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Scion xB Windshield cracks



  • From the Class Action Lawsuit filed against Toyota on July 25, 2007 in California regarding the xB's cracked windshield problem...

    Page 8; line 9...
    "The dealership used what is referred to as the "pen test" to reject Mr. Bauer's warranty claim, leaving him responsible for the cost of replacing his cracked windshield."
    Page 8,line 22...
    "The pen test involves tracing a crack up the windshield with a pen. Plaintiff is informed and believes that, if the pen hangs up on the slightest pit or other blemish on the windshield, it is deemed ostensible evidence of an impact and the dealer is instructed by the Defendant to refuse coverage warranty."

    When I took my '06 xB to the dealership...sure enough, the Service Manager took out his pen and started at the end of my "L" shaped crack and traced the crack backwards to the top of my windshield where he said there was a 'pit' where a pebble hit the windshield.
    After speaking to Toyota Customer Service, I did get a letter stating that they would replace my windshield for free...I would be responsible for the dealers labor costs.
  • I own a 2006 Scion xB
    Like some of you had already posted. One morning last week I woke up to find a long "L" shaped crack that started (sitting in the drivers seat) from the right side of the passengers seat all the way to the almost middle of the windshield. This crack wasn't there prior the night before and there was nothing that hit my windshield that would cause such a long crack.

    I called Scion directly, and after being a little persistant she recomended that I tell everyone who is having this issue please call into Scion directly. The more phone calls they get the better chance that this problem will be recognized. The Scion rep was helpful, she case me a case # and told me to get it diagnosed at my dealership. Once i got the diagnoses she said to call them back and they would assist further if it was a flaw.

    So if you have this problem please call Scion with the issue and proceed to contact you dealership for the diagnoses of the windshield.
  • wapswaps Posts: 19
    I took a rock hit on the interstate. Checked to web site for any problems you guys were having and found the problem was common. Had the chip/hole fixed $55 dollars. If it does not run, I will leave it until I'm ready to sell the car. Hopefully toyota will see the error of their design and silent recall to fix this problem.
  • jreyes1jreyes1 Posts: 1
    I don't believe that they ever fixed this issue because I am the "lucky" owner of a 2008 Scion XB and mind you have only owned the vehicle for 2 weeks! I have the same type crack in my windshield, "L" shape. My knee jerk reaction was to do what everyone else did and take it to the dealership. Let's just say that it was as pleasant as a route canal. They totally did not take ownership of the situation OR even consider that it could be a defective scenario. They did that same retarded pen check and chalked it up to a rock. I love the car... hate this situation. I'm so glad I found this chat board. I now feel that this is a much larger issue. I will do what other have done and call Scion directly.
  • Is this problem happening on the 2009 xb's also? I fell in love with the xb and was ready to go buy one, when I started hearing about all these problems online. Nobody anywhere seems to be mentioning the windshield problems in the 2009 models, but I don't know if that's because they fixed it or because it's too new for people to have bought enough of them and had problems yet. I'm hesitant to invest in one and then start having these issues too, if they haven't fixed it yet.
  • I receive about 1 to 2 complaints a week from second generation xB owner's who are also having the same issue with the windshield. So, the problem has not been fixed in the newer model.

    Someone also contacted me not too long ago and said they wanted an xB and said they were going to run a CarFax report to see if the vehicle they were interested in had the windshield issue. I told them that since this isn’t a major damage issue a CarFax report will most likely not include this defect since windshield glass is replaced on a daily basis by thousands, if not millions, of drivers.

    In my opinion I say steer clear of the xB and look for something that is built better. :lemon:

    Also, Scion is telling you not to contact the NHTSA because legal firms will pull this information to fight Scion/Toyota in court. Make sure you always make a complaint with the NHTSA because the numbers will not lie if they are pulled into a class action suit. :P
  • >>I receive about 1 to 2 complaints a week from second generation xB owner's who are also having the same issue with the windshield. So, the problem has not been fixed in the newer model. <<

    Are they mentioning whether they are 2008 or 2009 owners? I know of the problems on the 2008s (and other earlier models), but I'm not finding anything online about the 2009s, one way or another, other than someone saying the windshield is a slightly different shape on the 2009s.
  • I have a 2008 Scion XB that I purchased in May. We were really happy with the car until the windshield cracked and I read about all of the owners who have cracked windshields. Our windshield cracked near the dashboard and not near the rearview mirror as seems to be the case in other posts.

    I had intended to keep the car for 10-12 years. What I am wondering is whether I should trade it in after we get the windshield repaired. I bought the car because it was comfortable, affordable, and predicted to be reliable. If we need to frequently replace the windshield it is no longer reliable or affordable.

    What is the experience of owners that have their cracked windshield replaced? Is this a one time event or does the windshield crack periodically even after it is repaired?
  • Has anyone else received a letter about a class action lawsuit filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court regarding our defective windshields?

    It's in reference to Bauer v. Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. case number BC 374017.

    I got it today requesting my approval to disclose my personal information to the plantiffs attorneys regarding my complaints to their so called "customer service department."

    Bauer, I don't know who you are, but I love you!!!!!!!
  • I bought a used 2006 Xb. I have had it about 2 years. Just got back from a long road trip. I now have 2 cracks in my windshield, due to rocks. One is on top and the other is on the bottom. Is there any way to help prevent this. Maybe a deflector mounted on the front of the hood? A few years ago I used to see lots of deflectors, now hardly anyone uses them. Thought maybe someone is using a deflector. I would like to know if it helps keep the rocks off or away from the windshield.
    I love my car. In fact my husband and I are thinking of buying another one we love it so much.
  • Hello,
    I've posted my opinions before. Read #72,78,133,148 &171. I've also installed an
    AVS brand bug shield. I like the Bug Shield whether it helps or not. I believe that
    the combination of the strut bar that I made and the Bug Shield are the primary reasons as of today I still have the original windshield crack Free.
    Good Luck
  • My front windshield cracked twice. I have the safelite guys coming tomorrow to fix it. The back window cracked only because some punks threw a rock through it. Either way, the front cracks much easier than other cars because of the angle of the glass. It's not the glass itself as I've had different brands used as replacements. I recommend purchasing the glass coverage on your auto insurance. I pay less then 12 dollars a year and pay nothing out of pocket for glass repair. It's a great thing to have. Dealing with a Scion/Toyota dealership trying to get the glass fixed is a waste of time. It's not their fault and they won't spend more than a minute on your problem. As soon as the window cracks, if it's less than the size of a dollar, get it patched so you won't have a huge crack the next day.
  • That's a really good idea. Thanks, I'm going to give it a shot. Sick of wasting my time waiting for my windows to be fixed. You know, the glass people will be there between 8am and 5pm. Lovely.
  • You are right! I did not know about glass coverage. I wonder if the insurance company can deny coverage due to the angle flaw ( Wawanesa) I am calling now.
    What insurance do you have?
  • My insurance (State Farm) would cover me for windshield damage at a low deductible, but she did say that if I had too many claims in too short a time, they would drop the coverage or raise the deductible so high that I essentially wouldn't have windshield coverage as a result.

    This windshield issue is ultimately why I chose not to buy a Scion and purchased a different car this week. It's a shame, since I loved the Scion, but it seemed like too much of a gamble on whether I'd have these problems or not, and I shouldn't be worrying about something like this on a new car.
  • It's worth looking into getting glass coverage added to your insurance. It costs me 12 bucks a year. When I called about my windshield this time, I asked the woman if they could ever deny my claim because it might be a flaw in the design. She said they couldn't because there has never been an official investigation or recall on the car. As far as GEICO is concerned, rocks keep cracking my glass. I know the window guy from Safelite since he's always the one fixing my glass! When you call to report the damage, just say a rock hit it. They won't even flinch. Also, make sure you don't have a deductible. Most glass coverage doesn't but it might depend on your comprehensive/collision amount. My regular deductible is $500 but I pay 0 for glass. I'd ask your insurance co what is required in order to keep out-of-pocket expenses low or zero. Good luck.
  • Wow, what a scam State Farm has going on. I've had my glass replaced over 10 times on all my cars since I was 16 (I'm 33) and I've never had my claim denied or had to pay anything out-of-pocket. I love GEICO. I know it's cheesy to actually love your insurance co but I swear, they rock. I've had my windshield replaced twice this year and my back window replaced once. They don't seem to care how many times I need new glass. Guess I'm a good customer. Of course, I've been with GEICO for 17 years. It's too bad you decided against the XB. As much as the glass issue annoys the crap out of me, I love my car and wouldn't trade it for anything. Maybe someday, they'll figure out how to fix the flaw. Hope you love your new car either way!
  • Sorry, did I mention what insurance I have? I forgot, getting old. I have GEICO. They have the best coverage for glass. 0 dedutable. Gotta love a big zero.
  • xbme2xbme2 Posts: 9
    any news on the class action? is anyone contacting Bauer's attorney? my new 2008 xb had the same huge crack starting above rearview mirror L shaped toward passenger side...only a few months old at the time (had sat in hot sun). ins pd but now I have "next time nerves". very scary to drive with it that way! called toyota, they could care less. made report on nhtsa complaint site, too. (see post 156)
  • Heh,

    I bought one of the first 08 Xb's and now have 50k on it. I have also replaced the windshield twice due to pebble damage becoming a crack ( Flat windshield design by Scion sucks) My latest windshield is aftermarket and seems fine. your "L" deal may be from factory glass defect in some of the windshields (not mine) GO aftermarket
    now available.
  • Not that anyone should have to, but there is a product called diamond or crystal fusion that comes with a warranty (up to 5yrs I think, replacement and labor included) that increases the strength of the glass significantly. Additional nice side effects are glare reduction and for the first few weeks a slick glass effect that wicks away water. Depending on where you are it costs a couple to a few hundred dollars and yes I realize it should not be needed but it is there and is offered by some dealerships. As a personal testimony a large chunk of ice flew off the top of an 18wheeler, like in slow motion I saw it flip and rotate several times while airborne. I was on I95 with no chance to brake or change lanes without possibly causing an accident and braced for what was surely going to be my windshield getting cracked at best or run through at worst or so I thought. @ impact I was white knuckled and saw/heard the impact. Nothing. No chip, no crack. Just ice pebbles all over my windshield. I'm sure it doesn't stop everything and perhaps even if not on it would have done no different. No way to tell. But after that my belief is it was worth every penny.
  • I've had my windshield replaced so many times using aftermarket glass and it still gets the "crack". It's not the glass, it's the way the braces were made that hold the glass in place. There is too much tension being put on the sides and center of the window because the brackets were made incorrectly. I have an in with some glass guys. They told me all about the problems with the Xb. Hell, I keep them in business, after all!
  • xbme2xbme2 Posts: 9
    well if 212 people on here are having the same problem, and about 1 out of 10 take the time to complain, and another 50% of Scion XB buyers aren't even aware of this forum or what potentially lies ahead, I'd say they have a structural/safety issue that needs to be dealt with. time to man up, they got our money, we deserve to drive a car without being in fear of a pebble! I heard every single claim you make is entered into a database, whether small or large, and alot of your premiums (from claims) are based on these figures, whether the windshield cost you out of pocket or will down the road. I really like the car, but I dont like me or my ins paying for the consequences of their inferior design flaw. Where is a fearless attorney with integrity not getting his bread buttered by Big Money? I want him!
  • xbme2xbme2 Posts: 9
    hondadave where can you find a good strut bar and get it installed? lady owner
    here, thanks! also I noticed on the NHTSA site no mention of the windshield complaints! got a few little chips, debating as to fix them...
  • texasestexases Posts: 7,762
    Can't go wrong with the factory one. Don't get a cheap one on Ebay.
  • The only one(1) piece strut bar that I know of is made by Toyota Racing Developement - TRD. It can be purchased a Toyota Dealers. They can also install it.
    Thanks, David
  • So I bought a used 2004 Scion xB. When I bought it, the guy who sold it to me said that he had gotten the windshield replaced and he thought that they didn't seal it well so it might leak once the rain sets in (it was summer). Sure enough, it leaked with no visible cracks. I just got the windshield replaced (after paying someone to attempt to reseal the one that came on it when I bought it) and it's leaking more than ever, this time from more locations (top right hand side). When they put in the new glass they said they didn't see any problems that would've caused a leak. Needless to say, it's not under warranty from Toyota and I am worried it's a big issue. Can anyone tell me what a fix is for this? I've seen some discussion about the frame of the vehicle putting pressure on the glass-- is it pushing the glass up and causing gaps? I live in Portland, Oregon, if anyone has tips on where to take it. The dealer wouldn't touch it.
  • xbme2xbme2 Posts: 9
    In the Jan/Feb '09 AAA mag it says "if you get your windshield replaced make sure the tehnicians use the correct primer and adhesive and handle the windshield with gloves. Oils on the fingers can adversely affect the mastics used to mount the windshield to the car body, which can result in water or air leaks and compromised crash safety." It also recommends letting the car sit for a day after the installation (I did that myself at the dealer, insisting they keep it inside overnight). Water leaks=mold...BIG problem! I would contact Scion and insist they get involved. my prayers are with you!
  • halo34halo34 Posts: 2
    Just keep on them. It took the company 3 times to get mine right. It's a PITA but it's better than having a bad window.
  • gidgettgidgett Posts: 1
    I would like to get more information about the lawyer you suggest to speak with. I am seriously considering pursuing this issue. Thank you for your time.
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