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Inifiniti FX35 and FX45 Maintenance and Repair



  • Infiniti of Chantilly (VA) dealership (30 miles from my home) got me to buy by offering to keep my car there for free when traveling out of nearby airport. Great deal. So when I needed regular maintenance (oil change, tire rotation) just before a vacation, I called to schedule an appointment and let them know they had 2 weeks to do it. Problem was, when I returned, no maintenance had been done. When we dropped it off, my husband had asked them to check a mirror adjustment issue and tire pressure -- so that's all they did. Ignored my maintenance order from a few days earlier, and only listened to his additional request. To top it off, I bought the car myself, not with my husband. That's how they treat women customers??.
  • Hello,

    I've got a new FX 35 (about 6 months old). Just the other day I noticed that on the rear bumper, below the painted portion, so the black matte plastic area (if you have an infiniti like this you'll know what I'm taking about) there is a small sort of ding/gouge. It looks like someone probably hit this area with a sharp license plate hook or hanger of something of that sort.

    Anyway, this is a big unusual. Does anyone know of anyway to repair this type of damage. If it was painted, it could be sanded down and fixed, but since its' on this sort of 'black plastic' area, I'm not sure how to address it.

    Any ideas?
  • Hi,

    Got a question. I noticed on my new FX 35 2009 that when I reverse the driver side mirror auto adjusts down to look at the curb, but the passenger side does not move. Is that how it's supposed to work? That seems odd to me as you're always against a curb on the passenger side, not the driver side, not sure why you would even need the driver side mirror to move at all.
  • I am entertaining purchasing a 2006 FX35 WITH 75K MILES. What should I be concerned about as far as this vehicle? Repair/Maintanence Cost? Mileage? Most importantly common defects on this vehicle? Should I purchase and extended warranty on it as well? :confuse:
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    You may also want to have a look at Extended Warranties.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • I've been really happy with my '03 at 80k - very strong mechanically and performs great. Although I've had to replace a door lock motor ($260+ for parts) and the hatch lift struts ($83/piece)... it's easy to work on, but parts do seem expensive. It gets about 18MPG avg, decent for a SUV. Warranty probably wouldn't cover the minor stuff, and I don't worry about it mechanically - the drive train is incredible.
  • Kingandy, I just talked to the dealership and they want $600 to replace my rear hatch struts ($278 for the parts). How easy is it to do yourself?

    They already replaced these at 3 yrs on the vehicle and those replacements lasted less than 2 years with less-than-stellar performance during that time. I am not interested in paying $600 every two years.

    TIA for your input.

    Wileyearn, if you are still looking, I have had some weird small issues (mirrors, seats not always adjusting to the correct positions or even their motors going out) but they were fixed easily while under warranty. It will be interesting to see how things go off warranty. My biggest issue was the fuel line disconnected an hour into a weekend road trip. It was fixed while we took a loaner car on our trip.

    As far as the gas mileage discussion goes, my computer reads 19.5 or 19.6. Used to be lower when I did hilly driving and city commuting.
  • Happy to help. I used strutwise, and can't recommend Frank's service He charged me 40/strut to repair the old struts - and it takes about 15 minutes to swap out the two struts (just 4 bolts).... my wife and I did it in an evening. The only thing kind of hard, is it takes about 4-6 weeks to get them back because he's in Canada and customs is really slow! He actually turned them around in 1 day.

    So, if you can manage driving around for 4 weeks or so with a really heavy tail-gate - it's a fair trade-off in my opinion. The struts have been working great for the last 10 months. Good luck!
  • Did anyone ever address this? Only one side goes down, and you can choose which side by moving the switch that chooses the mirror that you want adjusted. If you want neither to go down, you can put it in the middle neutral position. Personally, I have the passenger side go down, as I can see better on the drivers side, but I wish they both went down. And I wish they would automatically fold in when parked.
  • myobmyob Posts: 51
    Old thread, I realize. But I had heard a few bad comments on Gwinnett and decided to buy a preowned G35 elsewhere. Just called for my first sched 2 service (minor) on the g35 and it was a whopping $32 for the oil change at Infiniti of Roswell. They were also straightforward during the sales process. Not quite as good of prices, but I'm sure the other guys make it up on service and other things.

    Btw, as a former BMW and Saab owner, I have to say this is a pretty darn good car for the money. Fast, handles well, brakes great, comfortable, and maybe only falls behind a little in the looks dept. Even that is pretty decent.
  • Thanks for the info. My tailgate already completely lacks assist from the struts, so no problem removing them for a while. Will have to get on it. Thanks again for posting.
  • susanfxsusanfx Posts: 1
    I have an '06 FX35 that will start right up 90% of the time but the other 10% will take 2-3 tries before it starts. The engine turns over but just doesn't start. I have had the battery replaced, an after market alarm removed (it was draining the battery), the B2 cam sensor and ECM replaced and finally the IPDM Fuel Pump relay replaced this past week. I was assured this fixed the problem but when I went out yesterday, the car wouldn't start again. When I take it in to the dealer it usually takes one to two weeks before they can replicate the problem before diagnosing. Has anyone had a similar problem that was fixed? :confuse:
  • nolicnolic Posts: 11

    I've owned my 2004FX35 AWD with sport package for almost 6 years now and currently have about 80500 miles. Very happy with it and has not given me any problem except for the gas mileage consumption. I used to average 16 MPG but now it's down to 14 MPG. Tires are Bridgestone Dueler Alenza H/L (275/45/20) inflated to 34 PSI and used full synthetic (5W30) every 7500 miles. Does anybody have any recommendation to improve gas consumption? Any advise is appreciated.
  • Just bought an fx35 5 months ago after returning a bmw 525xi at lease end. very happy with the vehicle so far. The salesperson advised to use regular gas. What is everyone using....the filler tank read use premium gas only. Any thoughts?
    The regular gas works pinging. Will the lower octane damage the engine?
  • texasfx35texasfx35 Posts: 65
    I have an '04 FX35 with about 85K miles on it. I used mid-grade for about six months out around 15K. Started having some engine roughness. Dealer said the cause was probably due to the lower octane. I switched back to premium and have never had another problem.

    Do the math. If you use 1000 gal/yr and pay $0.30/gal more for premium over regular, that is only $300/yr. Why would you want to use low octane fuel that may cause deposits to build faster in your $45K automobile? In addition, I believe I get slightly better MPG using premium than mid-grade. It just doesn't seem cost efficient to use a non-recommended fuel grade.
  • dantedante Posts: 92
    I have a 2004 FX35 with 25,000 miles. Have always used medium-grade, runs perfectly well, no problems. Knock on wood. Still love the car (I have the sport package with the 20 inch wheels). Grips great, plenty fast, and good utility for what it is. And don't like the new re-design of the car so am keeping this one for a while... Good luck. Jon.
  • I also have an '04 FX35 with about 95,000 miles and have also always used middle grade (89 octane) gas. No problems at all. It runs fast and true. I get about 18mpg no matter how I drive, back roads or highway. Love the car! And I don't like the new redesign either, though I do like the upgraded dashboard layout, it's very similar to my wife's '07 M35X.
  • nolicnolic Posts: 11
    I also have the same SUV (2004 FX 35 AWD Sport) and right side mirror is moving very slow. Did you ever find out what is wrong? Is it an electrical problem or maybe, the mechanism inside the rear view mirror may need some kind of lubrication. Please let me know.
  • dantedante Posts: 92
    Sorry, never figured it out and since I am the only driver of my car, once the mirror is set it always works for me. Weird thing is that my driver seat memory now doesnt work, at least the front and back feature, everything else works? Good luck!
  • texasfx35texasfx35 Posts: 65
    Took my '04 FX35 in for the 90K service at the Houston dealer today. In addition to the prescribed maintenance, the tech recommended a brake fluid flush saying the fluid looked dirty. They did this same maintenance at 60K. Does anyone know if this is a normal maintenance item on an FX or are they just pumping the customer for extra maintenance dollars? I have never heard of cars needing brake fluid flushes unless there is air in the system. They also wanted to do a fuel injector flush saying the throttle body valve looked dirty when they tech cleaned it. I refused that saying I have seen no symptoms of injector fouling. The driver side air bag has also gone defective, which I have never heard of before. Replacement cost is $915. I do have an extended maintenance agreement, which covers that.
  • shastasshastas Posts: 3
    For the first several years we used premium. Then, reading the manual, I realized it said it was ok to use regular. I switched and my mpg went up more than 1mpg! Didn't notice any other changes. I was close to 20mpg for a while. Recently it has dropped a few tenths. Wondering if the car needs something.
  • kingandykingandy Posts: 5
    Sorry, you got taken for a ride. When you get bubbles, usually it's after maintenance - and you simply bleed the bubbles, not change the fluid. If brake fluid get's low, your pads are getting worn or you have a leak which needs to be fixed. If an airbag is defective, you get a dash light. I would write Infiniti a letter, personally.

    Do be careful with brakes, if in doubt get a second opinion from a brake shop. I'm not a professional mechanic - but I do work on my own cars. Just sayin...
  • wolfie1wolfie1 Posts: 14
    I just had rear brakes done on my 08 fx35 awd sport (39k miles). They told me it only had 3.5mm left on the pads.

    Cost was $ replace pads / cut rotors.

    Seems high...anyone have a price to compare to (in the northeast)?

  • nolicnolic Posts: 11
    Had my 2004 FX35 since 2004 and replaced the rear pads at 45K with a ceramic pad and now at 82K, need another one. Buy a Hawk PC pad for about $70.00 on the internet and have a repair shop install it for you for about $60.00. FYI, I replaced my front rotors and pads with EBC green stuff at 60K and so far it is still good, hope it last for 60K like the original. Infiniti dealership here in Virginia Beach, VA wants $290.00 to resurface and replace the rear pads.
  • texasfx35texasfx35 Posts: 65
    Thanks for the input, kingandy.

    Since posting I have done some research. Googling "brake fluid flush" turns up a number of hits. Apparently, most manufacturers US and foreign, including Ford, but not GM, now recommend a brake fluid flush every two years or 30K miles. The reasoning is glycol-based fluids absorb water over time promoting corrosion and lowering boiling point. Modern ABS systems do not tolerate the rust well. Also, engine compartment temps are much higher today than in the past, which can exacerbate fluid degradation. Several references say brake fluid flushes are mandatory in many European countries.
  • twilliatwillia Posts: 29
    I have a '04 FX35. The vehicle will be six years old in a couple of weeks and it has around 68K miles. I took it in for its 67,500 maintenance and they told me the rack and pinion assembly needs to be replaced. They said it was starting to leak. I'm not overly knowledgeable on cars but I don't recall having to replace the rack and pinion assembly on either of my last two cars which each had over 100K miles when I got rid of them. Does it seem reasonable that at less than 70K miles the rack and pinion would need to be replaced? They quoted me $1650 for genuine Infiniti parts and $1150 for aftermarket parts. Do these prices seem reasonable?


  • I have a 2004 FX35 with 90k miles. This car has cost a lot of money to keep running over time. It was fine for the first two years and was a lot of fun to drive. My suggestion is if you are planning on keeping it for any length of time then buy something else.

    I am not hard on a car but here are a couple of the things that have gone wrong.
    Replaced the driver seat that broke (frame cracked, I am not that big)
    Sunroof broke
    Rear wiper replaced
    All 4 bearings went. My guess is they did not size them properly for the 20" wheels.
    Replaced all 4 rotors and calipers twice due to rusting (I just received an estimate of $2500.00 to repair)
    The gas gauge works intermittently (they want $300 to replace)
    Tie rods went bad.
    Heat shield on muffler rattles and had to be removed.

    Go into it with your eyes open if you decide that this is the car for you. When I replace it I am going with a Jeep as my old Grand Cherokee cost me much less to keep running.
  • Hi Susan. My FX35 has begun developing a similar condition. If it sits overnight, it's dificult to start the first time. I suspect it's the fuel pump. Did you ever diagnose and correct your problem?
  • audreymaudreym Posts: 103
    I have been having the same issue, have an '06 as well. With mine it seems to be directly tied to the temperature - the problem is much worse after sitting overnight in cold temperatures.

    If it is 50 degrees or warmer it will either stutter a bit and then start or start normally. Or if the engine is warm from a previous drive in the past few hours the problem does not occur. But if the temp dipped overnight it may take 3 attempts to start.

    Do you find it to be tied to the outside temperature as well?
  • audreymaudreym Posts: 103

    I had my battery tested today, and it did need replacement. Pep Boys said that it had been leaking. Since it was not actually dead yet they said that is why it did not have the classic "click, click" sound when it wouldn't turn over.

    Anyway, looking forward to starting up the first time even in the cold :)
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