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Chevrolet Blazer GMC Jimmy Transmission Problems



  • Hi. if you changed your transmission solenoid valves (all af them) there are two steps for blazer transmissions not shifting.
    If your problem is only the transmission try replacing the TPS. it could be the problem
    but if your problem is the transmission not shifting properly and some other electrical problems like door locks coming in and out alone, key does not come out easy, ect., you must replace the ignition switch. It is a cable coming from the ignition key lock going all the way below the wheel.
    You have to remove top and bottom cover from wheel to access the screws that need to be remove for the replacement. I did it without remove the wheel but you must be carefull othewise you can break the top cover
    The ignition switch (cable) cost is between $50 to $100, depend wher you buy it. You will need a Thor male drives or thor screw driver small sizes.
    I hope you can solve the problem
    I did it on my 97 Blazer after having it for one full year stopped
  • Veh: 78 K5 Blazer 350 trans np203 transfer.

    Short Story: A transmission shop lost my np203 transfer case. They want to replace it with an np205 but I would have to buy an adapter. They say that every thing else will be the same. If I insist, they will find me a 203 transfer case.

    I am the one who will have to take all of this home, assemble it and put it back it the vehicle.

    I'm a shade tree mechanic but I don't know squat about drive trains. I also don't have the money for parts.


    What is involved in this swap in terms of adapters, linkage, drive shafts, etc?

    Am I better off with a part-time gear driven or a full time chain driven.

    Any advice or suggestions you can give me will be greatly appreciated.
  • I have an 01 Tahoe sitting that just had a transfer case change now it will not shift the AT out of 1st gear. I am getting 2 codes 1637 and 1638. OK what and were do I look. :confuse:
  • While attempting to remove the cylinder lock, I barely moved the steering wheel and it locked. And the cylinder lock will not turn forward or backwards. What could be the problem? What is the solution to solving this problem?
  • I am having similar troubles with my Blazer. I haven't done any work to it, but I was driving and it was like it jumped out of 3rd into 1st at about 60mph. I checked my fluid and it was fine, and have drove it a couple times since. Someone told me that it may be a sensor or solenoid that might have went out that controls the shifting in the tranny, is this possible?
  • I was driving down the road about 50 mph. & suddenly the trans.acted like it was in neutral
    i coasted over to the side & i didn't have any gears at all, no foreward or reverse gears!
    I know it isnt the transfer case because when you put it to drive, you would hear noise from it,
    no unusual noises no matter which gear you put it in?
    Could this be the front pump going out, or possibly the torque converter,
    It was real strange, it went from fine to no gears at all just like that! thanks Would appreciate
    any input on this. Mike!
  • There are several input sensors that feed the computer, which controls a set of solenoids in the valve body. They are what actually do the shifting, along with the shift lever. All those solenoids require electricity, of course, and if the power gets interrupted by a bad contact in the key switch (where the power comes from) all sorts of weird things can happen. Having only 2nd and 4th gears, for example, or stuck in 4th when the shift lever is in Drive. But you can have bad solenoids too, especially the high pressure solenoid. There are some bugs in the original wiring harness in the valve body, and Chevy has a replacement harness that has two solenoids hard wired to it. But don't go replacing anything yet. Did the service engine soon light come on when you had this trouble? If so, take the car to a diagnostic place and have them check the DTCs (diagnostic trouble codes). They tell you exactly what it wrong. UM, well. most of the time. When my key switch went out, I got DTCs saying two of the solenoids were bad, but it turned out that they were just not getting power from the key switch.
    Hope this helps.
  • tony_7991tony_7991 Posts: 5
    edited December 2011
    Sounds a bit like my trouble. Can you remember if your speedometer keeps working? In my case, it was the speedo sensor.
  • i had problom shifting in 1 gear slipping and would not go in over drive i found problem on computer plugin .stand in front of blazer plug on left side on top let me now chevy1953
  • My son has owned this truck for a year and has just started to experience a "banging" noise when shifting from 2wheel drive to 4x4 high. There is a pause after the button is pushed and then a very loud bang which is felt thru the truck before the front differential engages. What can be the cause and how to remedy, anyone???
  • I got the same car. I understand what your talking about when u say the "First Ten". My car has the same issue where it only shifts just right in those first mins at the first start of the day. Get someone to check your codes. Mine was my 3-2 Shift Solenoid. I went to AdvanceAuto and got the part for like 30 something. The Solenoid just melts out in these type of trans. Just gotta drop the pan and unplug then replace. Very simple if you dont mind getting a bit messy. Good luck fellow blazer
  • Hello: I am having the same problem. What kind of problem did you find on the connector? Was it dirty, corroded, broken, or something else?

    My problem is intermittent and if it starts messing up I turn off the engine ad then re-start and normally the problem goes away.

  • Hi Eric,
    Are you experiencing the same 2 to 4wheel drive problems? If so, do you think it is an electrical(connection)problem? Need help to trouble shoot. thxs
  • did you ever figure out what the problem was with your blaz??? mine is doing about the same thing....HELP PLZ.
  • SAME PROBLEM HERE! Yesterday my trany went on the highway, for about a month ive heard a whining loud noise ONLY when I accelerate. Friends thought it was the brakes, altho I had 2 brake lines rotted thru. My gas gage hasnt ever worked, too costly to repair. Had problems with it sticking in 4wd/2wd, hubby fixed that. Now it needs some kind of shield thats gonna cost me 250, but in order to pass inspection IT NEEDS TO RUN! I am in BIG trouble without my vehicle. It's a 97 blazer with approx 180k miles. My friend owns a 98 thats in MUCH better shape, hoping to buy hers and transfer her trany into mine, but I have to hear what the shop has to say first. I feel your pain Blazer drivers, CONSTANT HEADACHES, and BIG ones.
  • mtmtntopmtmtntop Posts: 1
    95 blazer 4x4 4.3; seal went out while my wife was driving, ran it dry, but it still shifted into 1 and 2nd. i bought a used trans, which was identical but now i have no gears at all. I have checked to make sure flex plate is on right, pulled a radiator cooling line to make sure front mount pump working. when i installed, i had to pull the converter back out about a quarter inch to bolt to flexplate. i have run it to check the fluid. all these things check out. i hear a whirring noise no matter what gear i have it in, but the vehicle does not move. any ideas?
  • jayarmbarjayarmbar Posts: 1
    edited August 2012
    First off I am new to the forum. I did spend a couple of hours searching for my problem. I found a few that were close and I tried some of the solutins that were posted.
    I have a 99 Blazer automatic with the auto 4wd, 4 buttons 4.3 vortec.

    Last night I was driving home and heard a loud squeal and felt like I lost power. The engine was still running it just didnt feel right. So I parked it and left it overnight.

    This morning I got in started and Reverse does not work at all. I can go forward in all four gears 1,2,3 and D. I checked the fluid both hot and cold and it is fine. I disconnected the battery and tried to find the trans. fuse as was suggested in another post. I couldn't find the trans fuse so I just checked the onesthat the owners manual said were engine, selenoid etc. Still no reverse.

    I looked for the plug and neutral button but couldnt find them. There is what appears to be a kevlar plate from the front bumper almost all the way back to the back 2 doors. It has some type of oily fluid all underneath it.

    I am not a mechanic and don't know a whole lot about newer cars. I am not in a huge rush but I would like to use my only car.

    Thank you all in advance.
  • jmccannjmccann Posts: 11
    I don't have any suggestions for you except to suggest you take it to a transmission shop to have it diagnosed and possibly repaired, I have had similar problems with my Blzer but I lost all forward gears but still had reverse, I tried to pull the transmission myself and I did get it out but I had no confidance in putting it back in after it was repaired so I had a local shop do it, the bill was over 3,000 dollars and in hindsight I should have put the money into a newer truck in the first place. The transmission went out three more times after the rebuild but it was repaired under waranty, the final fix was turning up the pump pressure for firmer shifts, I am still driving it.
  • I have a 99 blazer 4wd. Just had the transmission and transaxle rebuilt maybe 6 months ago. Here recently I have had issues first thing in the morning. To me it feels as if it's not catching gear right away, but once it warms up the problem seems to go away. Fluid level is where it needs to be. I have talked to a few mechanics, the only thing I have heard is possibly the shift solenoid. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?? Will be much appreciated.
  • I have a '95 Blazer 4.3 Vortec, and everything seemed to be fine until recently the transmission started to slip. It seems when you gas harder on it it does not slip. There is also an approximate 2 or 3 second delay when shifting into drive...anyone have any suggestions?
  • jmccannjmccann Posts: 11
    I think changing the filter might take care of the problem for awhile.
  • try filling the truck with 93/94 octane for 1 or two tanks. i had the exact same problem whenever the truck tried to auto shift down. while USING CRUISE CONTROL, , as i started up the highway incline at 70 mph and the speed started slowing down, when the truck rpms at 2k didnt match up with the over drive speed it tried to shift out of overdrive, the truck started sputtering like it was running on 4 cylinders, or loss of compression the service engine light comes on, etc etc.
    next week i only used 93 octane, and octane boost (once) to clean out the engine. It worked,
    same highway, the truck slowed to 65 on the same hill while in cruise control. It made the hill at 65 without any problems.
    if the truck is not in OD it doesnt seem to happen. ANy way. its a defect with the truck, but its a cheap fix.
  • I have a 2003 Chevy Blazer 4dr LS 4X4. I am the 2nd owner and knew the 1st owners, an elderly couple that lived next door. I bought it in 2006 with 33,000 miles on it and have owned it for the last 7 years. Last year, my transmission went out with no warning, just slipped a couple of times, and poof, I suddenly lost my D & 3 gears, but still had R, 2, &1. I was in a rural area when it went, so by the time I got anywhere near civilization, you could definitley smell it burning. At the time, it had 117,000 miles, so I thought that it had earned the right to go. However, was a little disappointed that it didnt last longer, considering I've had the local GM dealership doing all maintenance on it as did the last owners! Since it had that many miles and due to age and limited budget, I purchased a salvaged transmission with a 1 year warrenty. All went well for 13 months, then again, in the middle of no-where, the vehicle starts doing its familiar "missing" which was actually the tranny slipping. Again, sure enough, this transmission as well as the first, both burnt up with little to no warning at 130,000 miles. I again, due to budget, mileage, and age went with another salvage tranny, and it immediately slipped and burnt up at 135,000. Keep in mind, I do no towing with vehicle, it is driven around my little city and I am single, so there is no hauling of anything but me. I am now on tranny #4 and would like to try and figure out why these trannys keep burning up. A friend of mine told me that the radiator on some vehicles help aid in cooling the transmissions. I dont know if its true, but it kindof makes sense to me, because mine always has smelled like "hot" antifreeze everytime a tranny has went. I also have always checked fluids in the vehilce regularly. They are always full and the color they should be, no leaks have been noticed or found, as it it always parked on pavement. Any words of advice????
  • i have a 2000 chevy blazer that is 4x4 automatic! the transmission will not shift automatically but if you shift it mamually it does fine! it only pulls on its on in low and second! if you try to take off in 3rd or overdrive its like its in neautral! have to take off in low or second and manually shift thru the gears! changed the solonoids and fluid and filter and didnt change anything! NEED HELP PLEASE! REX :( :( :( :(
  • I just bought a 00 Blazer. drove home ok just shifted hard from 1st to 2nd. Next day shifted fine then it wouldnt go into 3rd then nothing. on startup i can get it to 1st and 2nd for few mins then it wont go into any gear but park. i can shut off and restart and it will start process over. what can cause this?
  • This is just an educated guess but it might be your filter getting plugged up from debris from clutch wear in the oil pan, try changing the filter, you might get more life out of the transmission that way. Is it too late to get out of the purchase or have them repair it? If there is debris in the pan most transmission shops will try to sell you a rebuild and it probably needs it but just changing the filter might give you a working trans for many years. a fresh rebuild could improve your gas mileage depending on how bad it is slipping.
  • I'm up for the challenge! lol time to go buy a filter.
  • ok changed the filter and now when in drive it stays in 1st so i have to manually change to 2nd. when i try for 3rd it acts like in neutral still. what's next to try????
  • jmccannjmccann Posts: 11
    edited February 2013
    Well, the filter was my only suggestion, I looked at some forums after replying to your message and there was talk of solenoids there, was there much sediment in your oil pan?
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