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Hyundai Santa Fe Test Drives



  • I am planning to but a SUV this Spring. I have sat in a lot of SUV's over the last 4 months and went to the Detroit Auto Show and sat in a bunch more. The one thing I notice about midsize SUV's are the front arm rests. I am 6'2 and 220lbs, the driver armrest in the SF is shared with the passenger. I have found this to be the most comfortable. Other cars like the VUE, highlander,CRV and others have their own armrest for driver and pasenger. I find my arm dangles over the armrest and is not comfortable. After all SUV's I've drove, I am liking the SF.
  • When I test drove the AWD 07 Sante fe w/2.7 engine, I was not that taken. Perhaps it was that car, the tranny, or my mindset. A few days later I drove the 3.3 SE model and bought it. It was much quieter and more comfortable than the other brands I had driven, felt solid and generally had more bang for the buck IMHO.....Just took me a while to get used to the fact that I was buying a Hyundai...old reps die hard....

    Mind you, I did not need the extra power of the 3.3 but from what I had read, it was a better engine with better technology and MPG....the SE had the towing pkg and perhaps a different suspension??? Anyway it felt better to me.

    Normally I try to stay away from the "option pkgs" but I just did not want the 2.7...thus entered the SE model
  • g8trgrlg8trgrl Posts: 9
    I test drove the SF FWD GLS today - and the CRV EX model. No comparison. The SF had lots of plusses....incredibly quiet (as compared to the CRV), much better pickup, and absolutely no comparison in the engine. Now I'm torn reading all your posts about the SE - and having seen someone else's post in this area about picking up an LTD for $24K (which is the sticker price with the option package I saw today).

    I found a dealer in the suburbs who seems to have a ton in inventory - I think heading away from the city (Chicago) will net me a better deal...if I can get the SE, from the sounds of it, for what I was planning to pay, I think I'll go for it.

    Other loves: big back window, nice seats and comfortable viewing angles...can reach the stereo and feel like the leg length works (I'm 5'8") and really dug the cargo area in the back (no third row for me).

    Any thoughts on what I should expect to pay for an SE right about now???

    Thanks- :confuse:
  • It depends on which option packages you want. I saw a number of posts in which people got Santa Fes for over $5,000 off MSRP. I was able to get a 2007 Ltd with the touring package and floor mats for $22,800, plus tax, title and license.
    By the way, we considered the CRV too, but we wanted the additional room of the Santa Fe. So far, so good.
  • bperotsbperots Posts: 8
    This past Saturday I test drove the GLS and SE. The GLS' engine seemed to be missing something with pickup and power, but that was put aside when I got behind the wheel of the SE. It felt GREAT.

    I am going with a Slate Blue SE w/ premium, if dealer can find one. Good luck.
  • rwm2rwm2 Posts: 11
    The poster of #21 mentions "all wheels providing power". As I understand Hyundai's AWD system, it is actually only a 2WD system during normal traction situations. The rear wheels are driven only after the system detects loss of traction by the front wheels, or if you push the lock button and your are doing less than 25mhp. This seems to be a common system used on many cars, but not my audi, which actually does provide power to all four wheels all the time. It is useful to remember that as you are driving down the (dry) road in your AWD Santa Fe, only the front wheels get power. I would be happy to be corrected if my understanding is incorrect.
  • pelican19pelican19 Posts: 323
    You are correct. Thats why many people choose this type of system. Under normal driving conditions you dont need the traction. Its my understanding FULL time awd uses more gas.
  • rwm2rwm2 Posts: 11
    I think I prefer power to all wheels all the time. That way, the fronts are less likely to lose traction in the first place because power is going to four patches of tire rubber instead of two. The 'part-time AWD' approach attempts to recover gracefully upon traction loss, whereas the 'full-time AWD' helps prevent traction loss. In practice this may be a fine distinction, but sometimes fine distinctions make the difference between losing control and not losing control. Audi will argue that their design does not use more gas. Anyway, people seeking high MPG will probably not be looking at the Santa Fe. I am considering the Santa Fe, but am having trouble justifying the extra bucks for the part-time AWD system.
  • pelican19pelican19 Posts: 323
    Santa Fe? Why the step down? Why are you not considering the Q7?
  • rwm2rwm2 Posts: 11
    Audi's are great cars, and I've owned them since 1981, but the Santa Fe will be our third vehicle. Variety is the spice of life!
  • edmac1edmac1 Posts: 36
    The Q7 must be a damn good car since it costs about twice as much as a Santa Fe.

    If the latest Consumer Reports Annual Auto Issue is any guide, Hyundai is making great strides in its efforts to produce top-quality vehicles. In the Reliability section (the one with all the little black and red circles, dots, etc.) the 2006 Santa Fe is rated "much better than average" in every category.
  • Can someone please tell me who is the manufacturer of the XM radio components in the '07 SantaFE?
  • mpuzachmpuzach Posts: 635
    Interesting question that AFAIK hasn't been asked here before. I'm sorry I can't help with an answer; out of curiosity, why do you ask?
  • Delphi supplies the Santa Fe's audio system, including the XM receiver.
  • mpuzachmpuzach Posts: 635
    You are an amazing source of great information, Oscar! :)
  • It helps to have friends in high places! :D
  • I would SUGGEST

    then add the oem plug and play from the dealer (about $86)

    I got my drawtight hitch and it was a perfect fit. I bought the plug and play from the dealer (stealership) to avoid any possible warranty issue + it was easy and I am lazy! :) .

    Easy installation...I just used a small jack to position the hitch and tightened in the 4 bolts...done in about 15 minutes. Then added the plug in harness in another 15 minutes...voila...nice and neat. About $210 spent.

    30 minutes was my total and a lot of that time was hitch positioning (heavy) and routing the harness neatly in the under carriage. You should find the oem plug connectors on the driver side under the rear tire fender well...funky looking connectors on 2 wire looms. (capped to protected the wiring.....)

    There is a large thread if you search these forums on these hitches!

  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    Article comments for Full Test: 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe Limited - Focus on those real-world chores and it's easy to see the new 2007 Santa Fe as an all-star. By making the Santa Fe wider, longer and more powerful than before, Hyundai has created a suburban multitasker that does almost everything so well it blends into the background of everyday life — and we don't mean that in a bad way. (more)

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