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Kia Sedona Starting/Stalling/Idling Problems



  • mahabonemahabone Posts: 1
    Having similar problems with my 2004 Sedona EX. Starts cold every time (ie, first thing in the morning) but it won't turn over if the van had been driven withing the last 30-60 minutes.
    Power OK.
    Starting cranking like a champ.
    Runs OK once started, as well as one could expect from a KIA.
    I know I have a leak in the power steering. Mechanic said its a leak in the rack which would cost $1000 to fix. Same mechanic who charged me $500 to replace the PS pump and it only made it leak faster. I've been keeping the fluid topped off.
    The CHECK ENGINE light is one, so I took it over to AutoZone. Got a Texas Hold'Em flop of error codes:

    EVAP emission system - leak detected - large leak
    Probable Cause
    Faulty Fuel Cap (feels fine to me)
    Leakage in Emission System
    Faulty vent solenoid

    ECT sensor range performance condition
    Probable cause
    Poor electrical connection
    Open or short circuit condition
    Faulty ECT scanner

    Transaxle range signal malfunction
    Probably Cause
    Open or short circuit condition
    Poor electrical connection
    Misadjusted transaxle range switch
    Failed transaxle range switch

    Fuel temperature circuit range/performance
    Probable cause
    Poor electrical connection
    Faulty fuel temperature sensor

    Any idea which one could be causing the issue?

    TL:DR version - Kia Sedona won't start warm.
  • cherisa27cherisa27 Posts: 1
    A few months ago my van died, battery was dead so we replaced it, then about 3 weeks ago same thing, this time we were able to start it(randomly) and rushed to Oreily's where they said the alternator was bad, my husband took it apart(which im sure some of you know is a whole other story), and took both battery and alternator to 3 places ALL said battery and alternator were fine... While putting it BACK together he replaced the 3 top/front spark plugs, and one coil was snapped in 1/2, so we replaced that. The van will start, but after a good 6-8hours it has a hard time the 1st time I start it, shut off wait 10-20mins and starts normal, and after a few hrs everytime we start it the a/c is turned off... I have NEVER had to turn the a/c back on everytime I get in the car... We have 4 young kids so I havent actually taken the car anywhere, test drives around the neighborhood and it runs fine... Does anyone have any idea what could cause this or if the 2 things are even related???

  • Hi everyone!
    I have a 2005 Kia Sedona with 166,000 miles on it. I recently took her to a shop to have the timing belt replaced. 1,000 dollars and a new radiator timing is too high and the car now idles so high that when you stop at a light it tries to continue going. They also informed me that my van is now only running on 5 cylinders, pretty sure it was running on 6 when I gave it to them. Needless to say I decided not to let them touch my van again. I asked if I could get away with driving it for a few weeks with out getting it fixed due to Christmas costs, etc. and was told it should be fine. So, besides the high idling the van has rode great even though it has been sucking my gas like crazy.
    Here is my new problem: Yesterday I left work and the van drove fine, I drove to the bus stop and waited for 15 minutes with the van running like I do 5 days a week, this time after I had the kids I put the van in drive and it tried to stall out. I hit the gas quickly and it went. I drove all the way to the house and it died in the middle of the street, I coasted into park and tried repeatedly to get the van to start. Every time it would start and then immediately die. I waited about 20 minutes, went outside and tried again, same result. I cut off the stereo and heat and tried again. This time the car ran and did fine.
    I got out, checked all my fluids, battery, alternator and everything was fine (except my brand new radiator being empty). I drove it to an advance auto to have it checked out and I did not have the issue for the rest of the night.
    So today I woke up and started the van 20 minutes before I needed to leave. Got the kids packed into the car, put the van in drive and wallah! It went! I made it down the hill, around the corner, and to the busy intersection and it died. I could get it to restart only to immediately die if I did not have my foot pressed all the way down on the gas petal. Every time I tried to switch gears it died. I finally managed to get the car back home by keeping my foot on both the brake and the gas and slammed the car in reverse, it tried to stall out but I forced it back to my house in reverse, I did not want to be broke down or make the kids walk in 13 degree weather.

    I read a lot of the comments on here and saw that a lot of people had issues because a cylinder was bad (which I obviously have) and because of cold weather. I never had this issue until yesterday when it was 27 degrees, our weather has not really been below 50 until now. Im just wondering would the issue be fixed if I had the timing fixed or if it has something to do with my fuel? It seems like it is not getting any gas. I know timing has a lot to do with how much gas you get too, but you know how vehicles can be tricky...and I do not know a damn thing about cars.
    Please help!!!!!
  • applejoeapplejoe Posts: 5
    have 05 kia sedona am 3rd owner hving purchased used w/1000y where fom 5min-0 mi. present mileage 80000. intermitent starting problem, cranks but not turn over intermitent. stop for gas will not start again, just cranks. or stop for grocery or shopping and will not restart. have to wait 5min-30 min and will start right up. sometimes goes for days no problem. wife will not drive it having being stuck several times. been mostly trouble free since now. previous complaints before are lousy gas mileage and brakes that dont last. help aplejoe
  • applejoeapplejoe Posts: 5
    originally thought fuel filter was cause as it felt maybe filter was clogged or dirty since never changed filter from buying at 10,000 mi to now 80,000 mi. was told there is no in line filter like most cars but filter is in fuel tank. also since reading forum and others with similar problem , have started flicking lock unlock button several times and then try starting. can get started within 15 min. dont know if that did it or just got lucky. started saying a prayer each time i have to use the car cant hurt. am leaning to think computer or sensor problem. kia should issue recall if they want to keep customers. also peeved when purchased car if u are 2nd owner or higher original waranty of 10/100k is cut in half to 5/50. what kind of bs is that. waranty should be same until used up
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