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2013 and earlier-Acura RDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Does anyone have any info on what dealer holdback is on the RDX Tech? Im looking to make a deal this sat. Thanks
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,574
    Thanks, c_hunter!!


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • frizellfrizell Posts: 6
    Priority Acura!!
    BTW how you come up with $800??
  • hovic8hovic8 Posts: 1
    Just got an RDX w/ Tech, wheel locks, splash guards and cargo tray for $33,845 before taxes and fees from Keyes Acura in Van Nuys, CA through their Internet department. Also took advantage of the 36 months 1.9% financing that (I think) ends this month. :shades:
  • johnny98johnny98 Posts: 88
    I just picked up my RDX Tech in San Jose, California. Before buying, I called or e-mailed about half a dozen local Acura dealers and asked for their best price. Most of them offered invoice price right off the bat. A couple offered lower. The best offer was good enough that I took it. I figured that spending a few hours bargaining for another $100 or $200 was not worth my time. Price was $33,600 for an RDX Tech with no accessories, plus tax and license.
  • eyefocuseyefocus Posts: 1
    I just got a quote of $490 per month for 36 months with $1700 down(bank fee, security dep,first month, MV fees etc.). No cap cost reduction with NYS tax (8.5%) included in payment.
  • gcb7gcb7 Posts: 2
    I put a deposit down on an RDX w/ tech this weekend but haven't signed any paperwork other yet. Is this a good deal? No options yet, but trying to get him to throw in the roof rack.

    Selling price: $34,560
    $3,000 down
    15,000 miles/yr
    36 mo.
    Money factor: 0.00108
    Adj Cap Cost: 32,823
    Residual: 52%
    Res Val: $19,325
    Doc fee: $110
    Title Fee: $27
    xfer/deposit: $595
    Monthly payment: $431

    What do you think? Good deal or should I keep shopping around?????

    thank you!
  • rihoopsrihoops Posts: 91
    Why put three thousand down? That does not sound like a great deal to me. I have a buddy who was advised not to buy the roof rack because it was noisy. I don't know if anyone else had an experience like that.
  • gcb7gcb7 Posts: 2
    The lease special going on now is $2,999 down with $369/mo with no tech. Any reason compelling why I should back out of this deal?
  • c_hunterc_hunter Posts: 4,487
    First, negotiate the selling price lower if you can. Second, it's in your best interest to not put down money up front in a lease (you are not getting equity like you would by putting a downpayment on a loan). Have them roll the down payment into the monthly payments.
  • Want to thank all the posters on this site, you provide invaluable information in researching the purchase of a new RDX.

    Finalizing a deal in OC tomorrow on a Carbon Grey RDX w/ tech, chromes (stock wheels chromed) & protection package for $33,500 + tax ($39,995 sticker w/ the wheels). I'll post the details & final outcome once it happens...

    In working via internet w/ six dealers in Southern California, seems like invoice is the STARTING point, the question is how much will they go?

    BTW, getting out of a leased Infiniti FX35 w/ tech, sport & touring (which I loved), but this is 99% the same car for $12,000 less. Interior room just about the same, I'll sacrifice passenger power seats & 20 HP for 12 grand any day.
  • noautonoauto Posts: 2
    I'm thinking about purchasing the RDX, but still very undecided. I haven't meet a single person who actually purchased an RDX in my area. In fact I have yet to see one on the road. I live near San Jose which dealer did you go to? How is the gas mileage issue working for you? Finally, do you love the car? Thanks for any help.
  • johnny98johnny98 Posts: 88
    You should take some test drives. If that doesn't sell you on the RDX, then maybe you should look elsewhere. I really like mine. I think it is smooth and fast and has lots of nice high-tech features for a decent price. I haven't had it long enough to get a good average MPG number, but at legal highway speeds the MPG meter is showing me mid-20s. Obviously, you'll get a lot less with urban stop-and-go driving.

    I talked to a few different dealers; all seemed competent. I actually bought it from Hopkins Acura in Redwood City (near where I work), but all the local dealers seemed happy to get invoice price or below. If you go during the week when they're not so busy, they'll let you take a nice long test drive.

    BTW - CSAA auto insurance calls the RDX a station wagon, so insurance is cheaper than for a sports car.
  • noautonoauto Posts: 2
    I actually test drove the RDX at Hopkins, and I really liked the car. I've been worried about the gas mileage and the fact that I haven't seen it on the road. It got me wondering why. Do you mind if I ask what was your out the door price?
  • johnny98johnny98 Posts: 88
    RDX is not a really flashy SUV, so you're probably not going to notice it on the road unless you're really looking for it. I do see more of them around Silicon Valley than the Infinity FX or Mazda CX-7, though less than the BMW X3.

    My sales contract says:
    RDX Tech $33600
    doc fee $55
    sales tax $2776
    title $291
    out the door $36722

    My advice is to e-mail several local dealers for price quotes. You can then accept on of those or bring them in to your favorite dealer and ask them to match it. Very easy.
  • ramaworamawo Posts: 3
    To all who might be looking into purchasing in the NY/NJ area. I posted in this forum about a month ago mentioning Park Ave Acura that I bought my RDX from because I was happy with the purchasing experience. However, I was extremely disappointed with how they handle problems when it occurs. Overall, they were not responsive and don't take any responsibility. There was such a big difference in the attitude of the salespeople before and after the purchase of the vehicle. I would recommend avoiding the dealership if possible.
  • johnny98johnny98 Posts: 88
    What specific problems did you have? Were there defects in the car?
  • guelerctguelerct Posts: 7
    I live in NJ and am looking to get into an RDX with the sweet tech package. I did enjoy the car, but not the dealership. A little pretentious for my tastes. Has anyone in NJ area paid dealer cost for the car? (I am going to trade in and put down about 10k and do the 3.9% financing) I would appreciate any local knowledge.
  • jb1976jb1976 Posts: 1
    I want to thank all of you who post. I was able to purchase an RDX with Tech two weeks ago in Houston, TX. Here is how it broke down for us.

    $33,600 - Purchase Price
    $2,100 - Tax
    $262 - Title and License

    $35,962 - Drive off the lot price

    Hope this helps anyone else about to buy.

    PS. Love the car! :)
  • c_hunterc_hunter Posts: 4,487
    Nice deal, congratulations!
  • tcp1997tcp1997 Posts: 5

    Anyone bought a RDX w/Tech in NYC recently? Please let me know how much you paid. I contacted five dealers in NYC area. The best office is $35100, about $1000 over invoice. I think it is too high since most of the people are paying either invoice or below. Thank you!
  • lucanautlucanaut Posts: 10
    Hi Jb1976,
    That is an awesome deal you got! Wow, was it hard to negotiate down to that price? I live in Houston as well, and would really like to know which dealership you went to. Aside from the Tech package, does that price include anything else at all (say, luggage racks, cargo nets, etc).

  • jjansenjjansen Posts: 6
    Was recently looking for RDX w/o Tech and was quoted $30,257. A few Bay Area dealers provided sub-invoice prices on the first e-mail.

    Pricing on Tech was slighty over $33k.
  • c_hunterc_hunter Posts: 4,487
    Those are great prices!
  • guelerctguelerct Posts: 7
    That was a great deal. I bought one, paid over invoice after negotiating for an hour or so but I conceded based on some internet quotes and proximity of the dealership. The car is pretty awesome and since I live in the NYC area I think the demographics and sales data vary depending on geography. I played hardball and really never got a sense that invoice or less was a realistic ending point.
  • tcp1997tcp1997 Posts: 5
    Hello guelerct, Could you tell me how much you paid for your RDX? I am also looking for a RDX w/ tech. I contacted six dealers. The best offer is $34999 + Tax. Can't get anything close or below invoice. Thank you!
  • johnny98johnny98 Posts: 88
    Try e-mailing your local dealers via their web sites. Those contacts go to the Internet sales manager. Just ask for their best price. They won't try to high-ball you since they know you won't respond if the quote isn't interesting. When I did that, I got quotes below $34K (plus tax and license) for a RDX Tech in Silicon Valley. Finally bought it for $33,600.
  • tcp1997tcp1997 Posts: 5
    You got a very good deal.
    I did emailed my dealers via their web sites and they sent me the quotes via email as well. None of them willing to go anywhere close to invoice.
  • mjo1mjo1 Posts: 16
    ...Drove out of the Acura of Manhattan (NYC) dealership on wednesday with a new RDX (base). Lease amount of $454/month with absolutely nothing down. Residual=56%; MF=.00108 My only out of pocket was the first month's payment and the title and registration fee. Salesman was great and the "delivery coordinator" sent me away with full knowledge of the car (very thorough!) I wasn't crazy about the cleanliness of the car when I got it (leftover polish and smudges), but I guess you can't expect perfection anymore. There was a torrential rainstorm on the way home, so it didn't really matter, I guess. Anyway, I drove it home to PA (@ 130 miles), varying the speeds and not braking or accelerating hard (as instructed!). What a great car! The ride is not very smooth, but this isn't a Lexus either. The interior is very comfortable; the sound system is phenomenal, and the car feels solidly built. I checked the gas mileage when I got home and, according to the computer, I got @ 24 mpg. Not bad. I realize it's probably not 100% accurate, but I can live with that. In city driving over the past couple of days, I've gotten @ 22mpg. I've been driving slow and easy!! So far at least, I'm a happy camper! All I'm dreading now is having to fill it up!
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