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New Mitsubishi Outlander Owners Give us your report



  • mcollismcollis Posts: 25
    Here's a link to the running boards that I added:

    The bars on mine are stainless, and they look great. Very heavy-duty. Just hoping that they eliminate the sand-blasting issue next winter.
  • piastpiast Posts: 269
    I'm using GS27 scratch remover ( from local automotive store) for years now. If you let it dry out on surface, it may live film or spots. Regular wax will clean it easily. I think I paid @ $10 for 5.3OZ. tube.

  • 20vcq20vcq Posts: 82
    What are the chances of you posting or sending a photo of the installation on your Outlander?
  • @Mcollis, did you install the running boards by yourself? If so, was it any difficult? How is the fitment of running boards?
  • mcollismcollis Posts: 25
    Had the dealer do it...paid about $90 for that. Worth it. They are HEAVY.
  • costello1costello1 Posts: 60
    How do they work?? Do they keep all mud off the sides?? Lokk good!!
  • mcollismcollis Posts: 25
    They seem to be helping. The REAL test will be in the winter. Back doors have been repainted due to last winter's "sand blasting" issue. Hoping that these do the trick!
  • bubbawillybubbawilly Posts: 9
    The poor paint quality problem with the Outlander cannot be solved by mud flaps. They may reduce the sandblasting on the rear fender flares, but what about the front flares, hood, roof, doors and virutally every other painted metal surface?

    I have what I consider to be severe chipping on my '07 Outlander after just 5 months. I have been driving in Colorado for over 30 years, and I've owned virtually all of the major domestic and imported brands. None of them looked as bad after as many as 9 years as the Mits looks after 5 months. There really isn't even a comparison.

    I don't know how many of you are Consumer Reports contributors like me, but if you haven't completed your annual survey yet, be sure not to pull any punches about the abysmal quality of the Outlander's paint. Word of this has to get out into the mainstream. This vehicle simply isn't suitable for for its intended purpose.
  • biscuit_xlsbiscuit_xls Posts: 194
    Post some photos of this so-called "severe" paint chipping.
  • busta4busta4 Posts: 35
    :confuse: Post some photos of this so-called "severe" paint chipping

    I remember a long time ago on this board complaining about my Outlander and a bunch of folks asking for PROOF of my problems. What a total joke. Some folks act like were are talking about their family members on this forum.
  • ultraradultrarad Posts: 16
    Hi all-

    I too had expectations from this automobile and, for the most part, am totally satisfied with my purchase. EVERY car maker leaves a few things out of their cars and I think the Outlander happens to fit the bill - for me at least. As to the design of the car and the paint chipping problems many of you are having, I have to say I believe you. It's been rainy here lately in Texas and whenever it's time to wash my car the rear door and wheel bulge area are ALWAYS filthy. More so than any other part of the car. A slightly bigger lower step up would probably fix this, but like many of you said - will Mitsubishi foot the bill? On my 2008 diamond white XLS - I found a strange paint anomaly right beneath the front grill on the bumper. It looks like there was a small fragment of something trapped in the paint and the people at the factory tried to slightly sand it out. Too bad they didn't re-clear coat the surface - :mad: - Perhaps I will try the mentioned polishing paste and then super wax the area.

    Don't get upset people, there is truly power in numbers. Just keep writing and emailing - eventually something will happen.
  • piastpiast Posts: 269
    "They may reduce the sandblasting on the rear fender flares, but what about the front flares, hood, roof, doors and virutally every other painted metal surface?"

    So far that is the only area affected. Any damage on the rest of the car I would really blame on road hazard, not design. I don't have any problems with the paint.
  • rcpaxrcpax Posts: 580
    Some say it's paint, some say it's bad design. All point to the same solution: let's blame Mitsubishi for it.

    As customers you have every right to do so. And included in your manual is a dispute resolution process just in case you don't get anything out of complaining. And they say there is strength in numbers so why not gather up as a group and do a class action suit or something like that.

    Complaining will only get your problem heard on this forum, but it won't really go far as to get your paint problem solved.

    As for me, I have the daily swirls and occasional cart and door dings. I didn't have chips because I put on long mudflaps. So mudflaps did save my paint work.
  • beargator56beargator56 Posts: 28
    I just got my '08 Outlander XLS. The brochure and website clearly state that the XLS comes standard with fog lights. The lights are there, and they work as DRLs. There is no switch for the fog lights, though. The fog light icon is missing from the headlight switch where the manual says it should be.

    I am in contact with my dealer, and he said something about the fog lights work with the parking lights on the XLS and Xenon headlights. Why would they only work with the parking lights? :confuse:

    Anyone else out there have this problem?
  • comem47comem47 Posts: 399
    I purchased the factory fog light kit for my '07 LS as it did not come with fogs as standard equipment. There is a new steering wheel stalk with an additional switch you get to replace the stock one that does not support fogs. It's a momentary switch you twist once to turn them on and again to turn them off and it only works with low beams (nothing to do with parking lights). I cannot see why it would be different on an XLS, but possibly things could change for an '08 model (but I highly doubt it). BTW: I had to have the dealer program the fog light function as the alternate instructions without the programming device didn't work.(strange procedure where you turn on the key and open/close the drivers door 5 times)

    Good luck
  • piastpiast Posts: 269
    I have standard fog lights and switch for it on XLS. Also, I have DRL (daytime running lights). In your case, with HIDs, fog lights are use as DRL, to save expensive HID bulbs, so with this package, you don't have fog lights.
  • beargator56beargator56 Posts: 28
    This really makes no sense for Mitsu to design it like that. There's no mention of it in any material they have out. Why would you not offer fog lights just because of HID headlamps? I had a '05 Land Rover LR3 that had working fog lights with HID. I'd be willing to bet that almost all cars with HID don't disable fog lights
  • piastpiast Posts: 269
    "I'd be willing to bet that almost all cars with HID don't disable fog lights"
    Most likely, but do they have those HIDs on all the time? I don't recall seeing to many cars with those lights on during the day.
  • beargator56beargator56 Posts: 28
    My HIDs aren't on all the time. When they're on (at night or rain), the DRLs are off. When the lights are off, the DRLs are on.

    I usually had my fogs on at night with my HID headlights on the LR3. I prefer the extra light it gives near the ground.

    Either way, Mitsu shouldn't be advertising their premier version of a car with something "standard" if you can't get the car with it.
  • piastpiast Posts: 269
    "My HIDs aren't on all the time. When they're on (at night or rain), the DRLs are off. When the lights are off, the DRLs are on. "

    Exactly. That is the point. Other cars with HIDs don't have DRL. Fog lights are standard on XLS. You upgraded standard lights (as on mine) with HID, at a cost of loosing fog lights. I would probably prefer to keep them and loose DRL, but for now this is the way.
  • beargator56beargator56 Posts: 28
    If Mitsu would have made it known that HID headlights cancel out the fogs, it wouldn't be an issue. I have a problem with them having fog lights listed as standard and them not saying anything about losing them if you choose the HID.

    When I was comparing vehicles, fog lamps are something that I considered a must have item. Knowing that the fogs aren't "standard" as they claim (or that you can't even get the option), I might have chosen a Mazda CX-7, Ford Escape, or something else.

    The thing is, you have to choose the luxury package for leather seating and heated seats. The HID lights are a part of that package. Also, you can't choose sun/sound without also adding the luxury. This means that you'd have to get a stripped down version of their top of the line XLS just to get fogs.
  • 20vcq20vcq Posts: 82
    The o7' isn;t set up to use the fog lights as DTRL's - curious they would change that ..
  • 20vcq20vcq Posts: 82
    In my case I did take it all the way with Mitsubishi - answer was "poke it - paint chips are a driving issue not a warrantee issue" ..
  • batman47batman47 Posts: 606
    Front fog light absent in all Outlander XLS with P2 Package

    A Mitsubishi dealer has shown me information where he infers that all Outlander XLS with P2 Package cannot have fog light harness and only have ‘Daytime running lights’ harness. He also infers that the Day time running lights harness uses the Fog lamp (lens) only to emit the DTRL through the cavities designed for proper fog lights assembling. He concludes that an Outlander XLS with P2 package (Xenon HID lights) cannot have fog light harness, and that the Mitsubishi brochure and Outlander Owner’s manual is in some way misleading in saying that the vehicle is sold with fog lights. In other words the Outlander XLS ( with P2 package) information should say that the vehicle has no fog light lamps only lens (used as into daytime running lights with a daytime running light harness) at least with Outlander sold in the USA.

    All the above came out after disputing the assertion of the salesman who persisted in telling me that the XLS with P2 package has fog lights. I said the stalk switch had no symbol that indicates to me that a fog light mechanism is in place and also there is no indicator lamp in the instrumentation cluster visible (or that comes on) after manipulating the stalk switch to all feasible positions.

    If this is true Mitsubishi America and Dealers in the USA may be breaking the law by selling a vehicle under false pretences by misleading customers to buy a product that does not provide the functionality that is advertised.

    Opinion of readers about this finding may be of extreme importance.
  • biscuit_xlsbiscuit_xls Posts: 194
    My Outlander brochure shows that if you get an XLS with the Luxury Package it adds Xenon headlights, deletes the fog lights and replaces them with DRL's.

  • Interesting stuff, batman. I tend to agree that their literature on the website and in print is misleading. Apparently, even my salesman didn't have a clue because he had to ask the techs.

    As for the scan of the brochure, I'm not sure which one that is. The sales brochure I have has "NATLBRO-08-006" on the back cover. This is the standard sales brochure that they sent me in the mail, and also the one at the dealership. It has a silver Outlander on a curve with some buildings in the background on the cover.

    In the rear of this brochure, it lists Equipment. The portion of the equipment for the Exterior has this listed for the first 3 features:
    S S S Auto-off headlamps with Daytime Running Lights (DRL)

    - - P Xenon High-Intensity Discharge (HID) headlamps with auto-leveling function

    A A S Fog lights with dark gray surround (act as DRL when combined with HID headlamps)

    Under listing for the Option Packages:

    - - O Luxury Package: Xenon HID headlamps with auto-leveling; power driver's seat; heated front seats; leather seating surfaces on 1st and 2nd row

    Also... there was some fine print for the luxury package that states, "Requires Sun & Sound Package"
  • I'm going to see my dealer next week. I'll let you know how they/Mitsubishi respond.

    For the few dealers and/or manufacturer's reps on this forum who continue to patronize us and claim this is either a driver or environmental issue, you'd be much better off in the long run helping to get this problem resolved.

    My ski team friends with the 5 year old Subies, Toyotas, Hondas, Nissans, Jeeps, etc., can compare their 60K plus, five plus Colorado winter cars with 2 or 3 minor rock chips to my 5 month old Outlander with no less than 20 to 30 chips. They are all reasonably smart people, and the conclusion they draw is the same as mine. This is a manufacturing defect, plain and simple.

    You've already lost some of your most likely customers in the 20 or so people who are aware of the problems with my car first hand. Keep denying the problem and you'll lose many others who base their purchasing decisions on the consumer reviews here at Edmunds. I, for one, won't let this problem drop until it gets resolved.
  • biscuit_xlsbiscuit_xls Posts: 194
    It's listed on the Mitsubishi web site in the specifications:

    "Fog lights with dark gray bezel (running lights when combined with HID)"
  • piastpiast Posts: 269
    Why don't you just spend extra $20 for longer mud flaps (as I did), and be done with this? Is it really worth it? And no, I don't work for a dealer, I bought mine (XLS with protection and appearance packages) in SEP 07 at Grand Mitsu in Elmhurst, IL.
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