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2013 and earlier-Acura RDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • mjo1mjo1 Posts: 16
    It is Honda financing. I got the salesman to come down to $470. I pulled the trigger!
  • mlb11mlb11 Posts: 31
    Wow! $470 and that MF is rock bottom for Acura (Honda Finance). I bought in late January assuming they wouldn't go below 3.5% for lease financing and here they've dropped to 2.6%, smart move for you to jump on this! In all honesty, with their willingness to deal and the financing specials, the RDX is currently nearly the same price as the CR-V EX-L!

    And the CR-V while nice, is not in the same league as the RDX for luxury and performance.

    What color did you choose?
  • mjo1mjo1 Posts: 16
    That's the impression I got. They were very willing to deal and with no pressure at all. I chose the Carbon Gray Pearl with Ebony interior. The payment is actually going to be less, because by the time I get the car, my current lease payoff will be less. I'm getting a little nervous now, given the rise in gas prices and the not-so-stellar fuel economy of the RDX. Oh well, I'll just buy a few less coffees during the week!
  • mlb11mlb11 Posts: 31
    Nice color! If you're like me, I have yet to see another RDX on the road...and I get a lot of looks driving it - it seems people have not seen this vehicle yet, which is kind of fun!

    Overall great deal! I hear ya about gas prices....during break in (first 1k miles) I got about 16-17 mpg, but this was also in sub-zero weather. I've now got 1,600 miles on it and the last tank yielded 19.7 mpg with about 50/50 mix city/hwy. I think as it gets warmer, more broke-in and they reformulate the gas for summer, it will continue to improve.

    I might get flamed for this, but where I live there is a gas station (Road Ranger) that has a mid-grade of 90 minimum octane....I talked to the Acura techs and they thought this was an acceptable octane for the RDX. I've been burning it since I got it and have encountered no loss in power or any other deficiencies encountered with octanes too low for the engine. I believe some citgos also carry a 90 octance mid-grade. You may want to check this out as typically mid-grade is only a dime more.
  • mjo1mjo1 Posts: 16
    Not Citgo! That's run by the Argentinian government!!!
    We're at about 163 for 91 octane where I live.

    I've seen one RDX on the road so far. Very nice!!
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    Not that it matters, but Citgo is actually Venezuelan--one of our biggest oil suppliers. That's why all of Hugo Chavez' crazy statements about the US are important. Otherwise, he'd just be another commie dictator that we'd all laugh at.
  • kevmiamikevmiami Posts: 2
    Puchased week ago in South Florida. Really hard to compare apples to oranges, unless you know all fees being paid. If people are paying the dealer prep (PDI), which is pure profit, documentation fees, etc., they are really not paying invoice. I paid approximately 2.5% over invoice ($783) if no one is paying $600 in dealer prep and $100 documentation stamp, or $184 over invoice, if everyone is paying these. It's a Red Base model, with Roof Rack (kind of ugly, but functional) and door molding. Assuming 3% holdback, this was a pretty profit for the dealer, despite the vehicle being on the lot 63 days. Hindsight; wonder if I couldn't have pushed harder, but hadn't seen this forum and was still significantly less then Edumunds is reporting.

    Was fairly easy experience; went late in the afternoon (they don't haggle as long); Didn't split any differences, when "we are close;" and didn't let them "renegotiate the deal," when they tried to add financing (Honda 3.9%) fees and/or document stamps. Ignored all offered insurance (know as "cheese"), blah, blah, blah; and ignored the computer screen the "Sales Manager" showed me, indicating he was loosing $1,500 (right, like I have any idea what number was on his field 67). Take your laptop or palm and create a spreadsheet before you go in; update while you discuss. When they ask, "you brought a computer," answer "why yes, you guys are using one...." Be sure you take multiple "cigarette breaks" (I don't smoke) to discuss with family or friend, away from salesperson. p.s.Love the car!!

  • c_hunterc_hunter Posts: 4,487
    I don't think OTD means much unless you live in the same state as me, but my OTD was $30300 + $399 dealer fee + $50 tags + 3.2% VA Tax = $31724.
  • I just bought the RDX Tech this week on Long Island. I negotiated with all the Acura dealers here and the lowest they would go is invoice price, so I accepted it. None of them were willing to take away from the holdback. People may be getting below invoice offers in other parts of the country but unfortunately not on Long Island. For accessories I added the roof rack w/cross rails, the front spoiler, and a remote starter (integrated into the existing remote). They gave me minor discounts on these extras. The total for everything (with the delivery charge and fees) came to roughly 36k. The best part is that I got the color I wanted (black w/ black interior) and it was fresh off the truck (the odometer reading was 0000002). They also gave it to me with a free full tank of gas (I didn't even ask for that).
  • c_hunterc_hunter Posts: 4,487
    I would be curious to know what production number they are up to now -- what is the range of the last 5 digits of your VIN? (just round to the nearest 1000).
  • My VIN ends in 19409.
  • When I drove my RDX for the first time going home from the dealership, it smelled like something was burning. First I thought it was from outside, then I thought maybe because I turned on the heat. The smell remained even after I turned off the heat. The car wansn't overheating. The next morning I drive back to the dealership service department and they told me that this is normal for new cars. The man said they spray some chemical on the engine and exhaust metals to prevent them from rusting. When this chemical heats up it makes the burning smell. He told me it will go away after driving longer. I drove the rest of the day and the smell seems to be gone so I guess he was right. Has anyone else had this experience?

    I also noticed that when the climate control is on the radiator fan (or some fan under the hood) keeps turning on and off but with 10 second intervals. Has anyone else noticed this too?
  • c_hunterc_hunter Posts: 4,487
    That is the highest VIN I have run across so far -- that is indeed fresh off the truck!

    The burning smell is common, and the dealer's description was right. I don't remember smelling it on my RDX (so many other "new" smells to mask it), but have on other new cars. Generally, it is undercoating overspray or cosmolene metal protectant that gets on the exhaust.

    The fan sound is the AC engaging and disengaging. You probably noticed this at idle, right? When in auto mode, AC cycles on/off all the time except in very cold weather. This is done to dehumidify the air for comfort. You can press the AC button to switch AC off (climate control will still remain in auto mode). I generally keep AC off in the colder months unless it's raining and the interior fogs up. Come summer, I will let it cycle all the time.
  • Yeah I notice the fan at idle. Thanks for the info.

    Do you know how long I have to drive to get good gas mileage. Right now I'm getting under 12mpg according to the mini computer. I know the car needs to be broke in, but I had the car for 2.5 days and I used half a tank of gas already. I only drove it for 60 miles or so. when I check the instant mpg gauge it shows over 40mpg when coasting, but the second I accelerate it drops to about 5mpg. LOL
  • c_hunterc_hunter Posts: 4,487
    It really depends on the kind of driving you do -- I was getting 20-25mpg right away (80% highway).

    Best thing to do is start with a fresh average -- fill up, reset the MPG average, and then drive like a granny and see what you get. The RDX seems to do best when cruising 45-55mph, though I do get 21mpg at 72-75mph.

  • ramaworamawo Posts: 3
    I'm also looking into purchasing a RDX Tech in the Long Island area, will you be able to tell me which dealership on Long Island offered you the invoice price? I contacted several dealerships and they were all above the invoice and some didn't even get back to me. And you said the total for everything came to roughly 36K, is that the out-of-door price with the accessories you've mentioned? That sounds like a very good deal!!
  • I got it from Smithtown Acura. I don't remember the exact number but it was between $35,900 and $36,000 with accessories and shipping (not including tax and interest). My first visit to this dealership was 5 or 6 months ago and the sales person remembered me. I asked for discounts and I told him I know what other people are paying right at the start. He told me that since I had visited before he was willing to give me a great discount. First the offer was like $200 or $300 over invoice. I kept acting disappointed and told him that other people are paying $300-$500 below invoice, plus I was going to add on accessories. Eventually we agreed on invoice price. I had help though with the mother came with me. Do not underestimate the power of your mother. LOL
  • jcscjcsc Posts: 1
    Just got a quote from a dealer near my house.
    2007 RDX Tech Package $33,595 plus tax and fees

    Sales price INCLUDES destination charge, wheel locks, fenderwell trim, and mud guards. NO OTHER HIDDEN FEES!
    I am in SoCal.
    I think it's a great price. do you?
  • Pardon newbie question, but when you say it is possible to buy RDX for $500 below invoice price, what does this actually mean?

    Does it mean that you add on top of that the destination charge, dealer prep fees, tag and sales tax or you just add on top of that tag&tax?
  • Did anyone purchased RDX in Miami/Ft. Lauderdale recently? If so, please share your buying experience. Also, are there any dealers worth recommending or to be avoided?
  • rdxerrdxer Posts: 38
    I want to thank everyone on this forum, based on information from various posts I was able to get a sweet deal on a non-tech RDX. No fuss, no hassle in Northern Virginia.

    Got it at invoice (plus $245 dealer garbage fee) plus TTL. They threw in wheel locks and the heavy-duty floor mats. We wound up leasing at (that was sweet, too) -- I'll post the lease info on the RDX leasing forum. Thanks again!

  • budhbudh Posts: 109
    Anyone heard of a possible price change in MSRP and invoice in the last few days or weeks for the RDX?

    Bud H
  • frizellfrizell Posts: 6
    Thank you for all of you guys' post. I finally bought a RDX this weekend. Carbon bronze w/Tech. Here is how much I paid.

    RDX w/tech, No options

    $34700 OTD

    $33177.83 -- Purchase price
    $399 -- Processing fee
    $1007.30 -- Title Tax
    $66.36 -- Dealer license Tax (fee that can be take off)
    $10.00 -- File fee
    $39.50 -- License fee & Title fee

    Hope this will help someone get a better price than me.
    and Thank all for posting.
  • c_hunterc_hunter Posts: 4,487
    Very good deal -- almost $800 under invoice! What dealer did you buy from? I bought from Priority in Chesapeake after shopping all the local dealers.
  • ramaworamawo Posts: 3
    Thank you all for the useful info, I got my RDX w/Tech at the Park Ave Acura in NJ this weekend. I got it at invoice plus tax and DMV fees. It also came with the wheel lock and they didn't even mention it, I found it in the glove compartment when I got home. I have it in black and ebony interior, I love the car. The ride is not as bumpy as others claimed to be and I got 19 mpg for the first 120 miles of mixed city/highway driving.
  • frizellfrizell Posts: 6
    R U William???
  • frizellfrizell Posts: 6
    U don't know him?? Did he not sell the car to u??
  • johnny98johnny98 Posts: 88
    What prices have people gotten in the San Francisco area? I'm looking to purchase a RDX Tech. I e-mailed a few local dealers and got quotes slightly over invoice. Other people in this thread are reporting prices well under invoice. Has anyone gotten a price like that in the San Francisco area? Which dealer? Thanks.
  • What dealership was this?
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