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Kia Sportage Maintenance and Repair



  • My kia will not start, I replaced almost everything, new plugs and coils, fuel filter, computer, reylays, starter scener, and today I put a new fuel pump in just like everrything else, after I changed it ran for a short time and shuts off, don't know what else to do?
  • The door alarm is going off all the time, where is the fuses for this on a 2001 kia sportage. I found two fueses boxs one under the drive side and one under the hood. But no fuses is listed as door.
  • I Drive a 95 Sportage and one day my breaks and clutch both went out, turns out i had a hole in my Master Slave Cylinder and all my Break Fluid leaked and was gone. I replaced the part and refilled the brake fluid tank (the clutch uses this fluid also) and you will need to bleed your brakes and clutch. Hope this helps, Good Luck.
  • BOB refers to a breakout box.
    It allows the technician to test any circuit to which it is connected.

    Generally, the car's PCM (Powertrain Control Module, or computer) is disconnected from its wiring harness, and the breakout box is plugged in between them.
    (NOTE: Battery must be disconnected before any connectors to the computer are plugged in or unplugged in order to prevent computer damage.)

    Breakout boxes are not usually sold to the public, and are fairly expensive.
    A Kia dealer or a repair shop specializing in Kia repairs would probably be the only ones to have one.
  • I have a similar problem. My OBD test pointed to gearbox setting, and some electronic devices causing weak air/fuel mixture.
    Can someone show me where I can locate the following devices on the KIA Sportage 1998 4x4
    1. Fuel Tank Pressure sensor
    2. Oxygen sensor HO2S
    3. Knock sensor
    4. Fuel control sensor
  • My 1998 KIA Sportage 4x4 is giving similar problems. My OBD says the gearbox requires setting. It also says there is air leaks making the fuel / air mixture too weak. It says the following electronic parts are defective.

    Can someone show me where they are located on the vehicle?
    1. Fuel tank pressure sensor
    2. Oxygen sensor HO2S
    3. Knock sensor
    4. Fuel control sensor
    Thank you
  • 2gringos2gringos Posts: 2
    I just bought 2013 Sportage SL. Live 4 miles from nearest pavement, on a rough road on small tropical island in British West Indies. The dirt here has the same salt content as the ocean.

    I am trying to find real mud flaps to install behind the wheels, front and rear. It's difficult, because I think a lot of suppliers call the little tabs in front of th wheels splash guards. I am looking for something different than the little tabs that came on the car.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 110,793
    edited June 2013
    Check out

    They have some universal fit flaps that might work..

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  • 2gringos2gringos Posts: 2
    We have a 2013 Sportage SL, from Korea. It came with the electric door locks, and two of the 'switchblade' button key fobs with the buttons to lock/unlock the doors. Is it possible for me to get just a normal key without any electrics? Of course we have the key code, a tag that came with the car. But there are no locksmiths or KIA dealers in the country where we live. This is a new car from a local auto rental company. They are no help.
  • wwiz1wwiz1 Posts: 1
    Just put a head gasket on it, almost have it back together however need help on routing hoses. There is a nipple at the bottom of the intake body, does the hose from the evaporator box go to this point? There are two other hoses that look to be vacuum as well, same side of engine, I think both of them go to the front of the intake housing, but alas I am not sure, any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance
    pics welcome
  • faddfadd Posts: 1
    Is anyone else having trouble with the kia sportage not starting when you push the start button? We are in the service garage for the 3rd time, they originally thought that after a year and a half, we forgot to put our foot on the break first. . ., told us it would have to get worse before they could find it. It did!! Then they reprogrammed both key fobs hoping that was the issue. Sometimes the green light will come on on the start button, other times we have to hold it to reset for 15 seconds (per service). We love the car but are becoming very frustrated because we can't trust it to always start. The dealer's service mgr. told us he has not seen this problem before. Wondered if we are the only ones. . .thanks
  • bgillsbgills Posts: 1
    edited August 2013
    I don't know how common the problem I found with my 2001 Kia Sportage 4x4 is, but it could explain the described symptoms, and does have to do with timing.
    I noticed my harmonic balancer was wobbling a bit, so I tried tightening it, no change. I decided to change it, only to discover it was wobbling due to the crankshaft gear being loose. I then pulled the gear, only to find the woodruff key, and keyway in both the gear, and shaft end were deformed, allowing the timing to shift several degrees off true. I simply could not afford to replace the crankshaft, so I used a dremmel to carefully square-up the keyway on the shaft end, got a new gear, and custom fit a new woodruff key. I then used high temp liquid metal to bond all together, and let cure for twenty-four hours. The engine now purrs like a kitten! My gas mileage, acceleration, and power have all returned to normal. At it's worst I was getting only 11 mpg in the city, but now I'm back to nearly 20 mpg in the city, and almost 28 on the highway. I'm now going on a little over two thousand miles since the repair, and so far so good.
  • I have a 2000 Kia Sportage. Sometimes when I shut it off, it won't restart right away, and sometimes it dies unexpectedly. If you let it sit for a while, it usually restarts. Seems like something must be heating up and shutting down. Changed the fuel pump and still have the problems. Any ideas? Anyone had a similar problem that they've resolved? Please help!
  • I was having the tpms light come on in our 08 Sportage and we had it checked out by a couple oif tire shops _1st shop checked all the tires and said to drive it for awhile and it should reset the sensors but it didn't so down the road for awhile and we stopped at the second shop and it ended up being that the spare tire had no air in it so the tire shop broke the tire loose from the rim and reseated the beads, aired up the tire to he correct pressure and we haven't had any problems since then with the tpms light coming on.
  • There is no internal balance shaft in a 2.0 fe3 four cylinder Kia/Mazda engine. Have you checked your universal joints on your drive shaft? if they are worn they can shake your entire sportage, and should be checked on a regular basis. The way to do that is to park the sportage on level ground so it wont roll off on you, you should probably block the front wheels from rolling. Put the transmission in neutral, then you can reach under the sportage and grasp the drive shaft, unless you are chunky. if you can't reach the drive shaft, jack up the back end and place the sportage on jack stands. when you are sure the vehicle is stable. rotate the drive shaft back and forth to check for excessive movement, there will be a little play in the rear end, so grasp the drive shaft on both sides of the universal joints and check each joint individually. While you are under the Sportage you will see a support that the shaft runs through between the transmission and rear end. To check this (The carrier bearing) get out from under the sportage, place the tranny in park (auto) 1st or reverse (MT) with the rear wheels off of the ground, block one of the wheels so it wont turn, get a friend to turn the free wheel back and forth, but not like a mad man, and if there is a problem with the carrier bearing you should see it moving around in the mount. Or you should hear a grinding noise coming from the area right behind your console when you are driving your sportage.

    It sounds like someone removed the gas tank, I don't understand why they did, you can easily access the fuel pump and fuel level float and sending unit under the rear seat. Check to see if they bent to float arm when they had the pump out, as it all comes out together.
    the problem you are having adding fuel, now this is a Nimrod moment in someones life, the hose that goes to the tank from the filler tube has a flapper in it to keep fuel from going back up the filler tube when you make a hard left hand turn or roll the sportage over. Chances are when the person reattached the filler tube hose they put it in upside down, and the flapper is just doing it's job in reverse. here is the KIA part number for the sending unit Q0K01960960E this guy has a good deal on a new one -SENDING-UNIT-/271325576019?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&fits=Year%3A20- 02|Make%3AKia|Model%3ASportage&hash=item3f2c43bb53&vxp=mtr put that link in your address bar and give it a look.

    As far as having the tube checked for blockages it wont seem blocked until something hits the flapper, and unless you sent a fiber optic probe down past the flapper you probably wouldn't know anything without removing the hose and seeing which end of the hose it was on, now that I think you might be able to squeeze the rubber fuel hose and where the flapper is the hose would be hard, but it would still be possible they guy turned it upside down when he reinstalled the tank. Check all of the small vacuum hoses for tears and cracks. I hope this helps.
  • there are to catalytic convertors on your kia sportage one bolts to the exhaust manifold and the other is right under the floor board right where you said it was getting hot, here is a place to look at the catalytic convertors on you sportage. 00.html
    Eastern Catalytic Converter, Eastern ECO II, Front, 49-state Legal - No CA Shipments
    Eastern Catalytic Converter Eastern Catalytic Converter
    More Images
    $195.06 List Price $230.17 Save $35.11 Availability: In Stock

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    SKU#: EAST40423
    Product Fit: Direct fit
    Quantity Sold: Sold individually
    Tube Material: Aluminized steel
    Anticipated Ship Out Time: 1-2 business days
    Catalyst Substrate Material: Ceramic honeycomb

    see more Fits the following 2000 Kia Sportage submodels:

    4 Cyl 2.0L | Base, EX

    I do not work for AutoParts Warehouse but this seems to be the best place to buy these items, If it is getting hot under your floor board then chances are the following convertor is bad

    Eastern Catalytic Converter, Eastern Standard, Rear, 49-state Legal - No CA Shipments
    Eastern Catalytic Converter Eastern Catalytic Converter
    More Images
    $184.70 List Price $217.95 Save $33.25 Availability: In Stock

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    SKU#: EAST40254
    Product Fit: Direct fit
    Quantity Sold: Assembly
    Tube Material: Aluminized steel
    Anticipated Ship Out Time: 1-2 business days
    Catalyst Substrate Material: Ceramic honeycomb

    see more Fits the following 2000 Kia Sportage submodels:

    4 Cyl 2.0L | Base, EX

    Find out from your mechanic which one he replaced and try replacing the other, if you are still having the problem with your drivers side floor board getting hot.
  • they were talking about the electric fan mounted between your front grill and the condensing coil located in front of your radiator, if that fan isn't working your car will over heat when the A/C is on, this fan doesn't operate when the A/C is off, and has nothing to do with cooling the engine radiator when the A/C is off. The fan mounted behind the radiator is belt driven, and has a heat sensitive clutch, it is made to slip when the engine is revving at high RPM because when you are going down the road enough air is being forced through the radiator to cool down the coolant. Sometimes when the engine is cold it will look like the radiator fan isn't keeping up with the engine, but as the engine warms up the fan speeds up like it is designed to do. This feature saves fuel because when you don't need it it doesn't pull on the engine.

    Back to your problem, stand in front of your Sportage and have someone turn on your A/C you will know the instant they turn the fan on because the electric fan motor will engage, if you look through the grill on the passenger side you will see the fan spinning, if this fan isn't working the compressed refrigerant in it's superheated state will add heat to your radiator because this is where it goes to exchange the heat from the inside of your car to the outside, the electric fan blowing through the condensing dissipates the heat of the compressed refrigerant then it goes into a high pressure line into the car and is forced through an expansion valve that sprays the gas onto a evaporator coil, as the gas evaporates and leaves the evaporator coil it returns to the compressor in the suction line, and goes through the cycle until you turn off the A/C. I hope this clears up some of your questions.
    If the fan isn't working get a meter and make sure you are getting current, the fan should work when you turn the key to the on position and and press the A/C button to it's on position. After you check for voltage, if there is voltage replace the fan, they are not that expensive and removing the grill is harder than replacing the fan. First there is a screw with a #2 phillips screwdriver remove this screw located halfway down the grill on the drivers side of the center vertical rail. There are four clips in each of the corners of the grill, There is a tab you push down on the clips to remove the grill, don't jerk on anything just keep a slight steady outward pull as you press the tab and the grill should come off easily. Then you unplug the fan and get a ratchet with a 10mm socket unbolt the fan it has three bolts.

    If you have no current to the fan then check for a bad relay, but if the compressor clutch is engaging it's probably not the relay, and if it was a bare wire the fuse would probably be blown so check and clean connections. Pick a nice Saturday and make a morning project out of this, it is a good one to sharpen your skills and help you towards mastering the more complicated mechanical problems that hopefully you wont have to face. To me most of the pleasure of having a car is getting to fix them.
  • Okay I have a 2001 kia sportage we replaced the spark plugs and wires and took it on a test drive it is still shaking real bad when accelerating. But not when in park or neutral.  Could it possibly be the vehicle speed sensor?  It just feel like it doesn't have any power.please help.thanks

  • Hi. I need someone who might know what could be my problem with my Kia. I have a 2007 Kia Sportage with over 200,00o miles and have had no problems. But recently I go out to start it and it doesn't start. I have a new battery and my dash stays on and doesn't dim. But it makes no noise when the switch is turn. After turning the switch several times it starts. I took it to a garage and they said everything checks good. They said it might be the starter which will cost over $300 to install but might be don't cut it. After it starts I can cut it off and it starts right back up. I tried it 2 hours later it starts up. I come out the next morning and sometimes it doesn't start. The other day 4 hours after sitting it didn't start but did after several tries. There is no clicking it just doesn't make any noise. So any ideas. I don't want to replace one thing only to find it was something cheaper. I need to know what it is not what could be. I work as and electrician. If I came to your house to fix a problem with no power on half of your house. I can replace a bunch of stuff and charge you several hundreds of dollars . But I can find out what the problem is and fix it only costing you a few dollars. I can do the same but I don't. So what could the problem be. My starter? Or is is a solenoid? Any help will be appreciated.
  • mclaurymclaury Posts: 1
    I am having the same problem with mine as well, except Ihave fewer miles.
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