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Isuzu Trooper Maintenance and Repair



  • Id go back to the beginning get the part number for the bulb and then check it against your van. Autozone should have these manuals to verify part number.
  • Theres no such thing as sealing plug wires. Your valve cover gasket is old and needs replaced.
  • Yes there is...there is a flaw in the engine design so Isuzu made a better wire that has a bushing on the end that prevents the oil from seeping up into the spark plug wire....I know my gasket and rings are bad on a couple, but not really enough to go through the expense of changing it all out. The vehicle only has 100,000 on it. Getting the wires is an upgrade that is needed anyway and will be a solution to the problem for awhile. Thanks for trying to help though. Take Care.
  • Hi sorry for telling you no such thing exist.
    It sounds like someone is giving you the run around, but you mention something about gaskets and seals . I dont work on these vehicles but responded because my email gave me an alert for this vehicle probably from a past topic.

    I went on Autozone site for manuals. They group the repair under one heading for all Isuzu vehicles so Im guessing you have the V6 3.1 or 3.2 liter. Again I cant even make out the pictures but it looks like distributorless ignition like my Q-45. The coils mount right on top of the spark plug. There is no wires in this type of ignition usually. Without seeing it in person I guessing oil is on this part. I replaced the O- rings on my Q-45 when I saw oil on this part. It required the valve cover removal I done a bunch of these over the years and is a great do it yourself repair if you want to save yourself a lot of bucks$$$$. Someone will eventually respond to your specific problem who is more familiar with this vehicle.
  • HI out there...................
    I have the above Trooper with the 2.6 liter 4 cylinder, when I start it up it will run for awhile but then if I shut it off It will start but not stay running, and only run for a couple of seconds. I just put gas in it because I thought that was the problem but it is still doing it. I read down the line and it sounds like the same problem that someone else is having but I am not sure. Do I need to change out some sensors? I think I saw something about CO sensors?What is the ECM and what does it look like and could there be some error codes in the brain box(ECM?)??Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Jellyfish2
  • This car was bought a used car and was imported into Nigeria, Africa last month. Since it was bought, i've been experiencing overheating problem, so i had to change the Radiator from single cell to double cell; still, the problem still persists. i noticed that the fan rolls clock-wise while the 1994 isuzu trooper rolls anti clock-wise. I also noticed that the fan is not blowing air into the engine but out. Could it be that the fan is wrongly placed or it is not the fan for the model? (2001 Isuzu Trooper)
  • I have a 1996 Trooper and the there is a ticking noise. I have changed the oil twice put in additives no change and I switch to synthetic oil. Everyone is saying that you can adjust the valves is there any instructions on how to do that?
  • Need Help ASAP
    Hi I have a 1991 V6 Isuzu Trooper Auto. I need to replace the water pump cause it is leaking. Can someone tell me what size star socket I have to get to take off the bolts holding the water pump on. I have not done this on a trooper before what is the process and do I need any special tools. Also do I need to replace anything else ( hoping to use the belt cause I think they are pricey) while I have the pump off? Any help would be appreciated.
  • Not sure of the size of star socket,probably a 12 mm. Drain,antifreeze,Remove hoses, remove radiator,fan stroud, fan and pully.Serpenten belt removed. Air condition and power stering pump and brackets move out the way.Remove all bolts and nuts..Tap on pump with rubber mallad.Match pump to new one. Clean all mating surfaces real good.And assemble in reverse with new gasket.
    Get a manuel if in doubt.Good luck!
  • Is there a replacement part avaialble for just the plastic/nylon rollers that the regulator arms pop into? These rollers roll in the track that is attached to the bottom of the window in my 1996 trooper with power windows. One of mine are cracked and it makes it so one of the arms pop out. If it is an entire unit, can you suggest a source for the entire unit.
  • try

    they have alot of diagrams too.
  • I have the tank off, There are about 8 screws on top of tank where the fuel pump assembly is. They are all rusted, how do i get the pump assembly out of the tank. Do i unscrew these or do i unscrew the intire unit ..
  • the diagrams do not show how it comes appart, it only shows it in parts.. I dont know if it was unscrewed from the tank as a whole or if the 8 screws were what holds in on.. they are not usable.. they are rusted so bad a screw driver will not bite on them..
  • My 1990 Trooper runs fine for a while, and then it periodically just dies. All of the warning lights come on, and it's like some one just flipped a switch and turned it off. It has power to all circuits, except there is no spark at all to the spark plugs.

    There is no pattern to this that I can discern. Sometimes it runs for three or four months before it does it. Sometimes it's a day. Sometimes it won't start for a week or more, and other times it will start back up in a few minutes. It does it in dry weather and wet. It does it when it's hot and when it's cold.

    I have replaced all of the relays and the coil.

    Anyone have any idea where to look next?
  • mlgsrmlgsr Posts: 1
    I have a 1991 trooper with 6cyl. It will start ok in the morning and run right, but after it gets warm, it is hard to start again. I normally just use starter fluid to get it going, but even that is getting hard. When that fails, I can just let it sit for a while and it will start and run ok ... till i shut it off again. I tried replacing the fuel filter, but no difference, and I have the error codes but can't find what they refer to.

    #'s = 32, 34, 43, 54

    any suggestions?


  • I am installing a new radiator.I need to remove the transmission cooling lines.What size flare wrench do I need?Any other advise ,as well ,would be appreciated.thanks.
  • Did you ever receive any replies? I have two 2002 Troopers, and neither seems to burn too much oil. Have only had them for a year or so each, and both have less than 50k miles. This is a concern I have seen raised before, with no clear answers as I recall - other than check the level regularly.
  • does anyone has any instruction or know where I can find instruction on how to replace driver side seat belt? i have a 2000 isuzu trooper LS. Many thanks

  • I have an 01 trooper 4X4. When I have to stop suddenly or brake all the way to a stop, the rear suspension sort of "clunks" when I let off of the brake. It feels like something is going back into place. It is also like when you let off of the gas suddenly and the transmission drops into a higher gear. The truck rides and shifts smooth while driving, it only does it when I let off the brake after stopping. I have looked underneath to see if any bushings are missing, but there is nothing noticeable. It feels like a bushing of mount issue. Just wanted to know if anyone else has experienced something like this.
  • I am trying to do a timing belt change. Large power steering fitting and hose is preventing the removal of top left plastic belt cover. I want to loosen and move pump assembly slightly out of the way, rather than break open the banjo fitting/hose and go through filling and bleeding pwr steering system. I removed the long bolt that shop manual shows to be the pivot bolt, as well as bolt that tightens down the the adjusting plate. Pump assembly pivots but won't come off? Can't figure out what the heck is holding it from coming off. What is the problem? I can't see anywhere it is still bolted on in spite of looking at it from every angle possible.
  • Just had my 99 Isuzu transmission rebuilt. It works perfect. but when I am climbing any hill or slopes it starts a staggering. Also at times when trying to overtake another vehicle on the highway it would staggered and would not accelerate nor gear down for power.
  • My remote for the alarm system on my 99 trooper doesn't work anymore. Does anyone knows where I can get one? Thanks for your help.
  • extexcopextexcop Posts: 1
    You should be able to buy one on eBay...I did. They are around $20...but you may find them cheaper. The first thing I would do is check the battery in your old one. They are very cheap and easy to replace. Now...even if the battery gets your old one working again....I would highly recommend you get a second or back-up opener. It's a lot more trouble ( and higher cost ) to re-program system if you happen to lose the only one you have.
  • chris263chris263 Posts: 2
    I have a 2000 2wd Trooper that has the same issue. After research, I believe that it has something to do with the slip yolk. I have had grease added through the zerk fitting but it didn't work. I will be trying to take apart the slip yolk, clean out the old grease and try Red Crown grease. I saw that is the recommended product. Not sure if that helps but that is what I will try.
  • as everyone else reports the 3.5 burns oil....lots of oil....yesterday I added a half of container of STP fuel injector cleaner to 1/2 tank of gas and then it started smoking (white smoke) and then today with it still smoking and driving it on the freeway at 60 mph and going about 5miles and pulling off to get more gas hoping that would delute the gas with the additive, it died and would not re-start (the batter tried to turn the engine over but would not do so. Then adding more oil (it was low 2.5 quarts) and pulling it with tow strap it started up immediately but with a metalic knocking sound and all with good oil pressure, then drove it a block or two and it dies again. Towed it back what? Dont know what to think about the sound.....should I have it towed into the shop or could someone suggest a possible cause and possible solution. it's a 98 with 170,000 miles on it but otherwise in great shape. and nothing else has happened to it with the exception of a replaced starter and new plugs. It does have a blinking engine light that has stayed on for awhile but the reading on that indicates its a air temperature valve which i replaced a couple of times but then the light came back on and I have just been driving it with the light blinking. sorry to ramble but wanted to explain what else was going on about the vehicle. All suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
  • pvman1pvman1 Posts: 3
    I have a 95 Trooper with the 3.2 SOHC engine. Purchased it new in 95, and it now has 128,000 mi. Have taken good care of it and it uses about 1 qt every 3,000 mi. Starts and runs like a top. Just did the second timing belt, belt pullies, and water pump replacement. My question.... I keep reading about these horror stories. What year did Isuzu screw up this great vehicle? Or, should I start to worry. My daughter bought an 01 and it was a nightmare. Engine and transmission problems. I know she had the 3.5 DOHC and a different transmission.
    Hope mine keeps going. Body and interior looks great, frame and undercarriage looks like hell from the salt they insist on using in upstate NY.
    Gene :confuse:
  • ssimsssims Posts: 1
    Hello! My 91 Isuzu Trooper has an automatic transmission. All of a sudden my truck starts to shake at 35mph and then again at 45mph. I'm not leaking transmission fluid. Please give me some sort of insight on this. :confuse:
  • andyplainandyplain Posts: 1
    This is not good buddy... I have a 2000 Trooper same knocking noise and I had to rebuild my motor @ 95k.

    Apparently the motor used up the entire 5 qts of oil and damaged the crankshaft and barrings. My truck ran nice even idled with a slight knocking until accelerated it was a loud knocking... I found a mechanic who charged me in Miami,FL $3000.00 to completely overhaul my motor with all new parts..

    The truck in running great now better than new...

    Good Luck, Now I started to use Lukas Oil and check the oil every time I put Gas.
    :sick: :sick: :sick: :sick: :sick:
  • surfdaddy1surfdaddy1 Posts: 2
    i have just replaced the gas tank ,fuel pump, fuel filter on 90, 4cyl, it starts right up and i can rev it to redlineand idle and sit running for 30 min or more but as soon as i start to drive it ,it will die out in 30 sec. then will start back up and do it again/any ideas??? thanks
  • ben50ben50 Posts: 1
    On 1990 Izuzu trooper - it starts but quits almost immediately when I release the key. While still running, the fuel, alternator and check engine lights are on. If I keep the starter engaged and rev it really high, the lights will go out and it will stay running when key released. I've replaced all bad vacuum hoses that I can find. No loose wires at alternator. All fuses good. Very occasionally, it will start and run without that rev up. Any suggestions?
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