from BAJA California (MEXICO) I drove 100 miles to pick mine up. I looked at the nissan but as I remember I think those got even worse gas mileage. I have had no issue's at all with mine and plan on keeping it for a long long time.
  • The transmission issue should be taken care of with the TSB 0703-10. To be honest I would not tow a 17' foot boat with it. I would be concerned with the weight of the boat (assuming its a fibreglass) as I feel the boat would be the boss of the road. I don't think it's a truck meant for hauling boats or trailers of that size or larger. There are probably a lot of people who would disagree with that. Just personal opinion.
  • I bought my 2009 Tacoma in March of 09 and started having the transmission hesitation problems soon after. It was very bad on left turns. I just took my truck in to have the TSB fix and it seems to have fixed the problem. I am now waiting for a new radio as it is possessed. They told me it would be 10 weeks before they could get one. I was also concerned about my gas milage as I never got more than 18 miles per gallon combined driving. However, just got back from long trip and had to drive no more that 65 mph due to icy weather (usually drive 75 to 80 on the highway) and got 22 mpg which is what they stated it would get so I am ok with that. I really love this truck and hope this TSB fix takes care of the problem once and for all. We'll see.
  • Hey JPQ8888. I also have a 2009 i bought last January. Same issues with Trans and Radio. My transmission was fixed months ago with the update and still holding strong. However, I am on the second radio for the vehicle. My service agent just called today to tell me my new radio is ready. Its been on order for 6 months! Hopefully this one is better. Other than the trans and the radio, not many other issues. Truck rides great, corners well and seems to have the power I need. My MPG is similar to yours. I do a lot of combined city/hwy driving and I avg 18-19. Taneau(sp) covers help!
  • ebby1ebby1 Posts: 1
    I have less than 2000 miles on a 2010 Tacoma double cab and have had three unexplained transmission events. At least I think it has to do with the transmission. On two occasions after the truck sat outside during working hours and I was leaving for home, I was driving about 5 or 10 mph out work driveway and it felt as if I was hit from behind. BANG. I put on the brake and looked behind me and there was no car there. I started again at low speed and when I was rolling to a stop at the stop sign, BANG it happened again. On a third occasion traveling less than 30 mph the transmission up shifted and I then slowed and the transmission downshifted with another BANG. On all three occasions, the outside temperature was in the low teens. This is a V6 with automatic. Anyone have a similar story?

    I also experience the 'hunting for a gear' event especially when I slow to turn a corner and then speed up after turning. The engine rpms come up as I accelerate upshift. The transmission seems to be floating between gears until a specific rpm then it shifts. I have found a bit more agressive accelerator pedal causes the tranny to shift in a more normal fashion.
  • 09taco09taco Posts: 33
    I have a 2009 Double Cab V-6 auto 4x4 off Road package, and my trans. did the same thing, "hunting for a gear at low speeds, with high revs. Toyota has a TSB on this, I took my truck back to the dealer and they reprogrammed the trans. Now it shifts like it should, I still get the hard down shift at times, which is from the down hill assist. control, the dealer told me this is normal and thats the way it is.. go figure...I did hear some guys having problems with the radio, knock on wood, mine is working fine at this point! Anyway talk with you local toyota dealer I hope they can help out. GOOD LUCK!
  • Well, my problem was not fixed and i was able to get out of my beloved 2010 Tacoma. My husband didn't want to take a chance on another tacoma having issues so we got a 4 runner and we were able to get the 3 months that we paid on the truck back and put them on the new truck. My salesman didn't give me a problem, we have been buying trucks from him since 1998, he is now a big manager. The weekend that we got out of our truck another customer came in with the same problem, so i'm glad we changed trucks, I hope in the future Toyota gets back to making great cars and trucks and stop hiding the truth because in the end they are the ones that need us!
  • Well, I'm both glad and sad of what you've gone through. The news concerning Toyota is disconcerting to say the least. My gut feeling is that all the problems are computer software related. I can't help but think it is going to get worse before it gets better. Bad for Toyota and bad for the customers. Good luck with your new 4 Runner.
  • I own a 2010 tacoma that has the same identical tranny issues . It was taken to the dealership for dianostics . this problem is very unsafe . Toyota quality has been a big disappointment lately . The dealership was unaware of the problem . Yeah right ! Beware future buyers . Will keep you posted.
  • I just bought a 2010 Tacoma 4door 4x4. What I'm finding is when I slow to make a turn onto another road, as soon as I reapply the accelerator, there is a pause/hesitation before the truck continues. Why? And can this be fixed?
  • Any news yet regarding fixing this problem?
  • Had the same problem with my 09 taco. There is a computer "flash" that they conduct to fix the problem. It fixed my transmission hesitation, as well as many others have testified on this site. There is a similar 'fix" for the 2010 Tacos. Your dealer should be aware of the fix. I "think" the Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) # is 0393-09. Check back on this site to previous posts (page 40) for additional information. Good luck.
  • Yes my friend there is a fix. TSB 0703-10 for the 2010 model. It should take care of that problem.
  • I finally got mine in last month with the TSB bulletin in hand. They agreed to flash it and it worked, it is not absolutely perfect but that stupid lag and rev syndrome is gone. Now I have new issue, a vibration coming through the floor boards. It is not transferring through the steering column so I do not believe it is a tire balance issue. It almost feels like a I have knobby off road tires on it. Universal joint on the drive line? It seems the worst between the speeds of 60 -70 miles per hour. It is subtle but it sure was not there previously. I have 6,700 miles on it and it started about 1,000 miles ago. My model is the SR5 dual cab 4x4 long bed. Anyone else experiencing this? Thanks
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