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Ford Mustang Wheels and Tires



  • Thanks. I thought as much. I'm not much into racing with my 6cyl. I'll have to settle for cool. I'm open to any and all advice.
  • waterdrwaterdr Posts: 307
    Cool is good too! There is always a faster car out matter how fast someone builds one. But none are ever as cool as the one you own.

    Make it the way you want it.
  • I own a 2007 Mustang GT
    I put a set of snow tires on the stock rims that came with the car, and I want to get a summer set of wheel/tires.
    Can I but another set of TPMS sensors online and install them in my summer set of wheels, or will my car only recognize the set that came with the vechicle?

    Thank You.
  • Gee Harry, your asking the same questions that I have been trying to unravel. From what I have learned (and that isn't much) is the TPMS sensors do have be programed, but I don't know if it's to the cars computer or the sensors themselves. Plus, there are two types sensors but I think the 07's have a common part number.
    My biggest question is: Can I run wheels that don't have any sensors at all and what will it do to the computer?
    Maybe Mark @ mschmal can shed a little light on this subject.
  • As an owner of an 07 Mustang GT I would like to run (2) set of whhels (summer & winter)
    Can I purchase another set of TPMS sensors and install these on my summer set of wheel and will they work with my car or is the set that car with the car married to it?
  • Ok
    I called over to
    I was told the you can buy another set of sensors and mount these on another set of wheels.
    The sensors (I was quoted $80 per wheel for sensors & bands installed) are all the same and are not married to the car.
    Hope this helps anyone looking to answer the same question. :confuse:
  • I just bought a set of 17" Bullitt Wheels for my sons 96 V-6 Mustang. The tires are bald and I was wondering why the back set is 275/45-17 and the front is 245/40-17 Is there reason to this madness or can I put a matched set of 245/40-17 all the way around?
  • I'm not sure about that year Mustang but I would suspect that it is for clearance so the front wheels can turn from side to side. I suggest you use the same size that are on the front all the way around. Unless the back rims have more width to them than the front rims do. Bare in mind, be careful with the diameters, they should be the same diameter as the stock wheels are or at least the same as the back tires on the car now. Speedometers like it that way. LOL
  • grumpy76grumpy76 Posts: 9
    This web site is not used at all, I wonder how many years it will take to get a reply? Now back to the subject at hand, (TMPS) are not needed if you don't have any or don't want them. The red light on the instrument cluster will not function, if you can handle that, your good to go.
  • have to program news sensors to the car.
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