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My E-Class is a Lemon!



  • pmp3pmp3 Posts: 3
    Hi, Have a '06 350E 4M and purchased replacement wipers - got the insert part, not the entire wiper. Anyhow, there are retainers on the end of the OEM wiper assembly that I can't figure out how to remove, so I can slide the old insert out, and new in. Anybody mess with these out there?
  • with 40k miles, i have a strange, sometimes hi-pitch wining sound that seems to be coming from the transmission area. has anyone else had this problem. if so, what is it, and whats the cost to repair.
  • imaxjrimaxjr Posts: 1
    I have an 06 E350 43k on it
    I noticed a small crack on the windshield, about where the rain sensor goes.
    Doesnt appear to have been cracked by any flying road debris.
    Could it be a stress crack?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 57,319
    Windshields will occasionally crack due to errors in the manufacturing process. Believe it or not, glass is a liquid and now and then during the "pouring" there are impurities trapped in there which might eventually lead to a crack, a shattering, or who knows.

    A close inspection with a jeweler's "eye" should be able to tell you if there was impact or not.

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  • Just bought a 2009 3 350 and the nav unit keeps shutting down without a reason and the transmission shifts down to 2nd gear ! Have had it in the shop and they can not find the problem. Did you resolve your problem?
  • Just bought my Mercedes about six weeks ago. Have had repetitive problems with the tele-navigation system shutting down and rebooting at least 25 times. The dealor can find no problem after 5 visits. More serious is the car shifts into 2nd gear and stays there... have to stop car and restart to get it out of second. Dealor can not find out why this happens. Google search brings up similar cases for nav unit shutting down going back 3-4 years. It sounds like a major flaw in on board computer. I have contacted a lemon law lawyer and wna t to get rid of the car!! Anyone have similar problem with this model??
  • Hi Kbreeeze I had this problem. I will just write here what they put on my ticket to fix it. (Park Place Mercedes Dallas, TX Fixed it.)
    Guide Pulley A - V -belt ,
    Replace 201 W93 . 1 272 -202 -10-19 Sheave Pulley. This fixed the problem for me in on 10-24-07 under warranty, but I am starting to hear the problem again, this now on 2-22-09
  • Thinking about getting a 2010 E350 luxury sedan.
    Biggest worries are (1) reliability and (2) cost of maintenance. Any input on these would be appreciated.
    Realize that each dealer sets own prices, but what is realistic for the MB Owners Manual recommended services for first 2-3 years?
  • Great car, never had a problem with it!
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