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Inifiniti FX35 and FX45 Maintenance and Repair



  • I own an 04 FX35. About six weeks ago the rear hatch locked one day and could not be unlocked. The dealer replaced some type of controller card, and it worked OK for about two weeks. Then one day I opened the hatch, and it would not relock. The dealer replaced the latch mechanism, and it worked OK for about two weeks. Now the hatch latch will lock, but not snug the hatch up against the weather seals. The dealer is at a loss as to what is happening as is Infiniti tech service with whom they have been consulting. All this work has been done under my extended warranty.

    Anyone out there had this problem and had it fixed successfully?
  • 04fx4504fx45 Posts: 1
    I have an 04 FX45, the rear latch is doing something similar, I can't get it to lock shut. The motor that pulls it tight and locks runs, and you can hear it pull the hatch, it just won't lock and keep it closed. I have been researching all over the internet about how to fix this, and can't find anything. Please let me know if you have found a way to fix this problem. Because I don't want to pay the dealership a ridiculous amount to fix it. Thanks for your help!
  • texasfx35texasfx35 Posts: 65
    Not sure I can tell you what to do. The dealer initially replaced some kind of controller card. Worked for while then failed again. Then they replaced the latching mechanism itself. On all visits if they took the controller card out and reset it, the problem went away. The dealer worked with Infiniti OEM tech support for two days they were at a loss. The dealer checked all grounds and circuits for continuity. It has been about two month since the problem last occurred. Neither the dealer nor I are completely convinced the problem is fixed, but you can't fix it, if it is not broken. Good luck.
  • I've reviewed some of the posting here and it has raised my intrest in the FX35. I'm looking for a used suv and ran across a 2003 FX35 with 141K @ $9000 is this a good deal? Besides the high miles what other types of problems have you owners seen? Currently I'm driving a 2000 Ford Taurus with 175K but want an SUV so this would be a step up but maybe not the best.

    Note: The next 03 FX35 had 70k @ 17k.
  • I bought my 2004 FX35 in 2006 with 55,000 miles on it, now I have about 120k on it. It is a GREAT vehicle! The only issue I can say I have, since day 1, is the brakes. I believe they are undersized for the weight of this SUV. I often get warped rotors that need replacing and have done so a few times in the last 5 years. However, I finally just got smart and researched and replaced the rotors with aftermarket slotted and cross-drilled rotors and ceramic brake pads. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!! So far, the new brakes are great. That said, the FX35 is great, FAST, very comfortable for long or short hauls, good for hauling stuff, very reliable, and great in the snow. I'd buy another....
  • Thank you for the feedback FXMERCGUY.

    Yes from all the post it seems that most if not all love the FX, I am a little scared of the mileage but I'm going to take it for a drive. So it seems the FX likes speed and to be driven.

    The next FX for sale in my area is $16.9K with 70,000 miles, far different price but I think the FX at $9000 with the mileage may be a good value.

    Again Thanks
  • gene28gene28 Posts: 8
    I have an EX35 2011 under warranty and I mentioned the sound that is made each time I break. I was told that cars just do this now that brake pads are not made out of asbestos! Nothing wrong with brakes. I find this hard to believe. I used this forum as it has more traffic than the Ex35 and I assume the brakes on all infinitis are the same. Anyone have any information on this? Thanks.
  • I have a 2006 FX 35. My dashboard looks like it has little bubbles all around the dash. Have you received a response from Infiniti about this issue? I want to know who to contact to get this resolved.
  • dantedante Posts: 92
    Hi, I had a 2004 Infiniti FX35 that I loved but whose dashboard bubbled up like it had blisters. I was very unhappy about it as I otherwise loved the car. I called an Infiniti dealer to see if there had been a recall and they advised that Infiniti had agreed to fully replace the dashboard free of charge within certain timeframes from date of purchase, I believe. I was still within the allotted time frame and the dealer replaced the dashboard the next day. Looked a lot better but it does not perfectly match with the old dashboard and the leather on the passenger doors. It was explained to me that the original dashboard was made of leather and had a reaction with the glue so the replacement dashboard was of hard plastic, a slightly different color tone but definitely better than the bubbles. So, call your nearest Infiniti dealer and see if they can replace it for you. Jon.
  • skratkaskratka Posts: 6
    I have a 09 fx 35 with 32000 miles and technology package.
    The warning lights beep and flash on the dashboard for no reason. The traction control, iba, lane departure warning and a few other lights turn on and stay lit. Id think its a short circuit but its not kicking off a diagnostic code and dealer cant find.
    If i restart the car the lights go off but it happens again. The car drives ok though i dont know if the shorted out features are operating when lit.

    Dealer is clueless and makes ip stories saying they "reset " the computers and other nonsense.
    Any ideas?
  • I have a 03' FX35 with 118k miles on it. I am having to add 5-6 qts of oil (5w-30 syth) every 1200 miles. This started around the 90k mark. The car is not leaking or burning oil from what i can tell and the dealership has not been any help. There are no other issues with the vehicle.

    Is their anyone else out there having the same problem? Need to decide what my next action should be?
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