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Lexus GS 350



  • BushwackBushwack Posts: 258
    FWIW...I have an '07 GS with 18" wheels and w/o run flats and the car has a boulevard ride. Reminiscent of my uncle's 1969 Cadillac Sedan de Ville when I was a boy. I have heard from many people with run flats that noise and a harsh ride are due to the tires.

    As for L.A. being the pot-hole capital (and I'm an Angeleno born and raised), you obviously haven't been to Detroit.
  • rgalluccirgallucci Posts: 16
    I replaced the run flats with Michelins the it made a vast difference in the ride. Also the run flats have a tendency to pull to one side or the other when the road surface is uneven.
  • lz4004lz4004 Posts: 37
    I was quite suprised by the stiff ride in my new gs350 after driving my ls 400 for the past 12 years, soft and quiet hardly hearing the engine. The gs350 is more of a sporty car ride giving up the ls400 ride.
  • chucko3chucko3 Posts: 793
    Same here with my 07GS350.
    Lower the tire pressure about 2-3 psi would make a big difference.
  • chucko3chucko3 Posts: 793
    My 07GS350 does not do that.
    When it's put on Auto, it will switch between fresh air & recirculate depending on the setting temp., outside temp, and ambient temp
    and will come back on after the engine is restarted.
  • ara3ara3 Posts: 10
    That's because yours is working correctly. Unfortunately, mine does not. Periodically, on start-up, the auto light goes off and stays off and the system is then in manual mode. I have to push the auto switch twice to get it back to auto. According to the Lexus powers to be, this is normal and all GS cars do this. According to me and to the arbitrators, there is a defect. Problem is that they either don't know what to do (amazing) and/or they choose to not admit fault. Very proud folks, for sure. So, for the time being, I just deal with it. Rest of the car is fine. Problem is management and lack of honesty.
  • ara3ara3 Posts: 10
    Unfortunately, no. They say it's normal. It's not. It's a defect and I guess they don't know what to do so they just lie. Good luck.
  • BushwackBushwack Posts: 258
    It's not normal and your 'defect' can be programmed correctly by a Lexus technician. Have you tried another dealership?
  • ara3ara3 Posts: 10
    You speaking with authority or speculation? Have not had anyone else but the dealer look at it + FTS and every other authority in the company. Actually, once Lexus said it is normal (lie), my dealer (and any other) is not allowed to "repair" it for fear of doing something that "does not need to be done"..... Catch my drift? Any suggestions?
    Thanks for your interest. Feel like I've been there, done that.
  • BushwackBushwack Posts: 258
    I'm not an authority but neither am I speculating. When I closed the deal on my GS, the dealer gave me a list of items they can program for free when I took my car in for the 1,000 mile service. Among items on the list was HVAC configuration. Check your closing docs when you bought the car. Some of these are in the manual but many were not (i.e. lighting preference, navigation set-up, etc.)
  • billyperks2billyperks2 Posts: 378
    I am not a GS owner but I did cross shop it with the current Acura Tl that I own.
    Question- what exactly does Lexus do for the 1K mile service and how much does it cost? Personally, I dont see why a car needs any type of service at 1k miles.

    When I was car shopping last year my co-worker knew I was in the market for the GS. He had just came out of a GS lease and warned me to stay away because the service cost are insane- he even brought in all his service receipts to show me.
  • rgalluccirgallucci Posts: 16
    My wife has 27,000 on her 07 GS350 and other than new car issues we have never taken it to the dealer.
  • lz4004lz4004 Posts: 37
    When i purchased my new 2008 gs350, I was told at 1k service was free, any adjustments, exc. I didn`t need that service, so my first service was free oil change after 3 months. I had an appointment and waited about 2 hours, after traveling 40 miles to and from dealer. The next oil change was going to be free as well, but i went to a local lube place instead. Warranty is still covered..After putting on 9k total mileage a year and a half later the brakes started squeeling. At the time there was a service bulletin on the brakes, found that on edmunds. The dealer said depending on condition of the brakes would determine if they would cover it or not. To my surprise they replaced new rotors,pads and shims, no charge. So for going back to the dealer for routine visits is 50/50.
  • BushwackBushwack Posts: 258
    I have the same brake problem with my '07 and the dealer said it was normal. Can you tell me where I can find that service bulletin?
  • lz4004lz4004 Posts: 37
    This lexus service bulletin was found on the gs350 forum. Bulletin # sb0040
    (squeeling front brakes and excessive brake dust). This was for 2008 model.
    not sure about your 2007.
  • lz4004lz4004 Posts: 37
    I just found the service bulletin for your 2007 gs350 brake problem.
    # sb0015
  • BushwackBushwack Posts: 258
    Thanks - is there a link for that TSB?
  • lz4004lz4004 Posts: 37
    2007-2008 GS350 AWD- TSB-0040
    REAR DRIVE TSB-0015">
  • maxy2maxy2 Posts: 10
    awesome, i love this car
  • Wait till you start getting Brakes problem, lots of squeaking problems with 2007, I am going through hell.........
  • This should not be that difficult; 1st: you are entitled to one free brake replacement under the TSB. 2nd: if you have already taken advantage of this, try a Lexus/Toyota repair shop other than the dealer and they will save you approx. $100 or more on the charge of the replacement. Also, make sure you clean your wheels a minimum of once a week. With the sport brakes you need to clean off your wheels to avoid the build up. good luck
  • BushwackBushwack Posts: 258
    The TSB 'brake replacement' you mention (I think) regards the hi-performance pads that came with 2007 & 2008 GS with the 18" wheels. The TSB had to do with brake dust - not squeals.

    With that said, I also have the brake squeal issue with my '07 GS (22,000+ miles). The noise has already been acknowledged by the dealer and I will have the brakes & calipers replaced under warranty when the recall on the springs are done (sometime next month).
  • Excellent; I have found over the last 20 years that if your Lexus dealer is not taking care of you then switch. If their are limited choices, work up the line of command with customer service and you will get satisfaction People complain that the service schedule is expensive, but if you are faithful to your service advisor/dealer you will see miracles worked. I have been using the same dealer for 20 years. Squealing is not acceptable. Subscribe to Alldata for details regarding the TSB's etc.. Be armed before you even approach your service advisor. Also, "join" club Lexus (no fee) and learn from others what our problems and how they get them solved.
  • smr36smr36 Posts: 59
    I have '07 GS 350 w/ 18" wheels. When I took it to my non-dealer mechanic he said I needed to replace the front brakes, including rotors. They were not squeaking when I brought the car in. Cost $65 for front pads and $269 for rotors + labor. He said Lexus doesn't leave enough surface to grind (repair) rotors on the GS. I've used this guy for years and believe he's honest. Maybe I should have brought the car to the dealer.?? Anyway, water under the bridge. Car still drives great after 3 years. Nothing I'd rather drive. Have others replaced front brakes and NOT needed to replace rotors?
  • You didn`t mention how many miles you have on the brakes? Anyways, all the cars made today have thin disposal rotors.
  • I was told by Imy Lexus dealer that they CAN turn the rotors.
  • checkout brakes and rotors
  • Confirmed with 2 Lexus dealers; they do turn the rotors is sufficient "material" remains. Only the ISF with slotted rotters are replaced. Per advisor from Lexus Escondido Lexus does not follow BMW, Audi, and others with respect to disposable rotors. Make some phone calls and you will confirm.
  • I have checked with 2 Lexus dealers and this is crap...Lexus turns rotors if their is sufficient material remaining. I would question this shop.
  • I just took my 07 GS350 in for a 30,000 mile service and Lexus dealer quoted me $850. I checked with my local repair shop and they quoted $450 for the exact service. I am using the dealer because there is a list of things to do but it will be the last time. Up until that point I hadn't used the dealer for any service. I needed brakes and rotors and the dealer said the brakes were only good for 15,000 miles. Brakes should last at least 30,000 miles, so I am going to check with my local repair shop to see if there is a alternate pad available. Front brakes were $760, just for the pads.
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