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Toyota RAV4 2007



  • fredy3fredy3 Posts: 27
    I have a Rav4 2007, today I was driving on the Hyway and the warning check light engine when on also VSC and 4WD warning lights. I call my dealer I got an appointment for next week. I start checking this website and I found that someone got the same problem in Dec 06,2008 so I did the same thing , tight my gas cap and belived it the problem was solve.
    Also the good thing of this, if you are stuck in the snow and you wont to disengage the VSC for more power just loose the gas cap (the 4WD and ABS was worrking even with the warning light on).

    Thanks to
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    In my experience loosening the gas cap doesn't immediately result in a CEL, not for 50 miles or so.
  • I have an 07 Rav4 LTD V6 with 17,000 miles (I live in Ottawa Canada but this is an American car).
    Last Friday All three of those lights came on. This happened just after I had filled up with gas and the went through a touchless carwash. I phone the dealer and they told me that it often happens when you go through the carwash on cold temps. The temp in Ottawa was - 12 Fahrenheit. They said to drop in and they would turn off the Christmas lights. I stopped by the next day and they reset the lights but they cam back on after a couple of hours of driving. I made sure that the gas cap is on properly. I have read in another post that it could fuel related so I will also use some gas line antifreeze.
    How do you reset those lights?
    Do I need a ODBC code reader and where is the plug in located?
    Seems to be a fairly common problem has anyone resolved this without having to replace parts?
    Ghis (still freezing in Ottawa)
  • Picked up an OBDII code reader.
    code was P2195 "O2 Sens Signal Stuck Lean Bank1 Sens1" going to Dealer on Tuesday to have sensor replaced.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Car wash equipment snagged the O2 wires....

    Just a guess.
  • Part finally came in, dealer changed an O2 sensor and 4wd VSC and Check engines lights have been out for 3 days now.
  • bankonebankone Posts: 44
    I notice that my 2007 RAV has the rattling wind noise on the drive side just beside my left ear if the wind is a bit strong and when I am driving at about 60km per hour. If the wind is not strong, i won't hear the noise. I have taken to car to the dealer several times. Every time when I was test driving with the mechanic, there was no wind. So the mechanic could not figure out the problem. Does anybody know te problem and how to fix it?
  • bellpbellp Posts: 3
    I had wind noise around the right side front door just above the rear view mirror area when I bought our new 2007 Rav4 in Feb 07. There was a bulletin from Toyota about this. There was a baffle or something like that that was needed to be installed inside the rear view mirror housings. I had my dealer do this and it seemed to fix it. Hope this helps.
  • lenny20lenny20 Posts: 10
    Under 36,000 mi, I installed 4 new tires (Nokian). About 700 miles later tire-pressure light blinked on/off, then on for about two minutes. Then would not go on again. Dealer checked tires, including spare, and pressed reset button. Dealer said that the tire shop had probably failed to press reset button. Now, about 800 mi later tire pressure light is on again, this time a steady bright. (By the way, I cannot find spare-tire latch release on bottom of spare tire cover.) I've checked tire pressure, and of course it's where it should be, 32 lbs.
  • julieo1julieo1 Posts: 4
    I have a RAV4 2007 with about 13,000 miles on it. A year ago in January when it went below freezing here in New Orleans the tire pressure light went on and has never gone out. I have had my car serviced at a Midas shop (run my by son-in-law) and he has tried to reset it, to no avail. It is not worth it to take it into the Toyota place and leave my car all day (which is what they do, even for an oil change) to find out why this happens. There is nothing wrong with my tires, they have been rotated twice too.
    I would be interested in hearing what happens in your case.
  • bankonebankone Posts: 44
    Thanks bellp. Can I find the Toyota bulletin online?
  • Julieo1,

    I've heard from other forums that you need to check the tire pressure of the SPARE. For 2006+ Rav4s, the Tire Pressure Monitoring System is electronically monitored by a module on each individual tire stem, and the spare has one of these as well.

    Good luck, hope this helps!
  • julieo1julieo1 Posts: 4
    Why THANK YOU... i will have that checked...i don't think that has been done.
  • billiejbilliej Posts: 1
    My GPS plug is stuck in console power plug of brand new 2009 RAV4. Any suggestions of how to get it out.
  • ghislainghislain Posts: 34
    I have a Garmin Nuvi 760 GPS although it is not stuck it is damned hard to pull out.
    You need to wiggle it and use lots of elbow grease. The first time I pulled it out I thought that all the guts of th12 volt plugin in my Rav4 was going to pull out.
    Good Luck
  • lenny20lenny20 Posts: 10
    I typed a long message, but erased it by mistake. If all five tires are with three/four lbs of 32lbs (that is, under 32 lbs), then bring the car to the dealer. He should (1) computer scan under the dash for error codes; (2) check pressure monitor on each of the five wheels for a reading 9my car failed to give a reading on one of the monitors). If a monitor has failed, he should replace (and rebalance the wheel) under waRRENTY. bY THE WAY, THE SPARE TIRE DOES LOSS PRESSURE MONTHLY, AS DO THE OTHER TIRES. .
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Sometimes you can go back in your browser with the back arrow a few times and find your draft post. That's saved my bacon more than once. :) But you probably know that.

    People do tend to ignore their spare tires. I guess the TPMS is good for that reason, even if it's irritating when the light goes on.
  • bellpbellp Posts: 3
    Hi Bankone, I checked my service records. It was the outer mirror covers that were replaced under warranty as per TSB#2833. Mine were done Apr 19, 08. I haven't noticed the wind noise since. Hope this helps.
  • buyembuyem Posts: 5
    I own a 2007 Rav4, bluetooth JBL radio. If (and that is a Big IF) I can load my phones Address Book/Contacts List, will the name of an incoming caller be displayed on the radios screen? How do I get this info from the phone to the cars system? I've had a Motorola Razor and now have a Samsung Saga and neither does it automatically. I have about a week to figure this out and can exchange my existing phone free, I really would like to get this to work. (if that is how it is supposed to function).Is there a list of compatible phones somewhere?
  • cbmortoncbmorton Posts: 252
    I have a 2009 with JBL & bluetooth and my phone is a Motorola W385 (a stripped-down version of the Razr). The car's bluetooth system allows you to import contacts from your registered phone's address book. On the phone, I go into the Contacts menu and there's an option to send the contacts to a bluetooth recipient. Because you have to register a voice entry for each contact that's sent to the car, you have to do them one-by-one, it seems like, instead of downloading your phone's entire contact list in one go. However, it only took a few minutes and the car picked them up fine. Now I can say "dial our house" and the car makes the call.

    I've only had one incoming call so far while in the car but I remember seeing the name showing up on the radio display to show who was calling. Since my phone has caller ID I'd expect the caller ID data to show up in the radio display if the caller wasn't saved in the car's phone book. but haven't tested it yet.
  • buyembuyem Posts: 5
    Yes, this is what I want mine to do. To make a long story short I'm on my 3rd phone and it doesn't do it. A) Did you have to download/transfer anything to get it to work? If so how? Nothing I have tried has worked B) I guess most importantly, what kind of phone are you using? I'll just buy what your using. Thank you so much for your help.
  • buyembuyem Posts: 5
    When I read and responded to your message I did it on the tiny screen on my phone.which only displayed the second paragraph. Now that I have read the entire message I see you have already answered all of my questions. Thanks again.
  • cbmortoncbmorton Posts: 252
    No problem. On the car's voice or radio menu you go into Phonebook, Add Entry, By Phone and when the car is ready to receive the contact info from the phone, that's when I send it to the bluetooth recipient on the phone (on mine it's called CAR_M_MEDIA or something like that). Should be a way to do it on any bluetooth-enabled phone if you can find the option in the phone's menu.
  • buyembuyem Posts: 5
    I followed all of those steps. Now when I make a call the recipients name is displayed on the radios screen. It still just displays the callers phone number when I receive a call though. But it's a lot better then it was, thanks a lot for your help.
  • cbmortoncbmorton Posts: 252
    OK, I was curious so I just tried it on mine and here's what I found.

    Like I thought before, if the incoming phone number is set up in the car's phone book, it does show the name associated with that number. I have a contact on my phone called "Home" that I transferred to the car's phone book. When I call the car from my home phone, the radio display says "Home". Kind of weird if yours doesn't do that, but maybe it's a difference between a 2007 and a 2009.

    If the incoming phone number isn't in the car's phone book, the radio display just shows the number, no name.
  • bob57bob57 Posts: 302
    Purchased a used limited, 4cyl, last month (35K miles). My first tank was 28mpg which I thought wrong (no way, Jose'..) and went over it 9 times... Second fill-up 24.7 - same miles, road, etc.Ok - I can live with that.. (I drive close to 1600 miles/mth) Third fill resulted in the 24.7 again.
    First tank was compliments of wind I thought? Then I realized after I babied it the first week I went back to my normal terror driving - 75-78 mph. Slowed down last week and got the 28 mpg back.
    Nice auto, no complaints yet except all the Space Shuttle electronics scare me to death if something breaks....
  • hubristhubrist Posts: 2
    Thanks a lot wwest for your post as I had the same problem with my 2007 Rav4. I notice that the CEL light first came on, and then the VSC, and then the 4wd. When the CEL light came on I checked the gas cap (as per the Toyota manual, imagine that), and it was loose but was worried since the VSC and 4WD lights came on, which the manual doesnt mention, so thanks for the above. Also I had driven 140 miles since the last fill up, but I was at above 7000' which improved my mileage by about 10-5%. It took 200 miles until the light went out. Also the autozone guys were very helpful as the code read EVAP leak and sensor malfunction. Cheaper than having a dealer replace a "faulty" sensor...
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