Electrical - 2012 Kia Soul

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Internal/external lights flash on/off intermittently on my 2012 Kia Soul. I was told it was the FOB and if the battery was low on the FOB it would do that. I replaced the batteries, took the FOB off entirely since it was an after factory addition by owner. I've noticed others complaining of the same issue. What can be done?


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    Did not using the aftermarket fob stop the intermittent flashing?
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    No it did not. I drove over 200 miles (one trip) with it flashing and clicking. Bumps momentarily stopped it but then started again. After doing some considerable investigative research on the Kia, I found that the car has some major issues primarily with quality, electronic inferiority possibly causing a fire and other related issues due to the wiring become overheated, etc. I've almost 100,000 miles on this vehicle and bought it second hand. I wish I'd done more research before purchasing it. It sounds like Kia grew a whole orchard of lemons with the production of their vehicles. Many recalls and class action lawsuits against them. Very sad discovery of a product. I was hoping this vehicle would alleviate some pressures of ever-increasing fuel prices and offer a dependable vehicle for a trip to visit family. It would appear not to be the case. Disappointed! Is Edmund's a certified Kia dealer? If so, there is an unresolved recall on my specific vehicle that is to be completed by a certified Kia dealer before the possibility of catalytic converter becoming overheated by faulty wiring. Your comment . . . ?
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