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Dodge Ram Gasoline Engine Questions



  • Doing 70mph took foot off gas to coast into toll booth, herd a pop of some type and engin died. Made it to booth but wouldn't restart. Pushed to road side and tried to restart and wouldn't BUT 3 out of 5 times when i'd stop cranking the engin would turn backwards a revolution and blow out the throtlebody??? Have never seen this. Good spark, gas, cranks good, new battery, fresh oil...could the timing chain have gone that quietly?? Help would be greatly appreciated..thanks
  • 03 Dodge 2WD 4.7 L. Check engine light is on, checked codes, Shows misfire any ideas. Thanks
  • ccb2ccb2 Posts: 1
    hi i have a 2002 ram 2500 5.9 gas,has 95000 and never any major issues BUT i have had a spark knock even on high test fuel,and fresh tune up?and when you r driving with a c on the heater door swaps to hot. what would cause that??when driving at 55-60 with heater off and selector to cold, heat will start coming out the vents, then stop and start again.last issue when started cold sometimes the engine will rev up on its own and like an older carb fed truck if you snap the gas real quick it comes out of it.please help....
  • I had a problem with my Dodge Ram 1500 5.2 liter, automatic misfiring on cool, wet mornings. There was no check engine light. I changed the plugs, wires, distributor cap, rotor and coil to no avail. I took it to a shop, left it for a week since this problem was most evident in the morning. I live in Houston so it wasn't especially cold when this happened. They couldn't identify the cause. Eventually, based on something the mechanic said and just on a hunch I tried heating the ECM with a hair dryer on a cold morning after starting the engine to confirm that it was still misfiring and shutting it down. After about 25 minutes of heating it I started the engine and it ran smoothly. In the warm afternoon when the engine was running fine, I removed the ECM and put it my freezer for about 30 minutes in a ziplock bag. When I reinstalled it and started the engine it misfired, confirming my diagnosis. The shop replaced the ECM and it's been running fine since. This is an odd problem that I haven't seen discussed on any forums so I thought I'd post this to help anyone else wrestling with similar symptoms.
  • I have a dodge ram 1999 1500 v8 5.2 and changed the o2 sensor. it ran for about 3 days then started to have issues with the RPM's. I was driving along and suddenly IF I gave it gas it would not go any faster. I could not increase the RPM's but it would keep running If I gave it gas it would keep running nut only raise the speed slowly.. now I have to give it gas to start and it holds at about 6000 RPM. I cannot move the truck the engine dies. I can give it gas but it hesitances I do not get a back fire but the truck will not go faster than 30 MPH or 2000 RPM I hooked a tester to the computer and do see any error codes. before this I did have a error code p 0304 which is why I changed the o2 sensor. the truck has 60000 miles and has really not had any problems. any ideas?
  • Have a 5.9 gas with about 90,000 miles. Shutdown while driving and now just cranks. My mechanic (old guy) checked and replaced distributor as it was corroded. Replaced crank and cam sensors, coil, wires etc. Says he has done all he can and thinks maybe it's the computer, which he can't check. If he hooks up his ignition box to it it'll start right up, but won't even try to start with the truck ignition.
    A recon ecu is about $150 with lifetime warranty. I think I'll just buy it rather than spend another $90 to have it diagnosed by dealer.
    Are there any other possibilities?
  • hey, had a very similar problam, I replaced everything you did and no go, then replaced the coil and it solved it...just about another $20 was worth it...good luck!!
  • Thanks for the suggestion, but have already replaced the coil.
    Any other thoughts?
  • 80mod80mod Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 ram 4.7ltr at around 116k miles. I recently replaced the radiator & thermostat. About two months later my expansion tank is leaking under the cap where the neck branches off the tank, not the cap itself. Is the tank just old and needing to be replaced or does this sound like the root of another problem?
  • I am thinking about purchasing a 2001 dodge ram 4x4 , 5.9 eng. fuel inj, auto and want to know what the mpg is
  • minardiminardi Posts: 30
    Have an '07 RAM w/5.7 HEMI. About a year ago I switched from conventional oil to synthetic. Tried Mobil 1 and then switched to Castrol Syntec(5W30). I had stupidly hoped to see a slight improvement in gas mileage(never happened). Problem is that I occasionally have to add oil between oil changes. I'm running the synthetic about 7500 miles between changes and have had to add as much as 2 qts. during that time. Is this normal? I thought I saw an earlier post that mentioned that it wasn't unusual to have to add oil when using full synthetic. At 7 bucks a qt it isn't something I'm too happy doing. Thinking about changing back to non -synthetic, since there hasn't been any real benefit to the synthetic oil.
  • stanoskistanoski Posts: 76
    I may be wrong but I believe you need to be using 5/20w in your HEMI the same as my 07 HEMI. 5/30W will work but its not what the manual calls for. 7,500 miles is also too long between changes (in my opinion) and I change mine every 5,000 miles. Been doing this for 20+ years and never had an engine related failure on any of my vehicles. I use either synthetic blend or full synthetic and perfrer Kendall to other oils. Just my 2c worth.

    Ski in TX
  • minardiminardi Posts: 30
    My mistake, I've been using 5W20(not 5W30). I used to change the non-syn oil every 3000. Full syn says you can go 10K but I'd never do it. I figured 7500 would be a good number since I'm mostly on the highway with the truck, and because I usually have to add a qt. between changes. Wish the mileage was better though.
  • mark253mark253 Posts: 1
    I am having a similar problem with my 97 5.9. It just would not start one day and I dont have any spark. Tryed the coil, geting power to the coil, geting power to the distributer. Was looking in the book and it was saying to test the power coming out of the camshaft pickup. Tested it and was getting no volts. called thr parts store and they have it listed as just a ignition pickup. I was a little confused by the books discription and what the parts store was telling me, but I bought one 30.00 and the truck fired right up and ran for a few minutes and died no spark. So I took it back out and took it to the parts store and the did not have another one. Went across the the street to the other parts store and bought one of a diffrent brand. Took it home put it in and it fired right up. It ran for a few minutes and I took down the road it was fine and then it died. Would not start for a few and then it fired and then it died. did this for a couple of times and now wont start. So the pickup is for sure the problem but there might be another underluying problem. If anyone has any idea I could use the input Thanks
  • '98 model,.5.2 liter gas engine. new plugs (stock original type),cap and rotor. Wires 2 yrs old (dealer replaced along with a $300 tune-up) Still misfires throughout speed range unless I stomp on it. Then it runs fine. At idle, in gear, the engine seems to gradually lose power and RPM's until they fall below 400, then the engine surges up to 1,000 RPM's or so, and the sequence starts all over. Check engine light is on and displays codes for misfire on #3 cylinder, low voltage on O2 sensor, and random misfire.What should I be looking at??? I need help!!!!
  • vklinevkline Posts: 1
    new to the show so hey guys i have a 96 ram 1500 p/u 5.9 truck starts and revs ok but the more it runs the more power it looses to the point that you can barely touch the gas pedal have done tune up and coil and fuel pump is running like i said cold start runs good for a while longer it runs no power any help would be appreciated
  • minardiminardi Posts: 30
    Have an "07 RAM1500/HEMI 4x4. Mileage seems to have gotten worse over the last few months. Was getting 15-16 hwy on a good day if I kept it around 70-73 mph. Down to 12-13 on average now. Read somewhere that the oxygen sensor should be replaced regularly and can cause mileage problems if too old. Truck has approx. 70K miles. Any suggestions appreciated.
  • stanoskistanoski Posts: 76
    Have you done a spark plug replacement yet? 16 total in the HEMI.

    I have and 07 too and only get 15 mpg (on a good day 1/2 highway - 1/2 city driving like Betty White with the AC off) since new. Dont feel too bad at 15/16 but 12/13 is really BAD! Let me know what you find out bro.

    Ski in TX
  • minardiminardi Posts: 30
    Last year installed K&N air filter setup hoping to pickup 1 or 2 mpg. Sounds better when I stomp it but didn't notice any improvement in mpg. I'm on the hwy about 75% of the time too. Should probably try the Betty White thing for a while and lay off the 75-80 mph driving. Will check the condition of the plugs too.
  • minardiminardi Posts: 30
    Haven't replaced the plugs yet but plan to do so soon(have 70K miles now). Doesn't look like an easy job to get at some of them. If I get through it I'll let you know if there is any improvement.
  • stanoskistanoski Posts: 76
    Changing plugs (16) in a HEMI is not an easy thing to do so unless your an experienced mechanic, you'd better leave that up to the pros. $300 to $400 from the bids I got due to the labor intensive nature of the replacements.

    Ski in TX
  • dbahuladbahula Posts: 1
    I had the same issues with my '98 Ram, 5.9L. The garage had the intake off and replaced the gaskets 3 times, after the 3rd time they claimed the intake manifold was warped and wanted to sent it to the machine shop for planing. Took it a different dealer, turned out the plenum pan on the bottom of the intake was cracked, thus pulling more air causing severe spark knock. The mechanic replaced th cracked plenum pan and I drove the truck for another 300,000km without any trouble. The vents doors on the heater/ac box are vacuum operated. Check the vacuum line and the vacuum check valve leading into the heater/ac box from the engine for cracks or leaks. The check valve should hold vacuum at highway speed. Hope this helps!!
  • minardiminardi Posts: 30
    You were right on with the estimate for plug replacement(mine has the older copper plugs too). $356 which included 1 coil b/c one of the boots was torn and it only comes as a complete assembly with a coil. Kept looking at the job and thinking about the cost and ultimately decided to let the dealer do it. Ouch. Will watch the mileage and see if there's any noticeable improvement.
  • bought 2001 dodge 47 k 4x4 yestday ws driving t home 165 miles ws goingie untill i lost power gas started gurgling truck had sat for 4 months thought maybe condensation in tank but fuel pump comes on etc what could it be injecters clauged engine ran fine solid check gages light comes on but wants to start but won plz help :shades:
  • minardiminardi Posts: 30
    Went to AutoZone to get new oxygen sensors. Was told there are 4. Should all 4 be replaced or just one set. And where are they???
  • I have a '95 Ram 2500 HD 4x4 I bought new and it seemed to run rich . Ran good until it got going along on the highway and it would rapidly slow down to the point of pulling off the road . It would chug badly and wouldn't recover power . After cooling down it would runok . But it would reoccur . Ended up being the catyletic converter plugging . One year old yet . After 3 I plucked it out and it runs great . I know that it isn't right to do this but after potentially ruining my motor and now out of warrantee I decided to stop wrecking my motor over such a stupid item . Some models have one , two or three sensors around the converter . I would look into the oxygen sensor first . Good luck
  • Need some help… before I go completely crazy..

    My 1997 Dodge 1500 4x4 5.9 – has what sounds like a bearing squeal. It starts after the engine runs for just a few minutes and only when you apply some gas and build up rpms. I first replace the belt tensioner, still there. Then listened with a stethoscope while it was squealing to the alternator and power steering pump - both did not seem to be making the noise. So, I replaced the water pump... the noise is still there.

    Any suggestions?

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