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New Suzuki Aerio Wagon Owners - Give Us Your Report

PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Member Posts: 9,372
edited March 2014 in Suzuki
Congratulations on your new vehicle purchase! This is the place to post your first impressions.


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    generaltsogeneraltso Member Posts: 7
    I've only had my 2004 Aerio SX AWD for about 2 weeks, but living in Vermont, that's plenty of time to experience snow. With the stock tires, the AWD system performed very well. It was comparable to the 2001 Subaru Forester that I just traded in. I was able to get going without spinning any wheels. I just put Firestone Winterforce snow tires on it, which should make the snow performance even better. A storm is supposed to dump 12 to 24 inches tonight, so I'll report back as to how it handles the deep stuff with the snow tires.
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    stolguystolguy Member Posts: 12
    I have an 03 SX that has been quite satisfactory. I bought it
    as a utility vehicle. Pickup trucks suck, no traction unless you
    buy the useless 4WD versions, bed gets full of snow and crap,
    people steal stuff out of them..... well you get the idea.
    Interior? seems pretty durable so far, full of old junk mail,
    dog hair, airplane parts. Nothing broke yet. Starts on the
    coldest days. Handling? Doesn't compare to my previous VW
    Golfs. Good enough though. Ride? I took those dumb@ss
    alloys/lawn roller tires off and stuck 'em (new!) in the corner
    of my shop and replaced them with 14" steel wheels/touring
    tires. -MUCH better ride.
    Instruments? Since all I look at is the gas gauge, they're fine.
    Body? Being a geezer I love not having to squat down to get in
    and out. Heater and air conditioner could be a touch more
    assertive. I also wish I could have a vehicle in the same weight
    range that I could poke a 4X8 sheet of plywood into.
    I DON"T want a humonguous 4000 lb beast just for ONE sheet
    of drywall/plywood.
    Back to my airplane.
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    frozentundrafrozentundra Member Posts: 8
    I just purchased a brand new Aerio SX yesterday. So far I love it (put 100K on it already) and so does everybody who sees it (it has a uniqueness factor that many other cars lack and there are far fewer of them on the road than every other compact car).

    I'll put posts on this forum to let you if I experience any problems.
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    chrisducatichrisducati Member Posts: 394
    Good luck with your new car! The Aerio is a great car with it's own personality. It is very much a European type car. Here in the land of SUV's and sedans it can really stand out.
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    guickgguickg Member Posts: 19
    As one of the early purchasers of an Aerio (April 2002), I would like to chime in on the discussion about Aerio's merits and faults. My experience has not been a good one overall, and I would strongly discourage anyone from buying this car. Here is a list of the problems I've had with my Aerio (it's a 2002 FWD automatic SX with ABS). 1)The front bearings have been replaced. 2)The brake calipers have been replaced twice due to clanking. The brakes now make a somewhat loud squealing noise when applied, but the dealer does not want to bother with it. 3)The annoying buzzing noise on the right side is still there after almost three years of ownership because the dealer cannot duplicate it when I bring the car in. 4)Both side view mirrors wobbled and did not lock in place. The left one has been replaced, and I've just given up on the right one. 5)The remote control module has been replaced, yet one of my new remotes does not work again (yes, I've tried it with a new battery). 6) One ABS sensor has had to be replaced. 7)The car makes an almost constant pretty loud drumming sound, even on smooth roads. The dealer said that basically every bolt under the car was loose and had to be tightened. Despite of that, the same sound is still there. 8)The original equipment tires on the car are just not good in terms of traction and durability. My ABS used to activate basically at every stop on wet roads because of skidding, and I am a pretty tame driver. The traction on very lightly snow-covered roads was practically non-existent. I had to replace the tires. The problem is that Aerio SX tire size (195/55-15) is so rare (as far as I know, only Mazda Protege used to have the same tire size) that they are not easily available and expensive. 9)The dealer does not have a single part in stock so every trip turns into another trip when the parts come in. And I have to let the dealer know what technical bulletins to check. 10)Suzuki increased its powertrain warranty from 3 years when they started selling Aerios to 7(?)years about two months after I purchased the car. I think that's complete lack of planning and business sense, and it has obviously penalized original purchasers like me who decided to give the new car a chance. So maybe that's why Suzuki does not have a strong presence in the US. They are building cars for other parts of the world. There are different standards and expectations here in terms of quality and support, and they just don't seem to get it. As to the depreciation, the Aerios and other Suzukis take a huge hit in that department. I also recently checked the Insurance Institute data on car loss claims, and the Aerio has a claims history for collision and injury damages that is way high in its compact class category, in fact one of the worst. And this drives up insurance rates for the car. It is simply not a good buy in my estimate, even taking all the improvements into consideration.
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    frozentundrafrozentundra Member Posts: 8
    Ouch! Bad Experience! My brother owned a Hyundai Excel in the 80's that had less problems than you had with your Suzuki.

    As I said in an earlier post I will provide updates on the performance of my 2005 Aerio SX. I hope the horror stories I hear are isolated examples.
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    spmrebelspmrebel Member Posts: 130
    Hi all,

    I just wanted to chime in with my experience with the Aerio SX. I use to own a 2001 Hyundai Elantra GLS (traded it in for the Aerio SX) and I currently own a 2005 Hyundai Elantra GT (bought in Jan 05).

    I have a 2003 Aerio SX with Auto in which I bought in Sept. of 2002. It currently has 55K miles and it is my daily driver. I have to say that I am very satisfied with the car. Here is the pros and cons:

    Decent gas mileage - around average 26-28mpg with about 65% highway
    Only one failure so far in 55K. Catalytic Converter went out at 52K miles (check engine light) and was replaced under warranty
    Very good quality paint job
    Feels pretty rugged and I somewhat feel safer in this compared to my 2005 Elantra
    Best crash scores in class
    Tires are still original though they probably need replacement real soon

    Plastics in the interior could be better. Elantra is of higher quality
    Some rattling of doors and center console in cold weather
    Front brakes pads tend to wear quite fast - approx every 23-25K miles
    Engine and transmission not nearly as smooth Elantra.
    Low resale value

    I would buy another Suzuki. In fact I was thinking about getting an 05 before I got my 05 Elantra GT. Anyway, I just think the redesigned interior (which by the way I really like!!) really justified me loosing so much on the trade in and paying the extra money.

    Happy motoring,

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    twaintwain Member Posts: 185
    As I said in an earlier post I will provide updates on the performance of my 2005 Aerio SX.

    ... I have a 2002 SX. I'm curious how much better the 2005 performs with the 2.3 155hp engine. So far, no help from the car magazines.

    Maybe it's a conspiracy not to print the new Aerio's performance numbers so as not to embarass the likes of Matrix and Focus. ;)
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    suezookeysuezookey Member Posts: 1
    Well, after many hours of researching online and comparison shopping, we just brought home our newest family member---a 2006 AerioSX w/premium pkg. So far, so good. I still get the 'warm fuzzies' looking at her pretty azure gray metallic paint and fiddling with all the knobs and buttons that were standard equipment.
    I am glad to find this forum where we can glean info and share advice.
    Happy motoring to all !!! :D
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    blue2004sxblue2004sx Member Posts: 18
    welcome aboard suezookey ( i like your name too!) i joined in last month and i have been helped already.
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    apurbaapurba Member Posts: 1
    I'm finalizing a deal today on 2006 AerioSX w/premium pkg. I'm glad that I could find this forum before I decided to buy a Suzuki. Any last minute tips will be appreciated.

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    haymanhayman Member Posts: 3
    Hi Suezookey,

    Hows that new car been working for you the last month???
    How easy is it on gas as I've heard all kinds of claims from terrible to just great on these cars.

    I'm leaning towards the Aerio SX but not sure about the base or premium pkg. The base Aerio SX is equipped pretty good compared to some other brands!
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    trgbassguytrgbassguy Member Posts: 21
    Hey I'm seriously looking into getting a 2006 Suzuki AerioSX and wanted to hear what others thought. MPG, how it rides,do the tires wear fast, you know all the good stuff.

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    phughesphughes Member Posts: 3
    I really like my 2003 Suzuki Aerio SX. It gets better gas mileage than the 2006 thanks to the 2 Liter engine that came with it that year as opposed to the 2.3 Liter that was introduced in 2004. However, when I bought mine, it had arguably no direct competition in its class. It was a pretty unique car and still is really fun to drive. Now, though, the 2007 Honda Fit gets much better gas mileage than any Aerio model year for approximately the same price. This is probably not the thing to say in a Suzuki forum, but I have a hard time believing the Fit is not going to greatly outshine the Aerio SX. Of course, looking at the two, some could argue Honda stole the design. They are extremely similar in appearance.
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    sparky20sparky20 Member Posts: 8
    I also have a 2003 Suzuki Aerio SX automatic. This has been and still is an absolutely great vehicle. It has been trouble free and the gas mileage has averaged around 27 MPG (75% city, 25% highway).

    What I really don't understand is the buzz around the Honda Fit. To me, it looks like an SX knockoff without the horsepower. Right now, you can get a much better deal on an SX and the warranty is 7 years, 100,000 miles. Plus the SX is also made in Japan. I really don't understand why the SX hasn't exploded. It does everything a small wagon should do.
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    d1mad1ma Member Posts: 2
    Well, I have 2006 Aerio SX AWD Premium Package , which I purchase around november 05. No alignment issues. So far no problems at all. Nice little Wagon. Me and my wife loves it. My gas milage is not so good due to AWD, but still 26 miles/g is not so bad in 50/50 driving. This is my first car with auto trany, but it feels very close to manual as far as shifting and driving feels. AWD is very competent in snow and feels safe. Yes I would buy Aerio again. As far as honda, dont like it too expansive for my taste.
    P.S. I have on it over 12000 miles. :) price was $16000 us. If you go to other cars forums you will see other cars with problems, no metter what. Having 7/100,000 miles waranty is good deal in my book on Japan made car.
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    stolguystolguy Member Posts: 12
    I have an 03 with auto, no AWD. Good luck so far. Starts good, runs good,
    no problems in snow. Ironic that this car was considered quirky looking when it
    first came out and now is being imitated by everyone. I also wondered why it
    wasn't more popular. Americans claim to be original thinkers but fall flat when
    it comes to cars. Only two things I would change on it: the door sills show dog
    scratches and I would like to hot wire the power windows so I could close them
    without a key in my pocket.
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    ryoushiryoushi Member Posts: 4
    Yesterday I was searching for a cold air intake for my 06 SX. So far, only found one for the 03 model. Am I correct to assume that this should fit any other year as well?
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    chrisducatichrisducati Member Posts: 394
    The 2003 had a 2.0 141 hp engine. Also, some people have had the check engine light illuminate after installing a cold air intake kit because the computer is reading a lean fuel/air mixture. I would try to find a K&N OEM replacement type filter if your just interested in performance increase. If your after the intake moan a cold air kit gives you the K&N will not give you that.
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    ryoushiryoushi Member Posts: 4
    im just making a shopping list for now, headers, exhaust, intake, winter tires, etc. All I really plan to do for now is a fog light kit and rear hatch light.
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    galliongallion Member Posts: 1
    I purchased an '06 SX for my wife last Christmas. Had a sun roof installed, detailing, and tinting, all done by Roman Chariot in Cleveland. Good, honest people. Got an automatic. We both love the car, although my Silverado is much better :-) Just a warning. Some of the camber numbers were transposed or something, and some of the factory settings were wrong. With fewer than 8000 miles, the tires were shot, one had a cross tread variance of 1/2 inch. The dealer gave my four new Yokos and a free alignment. If you have an '06, you might want to check this on your car.
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    bak61615bak61615 Member Posts: 1
    I bought a demo Aerio 06, FWD, automatic about 2 weeks ago. So far, has been back to the dealer once for squeaky front end - replaced the sway bar bushings & noise all gone. We got 2 ft of snow overnite and am a little nervous about driving. I was coming home last nite on about 4 inches & had quite a bit of spinning on any incline. This car has snows on the front & the original Yakohoma (?sp) on the back. I hope it will handle alot better when I switch to 4 snows next fall.
    Sofar, I am thrilled w/ my new little car - I drive about 60/miles a day from the top of a hill to the bottom for work. Have already put on about 650 miles. Gas mileage seems to be good. I could use better wipers. Love the climate control feature & the fit of the seat. Stereo (6 CD changer & optional bass booster) rocks.
    I came out of a full sized Taurus Wagon, so will have to adjust to feeling small, but there seems to be alot of space for a mini wagon.
    I'll keep you posted as time goes on.......... :)
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