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2013 and earlier-Acura RDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Total price out the door is 42.4K bought it on 11/20. I live in Wheeling 60090 dealer is 4-5 miles from my home.
    Acura RDX 2013 AWD Tech package + 10.2" DVD Player+ Remote starter
    tax is 8.25%
    Got through dealer 3.89% for 72 months 4K downpayment. Around 600/month

    Let me know is it a good deal
  • ok 37k is for the car and then 1,500 extra is for the 10.2 dvd player and remote starter? I assume the 600.00 is dealer fee, and tax is $3,225.75 at 8.25% which totals the 42,325.75 give or take is this correct?
  • No offense; but unless your credit is absolutely shot, you should have been under 2% for a new auto loan with a decent down payment. Check out Pen Fed: -10312012

    The F&I guy was smilin' at that rate you got.
  • srizvi1srizvi1 Posts: 239
    edited November 2012
    Yes the purchase was made last night. Here are my final numbers for my 2013 Acura RDX AWD w/ Tech.

    Selling Price: $37,615
    Dealer Processing Charge (Not required by law): $200
    Electronic Title and Registration: $20
    Total Purchase Price: $37,835
    Tire Recycling Fee:$4.00
    Title Tax: $1098.90
    Title Fees: $100
    Lien Filing Fees: $20
    Registration Fees $195
    Total Cash Delivered Price $39,252.90

    For my 2008 Lexus IS 350 which was just shy of 65k miles I got $19,600 for it (the highest - by far - over two Lexus Dealers and Carmax) from the Acura dealership I went to. There was $8058.42 due on it. That gave me Trade-in Equity of $11,441.58

    - $11,441.58
    = $27,811.32 = final amount I am responsible for.

    I was approved for 1.9% APR financing from Acura Financial (Honda financial) for 60 months from them but chose instead to go with my work's Credit union (I work for Fed govt) for 1.99% APR. On a 60 month loan it's $1ish more each payment at $487.38. Not sure how much it would change if I decided to do 4 year payments instead of 5 years.

    I don't know if I have the best price in here or not. But if anyone wants to see my purchase order, I am willing to blur out my sensitive info and share it. If you're in the DC area and can do Laurel's Tischer Acura dealership, please pass my name along as the referral because maybe I can get some credits or reward points for the referral.

    Email me (my email is my username here @ gmail ) and I'll give you the salesperson's name. Today's the 29th and tomorrow's the 30th, I don't know if the end of the month thing is real or not, but if it is, it's a good time to make your move.

    Two Final notes:

    1) Above I've put in italics the fees I wasn't expecting or expecting to be different. I don't really know at this point if I can bring up anything but these weren't disclosed to me. But then again, I didn't pressure hard for a full breakdown of all fees to expect. I'd strongly suggest making all dealers you're considering do that. Really spell out what the fees should be. I thought it was simply going to be Tax, Tags ($180), and Dealer processing ($200).

    2) For anyone sharing prices, please consider doing a breakdown like mine. I think it really gives a more helpful picture. Especially when it comes to these purchases which are so large in nature, I think it's a big help to have the full picture and not some info. I think the "OTD" prices really aren't helpful without the full picture because there are so many factors w/ each individual purchase (trade-in, accessories, etc) to consider. Just my thoughts.
  • I got the same approval from my credit union at 1.95%. What I was offered is the 2013 acura RDX FWD Tech for the amount of 35,196.00 included is the all season floor mat and wheel locks. Dealer says it may go lower on the financing but I may stick with my credit union..You think is a good deal?
  • of couse you need to add the other stuff like tax tag, lic and a dealer fee which all dealers charge..
  • I have been quoted a price of $33238 for a base fwd non-tech 2013 RDX in the SF Bay Area. I reckon getting it down to invoice (which is only a few hundred down) should be possible? Does that seem about right? Another dealer said he would "throw in fog lights" (dealer installed) for $33500. shows the fog lights with a $350 msrp price tag which would make the second deal slightly cheaper. I am not looking for the tech package but definitely need the fog lights.
  • You can go lower on that car because the invoice is 32,245 plus 350 for the fog light adds up to 32,595. They are offering me 35,196 for a tech FWD RDX and the invoice is 35,670 here on Edmunds not all dealers work the same.
  • is giving me a price of $39,593 (Factory Inv-$38,160). Not sure I'm reading these
    threads correctly but the T.C. price sounds high to me - what do you all think? -- These posts
    are incredibly helpful - many thanks!
  • TC is a waste of time
  • Beginning to think you're right about TC - thanks!
  • Saillier I just bought the RDX FWD W/ Tech for 35,196.00 for the AWD add 1,200.00 more makes it 36,396.00. The best option is to call 10 dealers in a radious of 100miles from your area and propose them an offer below invoice. Then give them your email and have them send quotes to your email,and then say which ever dealer gives me the best deal is the one I choose. On my sale the wheel locks and all season floor mats were included I couldn't do more. Msrp on an RDX FWD Tech is 38,020 I'm under 2,824 msrp, I think I did a good deal. Going dealer to dealer is a waste of time done that and no good deals. Internet managers get better deals..
  • What a big difference!! Louisville,KY, I think only has one Acura dealer so really like the idea of sending the e-mails. What is the 1,200 you threw cover. Many thanks, alvares!!!
  • The $1,200.00 more would cover an RDX AWD tech I paid 35,196 if I would of gotten an AWD cost would of been 36,396.00. But in florida most of them are FWD. On top of that you need to add you know tax, tag and fees, which range from $199.00 up to $699.00 in dealer fee depending in which state you live in the taxes vary an dealer fee as well...
  • Yes, figured it wasn't tax or dealer fee (too variable) but my confusion was due
    to not understanding that yours is a FWD - thanks for the explanation. Am beginning to think dealership has a lock on the car & therefore charges what
    market will pay!
  • RDX FWD Tech invoice is 35,670 here on Edmunds, and about the same on most sites. Im under invoice actually by $474.00. The thing is go below msrp from 2.5K to 3K and you're in the right track...
  • True Car is a joke. At best the price they offer is an average, which means half of all buyers pay less. True Car counts on lazy buyers and True Car works closely with dealers. What more needs be said.

    Edmunds TMV is also an average price.

    To negotiate a good price, take the invoice and reduce it by the holdback and any other dealer incentive you can locate. Add a few hundred for profit and use that as a starting point for negotiations. Don't forget to consider any documentation fees, which are simply more dealer profit.
  • I am MOST grateful to both alvares and billy3554 for pointing me to the starting
    place of invoice & not truecar!! But even on invoice there's a difference between
    edmunds & t.c. Haven't rechecked t.c. to see if invoice includes destination but
    edmunds with dest. is 37,860 while t.c. invoice is 38,160. This is for 2013 awd, with tech. Why the difference?? MANY thanks for the help
  • I just wanted to get peoples perspective on this deal I was offered by an Acura Dealership in my area.

    36month, 15K Lease

    Residual 56%, MF is .00165, Selling Price $ 37,960 , MSRP is $ 40,315.

    I think I can do a little better on the MF but other than that is seems like a pretty good deal.

    $1500 due at signing, including taxes, title, ins.

    Monthly payment of $550 a month.
  • saillier don't go for that destination they tried putting it on my sale at the end of the deal for 895 so it was 35,196 plus the destination equals 36,091. I said no I'm only paying the agreed price of 35,196 plus tax, tag and the fee the dealer charges and that's it. They always try to get you some way but always go with a fixed price and there is no back end deal fees.
  • iris9iris9 Posts: 5
    The kbb invoice which includes the destination is 36565. So you were really $1369 below invoice. Wow! I didn't think it was possible to have the dealer exclude the destination fee. I think you got a great deal.
    I am in the Dallas area and am looking for the base RDX. Will the end of the year be the right time to snatch a great deal(as alvarez!) or it doesn't matter?
  • Thanks Iris are you ready to buy now?
  • iris9iris9 Posts: 5
    Yes I am ready to buy, although the quotes I have been getting over the internet is $500 or more above invoice. So should I wait till end of the month?
  • Thanks to Alvares for providing one data point for the FWD Tech level. (35196). While this is a truly a good deal, I can't seem to get any SF Bay Area dealer to come even close to that number, so I am curious if there are other data points anyone else could share.
  • This month is really good to but
  • I meant Dec is a good month to buy but be firm on your price
  • Hi Alvares, Thank you for sharing your experience I'm looking to upgrade my 2009 pilot, I've been following this thread for a while and I'm thinking about pulling the trigger on the same exact RDX (FWD Tech) I live in South Florida and I was wondering if you can share the dealer where you got your RDX. I'm leaving my email just in case you want to provide the info in a private manner.

    thank you in advance for your help
  • Sure sunny what part of South fla are you?
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,175
    You guys should realize that it is perfectly ok to mention the dealer name which does help others that may be in the same region.
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