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Nissan Xterra Maintenance and Repair



  • Did you ever get a response from Xterra on this? I just swallowed a $422 bill for a truck with 52K miles on it for this issue. Frustrating...
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 237
    the guy is right vinyl magic ,if you have a severe problem the best restorers are made for fiberglass boat hulls i think its sold in boat shops
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    I dunno, looks like spam when someone shows up for the first time and immediately links to a web site in response to a 3 year old question.
  • My 2001 Nissan Xterra is running odd.
    It has 135,000 miles and no wrench has ever been on it
    except new spark plugs 40,000 miles ago.
    Now it is pinging and knocking
    and I do have a knock sensor error code.
    It comes and goes and sometimes so bad I
    want to shut it off. Im also missing some power
    and it has a deep sound when hitting the pedal
    maybe timing off? Starts great
    and idols ok but rough at times.

    I read one guy has 160,000 miles and has a knock senor
    error and has ignored it for the last 60,000 miles.
    Im wonding if this is not true and my problem...

    Also raunchy sound coming from
    distibutor last 2 years when you
    rev the motor and listen as it
    rpm's down. Had my hand on it
    and finally found the raucny sound
    in the cold mornings.

  • 99accent99accent Posts: 237
    your suppose to have a complete tune up at 100,000 least for a 2003 ,they may recommend it sooner for a 2001? I'm surprised that you have a distributor,any way if you cant replace the knock sensor ,then take it to a reputable shop or the dealer.lots of luck your between a rock and a hard place.
  • mudheadmudhead Posts: 1
    I have noticed Nissan is pretty definite about requiring their own ATF. Does anyone have any experience with other brands or recommendations of equivalent brands?

    Also, does anyone know what size the hex is for the rear diff fill plug on an '08?

  • skiboatskiboat Posts: 1
    when switched over to ac the compressor runs on the first speed when changing to the other speeds the ac lights flicker --asssuming the comp is cycling . system was evacuated tested for leaks, and recharged --no difference --any help or on this guys
  • geoffmtgeoffmt Posts: 1
    I am trying to fix my friends nissan, v6, auto. when switching the transfer case to 4x4, the light just flashes and doesnt engage. tried while driving, tried in netural. it will not engage 4lo either. 4hi worked last winter but isnt working now. other issues are the slip light in the dash, code 0463 for the fuel voltage. the most important is the 4 wheel drive being in montana. is this just a relay switch? Any help or ideas? thanks
  • tinycadontinycadon Posts: 287
    Has anyone experienced this, cause I have no clue about this one: The air is not coming out of the two center stack vents but is coming out of the two side vents? The A/C is on, it's blowing cold, just that no air is coming out the middle vents, strangest thing? has anyone else experienced this problem? What was the solution to fix? Thanks.
  • tmowtmow Posts: 1
    My 2000 Xterra XE V6 has the same problem. The cruise control also stops at the same time.
    Were you able to resolve it or does anyone else have an answer?
  • Did you ever find out anything on this? Mine is now having the same problem but
  • charlie5186charlie5186 Posts: 1
    edited April 2011
    Hi all,

    I was at a red light today and my 02 Xterra suddenly shut off. I quickly put in neutral and it started right back up. The next two lights it tried to do the same thing but I put in neutral and gave some gas while waiting for the green light. When I got to my destination I turn the engine off and let sit for a few mins and then started right up again.

    Does anyone know what the cause of this might be?

    I recently had my timing belt replace and also a recalled steering issue was taken care of.
  • When I look at my radiator for my 01 nissan xterra v6, I can see coolant around the rim of the top of the radiator! Should I get it replaced?
    If I replace my radiator with an aftermarket single row radiator, will it be enough to keep the engine cool or will the 1 row not be enough?
  • oufitzoufitz Posts: 1
    Hello Rockhead911. I have a 2005 Xterra with 38,000 miles & my "service engine light" comes on every so often. I took it to Auto Zone & they hooked up a tester under my steering wheel & it gave me 3 different fuel problems it could be. My gas gauge has been acting funny lately. I don't want to take it to the dealer so they can charge me an arm & a leg to fix it. Did you ever get your problem corrected and was it costly ? Thanks
  • just changed my water pump reset timing but still runs like crap rpms sits at 1000 but in drive right at 850 rpms spark plugs are new plus new wires. runs up to 50 mph then acts like it don't wants to shift into cruising speed start to make nosies from front of engine. need some ideals before pulling my hair an bank account out lol
  • Hi I have a V-6 Xterra that i did not drive for about 2 weeks. About 4 days ago when i did drove it i noticed that it seemed to struggle during idle and the "service engine light is on", but then went away after 5 mins. or so. In the next 3 days the car was switching from normal running to the same sluggish idle and the service light was now permanently on.

    Today it took about 5 seconds for the engine to crank-up, but died after 10 seconds or so? i tried cranking it up 3 times. It finally started normally but the same struggling is still present during idle or in stop lights. ( It was fine before the 2 week of non usage. )

    Could it be the (knock sensor or fuel pump) ?

  • i have a 2001 nissan xterra xe i have had it for 2 years and both of my manifolds are broken one is cracked and the other is broken does anyone know where i can get these at a good price
  • '07 Off-Road... 80K miles... I noticed the weirdest problem lately... after stopping on a traffic light after driving for some time (usually not for too long) with the fan turned to a relatively high setting (2 or 3) and heat turned all the way in, the air coming from the vents would slowly change from hot to cold outside air. Messing with the temperature knob doesn't make any difference... turning the fan on/off doesn't do the trick either. The only thing that fixes it is to switch outside air intake (I usually have it on that setting) to inside intake. That does the trick and the heat comes back on.

    It only happened three or four times over the last couple of months and only when it's cold outside. I'll mention it next time I drop it off for an oil change at local dealer, but there is no way to duplicate it on demand that I know of.
  • 2005 Xterra (150,000 miles) wakes up cold and then engine squeals all the way to work (20 miles or so). I have never repaired anything on my Xterra but i keep up on oil changes. Could it be time for new belts n hoses? I am at a loss but want it to stop.

    I have the following issues and if you have any tips I would appreciate your sharing them. Thanks!
    - gas gauge doesn't work
    - lifts on rear door do not work
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 237
    edited October 2012
    yes it is time for new belts alternator and AC, plus power steering belt , you could do one at a time to eliminate the one that's squealing , how ever when yu have one off you may a well do them all . quick fix temporary tough they sell belt dressing spry on type that will stop it only for a while from squealing .
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