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Hyundai Santa Fe New Owners



  • doggrandmadoggrandma IowaPosts: 144
    Thanks again. I may get this rear view camera for my son and his family. They have an SUV and small kids, so I worry about the possibility of what has become an all too frequent tragedy - little kids being hurt or killed when someone backs out of a driveway not knowing a child is behind the vehicle.

    Our Lab might not mind the crate, but for some reason our GSP hates them!
  • You're quite welcome. If you get the camera (or any backup camera) for your son and his family, remember that it's a wide-angle view camera. Therefore, remind them in the strongest possible terms that objects that appear on the screen are MUCH closer than you would think. As you are backing up, anything that appears on the screen must be evaluated for closeness. It's a question of getting used to it -- as it's the same issue with the side-view mirrors -- you see the same little warning on them.

    One of our huge fears is backing into a small child in a parking lot -- too many parents tend to let their kids wander in a parking lot -- like it's a playground! -- or they're distracted with putting packages in their car and don't pay attention to the child. A parking lot is an extremely dangerous place for children -- so many of today's SUVs simply don't have a decent view out the back -- that's one of the main reasons we bought the camera -- it shows images right down to the pavement. Ours is mounted just above the license plate.

    Good luck!

  • I'm so aggravated. We bought two brand new 09 Santa Fe's this year. One is 2 months old and today the check warning light went on. I hope this isn't a sign of bad things to come.
  • UPDATE: I brought it into our local dealership on Friday with 2660 miles on it. Turned out to be a faulty 02 sensor. It was replaced quickly and hassle free, all under warranty. From the above posts it sounds like there was a bad batch from the factory.
  • brink56brink56 Posts: 2
    I bought an '09 Santa Fe Limited in January, and I'm not entirely pleased with the Infinity system ((605-watt Infinity Logic 7 Surround Sound, In-dash 6-disc CD/MP3 Changer, 11-channel External Amp, IPod/USB, 10 Speakers). I like the interface and the steering wheel controls, the tuner, CD changer & XM receiver work fine, but the sound is just average, in my opinion. I'm thinking needs more low-end punch. I don't want to add an external enclosure, but would replace the sub-woofer that's there if it would help.

    My 2000 Accord has a 10-year old Clarion RDX665Dz head unit and 4 Polk EX693A speakers, and it sounds great, better than what's in the Santa Fe, I think. I want to improve it, but not sure how to go about it. Will a better sub-woofer make a difference? Should I replace the other speakers too? Is the head unit a limiting factor? I don't want to rip out and replace everything, but I'm OK with spending a few hundred bucks to improve the output. Any suggestions would be welcome.

    Denvertrakker, I hope you see this and have some ideas, I've read some of your posts, and you seem to know your way around the Santa Fe and car audio.

  • Brink, I have no direct experience with the Infinity system, but you're the first person I've seen complain about the overall sound - everybody else has that annoying whine (which I presume you DON'T have). My feeling on OEM systems is that the weak link is always the speakers, not the head unit or the amp. If you really want more low end, my suggestion would be to add a bigger sub in an external box. I realize that's not what you wanted to hear, but your low end is limited (no pun intended) by the existing sub in the side panel. It's probably only a 6" - maybe an 8 - and it likely has no enclosure for it to work against. My call would be a 10" in a slot-load box. Stick with better brand names - I've had good experience with Memphis and Street Edge among lower-priced names, but there are a zillion decent ones out there.
  • brink56brink56 Posts: 2
    Thanks for the suggestions Denver. I haven't heard the whine, fortunately. I should clarify what I said about low end punch: I guess there's enough power, but the bass is muddy and boomy. I want to feel it through the seat when it's cranked, but it should be crisp and clear. Although my experience is limited, I agree with your comment about OEM speakers. That's the first thing I'm going to look into. The Infinity package says it has 10 speakers, but I can't find the sizes of them in the manual or on the Hyundai website. I'll contact the dealer for more info. Any recommendations for installers in the St Louis area? The big chains (Best Buy, etc.) seem to have much of the market here.

    Thanks very much for the input.
  • First of all, I would not recommend you go to BB or anybody similar. You need a dedicated car sound facility, with installers who are certified by MECP (Mobile Electronics Certification Program). They have the knowledge and training to do it properly (and to make the correct recommendation. Don't bother asking the dealer, they probably won't have a clue.

    Regarding your comment about wanting the bass to be "crisp and clear", let me change my recommendation for a box. A slot load box (otherwise known as "band pass") will give you MORE bass; a SEALED box will give you MORE ACCURATE bass - which is what it sounds like you're going for.

    Given the fact that the Infinity is already an "upgrade", you really need the advice of a knowledgeable car stereo shop. You don't necessarily have to buy from them, but talk to them and see what they have to say. It may be that all you need is a sub+box, and not change-out the door speakers, if all you need is better bass.
  • tdysontdyson Posts: 5
    I just bought the Santa Fe SE FWD in Venetian Red. I was very skeptical about Hyundais (given their past performance) and never thought I'd buy one. After researching SUVs (this is my first one), I decided to give the SF a test drive --and ended up buying it that day. I thought for sure that I'd buy a Toyota RAV-4, but the SF impressed me, especially since the price of a brand-new SF SE was similar to that of a 2008 RAV-4 V6 but had a much better ride, more power, more cargo room and good fit & finish. So far, I'm pleased and I hope I will continue to be well into the future. All I can about Hyundai is "who knew?" Kudos to Hyundai for making such a huge turn-around in quality.
  • I bought a new (2010 ) Santa Fe limited AWD November 9 (3.5L). I have 3000 km on it so far, and the fuel consumption is horrible. Most of my driving has been highway, and the best I have had from a tank is 9.8L/100km, but average has been around 11.7. This is a long long way from the estimates. Anyone have any input?

  • i bought an 08 santafe in december 07 and altho the consumption was once down to around 8 l/100km, it has come back soon after to about 11.5 and stayed the same for over 2 years now. i don't. know how they get the low consumption figures.
  • dz302dz302 Posts: 26
    We bought our '07 Santa Fe in Aug. of '06. It has the 3.3 l V6. When we first purchased it, we noticed that the fuel mileage was not impressive at all. However, after around 5K kms, It started to get much better. We usually get between 475 and 500 kms per tank, and it usually takes around 60-65 l to fill. This equates to about 7.7 l / 100 kms. (If I'm doing this right. I still like MPG myself. About 22 MPimperial gallon). This is all city driving too, so I don't think that's too bad. I know we get better than 30 MPG on the highway. Checked it during our summer vacation. We now have a little over 74K kms. on it, and the fuel consumption has pretty much stayed the same over the last 4 years. Give your Santee a few more thousand K's to break in further, and I'm sure you'll notice a difference. Of course the way you drive directly effects milage as well. If you drive like John Force during the final round at Pomana, your mileage will suck.
  • somedai1somedai1 Posts: 416
    i'm not really happy with the fuel economy - I have the '07 Limited AWD - the best i see is on a long hwy trip 24mpg but in general it usually gets 17mpg... hoping to get more when I do the tune up - most likely will not use what came from the factory!
  • chalpinchalpin Posts: 1
    Hi all,

    I've been reading through the message board today and am confused about a few things people have brought up. Also, I sometimes see conflicting answers to some of my below questions. I appreciate all the help and answers I can get!

    We've bought a new Santa Fe 2011 SE without Nav and will be picking it up this Friday. We're really looking forward to it!

    1. Has anyone had trouble with the 7500 mile/6 month oil change not being frequent enough?

    2. I see some people say Hyundai requires annual brake dismantling and cleaning. I don't see this on the Santa Fe's maintenance schedule. Is this really on the maintenance list?

    3. I've seen some people have trouble with the iPhone 4 and the bluetooth connection. Are there any known problems everyone is having?

    4. What kind of values are you guys getting for their "guaranteed trade in value"? I think this is a new program. We forgot to ask about it but will do so when we pick up the car.

    5. We signed on the car on the promise that the dealer would throw in a cargo cover/screen. I didn't even imagine Hyundai may not make one since I see the grooves it would fit into, however research now tells me otherwise. I hear Hyundai Canada produces and sells them I see there's conflicting information on whether they fit properly. This may actually be a deal-breaker for us. If there's no option to cover cargo nicely, we may want to back out of the whole deal - what do you guys think?

    6. What dealer settings are available? For example, I understand there's an option to have the doors automatically unlock when the car is put in park, the key is turned to the off position, or never. (I'm leaning towards the key=off setting). Are there any other settings you can recommend?

    7. Is there any way to test to make sure the vehicle (SE, no Nav) has the most recent software (bluetooth and otherwise)?

    Thanks all!
  • I have the cargo screen on my '08, which of course is essentially the same as your vehicle. It works well, although it's not the most elegant solution. The problem is caused by the way it attaches to the second row seats, which fold - so that part has to be detachable. I don't really see any other way they could have done it with that design, but it is a bit rinky-dink. I'm satisfied with it though.
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