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My job made a mistake, and now my engine is ruined. I need general honest advice.

dazedandconfusedxdazedandconfusedx Member Posts: 1
edited July 2019 in Honda
Hey everybody!

I'm in desperate need of help and advice. I'm a biller at a car dealership, so myself and my coworkers all get our car serviced here. Out of all the vehicles I've owned, I never had to replace my engine. There's a two week history to this that I don't feel like getting into because the moral of the story is that both myself and my place of employment are at fault. Mine for thinking it was okay for me to drive up the street to the dealer I work at for them to check it out, and my place of employment for admitting that they forgot to tighten my oil plug. I don't really have any ill feelings towards the guy who did it because I understand we're all human and accidents happen, but I am very upset because this is a new vehicle that I'm not even finished paying off yet.

Now, my job is taking responsibility and trying to do right by me but at the same time, I'm having a hard time trusting them because they've lied to me several times during this whole ordeal and it isn't the first time my car has been damaged under their care. (The first time, they smacked my car up in the car wash.)

The first lie was "we caught the problem just in time, your car should be perfectly fine." I knew it wasn't and now we are where we are. They told me they were going to get me an engine from the exact same year, make, and model and with 15,000 and I asked them if before they got something, to please provide me with the carfax of the vehicle and serial number for the engine. I ended up taking my keys back from the mechanic since my car has been sitting for almost a week (today marks a week,) no communication what's so ever and I'm glad I did that because the following day, they come over to me asking for my key because they're ready to work on my car. I asked them about the information I requested, and they had nothing to give me so I made them get it even though they threw a fit while walking away saying, "I don't know how I'm going to get that." Ha, you better figure it out then.

Maybe about a half hour later, he hands me a carfax and a yellow tag for the engine. I see that it's from a 2012 Honda Civic Coupe instead of a 2015. Another lie. I do see that they're both 1.8 L 4-cylinder and I'm aware that dealers do get their parts from junkyards. I tried contacting this place but there was no number to be found, and I was hoping to get Honda's opinion but they were closed yesterday and I'm at work being pressured to make a decision. I don't like that the 2012 Honda was in a front end accident to a telephone pole, and I don't like that it says "Not actual mileage" that "mileage reported after this reading is potentially unreliable. I've been told by several already that it would be better to have an engine from the same year, and then I have others telling me the 2012 should work but it might cause future problems.

Ideally, I would rather have my job work out a deal with Honda. By that, I mean having Honda show me my options, me decide and have them work on the car because I honestly don't trust my place of employment to touch my vehicle anymore but I did tell my general manager that I would contact his guy at Acura whom he promised and swore on his kids lives that he didn't say anything to about this situation that I can trust to get an honest opinion from him, he could access Honda's database and give me everything I need to know and that I would know he's telling the truth by the "sincerity" of his voice and honestly, it's sad because I'll give him the satisfaction but I don't trust him either.

I just need to know what my steps are at this point, and an honest opinion of this is even an engine to consider. What happens in the long run after one replaces an engine since I've never had to do this before, let alone on a brand new car?? Would it be better to get it from the same year? Should I see if they can just pay the Honda bill? I'm just very lost, enraged, and heart broken by this whole thing and could really use an honest mechanics input.
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