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Honda Accord Security System Questions



  • My cruise control quit working. If I hold the Master button on the steering wheel down it works fine, but when I release it the system shuts off. I've checked the fuses and electrical connections (the ones I can without disabling the air bag system). Any Ideas???
  • kap12kap12 Posts: 1
    edited September 2010
    I bought a used 1997 Honda Accord a few months ago and have had problems with the anti-theft system ever since I replaced the battery. I found the radio code and entered that with no problem. Radio works again. But now my car won't lock from driver's side. Also, just randomly, it will start this click-click-click-click noise when I get out of the car (and don't lock it). It will click for sometimes hours and sometimes not at all. The blue light under the instrument panel and to the left of my steering wheel flashes, but again I haven't locked the car. When I DO lock it however (from the passenger side), the light doesn't flash to show the system is alarmed. I don't have remote or keyless entry, just a plain old key. And it's a Honda key. I'm concerned that this might be what's draining my battery. When I bought the car, actually when I only went to test drive the car, the battery was weak. The dealer thought the interior lights had been left on. The day after I bought it, the battery died. Dealer dropped in another for free. Another crappy one I thought because a month later that one died. So now a brand new battery is installed. I will be working in the city and would love to have this problem resolved so that I can (a) lock my car from driver's side and (b) make sure the anti-theft system is working properly and (c) not be draining the battery. Anybody with info on 97 Honda Accord anti-theft systems that can help? Thanks in advance.
  • naxx78naxx78 Posts: 1
    I recently bought a 98 honda civic and when I bought it the people I had bought it from had lost the remote to the anti-theft. I was wondering if anyone knows if honda can replace the remote?

    I have a factory alarm on this car, now when it goes out on a long drive and the heaters are on and then car gets warm, I arrive home, park car, lock with the key fob thingy, come inside and about 10 minutes later the alarm will sound for about 30 seconds, then goes silent for a second then starts again. I have to leave the car unlocked all night. If I then lock the car in the morning the alarm will be okay all day until I then make another longish journey. I have had enough now, please can you help!! :mad:
  • rjjoubertrjjoubert Posts: 1
    edited July 2012
    I have a 1995 Honda Accord Station Wagon which came equipped with a "Titan" security system. Unfortunately, one of my remote devices has broken. Where can I possible get a replacement? I have "searched" the web every way possible and have had no luck.
  • mrbill1957mrbill1957 Posts: 823
    edited July 2012
    Did you try Ebay? Does yours look like this? - 37326?pt=US_Replacement_Remotes&hash=item20c81908ce

    Even if it does look like your old fob, your still going to need to have it (or your alarm) reprogrammed to work with each other if that's even possible.

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