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Scion xB Test Drive - What Did You Think?



  • TRUELY and sincerely sorry to interrupt this discussion, but can someone tell me where the he** the 'New Post' button is on this forum? I registered twice now and each time clicked the confirmation email I received to complete the registration, then returned to the forum and sign in, but there is no 'New Post' button ANYWHERE!!!! Please help, I'm going to pull what little hair I have left out. Thanks in advance folks.

  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Right below this message is a post a message box. You type in the subject you want and the message and submit it.

  • Considering purchasing an 06 Acura MDX this weekend. I see here on the 'Incentives & Rebates' page that there is currently a $2500 Manufacturer to Dealer 'Marketing Support' incentive for this vehicle. Does this literally mean if I go in today and buy an MXD, the dealer will get some kind of $2500 credit from the manufacturer? If so, then I assume having this information means I could potentially negotiate a lower price, knowing the dealer is going to make an additional $2500 from the manufacturer directly.

    I don't know how to use this information to my advantage during price negotiations or whether it's actually even a valid point to bring up and attempt to negotiate a lower price based on.

    Not totally understanding what exactly this means or whether the dealer I go to participates and actually gets this credit, I guess I'm concerned about trying to use this information to leverage a lower price only to find out this Man. to Dealer incentive doesn't apply to them. Also concerned about them simply SAYING this incentive doesn't apply to them when they actually WILL get the credit.

    Thanks for any advice, it is appreciated.
  • Thanks Dennis, but I still seem to be missing something... I want to post a NEW question and have the Title appear out on the main 'Car Shopping Groups & Discussions' index page. When I use the message box you point out below, it seems to only add my post to the current thread 'Scion xB Test Drive - What Did You Think?'.

  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Try clicking this link.

    That should take you to the Acura MDX prices paid & buying experience forum. Then read through those messages and perhaps pose your question there.

    To give an answer (I am not in the MDX market) - in general when Edmunds shows factory to dealer money it is something "we" don't know about nor is it advertised. unlike a rebate where you get money back or the car maker runs ads for it, this is "secret" money to help the dealer move product they are having trouble selling. Knowing that there is marketing assistance or dealer money means you know you can get a better deal.

    For example, the "generous" dealer offers you a new MDX for $500 over dealer cost. Sounds great doesn't it? They may even pull out the ACTUAL INVOICE to show you. But being a smart shopper, you see on Edmunds the dealer is getting $2,500 in help from Acura to move the MDX. WHOA! They are making $3k on this deal and not $500. That is a LOT more negotiating room for you. Of course, the dealer may start out at $500 over invoice less the $2,500 and save you the haggling - but at least you will know what is up. If they will not deal lower, then ask them about the marketing assistance money and tell them you need a lower price. One problem with high-end cars is that a) rich folks tend to be poor negotiators and often over pay and b) there may only be one dealer for that brand in the area so they have no competition.

  • Great. Thanks so much for the information Dennis. Have a good weekend.

  • The cruise is made by Rostra, and is installed at the port if you order the car that way. Or the dealer can order it and send the car to a local installer. Or you can buy it online and take the car to the installer. The Rostra was $200 and installation was $150. Rostra is the cruise control mfr for many automakers that offer cruise an an OEM option.

    Within a few months I had foglights, cruise, moonroof and leather seats installed on my xB, totalling about $3,000. I could have had several other excellent basic cars for what I have in the xB. But they would not have been an xB with foglights, cruise, moonroof and leather seats. And then it would take another $3,000 to add all that stuff to the other cars. And for $6,000 more than an xB, I could have had a whole 'nother range of great basic cars to chose from. But probably still not with moonroof and leather.

    However, I wanted an xB for a year, and waited a month after ordering, because I did not want to bend and stoop to get into a car, and no other car offers that at any price. Only after getting the xB did I realize how much I would really like so many other things about the car.
  • Hello all,

    I really like the scion xb but I have one problem. I test drove an Xb and noticed a buring smell eminating from under the hood, inside the back seat and from the outside rear end. The dealer told me it will burn off in a few miles.

    Anyone hear about this?

  • aathertonaatherton Posts: 617
    To me it did not smell like burning at all, and I really miss it. You only get to smell it for the first day, or maybe two if you have a garage to capture it better. After that you will have to wait until your next new car. It is the volatiles cooking out of the various sealants, gaskets, paints and coatings used in the manufacture of the engine and exhaust system. It's the exterior component of "new car smell".
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Sounds like you were lucky enough to drive a new xB :)

    We drove one of the rental fleet and it had 0 burning smell. As was mentioned this can be very typical for a new, no mile car and is often caused by the engine, exhaust manifold, header, pipes, catalytic converted, and muffler all heating up and burning off any coating or sealant.

    I would not worry about it - if you like the car, get it!

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