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Scion xB Windshield cracks



  • rubyred4rubyred4 Posts: 3
    edited February 2011
    Update from previous post. I sent in an appeals form to the Bauer v. Toyota Settlement lawyer after the Toyota dealer said he would not replace the windshield because no one told him he had to. I got a letter today telling me that my claim was denied because my Scion had more then 60,000 miles on it. We all know that the mysterious cracking windshields are a design flaw. I don't think the mileage (66,000) on my 2006 XB should be a factor in the decision. I'm just wondering how many more times I'm going to have to replace it.
  • I submitted the paperwork to Bauer vs Toyota for my windshield reimbursement the day after I received it. In early January I received a postcard saying my request had been received and if no other information was required, I would receive a check in the future. Two weeks ago, I received a request for the vehicle mileage at the time the windshield was replaced. I filled it out and returned it the same day. The mileage was way under the 60,000 mile limit. I called Bauer vs Toyota today and was informed that the last checks went out today 2/3/11 and no check was issued to me. I was told to call them again next week. Is this whole Bauer vs Toyota a joke? Has anyone received a check? How long do I wait before I just write it off as a waste of my time?
  • Yep, we are screwed too as we still have the windshield crack that formed well before the 60,000 mile mark yet now our car is at 66,000 miles, so we are out of luck. Looks like we will be replacing it with our won money. I only received the notification that the suit was successful, after our odometer had turned past 60,000. Yet it looks like the suit was 'decided/approved in our favor' much earlier than that; so I think we would have been covered for a replacement if the law firm had really notified us in a timely manner. Frustrated... like many others.
  • I am the original poster of this thread. The same thing happened to me. They have waited until we are all over the 60,000 mile limit and are now denying our claims. Thanks alot John Eagle Sport City Toyota Scion in Dallas, Texas. I am going to replace my windshield myself and be done with it. Got a quote for $180.00.
  • I had my windshield replaced for $135.00. Its not OEM, but its not like I'm going to void my warranty. I'll probably be replacing this one again anyway.
  • tatnseantatnsean Posts: 1
    Had about 10k on mine and got a crack in my windshield; after all of about two weeks I welcomed a second crack on the same window. One originating at the top, near either side of the review mirror. Also, for those with manual trans., have anyone had difficulty shifting into reverse? My car seems to have a little trouble getting into that gear.
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