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Hummer Maintenance and Repair



  • zyzzxzyzzx Posts: 2
    I have a 2006 H3 purchased in 2005. I had the same problem. I took it to the dealer right before my warranty expired. The molding is defective. The dealer replaced the left front molding and the problem was resolved. I also have a right front seat rattle which I never fixed. I should have also taken care of this problem while under warranty.
  • thanks for the reply and i'm positive that will remedy my problem. sure sounds like it. can you recall which front molding they replaced? i'm afraid they won't be able to properly test it cause the local hummer dealer is quite a distance from an interstate where they can hit the higher speeds. and it sure would help if i could pinpoint which molding was defective. thanks.
  • can you recall WHICH LEFT FRONT MOLDING THEY REPLACED? i'd like to pinpoint it for them cause the local hummer dealer is located a distance from an interstate to get it up to speed to hear it? thanks much.
  • zyzzxzyzzx Posts: 2
    I do not recall specifically as I did not keep the receipt. However, I do remember that this was a frequent problem with the H3. To the best of my recollection it was the left front window railing molding. The noise only occurred under freeway conditions after I reached a certain speed. However, all you have to do is report the problem and the dealer will replace free of charge under warranty. My was done at Cerritos Hummer/GMC. Sorry about the late reply but this is the first time on this site since after I bought my vehicle.
  • thanks much. that sure helps and i'll contact the local hummer dealer. i would have guessed the windshield molding cause am not really excited about the way it seems to fit as far as a couple gaps go. unfortunately he's about 75 miles away. i hope he knows what he's doing cause at that drive i don't wanna go back and forth and have him stroke me. i'm taking it into a lpcal chevy dealer tomorrow to have the right rear exhaust manifold bolt replaced as the head has popped off which i understand has been a bit of a problem for them. i hope this vehicle doesn't become a money pit. i've only had it for a month and i really like it but i damn sure don't enjoy hanging around servcice repair shop waiting rooms and the warranty is up in june. thanks again.
  • Current owner of a H2 2005, was involved in minor front end collision, need a new hood, and am being told by Hummer there are none to be had. Have contacted Hummer customer service at headquarters, have received three phone calls informing me they are aware of my need but have no updates as to when the H2 line will be reactivated to produce parts. Is anyone else experiencing this, what are my options, not exactly a satisfied customer as I can't get parts.
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    I wouldn't hold your breath. :(

    AM General who designed and still build the HMMWV and used to produce a civilian version (the original HUMMER or H1), also assembled the H2 for GM on a separate production line.
    Alas, no longer. As you probably know, the Hummer brand is in the process of being sold and that production line was closed down some time ago.
    When the sale is finally concluded it's unlikely the new owners will be producing new H2s, let alone spare parts for old ones.

    While it's possible one might turn up on eBay or at the back of a closed dealership, I suggest if you want to get back on the road quickly you might consider a secondhand hood.
    They don't usually rust and in the worst circumstances it could only be two years older than the one you have now, but probably a lot newer.

    Good luck.
  • Three and a half years and thirty-six thousand miles and the blizzard driving in December required the A pillar to be retaped to end that noise. No rock crawling, still leans to the left, torsion bars never cranked and it was bought before the ten grand discount days.

    However, one dealer wanted to bend the aluminium heater pipes at the fire wall to end that nasty at idle in gear noise that started a year or two ago. Second dealer taped the plastic trim, shimmed the heater core mounting nuts and bent the pipes. The quiet lasted for a few days. Other forums mention cable ties and extra foam. Soaked the foam in GM superlube and straightened the pipes (muffled the noise). Haven't driven it yet but Better_Half isn't complaining.

    That blizzard driving had me remember old posts about the useless defroster and wipers. Bought cheap anco at wally's and am considering a twelve dollar twelve volt heated fan from harbor freight if any winter driving is considered. To be fair I was not the only one leaning out the window or stopping to clear the ice from the window and the blade. Funny, the passenger side let Better_Half tell me if we were anywhere near the hidden paved road.

    Hard to get the keys to her Blue_Beauty. No sweat we both also enjoy Blue_Rubi.
  • thanks for the feedback. i did end up going the dealer and they put on new A frame windshield moldings and that did the trick.
  • Investigated a lot of pads. Reread posts about factory pads being the best. Considered thermoquiets because wagner states they use oem pad material but use their unique plates with holes and antisqueek. Went to the big local chevy/hummer dealer and parts guy gave me a price break on that huge full retail price. Kinda nice, the box comes with all new mounting parts. Both axles wore down the same. Still a premium price over aftermarket but I didn't have to special order any kits from the local auto parts store.
  • My 2008 H3 at 42k miles is at GM dealership. Running rough at idle but Onstar diagnostic did not catch when I asked them to check engine. Now dealership says its the cylinder head and replaced it under warranty. Also said to do the oil change, clean throttle and fuel injector for a total of $350. Anyone else having cylinder head issues? Should they have included the "cleaning" under warranty when they replaced cylinder head?? I'm a girl that knows Nothing about trucks but after a week in service they didn't know what was wrong and I "googled" and found lots of other people having same issue...duh, why didn't dealership know this immediately? Not real confident in the service department at Tustin GMC
  • These are good questions, Gloria1960,

    Warranty coverage on the 2008 H3, as your service department states, does indeed cover the cylinder head. However, the fuel injector does not fall under the warranty, nor does maintenance. If you would like for us to assist you in working with the dealership, we would be happy to do so. Please email us more information, including your name, the last 8 digits of your H3's VIN, and the name of your dealership.

    GM Customer Service
  • Sarah,

    I guess I look at this very much like a garbage disposal. If the disposal (cylinder head) is properly working then the line (fuel injector) would not be clogged or need cleaning. I understand maintenance is not covered however, due to the fact the "cylinder head" was not working properly then the throttle & fuel injector may not need to be cleaned either. I've already spoken to someone at GM Customer Service and she is assisting me. Thanks. As a member of "GM Family" (6 siblings work for GMC in Michigan) I just think if a part is not working properly and has to be the lines that connect the part to the engine should be "cleaned" as part of the process of replacing a part that is irregular.
  • I guess vibrations can be like shocks. The head is good, the motor mounts were not so. Got a new thermostat. Like having a gm extended warranty thru most of next year. Always looking though. Hoping a new trailblazer is true to its name and under 200" in length. Unlike most people around here, ours get the garage.

    Considered a new grand cherokee especially after Motorweek reported no trips to the dealer. Was on the table after reading the story about the great engineering team for Fiat getting the eight speed working. Then learned about all the transmission plants clustered in Indiana. And read the truck plant unrest over quality. Remembered the seventeen hour assembly time for a jeep. Remembered GM Lordstown and line speed. Then saw the grand cherokee getting the new nine speed. Is the same man in charge of the nine speed - don't know. Don't want direct injection. Save diesel for the trucks who need it. Would take a supercharger over a turbo anyday. Yeah, keep Blue Beauty.
  • Unlike the jeep didn't replace the bill stines with kyb but bought factory shocks. What an improvement. Then I found the receipt for the old shocks showing a 6/2008 purchase. Time flies and who knows how many years ago I should've replaced the bill stines.
  • I don't think it's you're front molding as much as you're transfercase. My '05 Chevy 1 ton does that loud roaring noise at around 90 km/h, or 55 mph. I replaced the entire front end out from the truck, and it's still there. My friend who knows more about these GMT-800's said that everyone thinks its a molding or a ball joint, or a a-arm, but 90% of the time it's the t-case. Hope this helps, with the Hummer line finished
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