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Volvo XC90 Tires and Wheels



  • bpm4bpm4 Posts: 2
    All the car specialists and tyre centers informed me that the Nokian tyes are a cheap graded tyre. the lowest in the list of other makes,
    Can some one prove this wrong ? :mad:
  • abvbyndabvbynd Posts: 10
    We have a 2005 V8 and had to replace again with Michelins. We have the 18" wheels. I wanted to try the new Goodyear Eagle ResponseEdge tires, but they were out of stock. My borther-in-law howevver purchased a set of these Goodyears (18" also), and he said they work as well on wet, dry and snow. He lives in an area that he needed to switch to Blizzaks becasue of the snow, but he said that the new Goodyears work as well in the snow as Blizzaks, and he doesn't have to switch them out. I will be replacing by Michelins with the Goodyears when they wear out...unfortuantely that may not be for another 30k as I got nearly 50k on my last Michelins....check out the Goodyears.
  • Hello
    I have 05 XC90 with 18" alloy RIMS, wants a spare RIM may be steel ones for winter season. One dealer told me I cannot put anything less than 17-inch and that there are not 17" steel rims for Volvo XC90.

    Another dealership says 16-inch rims is fine and he sells those at the dealership all the time about 200$/RIM.
    He gave me part number for 16" ones even (8624891).

    I am not sure who is right or wrong..

    My question is what size of rims should I go with, 16" or 17". Where can I get some rims, don't mind used ones for the winter.

    There was another suggestion to get wheels covers for my existing 18" alloys for the winter..
    I live in Ontario, Canada, if I can get a local resource/place for the tires then

    any input in appreciated.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    16" rims won't fit an 05. Volvo put bigger brakes on the 05 car, as a result the 16" rims no longer fit.
  • phmaddnesphmaddnes Posts: 2
    My '06 XC90 has OEM 17" Rims and I can't imagine going smaller (these seem too small compared to the 18"). I have seen complete sets of 17 and 18" OEM on eBay for around $800 and less. I have been searching for a steel rim because I need a full size spare/rim to drive on the beaches in MA but have yet to find one. If you find a good 17" steel rim in a 5 lug pattern that will work I would love to hear about it.

  • phmaddnesphmaddnes Posts: 2
    Here are the specs for my 2006 XC90 tire and rims;

    Tires: 235/65 R17
    Rims: 5 Lug 17" X 7" Rims
    Lug patters 5x108mm
    Width 7J

    Hope that helps.
  • jim314jim314 Posts: 491
    Just any wheel that has the correct bolt hole pattern--number of holes and diameter of circle the holes are on--is not sufficient to insure a fit on a specific vehicle. There is also the wheel backspacing or offset and the whole design of the wheel to accommodate the brake calipers. Also the hole in the center of the wheel must be the correct size to fit on the hub.

    So just any prospective replacement wheel for an XC90 is 17" diameter with a 5-108 bolt pattern might not fit. Certainly you must be skeptical of any 16" wheels for the XC90. See this.

    Check out for wheels for this vehicle.
  • Amazing! The same thing happened to me at Ithaca Maguire Volvo. New tires were also Pirelli (they said they have to put the same brand!?) and now, just 9k later, I have the same problem - again.
    I like the car, but these tire problems seriously prevent me from buying it again.
  • Hi,

    I currently have 235/65 R17 on my 2005 XC90 2.5T and was wondering if I could use my old winter tires 235/55 R17 on my car?

    Thanks for your help.
  • I have a 2006 XC90 V8, and I've been searching and researching pretty heavily for the past two weeks on tires and wheels. Some of this might help...

    Being a proud owner of a Volvo can be a very lonely thing, particularly when it comes to tires (and wheels). I live in Denver, and expecting typical mile-high snow this year, as well as the obligatory trips to the mountains. I wanted to buy a second set of rims to mount winter tires on so I could simply switch them out in the garage as needed, without the hassle of scheduling and waiting at the tire place.

    I was originally sold on the Blizzaks, and may still end up with them, but the unique size of the 18" wheels puts us Swedish car lovers in a special group, including pricing. The Blizzaks have been the #1 rated tire for snow for the past several years, because their structure, which, for simplification, has a very soft compound which improves the ride, marginally improves the traction, but mostly makes them wear quickly (most high end performance tires, Pirelli and the like, are also plagued with soft compounds). Add that distinction to an AWD, very heavy vehicle, and you can expect two seasons with conservative driving. You can pick up a set of Blizzaks in the OE size of 235/60R18 for about $115 from TireRack. The new model is rated similarly, and, of course, more expensive,

    In shopping around, I have found that the Hankook I Pike is a little more aggressive, but STUDDABLE, the Blizzack is not. The Hankook is heavily siped, and actually looks as though it will handle pooled water better. Although no tire makes iced roads managable, a studded tire will help some.

    A word about Michelin (X-ice). If you can afford them, buy them. Hands down, the best tire on the market. The LTX M/S is a fabulous all-season (not quite as good as a true Winter snow tire in heavy snow). My '94 Toyota 4X4 is a tire eater, I put an honest 90,000 miles a set of LTX M/S on a vehicle that typically went through a set almost any other tire in 25,000. I didn't buy another set of the LTX because I don't expect the truck to go the distance (200k+ now) for the amount of $ another 4 would cost. Off-road, highway, snow, heavy Southeastern US rain, they never gave me any trouble. I can't wait for my existing Goodyear RS-A's to wear out, which shouldn't take long.

    So, now the wheels. In an earlier post, there was mention about not being able to mount just any 5-bolt wheel to the Volvo. They are completely right. Even the hub size is EXTREMELY important, as is the wheel offset, which is the measurement of the edges of the wheel with respect to where it attaches to the hub. You can calculate the adjustment for the wheel offset differences HERE. For the AWD owners, the wheel slips 1/16 of an inch before the computer starts shifting power, having the wheel fit perfectly is important to keep that system working properly. I looked for steel wheels, no such luck. I have found several alloy wheels in the 18" size, but the hub size is 65.1 (for the XC90, it's 67.1) Here is a very good article about getting wheels and tires for Volvos, including some important specs. I'm still searching, I may end up trying to find some more OEM wheels, but because they're so special, everyone is really proud of them, and not letting them go without a fiscal fight.

    Going smaller is an option, but not a good one. Smaller wheels/tires allow for more torque to be applied at the contact point, increasing the chance for slipping on slick surfaces, which is more important when a heavy vehicle is moving, than trying to get it started. It will affect the way the drive system is set up too, and the clearance problems will be significant (even with a replacement wheel of the same size, the offset can cause the wheel/tire to rub or make contact.

    Hope this helps. The Blizzaks are good, very good, but the Hankooks will probably last longer. The Michelins will probably be even better.
  • I realize your original e-mail was a year ago, but just wanted you to know how right you are about lehmans. I bought an XC90 new in 2004 and have added a S80 AWD this past year. They have done nothing but treat me right.
    Kurt :)
  • I am also having an alinment Problem with my Tires.
    But I am also hearing a Noise when I go over a depression in the Asphalt.
    I think that it can not be the Struts because they look alright.
    I dont want to Change my Tires Every year because they are Pirelli Scorpion ATR They Cost about 400$ ea . :mad:
    Can anyone Help me?
  • jondsjonds Posts: 6
    Has anyone tried "Kleen Wheels Brake Dust covers"? They're sold at Auto Barn and are supposed to keep the brake dust away from your wheels.

    Here's part of what they say:

    "Made of high strength aluminum alloy. This amazing product fits securely between the hub and wheel just like an inside hubcap. The patented turbo-venting design enhances brake cooling.

    They are very easy to install, (Fits in the wheel just like an inside hubcap), turbo vented, and most of all, they keep your wheels shiny clean. Once you purchase Kleen Wheels Dust Shields for your vehicle you will never have to scrub your wheels again!"

    If they work they are worth it, as I hate cleaning my wheels every week (should be more but don't want to spend more time than that). I'd love to hear if anyone has had any experience (good or bad) with these.

  • Hey I have actually tried those and they are very good
    I dont hate cleaning my rims but it seems that it is very good
  • Bought my 2nd Volvo this spring - a used 2005 XC90 T2.5 7-door AWD - in excellent condition but with 80,000 miles. I absolutely love my car!

    When I bought the car it was pulling slightly to the right so I had it aligned. There were fairly new but cheap tires on the car and those are the ones I am still using. I am not an extremely ruff driver, don't commute much but after about 7 month, I noticed that my right rear tire has extremely abnormal wear and is almost flat on the outer sides. The left rear tire is worn about the same as the front ones.

    I had Big O Tires look at it and they said that most likely I hit a curb or speed bump too hard and that could cause one tire to wear like this. Could be, but I am concerned that if I buy new tires now and then get it aligned, that it turns out to be something else and then I have to buy new tires again.

    My questions are, should I see a mechanic first to have him find out why only one tire is wearing this much before buying new ones? And second, what is the best recommended tire for my XC90 that will provide me with all the safety and comfort while still being cost effective? Micheline is expensive, but they are also well rated - the other tires I don't know about but if I can prevent spending $1000 for a set of new tires I like to do it - as long as I still get a long lasting good tire for it. Thanks for any advice!
  • Took my Volvo to dealer for regular maintenance and asked about the tire / alignment thing. They recomended I get Bridgestone tires and then have it aligned by them. They also found an angle gear leak and quoted me $1100 to reseal it. Grrr. My friend checked under the car and confirmed a minor leak but suggested I check with other shops to find a better repair price.

    Any comments / suggestions on that? New tires, alignment, leak repair ... here goes my Christmas present :sick:
  • I need to replace the OEM Michelin Pilot MXM4 18" tires with an all year round tire that is better in the snow than the Pilots, but hopefully without sacrificing any or much of the smooth ride. Does anyone have any thoughts on Michelin Latitudes? This is for a 2005 XC90 V8. Any other suggestions? Thanks.
  • rkvrkv Posts: 8
    I highly recommend the Nokian WR G2 Sport Utility. I also use a slightly larger than stock size of 255/55 R18. Excellend, cold, wet, and snow traction. I've had both the older Nokian WR and now the Nokian WR G2. The G2 is a significant improvement over what was a very good tire. I've only had the Nokian WR G2 for about four months now so can't tell much on wear but I do swear by them for winter months. They are definitely a bit more biased toward winter driving than most other all season tires. I've played with the idea of having a summer tire but on my 2003 XC90 V6, but thus far I've been running Nokian's for four years now. I also recommend Hunter Road Force balancing. It's worth it to seek out a shop that has this equipment.
  • jim314jim314 Posts: 491
    The 255/55-18 is 20 mm wider than the OE 235/60-18, but the same diameter at the tread (close to 29.0") , so the speedo/odo read the same and the tranny still sees the same wheel gearing.

    What was your thinking in changing to 255s?

    Do you have any rubbing when the steering wheel is at or near lock? Has the change to the wider tires reduced fuel economy by a detectable amount?

    How much heavier are the 255s than the stock 235s? Is the increased moment of inertia significant to the operation of the anti-lock brakes and DSTC?
  • rkv, Do the Nokias make the ride substantially more truck-like in non-winter driving? I'd sacrifice some ability in the snow for a comfortable ride. From my experience, I think almost anything would be better than the Pilots.
  • xc92xc92 Posts: 8
    Perrelli are the best!!!!!
  • xc92xc92 Posts: 8
    What di you ever find out form Pirelli? Anything from Volvo? Please let me know. Thanks
  • I just wanted to follow up to say I went with the Michelin Latitudes. Although they were just installed, so far I'm very happy. They are still very comfortable and quiet on dry pavement, which was my biggest concern and already I can see that they have better wet traction than the Pilots. My car seems to stick to the road now and braking in general is better. Thanks to all those who replied.
  • xc92xc92 Posts: 8
    Hi all,

    I have 18, 200 miles on my 2008 XC90 with the Pirelli Scorpion Zero Tires on it from the Factory. Yes, I did have to have an alignment done at the Dealer at around 17,000 but I do remember hitting a Parking Curb a little hard so I think that explains that. Just one of the tires had an extra wear on the outside...a Toe In-Out Problem...

    Since then the tires have been OK and I still have excellent wear left on the tires. I rotate every 3000 miles too.

    I just wanted to defend the Pirelli Tires a bit. I appreciate all the other owners' suggestions on what tire is a good replacement when the time comes. Amazingly enough the Pielli ATR's are less expensive than the Zero's and have a 50,000 mile Warranty. I never did find out what the raod warranty is on the Zero tire. Does anyone know?
  • Just ordered a set of Nokian WR G2 tires to replace the OEM Michelin's with 38k miles & worn on outer edges despite the alignment being checked several times.

    I asked about upsizing but the tire dealer says they have stopped this practice bacause of constant warnings from the manufacturers about voiding warranties, etc.

    So I am going with the 235x60x18r stock size for my 2008 XC-90.

  • Bought through mail order 4 235/65 x17 Toyo HT Open Country tires for $560, plus $80 mounting. Tough to find 104H rating. Rated for 60k miles, will get 40k. I think it is an excellent tire.
  • ole57ole57 Posts: 1
    What do you think about putting 245/65 R17 tires on '08 AWD XC90 instead of 235 size? Are Firestone Destination LE tires as quiet on XC90 as Pirelli Scorpion Zero?
  • xc92xc92 Posts: 8
    If you go to a larger size of tire Volvo will not warranty the tires nor any other problem with tire wear or alignment issue.

    I now have close to 21000 on my Scorpion Zeros and plenty of road wear left. Rotation is the key I think.

    I checked with America's Tire and Hankook is a good replacement option. 50,000 mile warranty and a "harder" tire than the Scorpion Zero. With a harder tire you may get more road noise though. The $ 109.00/per tire versus $ 140+ per tire is a big draw too!!!

    Call your local America's Tire for their advice. You must buy their Road Warranty on the tires also.....If one tire is non-repairable, on an AWD ALL the tires have to be replaced. The Road Warranty will cover that. I had a 2003 S 60 on a trip to Southern Oregon and ran into nails on the road.....Three Punctures!!! I called America's Tire and they said have the tire replaced and they will reimburse me. I had Michelin Tires and $ 130.00 later I was back on the road. America's Tires paid me when I arrived back home in Vancouver, WA. Good luck with your tires.
  • docnibdocnib Posts: 1

    If someone could please point me in the right direction it would be highly appreciate.

    What is the largest size rims and tires that could be use in this vehicle without voiding the warranty or affecting the vehicle performance. I have read most of the articles and I find the suggestions confusing and sort of vague.

    Thanks all

  • capriracercapriracer Somewhere in the USPosts: 854
    The largest tire and rim that can be applied to your vehicle without voiding the warranty is:


    Anything else is not original and can be a cause for a rejection for warranty.

    However, this is not to say that ALL of the warranty would be voided or that some of the warranty would be voided, but the warranty conditions ONLY apply to the original tires and rims and nothing else!

    So change tires and rims at your own risk!
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