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Chevrolet Tahoe Electrical Problems



  • postalqt37postalqt37 Posts: 3
    Hi..last Thursday my truck just turned off while driving it at a high rate of speed..could barely turn it to get off highway since it was in manual mode..Friday we replaced the battery and was told it could be an alternator problem still even though the diagnostics test said it was the battery..didn't drive it at all Saturday and Sunday it had no electricity at screen..tow truck came to jump me and it worked and he said the test he did says it shouldn't be the alternator either..haven't had any issues until now!!! Scared to drive it!!
  • fixmycar13fixmycar13 Posts: 4
    It may be the fuel pump. Same thing happened to me. One we replaced by the fuel pump, we never had the problem again.
  • rokforrokfor Posts: 4
    edited May 2013
    If your fuel pump goes bad, you will still have power, it just won't crank.
  • burned_twiceburned_twice Posts: 5
    edited May 2013
    Actually if the fuel pump goes, it will crank... Crank and crank and crank, but won't start... I've been through 2 fuel pump replacements... But a bad fuel pump wont get you the symptoms of the screen blacking out... That would only be something in the electrical system.. I'd be checking the ground connections. When they're flaky, can cause even the most unfathomable of symptoms..
  • qdurrettqdurrett Posts: 2
    My wife and I own a 2011 Tahoe ltz 2wd with the 5.3 with 73,000 miles with no previous owners. For the past few months my wife has stated there is a problem with the vehicle flickering the door locks, displaying msg (blind side alert) then a check engine light comes on for about 1x second, then the problem is corrected, the check engine light goes off and the vehicle is normal again. She drives 56 miles one way to work and is not uncommon for this to happen 2 or 3 times during that drive.

    I obviously concerned for her safety, I drove the vehicle and tried to get the vehicle to do the same for me and it did not. The next day, she took the suv to work and in the middle of an intersection the truck shut down on her, all lights on the dash lit up, the locks flickered, blind side alert msg as well as having a check engine light. While in that intersection she panicked, turned the truck off and started it again to get out of the intersection. She called me and I asked if the check engine light was still on, with her reply, "no." just in case the computer logged it, I had her push the onstar button and had them do a diagnostic on the vehicle not 2 minutes after the occurrence, and for them to tell me nothing was wrong with the tahoe.

    The next day, we noticed our dash was cracked and and was going to have that replaced on some dealer warranty funded programmed and I advised them of the problem. The service person looked at me as if I was stupid, mind you I know my way around under a hood pretty well.

    After having the new dash installed and picking up my tahoe, the service manager stated, "we found a misfire, we cleared it out and "reprogrammed" the computer". So to me, means they didn't find crap, and he told me that to appease me.

    On my way home the tahoe, finally messed up with me in the vehicle. This time at 60mph down the road the truck started to feel rough and shake, the locks flipped on and off, blind side zone alert msg, then the truck hick up, the transmission went bang (like a neutral drop feeling) the check engine light came on, then a half of a second later the truck was running fine. I watched the voltage gauge fluctuate from 10 volts to 18 volts back to 10 then back to 18. Fearing I was going to blow or cook the battery I stopped the vehicle and turned it off. I lifted the hood and saw miner corrosion on the positive lead.

    I started the truck back up and found the truck to running normal but I stopped and the nearest O'riely's Auto parts store and picked up a new battery. I got home and replaced the battery and cleaned tightened all leads.

    Yesterday the Tahoe still is doing the same thing, its been in the shop 2 times now with nothing fixed. Its the same almost every time. No check engine light.


    truck begins to idle rough or shake depending if you are stopped or traveling.
    locks engage then disengage
    blind side alert flashes across the instrument cluster
    if driving (a pop under the carriage) like a neutral drop
    check engine light for 1-2 seconds
    the volt gauge fluctuates from 10 to 18 volts
    then the truck runs fine.

    I have had a Denali, Yukon, and now this Problem Tahoe... not happy!!
  • spritemanspriteman Posts: 25

    There are a bunch of posts with this same problem in this forum. I've read most of them but probably not all. A lot of the folks have done a great deal of maintenance from changing out the battery like you to replacing the whole engine - that's a lot of dollars.

    The post that interested me was someone who had read somewhere else about a ground being corroded on the back of the engine. They replaced it and the problem cleared.

    I would recommend to you to do a search on this forum and get a feel for the different solutions and non-solutions that people have tried. It's definitely more than just a one-off problem you're having.

    Just one guys opinion.

  • qdurrettqdurrett Posts: 2
    I saw that about the yellow and black wire near the passenger back side of the motor. I have tried to locate that wire but am not able to. just curious if someone might be able to email me a snap shot of exactly where. I have been under and on top looking for it. Not sure if the year difference in the vehicle makes a difference.
  • qdurrett - I'm having exactly the issues you are having (2009 Tahoe Z71) and wanted to note that this is the first time I've read someone having the "if driving (a pop under the carriage) like a neutral drop" issue like I am. When I let my foot off the accelerator at around 35mph, as the vehicle starts to slow, it pops/rattles the drivetrain a few times. I also have an issue when coming to a stop where the rpm's ramp up and try to push the vehicle forward while I'm on the brake. I previously had the no start issue but cut the negative battery cable off and replaced it with an aftermarket and it's never had that problem again. I do still have the previously mentioned problems though along with...
    --Engine noise through speakers (all factory radio/Nav)
    --Radio power/display will cut on and off while driving and stability trac dash light and check engine light will flash on and off and the same time
    --Sometimes the locks will cycle when it goes haywire but that's maybe 20% of the time.
    I am working on replacing all my positive and negative cables with new grounds and connections to see if that repairs it. I'm just amazed at how many people are having these issues and there doesn't seem to be any TSB's or any urgency on GM's part to get a handle on it, especially when this should be considered a safety issue from all the stories I've read.
  • I had the same problem with my 2000 tahoe
    i changed the battery and multiple fuses come to
    find out it was the ground wire i had it replaced and
    wham all set. Try that it only cost me $40 and the truck
    sat for a month. Now i have a new problem it won't start
    but it is trying to turn over not like before where nothing
    worked except the interior lights. I changed the fuses but
    no good i do here the fued pump kick in but it takes a few
    seconds not sure if that's normal or not. Someone else said
    they had simular problems and it was the onstar module that
    kept the truck from starting. So i'm going to look into that.
    Let me know how it goes.
  • I took it to the dealer and he knew exactly what I was talking door locks going off and on while driving for no vehicle stopping while driving..turns out they replaced the battery cables which cost me $500 and said Chevy will not put out a recall to replace them since there probably aren't enough vehicles affected. I say [non-permissible content removed] since it was a safety issue while I was driving on the highway at a very high rate of speed and it just stopped and I had to physically steer the wheel as hard as I could just to get it off the road and luckily nobody was behind me when it stopped!!!
  • We bought this Tahoe a year ago from a dealership in Lancaster, WI. Up until a month ago, everything was great. Solid vehicle. Now though, all of the above described electrical gremlins have occurred. For my wife, this is very frustrating as our 2001 Suzuki XL-7 with 200k miles had less problems. We have an appointment with our Chevy dealer in LaGrange, KY this Friday to have the vehicle looked at again. It has 30k miles on it.
  • rackmountrackmount Posts: 1
    Joining this thread because having the exact same problem with a GM product, 08 Cadillac Escalade EXT. Repeated trips to the dealership with no solution as of yet.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    Hello rackmount,

    I am sorry to hear that you have had repeated issues with your Cadillac Escalade. If you would like for us to look further into this for you, please let us know. We can be contacted by email at [email protected] [Attn Amber].


    Amber N.
    GM Customer Care
  • Amber,
    What exactly does "look further into this for you" mean? If GM was actually concerned and wanted to look into this all they would have to do is read this forum of over 400 posts about pretty much the same issues and get a good idea of what's going on. This is only a small sample size on 1 website. There are many others as well.
    The truth is they know exactly what's going on and it is unfortunately going to take auto fatalities before someone really gets their attention on it. So in the meantime, owners will have to figure out most of these issues on their own with the help of each other or buy another product before their vehicle strands them or worse.
    It is really a disappointment to see such a lack of concern on these issues.
  • I agree unless there are some fatalities and lawsuits started then nothing is going to happen..even the dealer I went to said that they won't do anything because there aren't enough people with the problem.
  • Dealer has had the Tahoe for a week now with the technician using it as his daily driver with my blessing. Hasn't acted up yet. Will update again end of next week.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    Hello scottymac22,

    As GM Customer Care Advisors, our primary aim is to help individual customers get their vehicle concerns resolved. We are present on this forum, as well as others, and take note of threads where many owners seem to be experiencing similar concerns. If you are experiencing a specific issue, we are more than happy to document your complaint within our system and address any of your concerns to the best of our ability.


    Amber N.
    GM Customer Care
  • kmg10kmg10 Posts: 8
    edited July 2013
    I have a 2009 certified preowned Tahoe LTZ that I purchased in December 2012 with an extended warranty. I am having the problems of:

    - radio turns off and back on again (about 3 seconds)
    - abs light blinks during this time (about 3 seconds)
    - traction control light comes on sometimes (about 3 seconds)
    When those things happened I recorded the event on my iPhone ironically while going to the dealer to report this yet again. I showed the video to the service advisor. He said that they the tech still had to see the car do it! This was at Love Chevrolet in Columbia, SC.

    - at times when switching the car off, the doors will not unlock unless you switch the car on again or manually unlock the doors.

    - in late June 2013, one morning the battery was dead. Jumped the vehicle and took the battery to get it checked and it recharged fine after driving. No accessory was on at the time.

    -one time (July 7, 2013) while driving at 70 mph on the interstate. The lights started going off with bells and the radio reset as usual, but this time the speedometer went to 0 mph for about 3 seconds.

    - have taken the vehicle to dealer 3 times with problem. They have no clue.

    As of today, July 10, 2013, the vehicle has been at dealer for two days and counting. The dealers says that the technician has to see the problem. So, they are driving my car every day, while I pay the note and fill the tank with $85 of gas! What a good deal for them!!

    see the YouTube video for yourself:

    2009 Chevy Tahoe Dashboard Disco (the lights and bells go off wildly!)"
    The video is about 1 min. The disco is about at the end of the video.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    edited July 2013
    Hi kmg10,

    I'm sorry that you are having this problem with your vehicle at this time. I viewed your video, and can understand where your frustration is coming from. If you need any additional assistance with this matter please let us know. We can also be reached by email at [email protected]

    Amber N.
    GM Customer Care
  • kmg10kmg10 Posts: 8
    I most certainly will update the post in this thread! Thanks.
  • kmg10kmg10 Posts: 8
    Love Chevrolet in Columbia, SC called me back today and said that they could not see the problem. They called GM and said that GM said to replace the battery cables through the warranty. However, the electrical problem damaged the battery and they said that the charge is $150 plus labor to replace he battery. However, the electrical problem causes accessories to run the battery even after the ignition is off. They didn't care about it. They said the battery would be my cost. Go figure that! Sounds like "buck passing" to me!!
  • rokforrokfor Posts: 4
    Yea, that's not going to fix your problem. I recently found this technical service bulletin. I'm going to give it a try and see if it works, so I'll let you know.

  • kmg10kmg10 Posts: 8
    Good stuff. Thank you.

  • bran164bran164 Posts: 13
    Kmg10, I had the same problem with my 2008 silverado. I replaced the master fuse, ECM, switch in the steering column. After all of those the problems still existed. Finally broke down and took it to the dealer and they replaced the battery cables in October 2012 and haven't had a problem since then. Not sure if your truck will have the same result but I thought I would let you know of at least one success story. Take care and best of luck.
  • kmg10kmg10 Posts: 8
    edited July 2013
    Thanks for the heads up. They changed my battery cables today. We will see how it works. Thanks!

  • We got our Tahoe back yesterday with the battery cables and VICM (Vehicle Integrated Control Module) replaced. The technician was able to experience what we did while out driving and pulled three fault codes out of the computer; B1010, C0900 and B1325. What they found was the VICM shorting out internally. GM confirmed they have been experiencing issues with this and gave me a case # of 71-1201978849. Fingers crossed this fixes the issue.
  • sharemalsharemal Posts: 2
    Did you ever get this problem resolved? I'm having same issue.
  • ag75ag75 Posts: 8
    No, I never did. Ended up trading it in at a dealership. My mechanic spent many many hours and even took the time to talk to other mechanics that people on this forum were using to try to find a solution. After several thousand dollars and no help from GM we finally gave up. Our family was just not safe in the vehicle any longer.
  • sharemalsharemal Posts: 2
    I wonder how I can get in touch with Scuba_steveo on here. I'm actually having the same problem as him with the sporadic no start, everything is completely dead, and there is clicking in the door panels when this happens. We have to touch/jiggle cables on the baterry to get it going.
  • I have my 2002 suburban 1500 since new and luv it...very few issues until lately. I have the same issue with the accessories running the battery down with ignition off. It's been troubleshot to the stereo system and confirmed by pulling the fuse. Not sure how replaceing battery cables would help. Does anyone have some advice? Thanks
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