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Hyundai Tucson Maintenance and Repair



  • Thanks Steve, I will examine the online documentation. I have already decided to get prices from other local dealers.
  • My Elantra belt (same engine) cost $350 to replace in upstate NY. The maintenance schedule is in your manual that came with the car - I go by that.
  • tucson07tucson07 Posts: 5
    -is that our vehicles are so relatively "problem-free" that when we do go in for service they have to make as much profit as they can by adding services. I went in recently with 31,000 miles on my '07 Tucson (also in NoVa) for State Inspection, Coolant Replacement and Oil Change. Before the work was done, they came into the waiting room twice trying to convince me that I needed brakes (even though they passed inspection, cabin air filter, valve adjustment, and the kicker...nitrogen in the tires! I politely declined on all but the look on the Service Writer's face was pure disappointment. I make it a point to edcuate myself with the Tucson's Scheduled Maintenace before I go in just so that I'm prepared to counter each of "their" recommended services. They always do it so be prepared.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    nitrogen in the tires!

    Next time be sure to remind them that your tires are already 78% filled with nitrogen! :)

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • 90,000 KMS and rear end is buzzing....any ideas?
  • specialkr4specialkr4 Posts: 1
    Today I brought my 2008 Tuscon in for an Oil Change, the car has 14,512 miles on it and I purchased it new in October of 2008. When I checked in for my appointment the service manager suggested that I get the 15, 000 mile service on it which I declined due to time constraints. I made an appointment for early June to have it done.

    When they were finished with my car, the Service Manager again reminded me of the 15, 000 mile service but then told me that it also needed an alignment and the fuel injection system needed to be flushed and cleaned. On my receipt it says. 15 K Service Injector and Throttle Body Service Align. So it he suggested that I do all this today to the tune of $429.95. When I expressed my surprise at the cost and the fact that I have only had the car 8 months, he asked me if I bought it used and when I said no, he said well it does have 15 K miles on it but I can knock $65 off the price for you. Again I declined and mentioned that we'd do it during my appointment in June but I don't want to shell out that kind of money if I don't have to. According to the Edmunds Maintenance Guide, there is nothing like this on there.

    My thinking is that this is unnecessary service that they were trying to coerce me into, but I want to be sure. Does my car really need this service at 15K?

    This is my first Hyundai, I have always driven Toyotas before and have never had this high a service in the first year of ownership.

    Any insight is much appreciated.

  • mwatoceanmwatocean Posts: 2
    Here's a question. Is your esp okay. My mileage went down and then there was a recall to reprogram the automatic braking system to prevent rollovers. Once they reprogrammed that, it was back to normal.

    Just a thought.
  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Posts: 2,242
    A very, very good mechanic gave me some sage advice regarding alignments. To wit; With the tires all aired up to the proper inflation, if there is no unusual wear, the car is not pulling to either side, and the car is tracking straight down the road, why do you think you need an alignment?

    I rotate my tires every 5k and keep the tires aired up. Have only had alignments done when a part wore out and had to be replaced.
  • jdyer79jdyer79 Posts: 1
    I have had this problem also over the course of 4 and 1/2 years. I have had the ac fixed numerous time and now I am trying to use the Lemon Law for help. I would advise you to keep all documents and make sure that every bit of info is correct on all documents. luckily I am a control freak and keep all of my paperwork. Good luck with this. I have had a short in the system, compressor fixed, the evaporator coil. and the compressor again. (also the sytem has ben evacuated and recharged alot) Good luck and keep a positive attitude because you get more flys with honey!
  • 1goddess21goddess2 Posts: 1
    Here in charleston, s.c. for my 2006 Tuscon they wanted +300 for the 32,000 suggested services and a whopping +700 dollars service for 60000 miles. I told them no thanks, and I am glad I printed out the edmunds guide you recommended. Now I know what needs to be absolutely done and I have a better idea. Thanks!!!!!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Thanks for the update. I've been tire-kicking an Elantra Touring so I called the Hyundai service department a couple of days after the test drive to see how their rates compared to the maintenance guide. I asked about a 5 year old Elantra sedan and asked how much for the 60k timing belt service.

    I was pleasantly surprised when the service writer quoted me a price not too much higher than the guide, and he even told me it was too soon to worry about a water pump at those miles. Lots of places would try to upsell you the pump "since they are in there anyway."
  • I have a Tucson diesel. I have had it serviced at 10,000 km and 15,000 km. I was getting ready to take it in for a 20,000 km service when I noticed in the owners manual that my service intervals are 15,000 30,000 45,000 and 60,000 kms. Is it correct that I don't need a service or oil change until 30,000 km ????
  • I looked at Edmunds maint for my 2007 Tuscon V6 and it said I should pay approx $165. I called my dealership and 2 others in my area and the lowest I could get was $355 all the way to $495. INSANE. All they are replacing is oil, oil filter,air filter and a coolant flush. Everything else is just checking things. So my question is this, where can I take my tuscon to get service then? I have read that getting an oil change anywhere else will cause problems since they do not have the specific oil and air filters Hyundai requires. I do not know how to change oil, but I think I can change air filter pretty easily. I know I can go to local Brake shop to have pads checked, and tires at good-year. This is unreal. I would love to go to one place to do all, but I don't want to screw up my warranty by using wrong parts.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    You could try the Local Services tab above to find an independent mechanic. Or try the mechanic's files at Click and Clack. You can tell the mechanic to go to Hyundai for OEM parts or swing by the parts department yourself and take them to the mechanic.

    But I really don't know why you couldn't get oil and filters at a parts store. Manufacturers ordinarily can't require you buy branded parts, per the Magnuson-Moss warranty act.
  • tucson07tucson07 Posts: 5
    edited March 2010
    Dealer Service Departments are not in business to service your vehicle, rather they are the MAJOR profit-center for the dealer. "My" Dealer, Browns in Manassas, VA told me I would get "FREE" tires for the life of my car as long as I had my maintenance done there...which I did including oil changes, serpentine belt replacement, etc. etc. However when it came time to replace my tires they said "NO, because I had not done every scheduled and unscheduled maintenance with them". What that meant is they wanted to see me at 15, 30 and 45,000 miles at $500+ per visit just to "check" the items on the list...and that didn't include replacement or repair if needed. So bottom line is that those tires weren't going to be FREE...they fully expected me to pay DEARLY for them in unnecessary shop visits. SCAM? Perhaps not, just a crafty way to jack-up profits.
    My recommendation is to get a couple of quotes and try to get your Hyundai Service Dept meet that price. That way you're covered IF you ever need to take advantage of the Warranty and save money too. It's a dilemma but the Dealers know their prices are inflated and can discount if approached in a nice manner.
  • Is it a requirement to get the maintenance work done at a Kia dealership? If so then this may be a deal killer for me.
  • I meant to ask is it required to get all of the maintenance work done at a Hyundai dealership?
  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Posts: 2,242
    edited April 2010
    I will start by saying that I have a very good relationship with my Hyundai dealer and have dealt with them for several years. But I can give you some good ideas on how to save service costs.
    Buy the oil filter at the dealer, then buy your oil and do it yourself if you can. Keep a folder with your reciepts "just in case". You are not required to have the car maintained at the dealer to keep the warranty intact, but you do need to do the recommended maintenance.
    If you are going to have the dealer do the oil changes, check their web site for coupons. Most will have one.
    If the car is tracking straight, not pulling to either side, and the tires are wearing evenly, guess what? You do not need an alignment. Cars do not need routine alignments. They may need alignment after you really clobber a pot hole or curb, and after some steering or suspension repairs. Some dealers have tried to make an alignment a maintenance item. It is not.
    Brakes are a high profit item that many folks do not understand. Very simple; if the car is stopping normally, there are no unusual noises or pulling while braking, you don't need a brake job. Want to know how to tell if your brakes are getting near the replacement time? Look at the fluid level in the master cylinder. As the pads wear, the level goes down. If it looks like the fluid level is obviously below the full mark on the master cylinder reservoir, have the pads checked.
    It amazes me how many friends have brought cars by for a "second opinion" after being told they need $100's of dollars worth of brake repair, only for me to check them out and find nothing wrong, and easily tens of thousands of miles worth of brake pad left. You cannot determine how many miles you will get on a set of brakes without considering the type of driving being done. A car that spends it's days in stop and go traffic may be up for a brake job in 20K. That same car driven primarily on the highway may see 80K miles before a brake job.
    Radiator flushing is something that only needs to be done where the change interval on the antifreeze has been seriously neglected. Where long life antifreeze is used, a 60k or 4 year change will keep the cooling system clean. For "regular" antifreeze, 24K or 2 years has always kept things clean. Just remember it isn't the antifreezing properties you lose, it's the anti corrosive chemicals that break down.

    Read your owners manual and maybe even pick up a book on car maintenance. Certainly not all dealers and shops are dishonest, but it will help you spot the ones that are.

  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Posts: 2,242
    Has anyone had problems with no subwoofer output in their Tucson Ltd? Even if I crank the bass to the maximum, there is almost nothing coming out of the subwoofer. This is the radio with the Nav system.

    I went back to the dealer and asked to check another vehicle on the lot, and guess what? No output from the subwoofer. Checked with the shop and was told that another customer had also complained of "weak bass" and they were trying to get information from Hyundai. I know something has to be wrong when the radio in my Elantra Touring has much, much better bass response than the much more expensive Tucson Ltd. :confuse:
  • tucson07tucson07 Posts: 5
    I've got an '07 Limited and notice that the Subwoofer is only really evident when I play a CD and has very little output from an FM signal. I too played with all the Audio settings to no avail. But no worry...there's usually some urban cruiser in traffic within a quarter mile of me shooting enough bass from their stereo to rattle my molars.
  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Posts: 2,242
    Well, with only 4K miles on the 2010 Tucson Ltd, the compressor locked up. Lots of belt smoke, stalled the motor, and on a mid-90's day, no less. Happened when SWMBO got in the car after work and tried to drive home.

    Now, I could be ticked, as could she, but I am going to look at it this way. The company that made that compressor makes thousands everyday. Stuff happens. But how the dealer handled it made it much better. Got the car straight into the shop and checked it out. Compressor front bearing failed, blew the seal, smoked the belt, etc. Mind you this was at 5pm. They checked the local dealers to see if anyone had a compressor in stock. Nope, not on this model. So they are having one air freighted in, put my wife in a brand new Elantra, told her they would call as soon as her car was ready, just asked that she bring the Elantra back with as much gas as it left with. Seems fair enough.

    And the service writer, service manager, and shop foreman all came in and apologized that she had a problem with the car and that they couldn't fix it right then and there. That, my friends, is the difference between a good dealer and a bad dealer, regardless of brand.

    I will let y'all know how it all turns out.
  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Posts: 2,242
    Well, there isn't a compressor for the 2010 Tucson in any parts distribution center in North America. One is being shipped in from South Korea. In the meantime, the dealer has the car, and wife has a free loaner to use as she wishes. They just asked that there be no pets or smoking in the car. She doesn't smoke, and Snoopy can live without a cruise for a while, so no prob.
  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Posts: 2,242
    Final update: Compressor came in over the weekend and repairs were completed yesterday. Blow ice cold, and the compressor is very quiet (as it should be). SWMBO is happy to have her "Grasshopper" (Kiwi green) back.

    And as any married guy knows, if momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. :)
  • jaimep1jaimep1 Posts: 1
    I have a question for anyone that knows more about cars than myself. I have a 2005 Tucson 4 cylinder today while driving with the AC on, all of a sudden I lost power steering, the battery and brake light came on and it smelled really bad. It still drove. Once the AC was turned off the pwr steering came back and the lights went off on a second trial turned the AC back on and the same thing happened. Any advice would be great thanks!
  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Posts: 2,242
    A/C Compressor is locked up. Time to replace it, no way around it unless you want to go without A/C. When you turn on the A/C with a locked compressor, the belt starts slipping, giving you the burned rubber smell. If you keep trying the A/C, the belt will get thrown off the pulleys.

    Sorry to deliver the bad news, but that is the way a compressor fails. Bearing goes out, and the thing locks up.
  • chapusinchapusin Posts: 19
    edited November 2010
    Meeeeeeeee, I was looking into adding a custom subwoofer and amp to my tucson when I remembed it already has one in the back. Problem is it doesn't work!! I just did some tests, I sent all the audio to the back and literally put my ear on the subwoofer and I could barely hear any bass coming out (even if the audio is sent to the front a signal is delivered to the sub so it didn't matter). I am very dissapointed with this, I really need Hyundai to fix this, we paid extra for this premium system that actually sounds like crap.

    Here's another interesting thing, I was reading the manual and there's an option under setup called power bass boost or something, but it is only available on the non-navigation stereos. Changing the bass levels doesnt really work as this changes the bass level on all the speakers and creates distortion. My old civic had an option to adjust the stock subwoofer separately from the regular speakers.

    Oh and according to some websites, there should be an external amp. I wonder where it is. I'll check under the seats tomorrow. Hopefully it has a knob to adjust it but the dynaudio on my gti also has an external amp and it doesnt have any knobs.
  • My Tucson is less than 6 weeks old and in the shop 4 times. The last 3 for a coolant leak. First time nothing was found, next time down to an O ring, this time they think it is the same O ring so they are replacing everyting the ring come into contact with. Wierd thing is it takes about a week after a fix for the problem to re-occur.

    Dealer is being very nice. Loaner car, apologies, but I am sick of returning the car. It's a Iris Blue Limited with Nav. I like the car, just wish I could drive it.
  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Posts: 2,242
    Agree that such a thing is frustrating, but at least the dealer is taking care of you. And doing the right thing by replacing the fittings for the o-ring. Sometimes you get a fitting that isn't quite right and the o-ring will last for a while before leaking.

    Hopefully, this will take care of the problem.
  • HI i own a hyundai Tucson 2006 diesel 4 wheel drive. I would like to know if anyone knows the oil consumption rate of this model as my oil level is going down really fast. The dealer is telling me it is normal and that the car consumes 1 litre with every 2500km is this true
  • In the past 5 days I have experienced a problem with my 2007 Hyundai Tucson. The 1st time, I thought something was wrong with the brakes because at 40MPH I had to stand on the brakes to get it to stop. It only happened once that day. That night I brought it to my local repair shop to have the brakes checked... and they were PERFECT! I considered it an anomoly... now today, I was pushing on the gas pedal at 25MPH trying to go faster and it just wouldn't go!!! It was like I wasn't even pushing on the gas pedal at all!!! I had to pull over to let other cars go by because I was just limping along. Anyone have any ideas??? No check engine light or anything.... and now its back to running perfectly....
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