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Toyota Sienna Gas Mileage



  • have you check your RPM.or your trans shifter it may be at the {d4] not at curve toward the passer side. I was doing this and I check, and saw my mistake. oh I was get 15-19 ,miles per4 gallon on getting 21-26

    whitefang :)
  • mes0707mes0707 Posts: 1
    Just purchased a certified used FWD LE w/ 16K miles this week and immediately took it on a 700 mile road trip. Highway/Interstate travel with speeds from 60-80 mph depending on area and limit. 1st leg of journey included about 100 miles of city and mountain driving and was 26.5 mpg (both from trip computer & manually calculating it at tank). Second leg (return trip) was all highway (2 lane) driving through mountains avg. about 60-70 mph, with about 40 of the 360 miles on the interstate at 80 mph... haven't filled to check manually but trip computer returned 30.1 mpg !!!! I love this new van! Coming from a 2004 Mazda MPV this is a HUGE improvement.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    MPV was my favorite van for a while, but you pointed out its flaw - despite being smaller and less powerful it just didn't show any advantage in fuel economy.

    I'm glad I got my Sienna. MUCH more power and my mileage mimicks yours.
  • dwarfl0rddwarfl0rd Posts: 12
    We have ~13,000 miles on our '08 XLE FWD Sienna and love this car. We get about 22-23 MPG in mixed city/hwy and about 29MPG on hwy. If we drove a bit slower, took out the rear bench seat Im almost certain we'd break 30mpg. It still isnt as fuel efficient as my '09 Vette. I get 32MPG Hwy and that car has 430HP! Still love the Sienna though, very smooth.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    The vette has something like a 0.50 ratio on that tallest gear, so the engine is virtually off until you hit seriously high speeds.

    Interestingly the Sienna has pretty tall gearing too, it seems to have about half the revs of my Miata's 6th gear. Mazda has super-short, tightly spaced gearing.
  • I got 30.1 mpg from Jefferson,NH to Northborough,MA.I love this engine. Very efficient. I was driving around 65mpg. I did not set cruise.
  • Averaged almost 26 mpg over a 5000+ mile trip (Baltimore - Yellowstone). Got as high as 28.5 mpg across the high plains of Wyoming and would have done better at less than 75-80 mph. Overall, the 2010 delivers better highway mpg than my 1998 Sienna XLE but worse mpg elsewhere. Using Mobil 1 synthetic 5W-30 and running the OEM tires at about 37 psi.

    I've found the on-board mpg calculator in the Sienna fairly accurate; unlike the one in my 03 'Vette which typically reads 1 mpg too high.
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