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Jeep Compass Problems and Solutions



  • After replacing both front wheel bearings on a 2007 compass the abs and esp light are on. how do you reset them? Thanks
  • tlantztlantz Posts: 1
    I own a 2007 Jeep Compass and am having the same/similar issue. I put the key in to start it and there is about a 2 sec delay. Then it starts. It also dings at me when I open the door even though the keys are not in it and the lights are off.
    A few days before this, my electronic locks quit working and now my dome lights do not light up now.
  • arcanum71arcanum71 Posts: 1
    Hi Nukechaser,
    I'm looking at picking up a 2007 Compass and I am wondering if you still have yours and if you have encountered any further trouble with it. It appears that most problems listed on the forum seem to have occured relatively early on in the life of the vehicle. I understand the issue of the "leaky sunroof" which seem to be the bulk of the concerns, but I am wondering if you have encountered any other issues with the Compass now that you have really broken it in.
  • I leased mine Sept 2007, had no issues and re financed in June 2011. The month after I did it I began having all the same issues as you. The lawnmower alternator noise (replaced it twice in 3 weeks). My map light leaks, have to now replace two lower ball joints, and I already replaced control arms. Oh and duue to the ball joints I have to re purchase tires that were only 1 year old...
  • andrewandersonandrewanderson Posts: 2
    edited August 2011
    My Girlfriend has a 2009 Jeep compass with stalling problems and has taken it into the dealer for the 3rd time. It loses acceleration during highway speeds when she goes to pass and it bucks and stalls out. 1st time they said it was bad gas. $500 to clean out tank. I asked and they did not scope the tank to make sure it was clean. Really? Is this even normal? They don't have $250 for a camera scope? So, they did not look inside to see if they got everything.

    Second time they said it was bad fuel pump. $100 warrant deductible. Waited over 2 weeks to get a new one? (is there a recall on these?)

    Third time 12 hours later the same thing happened while driving on the highway. Had to wait 2 hours for a tow truck. (from the dealer, should have called AAA) This last time they are saying someone dumped something in the fuel tank.

    And yet all three had the same symptoms. Any ideas or assistance would be very helpful. I am not getting a warm fuzzy from these guys at all. She is a single Mom and can't afford to get screwed over.

    So is this plausible or is it just a Jeep? :) :(

    Thanks for any ideas here.
  • Hi! Sorry for the delayed response...

    Yes, I still have my '07 Compass (bought Sept. '06) and I just rolled through the 110,000 mile mark.

    My one and only issue was the alternator bearing going bad. I replaced the alternator and the tensioner/idler and have not had an issue since. Perhaps I got lucky with my Compass, because mine has been a great car with none of the other problems described here on the forum.

    During my recent oil change I discovered that both front struts are leaking, which isn't a surprise, given the miles driven, the condition of California roads, and that fact that I have been off-road to many a mountain top in it.

    I plan on spending a little over $400 at Les Schwab Tires to replace both front struts with Koni struts, and they have a lifetime warranty.

    I ask a lot of my Compass and consider myself a happy customer. :) However, reading some of the posts here would make me think twice about buying another without checking out the vehicle very thoroughly, as quality control seems to be hit or miss on this model.
  • About 2 weeks ago my car started to make a clicking noise everytime I start to accelerate and when I take my foot off the gas pedal. Does anyone knows what these could be?
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    Believe it or not rocks in the rims can make that. We live on a 1 mile gravel-dirt road. We have had a rock jam between the rim and the rotor it sounded like we lost a brake pad. Does it make the same clinking when you back up? It very well could be something quite simple, a tec could find in no time on a lift rack.
  • Thanks for the recall info. Will have them check it out.

  • First off: 2007 Jeep Compass. 2wd, 2.4L. 104K

    About 2 months ago, the day after about an 800 mile road trip, my ETC light came on as I was leaving my driveway. Complete loss of power and could not accelerate past 20 mph. I turned the car off, let it sit for a mintue and restarted and everything was fine. I attributed the issue to the long road trip and didnt pay it much mind.

    About 2 weeks ago, upon starting the Compass, the ETC light would flicker and be gone and everything drove just fine. I had the codes pulled just to get an idea of what might be going on and the code came bacl "running too rich" (dont know the code number, just what the guy told me) At this point I had the computer "flashed" and the car ran great after that.

    Then, just yesterday while I am driving with my 6 month old daughter, the Compass completely gives out on the road. ETC light on, flashing ESP light on. NO acceleration, and when I came to a stop, the engine was running so rough it felt like it was going to die. I turned the car off, restarted it and same thing happens. Luckily I made it home and decided to have car towed as it was pretty much undrivable.

    Mechanic could not find the issue for the longest time. First the changed the spark plugs (as one was loose) and that has not fixed the issue. Now they tell me I need a NEW pcm, with parts and labor will run me $850. I called my dealership and they can do the same procedure for almost half the cost. SO needless to say, I need to shop around here.

    After all this, my question is: what the heck can I do about this ETC? Just reading on this forum it seems like the kiss of death. Do I really need a new PCM or just a software update? Any feedback is much appreciated and I can give you more of the car's symptoms if you need.

  • just recently purchased 07 compass manual 4wd. loved it til today! all gauges, speedometer, signals, hazards, power locks, ac fan not working!!! runs fine radio works power windows work?? checked fuses dont know what could cause this!!?? anyone else experienced this type of problem or heard of this happening! :confuse: :mad:
  • Being that it's fall I think some debris may have clogged something, when I'm driving it sounds like there is water behind the dashboard and the passenger side floor is wet.. How can I unclog what ever it is that is clogged?
  • I just bought a 2012 Jeep Compass 4x2 CVT here in Vegas, the #2 city in the USA for car thefts; so obviously I'm a bit paranoid about it. Got a great end of October discount, $20K out the door, even my color choice. Dealer claims he took a $2K loss just to make factory sales incentives. Maybe, but I could not get this price just a week ago when I was shopping around.

    Anyway, local comprehensive insurance rates are sky high so I'm looking to cut costs. After a lot of internet research, I've read about the RAVELCO engine immobilizier which claims to have a perfect record over 30 years of NEVER allowing a car to be stolen by driving it away! No protection against towing, obviously.

    Does anyone with this Ravelco system care to offer any feedback about it? I also plan to use a deadbolt hood lock and heavy duty Unelko brake pedal jack lock to layer my security.

    Typical car alarms are ignored. Lojack and GPS tracking don't prevent theft, just track down what may be a stripped or destroyed car, and very expensive. The Jeep comes with a coded ignition key that I've read can be bypassed by thieves using laptop computers and car remote decoders.

    Does anyone have a better solution, short of a 24-hour armed guard, to secure their car?
  • snv51snv51 Posts: 1
    I've had the same problem. The technician said that it's a transmission problem. However, the tear down is $1200 and if they don't find anything wrong with it then I'll have to pay the $1200. The extended warranty would not cover it. After going back and forth with the dealership and warranty company. The dealer admitted that their technician can only tear down the transmission part way and they couldn't complete the tear down. The Jeep's transmission is different from other transmission. The CVT doesn't have replacement parts and would need to be replaced. Luckily the warranty company will cover the cost ($3800) and provide a warranty on it until I reach 100,000 miles. Otherwise I would have been without a car and the war would have begun. I'm kinda regretting that I bought the car 4 months ago. At the time a 2007 Jeep Compass with 34,250 miles on it sound great.
  • My 1st transmission failed at 75,000Km, the 2nd one failed after 38,000Km now with 128,000Km
    on my car I am very nervous, I needed a new computer module ( $1,400 ) at 125,000Km.
    I have spent over $2,000 on ball joints, tie rods and struts and to top it off I now need a muffler
    available from Chrysler only for a mere $725.
    I have spent more money on this car than I have spent in the last 60 years of driving.
    Having driven Jeeps without problems I can honestly say this is the worst car ever made !!!.

  • Im working on a jeep with the same problem, when i took off the tranny pan there was a huge amount of shavings in the pan and on the magnets. the metal belt inside is grinding on the pully and you need to take apart the tranny and fix it. the fluid alone is 22 bucks A QUART AT CHRYSLER. GOOD LUCK.
  • Any one else had to replace LOWER CONTROL ARMS (lower ball joints) with less than 50,000 miles on their vehicle? It's very disgruntling when 3 Chrysler/Jeep service departments are concerned but "it doesn't make sense" but without the extended warranty the company is not willing to stand behind their product. (Fine) I have lodgded an official complaint with Chrysler/Jeep. I urge others to do the same.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    I 'll bet you next time you might consider buying a extended warranty...right?
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    I think you were sucked in. That is an outragious price. The reason Jeep uses the cvt is its very inexpensive in the dirst place.
  • mlgeemlgee Posts: 1
    I don't have an answer for you except to tell you that I am currently experiencing the same thing with my 2007 Compass. I have about 35K miles and took a trip in my car. On the way home, I experienced the same thing, ETC light, blinking traction lights, high idle noise and loss of power. I rolled through the intersection I was at, turned the car off, waited a few minutes, turned it back on and it was fine. I made it to my driveway (thank goodness) and it happened again. I've had it towed to my mechanic and tomorrow I take it to the dealership because the mechanic found a technical warning or something of the sort in his researching the issue. Can I ask what you finally did?
  • dave431dave431 Posts: 1
    over the last 2 years I've had the same problem. so far to date, I've replaced the front control arms 5 times, bushings 4 times, sway bar 2 time, rear control arms 3 times, rear bushings 4 times. I was speaking to a non Chrysler mechanic and he told me that it is that part of the problem is because they switched to a plastic bushing. Not sure if that it true but it seems to be because every time I ask the dealership about it they avoid answering the question. All I can say is thank god for warranty.
  • I just had to replace my front lower control arms too. My vehicle is an 07 with 41k. They said the arms had over an inch of play in them. I knew they were bad but I did not know how bad.

    Honestly... I have come to the conclusion that most of the parts that Jeep/Chrysler/Dodge use on their vehicles are crap. The only reliable things they produce are their diesel engines (mostly from Cummins) and the flag-ship engines (ones regularly used in a large variety of vehicles).

    Electrical... crap. Transmission internals...crap. Drive components... crap. Suspension parts... crap. Engine, mechanically speaking... will not die, but might not run because of the other crappy parts attached.

    I have given up hoping for a train to hit my car, someone to steal it, a hurricane to flood it, or any similar situation to relieve me of the Jeep disease. I might just as well keep it "content" and running until its paid off.

    I know this will stir someone's exuberant I-love-my-Compass attitude... so in all respect, don't get your internet-arguing-panties in a bunch; its just my honest opinion.
  • I have a 2007 Compas with 38K miles. I have been having issues with both front floors being soaked from the a/c leaking. I have had clean the drain under the gas pedal and then unscrew the box on the other side to let the water out over there. Now it just gushes all over the passenger floor board. I had a friend clean out the air intake to make sure it wasn't blocked. Very frustrating. Any answers? Hate dealing with Jeep dealership as they love to upsell everything to women. Arghh!
  • cgregorcgregor Posts: 1
    My new 2012 Jeep Compass decided to die on me on a highway 1000 miles from home! It was the same problem I have seen posted quite often here; no acceleration and car dies. I was lucky enough to be able to coast to the side of the road, and 2 hours later I was towed. The car had power, but would not turn over. It was also making a weird clicking noise like it had run out of oil (I just had the car serviced before the trip at my dealership). I was 1000 miles from home, it was after midnight, and needless to say, I was quite annoyed that my new car did this. I had to rent a car to continue my trip. Without getting into too much detail, the local Jeep dealer said they couldn't find anything wrong with the car. after getting home, my dealer has had the car for 4 days, and they claim they are replacing the gas tank and doing some other fixes. I'm really upset with Chrysler for refusing to reimburse me for the rental and related costs! Beware before you buy this car!!!!!
  • I had 65,000 miles but when I took it to Firestone for an oil change/tire rotation, they were shocked that I hadn't noticed the problem earlier. Both lower control arms are shot - the mechanic said I was lucky I didn't lose a tire while driving! Now Jeep insists on towing it - which the mechanic said might cause the car to fall (can't wait to see what happens tomorrow). I filed a safety complaint with the department of transportation since losing a tire while driving is definitely a safety concern. Never heard of anyone having a problem like this with a car... especially not under 100,000 miles. Crossing my fingers and hoping this gets included in the major recall they did on Libertys for the same part.
  • Luckily my 2007 Jeep Compass is no longer my problem!!!

    I sold it and had enought to buy a used car.
  • cz33cz33 Posts: 1
    I have a 2012 Jeep Compass Latitude 4x4 I bought it new in March 2012, a month ago with 4000 miles espically when using the ac, but sometimes when not, it will start bucking almost like it is out of gas, and it usually happens also at low speeds 10-30 mph when it starts bucking if you step on the gas it doesnt go anywhere. I know a 4cly with the ac on will be sluggish but the car sits there and laughs at you when this happens.

    I contacted the dealer and brought it in, they had it for 2 days and finally the second day the assistant manager of service told me he experienced it and that the car does sit there and laugh at you when it happens, he said he contacted chyrsler engineering and they have no fix for the issue, he also said they told him to do an update on the PCM and reflash the computer, he said he did and it still does it. They cannot get any error codes and the transmission shift points, the transmission and everything else is fine.

    I then talked to the service manager who was right away " the 4 cyl will not have power with the ac on" I explained the entie issue to him and he said "bring it back in and we will take it for a ride."

    Basically the dealer is trying to say its normal for the compass and thats that, I have owned 4 cyl 6 cyl and 8 cyl cars and trucks, I know the difference between sluggish and not working right and I m not sure what else to do, besides the lemon law, or possibly suing the dealer ship.

    Does anyone else have this issue? Know of a fix? Any help would be appreicated.
  • sharb22sharb22 Posts: 1
    I purchased my 2007 Compass new in Sept. 2007. I have had so many of the problems listed in previous messages. My ball joints, tie rods, and wheel bearings needed to be replaced between 42,000 and 55,000 miles. The seat moldings on both sides of my Jeep have broken or cracked along with the fuse box cover. Dealer told me it was from living in MN and having the weather extremes from hot to cold. My check engine light went on around 60,000 miles and needed a new computer module. A new alternator at 81,000 miles. Although there was not a lot of power to begin with, Jeep has started 'bogging down' while driving. Also- paint is chipped up and down driver side front and back doors, right along the edge, causing little tiny rust spots. Was told doors weren't properly wrapped after painting.

    If I hadn't rolled my previous loan into this one I would have gotten rid of this Jeep a long time ago. Although I could trade it in now with 90,000 miles on it, I will just drive it until it dies since I enjoy not having a car payment, or until it actually stalls and puts my life at risk as others have stated.

    The only great thing I can say about this vehicle is that it gets around really well in the snow and slush, even when it's not in 4 wheel drive. Other then that, I wouldn't ever purchase another one or recommend to others. :lemon:
  • I thought i was the only person that had so many problems with this car!! Everything u listed i had to replace plus control arms. my car would randomly not want to go anywhere while stepping on the gas it just jerked!! wtf!!! at 79k i had to replace the catylitic convertor. Thank god that was covered under state law until 80k ( finally i got a break )! Dealers lie they know this jeep is trash. I had majhor problems at 20k i was told it was fine by the dealer... they waited until my 36k warranty was up to tell me everything that needed to be fixed. NEVER AGAIN
  • Hi everyone! My 98' Honda Accord just officially broke down yesterday and now I'm in search for a new vehicle. I have had all sorts of problems with in the last few months with my car and I'm looking for something reliable and that will last about 4 years with out any major issues. I've always liked the Jeep Compass but I'm reading a lot of reviews on Edmunds that say don't buy, but most are talking about 2007 models, are these issues in the 2007 models still apparent in the 2012 models? If so any other Crossover or smaller SUV are recommended instead of the Jeep Compass?
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