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2013 and earlier-Acura RDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • He verbally quoted me something in the 38K range during the test drive, but the paperwork lists MSRP of 40,315, then includes sales tax, "dealer fees," "tags and fees," a "discount" and a $40,800 final. Then when they do that usual thing of having the team lead come over, he said it was an extra $500 off if I bought before the end of the year (which I told them I was planning to do, but also expressed my [genuine] interest in several other vehicles). This just seems high to me. I had never driven an Acura before, and honestly, I was expecting it to be a little more luxurious for the money. It was nice, no doubt, but for example, the Equinox LTZ (loaded with everything, and for about $32K) felt far superior on the interior, though, admittedly, it doesn't handle nearly as well.
    Hey--thanks so much for your help!
  • Hugo_StiglitzHugo_Stiglitz Posts: 167
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    Thanks roxie7. I would think that a no-haggle price would be marked on the vehicle and not just thrown out during a test drive. Just another thing that doesn't give me the warm fuzzies. I like the format of as they make the pricing pretty clear though unfortunately I am not in their area (and they have no Acura dealership). I've been comparing the RDX with the 2013 Mazda CX9 GT AWD. I'd be curious as to your impressions if you care to compare.
  • Roxie,

    My advice is to call every Acura dealer in your area and ask for the "internet sales department". Ask if they have the exact car you are looking for. You can do a preliminary inventory search in your area online at the Acura website but these are often out of date. This will save you some time.

    Propose what you are willing to pay (total price + tax/tag/license) and see if they bite. Make sure they are no other additional fees. If you get a good offer then you can visit that dealer to close the deal.

    For a 2013 RDX AWD w/ Tech, I would offer around $37K + tax/tag/license drive out. See if they can throw in some options like all weather mats or cargo area cover.

    Good luck!

  • sandman_6472sandman_6472 Coral Springs, FLPosts: 4,177
    I have friends who own the RDX and absolutely love it, as do many who post in this thread. Personally, I thought the interior was much nicer than what the Chevy had. I happened to be in both showrooms recently looking at different vehicles and sat in both of the vehicles you are looking at. I just felt the Acura was a much better product and worth the extra $ and I think the future reliability inside and out favor the Acura. But it's your hard earned dough you are spending but I think you might regret it down the road that you didn't go for the Acura.

    The Sandman :) :sick: :shades:

    2015 Audi A3 (wife) / 2015 Golf TSI (me) / 2009 Nissan Versa SL Hatch (daughter #1) / 2008 Hyundai Accent GLS (daughter #2)

  • buyabuya Posts: 74
    "no-haggle price would be marked on the vehicle"... like Cher said to Mr. Horowitz in the movie Clueless, " It (report card) is not ready yet..." And like most people here said -- everything is negotiable in car buying.

    Sounds like you're a smart person and know what you're doing. I don't think the dealers is willing to let an Acura AWD w/tech go OTD under $40k. However, if that's the price range you wish to spend on your next car, your hard earned money would be in the right vehicle if you chose RDX over Equinox, provided no lemons involved.

    Negotiate, negotiate, negotiate.

    Good Luck.
  • srizvi1srizvi1 Posts: 239
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    Before I bought my 2013 RDX AWD w/ Tech, I got into pricing talks with the 2013 Lexus RX 350 AWD fully loaded and the 2013 X3 and the RDX was coming out way cheaper. Not just that but the X3 was a tad too small, and the RX was a tad to big. I didn't look at anything from Chevy but I did visit the Ford dealership and felt the 2013 Escape was too small (and the leather seemed really cheap) and that the Edge was too big. I didn't look at the Q5 which I think would have been a little smaller and more expensive too. I did look at an older Infinity EX of my friend's and that was way too small.

    For me, it seemed that there really was no comparison to the Acura RDX really. I know it's considered a "luxury" car there's a lot of luxury features out there that it lacks like parking assist, blind spot monitoring, passenger memory seats, etc. But what I was after was an "Accord" version of a compact sedan. I have always felt the Accord is a solid car and good enough for my needs. The CR-V, the only compact Honda offers, is the civic and just too cheap feeling. My dad has the '07 one and it just never felt solid and I could see where corners were cut. But the size was perfect

    So the closest thing to my "Accord" compact SUV needs was the Acura RDX.
  • yalamyalam Posts: 4
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    Truelies1, iris9 - Good Negotiation skills

    The final OTD price quotes I got from couple of dealers $35,400 and $35,020 ( 33000, 32,750 +TTL) and they are not willing to comedown further , till I did not visited showroom

    Please suggest
  • Hi guys,

    First post here but been following your posts for over a month now. I'm looking to make an offer on a 2013 AWD RDX w/tech and just wanted to get some additional advice.

    I'm sending my offer to 7 different dealers. I'm assuming its advisable to inform them that I'm shopping my offer with other dealers?

    My offer is:
    OTD (including Destination charges, not TTL): $36,200.00
    *added that all weather floor mats and wheel locks would help seal the deal but not a deal breaker

    I know this is a pretty low offer but I'd like to see how close they can get.

    Any other suggestions for me?
  • Not an exact science; but, not a bad idea to search their inventories and get a picture of what's available. They're more likely to be flexible on a model/color that is in good supply vs a 'one of a kind' popular combo.
  • patm70patm70 Posts: 20
    Just curious. Why do you think a dealership would want to sell you a car for $36,200. when the invoice (not MSRP) price with destination for an AWD/Tech is $37,870? To also expect the dealer to possibly throw in all weather floor mats and wheel locks ($150. or more value) for nothing is pretty incredible.
    My suggestion: research those seven dealers you sent offers to and see if if any of them sold the RDX you are looking for at the price you would like to get it for (check messages in this thread). Personally, as for your offer, I can assure you that some of those dealerships will not even respond to your offer at that price. However, good luck.
  • karhill1karhill1 Posts: 152
    When buying something as costly as a vehicle, it is never a good tactic to assume to know what a particular dealer will do at a particular time. Really, what is to be lost offering a lower price for a vehicle. At worst a dealer will say no or not respond or, perhaps, offer a better deal than it would have otherwise. Always smart to start low and work up than to start hight and work higher.
  • Didn't say I expected them to sell me a car at that price. But seeing what others in this forum have purchased the same car for (one as low as $36,396 reportedly), I don't think $36,200 is crazy low. Besides, I'm pretty sure a dealer won't sell me a car at a loss. So what can it hurt to make a low offer? Let the free market captial system do it's thing and find out where the counteroffers come in at?
  • patm70patm70 Posts: 20
    karhill1, I stand by my post and suggestion. I have been viewing the 2013 RDX prices paid thread for quite some time and used the posts supplied here to help me buy my 2013 RDX AWD non tech so I speak from experience from actually purchasing the car after corresponding with or visiting four different Acura dealers. The 2013 RDX is a new model with new engine, etc. and the sales have been much improved compared to the 2012 model year so why would a dealer "give" a car away for $1600. under invoice? In fact, some dealerships will not sell the vehicle for more than $1600. off MSRP let alone invoice price. I have never seen anyone post in this thread who has paid $36, 200. for an AWD/Tech model. I look forward to seeing the orignal poster's follow up posts on the responses/prices he received from the seven dealerships (with or without the floor mats and wheel locks).
  • Thats correct one in this thread paid 36,396 for the RDX AWD TECH 2013. I paid 35,196 which is $1,200 less because it's not the AWD I got the RDX FWD TECH 2013. Thats how I made my deal following this thead and adjusted the price less for the FWD. I was able to negotiate, and the all season floor mats and wheel locks included. But keep in mind it's not the otd price taxes and t/l not included.
  • yalamyalam Posts: 4

    One dealer accepted my offer $34,000 OTD for 2013 RDX- FWD- Base ( Windows tint,Wheel locks, Nitrogen on it).

    Seems Dallas and Arlington dealers are accepting that offer.

    Thanks to iris9 for sharing his experience and price paid.
  • learned a lot from this forum. Just want to share my buying price.

    Location: Libertyville, IL
    Date: 12/26/2013
    Model: New 2013 RDX, AWD, without tech package
    List Price: $35,720 (without $895 destination)
    Discounted Price: 33,040
    Destination: $895
    Document: $161.39
    Plate Transfer and filling: $150
    Tax: 7%

    No discounted accessory was offered by the dealer. Focused on the best price for a trade-in. Did not care much about the discount on the accessory since the accessories i need are much cheaper online anyway.

    Like to thank lots of people to share their experience and price here.

    Happy New Year!
  • $36,200 + TTL would be a fantastic price for a 2013 RDX AWD w/ Tech if you can get it. My feeling is the dealer may counter with something more in the $36,500-$37,000 range. I got mine for ~$36,800 + TTL. Try to get some free accessories. Good luck!
  • bleuspeedbleuspeed Posts: 1
    edited December 2012
    Thanks to everyone that posted on this thread. Hats off to many of the skilled negotiators. All the information here inspired and equipped me for the negotiation process.

    I was not able to do as well as I had hoped. But I am happy with my performance. I just picked up a white RDX FWD w/tech today. I also had a trade-in and ended up in two separate negotiations.

    Here is my breakdown:

    Location: San Francisco Bay Area
    Model: New 2013 RDX, FWD, with tech package
    Price Paid: 35,999 (includes destination $895)
    Tax (8.325%): 3,021.62
    Document: $80
    Plate Transfer, filling and tire: $380.75
    Total OTD: 39,481.37

    Included in price: all weather mats and cargo net.

    Question for the group:

    Does anyone have any opinion on the Acura extended warranty and maintenance packages? I was offered
    - new car warranty up to 8yrs/100k for $1,700
    - all maintenance (minus tire purchase, but includes brake pads rotors, parts and labor) up to 5 years/60k for $1,400

    I declined at the time telling then I need a couple of days to think.

    Sorry for the long post.
  • 4mercoachrick4mercoachrick Posts: 133
    edited December 2012
    Congrats on the new purchase...exact color/package we have!
    Regarding the extended warranty, there are plenty of people who dismiss them out of hand. Would you reasonably expect a major failure, outside of the original warranty, that would cost more than the extended program costs? Perhaps on a Euro car, but unlikely on the Acura line, IMO. Why pay so much for something you can't use for the next FOUR years?

    Ditto on the maintenance program, unless you can determine it represents at least a 20% discount(1/3 would be better). No point in paying SO much up front. I bought the three-year package just to get it out of the way(lease vehicle); but I paid less than 1/3 of your plan. Kind of a shock since Volvo has included 3,4,5 years maintenance on our last three vehicles :cry:

    Just MHO and YMMV and all that! Enjoy the new ride!
  • rapb127rapb127 Posts: 4
    edited December 2012
    Living in NE Pa, my negotiated price so far before trade is $34k before taxes, tag etc. Appears to be $400 below invoice cutting into dealer holdback. Decent deal?
  • stickguystickguy Posts: 25,377
    looks like it.

    2015 Hyundai Sonata 2.4i Limited Tech (mine), 2013 Acura RDX AWD (wife's) and 2015 Jetta Sport (daughter's)

  • The amount what you paid $35, 196 is including destination charges of $895?

  • Yes neethu $35,196 includes destination fee of $895.00. Although they added it but I did not accept the $895.00 destination fee.
  • you really got a great deal, i got offer of $36,200 with 9 regular services/oil changes/tire rotation free, do you think is that a right deal? ( It is for EWD with tech package)
  • You mean the Acura RDX FWD TECH or AWD TECH?
  • Sorry, my bad it's a typo. It is Acura RDX FWD Tech!
  • I think is still not a bad deal because the invoice of the Acura RDX FWD TECH is $35,670 so they are going $500.00 over the invoice price which is leaves you in positive territory. What you can do is have them throw in the all season floor mats and wheel lugs plus the dealer fee included as well for the 36,200. What State are you from?
  • Thank you so much for quick reply! I am form California. let me try asking those 3 things you mentioned. Also they are offering Oil & Filter Change/ Tire Rotation/ Car Wash/ System inspections for 4 times! if dealer agress to give those 3 things then i should go for it :-). thanks again.
  • Another good option which is what I did. Get the numbers of all dealers in a radious of 100miles from where you live. In my case it was 10 dealers and I called and proposed my offer and had the internet sales managers email me back for responses. Some counter offered but one accepted my offer so that's how my deal turned out to be. I printed emails and went to dealer with documentation of the set agreed price.
  • ttdadttdad Posts: 7
    Just closed AWD Tech (Graphite/black) with roof rails installed (not crossbars) for $37,399 ($37,000 + $399 dealer fee) excluding tax/tags. I contacted 10 GMs from dealers in region and only had 2 play ball at my offer. I wanted $37,000 even but many are selling closer to MSRP based on demand here.

    I'm in CT.
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