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Dodge Ram Cummins Diesel Questions



  • jond09jond09 Posts: 17
    How high is your boost getting? On a factory cummins motor you should keep your boost from going over 45psi. Anything above this you will need head studs to prevent a blown head gasket or other problems. It is not designed to handle higher boost from the factory. This is why I would not get a boost fooler. Your truck should have some kind of factory waste gate to prevent over boost. The computer controls on the truck should not allow your boost to get over a certain level. And since It still does it when your programmer is off I would think something in that area may be having a problem. I have an 06 and my boost will not go over 41psi stock or programmed.
  • rhino379rhino379 Posts: 5
    I do not have a boost gauge on my truck to tell me how high its getting. I was also informed to check my MAP this tied into my wastgate opening? How would I check this?
  • rhino379rhino379 Posts: 5
    I have an O7 that does the same thing (with the lights dimming). The Diesel mechanic at my dealer said to me that it is perfectly normal.
  • driver side blows cold but passenger side blows warm sometimes and cool at other times
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    You want the Dodge Ram Climate Control discussion. Lots of info on this very issue. (This discussion is for Cummins engine-related problems.)

    kcram - Pickups/Wagons Host
  • My 2001 Cummins 2500 Ram will not start. I am not getting fuel to the fuel filter cannister and I have already replaced the lift pump. Is there any thing besides a clogged fuel line or stopped up pickup that would cause this. I think pump should run for 2 seconds when I turn the ignition switch on. Any input would be appreciated before pull the bed off to access the fuel tank.
  • jredmanjredman Posts: 1
    I have a 99 dodge ram 2500 5.9 cummins. The trasmisson is leaking when I put in gear. It even blew out the pan gasket once. I think it is producing to much pressure and I would like to know how to fix it.
  • condor74condor74 Posts: 7
    :cry: I am a Dodge truck technician and I have seen that problem multiple times. The answer is not what you are going to want to hear.

    If you have it set back to stock, and it is still throwing the overboost code, the most likely culprit is your turbocharger wastegate. At the dealer the wastegate comes with the turbo. So probably you will be installing a new turbo to get rid of that code.
  • rhino379rhino379 Posts: 5
    If it is set to stock, would my Cummins warranty cover it? I have 65k on it. If i put a boost fooler and monitor my boost pressure will it affect the turbo/ motor? How can I check my wastegate?
  • rhino379rhino379 Posts: 5
    If the truck is under warranty take it back....check your u-joints make sure they arent broken or cracked
  • condor74condor74 Posts: 7
    If you put your truck back to stock, remove all evidence that the bully dog was ever there, you should be able to get covered under warranty. We are pretty good at finding evidence of stuff so make sure there is no stickers that say bully dog, no velcro left over on the fuse box under the hood if you had a piggy back style controller, stuff like that.

    The technicians at the dealer get paid very little to make the repairs under warranty. If they find a way to make it go customer pay they get paid 2 times as much or more. Replacing a turbo under warranty is the worst. It only pays about 2 hours and it takes 4 or 5 hours to do if you are fast.

    If you have taken it to your local dealer and they have seen your Bully dog performance system then take it to another dealer that hasnt seen it.

    Good Luck.
  • My 2002 dodge diesel will shutdown while at highway speed, as I pull to the side of the road and slow to about 25mph it restarts. Then the check engine light comes on. The trouble codes are low voltage, fuel delivery and two others i can not remember. I have 296000 miles on the truck and otherwise it still runs great. The truck has done this 3x's in two weeks. I drive 200mi/day to and from work. Any thoughts or experiences with this?
  • condor74condor74 Posts: 7
    I have seen this complaint come through my shop and there is not much you can do about it. The vibrations that I have come across are all caused by driveshaft angle. The trucks were designed to be loaded. When the truck is unloaded the angle is off. If you adjust the pinion angle to the correct angle when unloaded the angle will be off when loaded.

    The best advise I could give you is something that probably wont be covered under any warranty. You could have the pinion angle adjusted so it is correct when the truck is unloaded. Then you could have some air bags installed on the rear suspension so you can lift the back of the truck back to the unloaded level when it is loaded. Airbags are nice caus you can tune the air pressure to the amount of load you have.

    It is amazing to me working at a shop , the amount of problems that could be fixed by explaining stuff to the customer with out ever raising a wrench on the truck. Unfortunately the mechanic who is working on your truck is not who you generally talk to. You generally talk to the service adviser, who in most cases doesnt know anything about cars and trucks. Half the time we dont get the whole storry or correct complaint that the customer made on the work order.
  • acatchotacatchot Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 Dodge with cummins. It has 130K miles. Last couple of days when I start off especially on a hill it feels real sluggish it will eventually go but I would compare it to taking off in third gear in a stick shift. Once get just a little speed everything is fine. No sputtering all else great. Any ideas are much appreciated.
  • wcalvinwcalvin Posts: 1
    when sitting in hot weather will start alright then stall. while driving long distances i must keep foot on gas and brake as soon as i release foot from gas will stall .it starts alright ,but when cold no issues
  • turbodudeturbodude Posts: 8
    Common Problem, degrease entire area (prepare not to drive trck of at least 15 hours) Get some brake clean and RTV Silicone sealant. Take only three bolts out at a time. Clean bolts and threads with cleaner. When dry put RTV on bolt threads and flange. Tighten to factory specs. Let dry overnight. Oil escapes past the treads on the oil pan bolts.
  • harryw32harryw32 Posts: 4
    My friend let his truck roll into a boat ramp with the engine running. He has cleaned out the water and changed the oil and filter. He can pull the truck and the engine will crank and run at idle. If you try to increase rpm it dies.It has fuel to the injection pump but very little to injectors. Any suggestions.
  • I have a 2000 2500 cummins with the exact same problem, what was the solution?
  • tpeschkatpeschka Posts: 1
    Hi, i'm responding on behalf of my dad--he's been driving a diesel for 19 years.

    Be sure to check fuel emergency shutdown solenoids and sensors. he thinks that after a while they can go bad on you. he had trouble like that with his truck after he got into an accident, like the damage messed with those components especially.
  • fred92fred92 Posts: 2
    2004 Dodge 3500 My bulldog is causing my truck to blow steady black smoke in the towhall mode.Has anyone else had this happin thanks Fred92
  • pete93pete93 Posts: 1
    I own an 07' 2500 w/the 5.9L & 6 speed manual trans, 88k miles...bought it new-love the truck. This just started the last two weeks, that when the jake brake is on, it cuts in and out by itself. It seems to be worse in 6th. Dealer says its a failing vacuum pump--not covered by cummins warrantee, they want $1100 to replace it. Does this sound right? This is my first cummins, when the jake brake is on it sounds like there is an air leak...always has, is that normal?
  • I have a 95' ram 2500 with the 5.9L cummins. The truck runs great but seems to be sluggish and shifts at about 1800 rpm. The truck will only go about 65mph top speed. Now i have it geared low with the 4.10 but any ideas why its so slow, also feels it real bad when i tow something with it. Great truck, about 150,000 miles. Any ideas?
  • arvmanarvman Posts: 95
    Hello all.Long time member on the jeep forum.Traded in 05 liberty diesel for 06 ram 2500 quad cab 2whl the truck for pulling my travel trailer(7000 lbs).Most's like the cummins and what I hear is the engine is good.I learned a lot from the little diesel,great machinedidn't want to give it up but got a smokin deal on trade.I hear the tranny is the weak link on these trucks.Can anyone elaborate on any issues and fixes reference this.I'm not hauling long distance yet but will probably put a lot of time and money into tranny before I do.So far the truck is great,lookin forward to some fun and future mods...
  • I resently had the injectors changed on my 2006 dodge cummins 2500 at 54,000 miles by the dealership, while in the shop they also did a program update. The problem is before I took it in my trip odometer never showed below 17mpg intown and hwy was 21-25mpg. The day after I got it back my trip odometer dropped to 14-16 hwy and 12-13 intown. I took it back to the dealership after I put 2000 miles on it and told them what was happening I initially thought it was the wrong injectors or they fowled my computer up, but the dealership insists there is nothing wrong that I do need a valve adjustment the vehicle now has 59,000 miles and still getting at best 16mpg hwy. What has happened to the truck I used to own? Did the dealership do something wrong?
  • Has anyone had a problem with a turn signal failure for the trailer hook up? I lost my left turn signal for the trailer. The wire from the fuse box to the plug on the rear bumper is fine. The problem is someplace in the fuse box. According to the wiring diagram there are relay's for each side (one for left signal and one for the right) in the fuse box. Also there is a silver box appx 4" X 6" and about 2" thick on the end of the fuse box that the turn signal runs through. I can't figure it out and was hoping someone out there has dealt with this before. Any help would be appreciated.
  • I have an 07 with the 6.7l 6 speed manual and I had the same failure at 34,000 miles. I did have to replace a vacuum pump but mine was covered by warranty. You should not hear an air leak only a little turbo whistle when the brake is on. Dealer told me it is also a good idea to drive with the exhaust brake on all the time, not just while towing.
    I love the truck but after a new vacuum pump, turbo, egr, and multiple flash updates I am getting a little tired of seeing my dealer.
  • I have a 99 3500 it has 133112 miles i have a welding machine on it,it seems to struggle on take off and to maintain highway speed on inclines. Any ideas?
  • Hi, I have a 04.5 4x4 5.9L 6 speed manual 3500 all stock. I had got it new and it now has 43,000ml. In the last 3 yr I haven't dove it a lot, I mainly drive it on long trips and a round town. My question is what is the normal running temp suppose to be? It looks like its running a bit hot lately, at 65 and 70 it use to run at 195, now its at 200 on flat roads not pulling anything and nothing in the bed. when I climb hills it would go up to 200 now it go's to 203. could there be something happening to make it run hotter now? less power and making the turbo run more? The only thing been done to it is change the oil every 3,000ml and have change the air filter with stock and fuel filter 5 month ago. sometimes I don't drive it for like 3 or 4 weeks. Could it be a injector? I think I do feel a little vibration but was thinking it normal. All this just started 4 month ago.

    Thanks for any help.
  • oly2oly2 Posts: 10
    I don't know what is causing your problem but my 96 automatic runs at 180 to 185
    even at above 100 degree weather. Have you checked your coollant or had it flushed. Also check your hoses maybe you have one that is collapsing.
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