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Honda Pilot Roof Racks



  • I just purchased a used 2006 Honda Pilot that does not have the cross bars for the luggage rack. I would like to add my Yakima bike racks to the top. I am interested in your post showing you did this. Can you provide more data on what the parts are you used?

  • pam31pam31 Posts: 2
    I have a 2004 Pilot with roof rails but no cross bars. I just bought the Thule Quest cartop bag and the instructions say "when mounting on luggage racks with side rails only, position bag so that both side anchoring rings are forward of the center support post." I take that to mean it is safe to use the bag without cross bars. Does anyone have any experience with this? We're planning a 5 hour interstate drive soon. We've never used a cartop carrier/bag before and my husband is squeamish because he has a friend who lost one on the interstate. Thanks.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    2007 cross bar only - installation - EX, EXL, Touring - - - 183.pdf
    2007 cross bar + roof rack installation - LX

    For other years - goto above site and you can find them in Honda accessories > rack
  • I do have some advice.
    1. The picture looks like they are removing the front. This is incorrect. You only need to remove the back covers.
    2. Even with the retaining clip depressed, you still need to give it a good hard whack straight back (away from the van). I used a wooden paint stick and put it inside the rail groove. Tapping it with a screwdriver is not hard enough, you need to thump it pretty hard. I actually used a small rubber mallet. It did not damage the retaining clip.
    3. Do not try to pry the cover up. It will crack.
    4. Do not climb on top of the van. If it is like mine, it will dent pretty easily.

    Good Luck
  • I was just wondering how your trip went. I just bought same bag and have a Pathfinder with only side rails. I find the instructions confusing as it seems as if they are telling you to mount the bag between the front support and center support, but the picture looks as if the anchoring ring is BEHIND the center support. I'm confused. Ten hour drive for us tomorrow and I was hoping to figure this out!
  • pam31pam31 Posts: 2
    I actually bought a Thule cargo bag but I was also confused about that because in the Thule instructions, it looked the same way. I figured out that I was imagining the front of the car on the wrong end (the picture wasn't clear). I bet I read the instructions ten times! I finally figured it out by paying more attention to the fact that on mine, the zipper goes in the back so that if you unzip all the way and flip it open, the flap falls toward the front windshield. Anyway, I attached the cargo bag very tightly using only side straps (2 on each side) and it was fine for the 5 hour trip - except that it rained and it isn't waterproof. A few things got soggy. Also no problem on the drive home. Good luck!
  • Hi all,

    Just bought a 2010 Pilot EX-L. I am concerned about some of the earlier posts about the roof rack w/ cross bars causing stress dents on the Pilot panels. Any more info on this. Is this a safe design? Any loading limitations.

  • Thanks to lowbudgetdave!
  • abzabz Posts: 13
    I noticed a similar indentation (top of A pillar) after driving 12 hours in my wife's 2006 Honda Pilot with a Thule box on top. I was stumped and assumed it happened at dealership during service, but had no proof to go back to them. After reading this forum, it seems the issue is related to any load (or upward force) on the roof.

    Does anyone have more information? Will Honda repair this? The load in our cargo box was rather light, but the wind force must be fairly dramatic at highway speeds.
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