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Honda Fit Transmission Questions



  • feddupfeddup Posts: 11
    I initially wanted to buy a base fit and add aftermarket cruise control. Almost all the people that I found that had done this said it went poorly. The opinions were anything from "poor fit and finish", quit working after a year, looked bad and didn't work right. Anyway I finally bought a sport version (MT) and couldn't be happier. If you do the math the $1400 for the sport version (with cruise) is about right. The wheels and the "ground effects" grow on you. Keyless entry is nice too.
  • amg24amg24 Posts: 1
    I'm a new Fit owner (just hit 700 miles!) and am very pleased with the car. I've only had one big question and it's related to my automatic transmission. I can't seem to coast to a stop. It will coast and then jerk to a stop. The dealership checked it out and said the transmission was fine and they didn't feel the issue. Has anyone else experienced this issue or perhaps have an explanation/solution to offer?
  • igloomasterigloomaster Posts: 249
    I've decided on a 2008 Fit base model, and I think I'm going to go back to a Manual Tranny, the first time I've had one since 2002. At that point, I'd driven Manuals for 12 years in the Boston area, and grew tired of them in traffic. But having been away from an MT for 6 years, I do miss it. I like the Fit base for many reasons, the Zen practicality being chief amoung them. I'm also thinking that the MT would force my total involvement with driving, less tempted to be distracted by the things that I'm ashamed to admit are distracting (the cell phone...) ... So... What would You do? What did you choose, and why? MT or AT?
  • upstatedocupstatedoc Posts: 710
    I chose to get my '08 GTI in 6MT because it's more of a fun car and not a daily commuter. I also have driven a manual in oppressive commuting traffic (Long Island) and it was unbearable.
  • What does the Fit have ? A drive belt or a chain? What's the recommended mileage to change if a belt? What,s the approximate cost to change the belt and h2o pump at the dealer?
  • fitisgofitisgo Posts: 40
    If you don't think you are going to shift gears a lot (mostly highway commute and not city traffic), the manual may work for you. But if you drive in the city or on an interstate that backs up or grinds to a lot at peak morning/afternoon periods, I'd go with the automatic.

    I drove stick shifts sometimes back in the early 70s and it wasn't a problem because there weren't nearly as many cars on the road and rarely were there traffic jams (Minneapolis, MN, at the time).

    I have since relocated to Omaha, NE, 10 years ago, and the situation is totally different. In late 2006 I bought a new 07 Ford Focus with 5spd (a really cheap one, $10K brand new on a MSRP of $15K) and drove it 20 miles each way on commute to work. After a while it really wore me out because traffice on the interstate would back up and I'd find myself shifting gears about 200 times in 20 miles and it was taking 45-60 min to get home. By then I was wore out. I sold the car after 1 year and 10,000 miles - it was a nice vehicle but the stick shift had become a problem. Then I bought another new 2007 Ford Focus for my wife to drive, top of the line ($13K paid, MSRP was $19K), with automatic. World of difference (better, more comfortable to drive), but now the gas mileage sucked. 07 Focus with 5spd got 30-32 mpg, same car with AT was only getting 21-22 mpg - 10 mpg less! EPA ratings were 27/34 on the AT Focus, and Ford is not known for their cars actually getting the gas mileage you see on the window stickers. So, dissatisfied with the gas mileage on the Focus with AT I bought, I sold that one too (for $12,500 only $500 off new price and owned it 9 months and drove it 6K miles.

    Since Dec 07, I've bought 3 new 08 Fit Sport Automatics (1 for my son, 1 for my wife, 1 for me). We all love our Fits, fun to drive, easy to park/handle, cheap on gas.

    If your budget allows, get the AT. I know Fits are getting hard to find and the price the dealers are getting is way up from 3-6 months ago. The MSRP on the 3 Fits I bought were all $16,705, and what I paid for them (without state sales tax, title, license, etc. - all that stuff we pay at our county tax offices after the sale here in NE, and typically ran another $1300-1400/car) was $16,122 (low), $16,167 (middle), and $16,322 (highest). Advertised dealer invoice is $16,122, so I feel I got good deals on all 3 purchases. Getting those kind of prices now would be difficult, but doable if you are a good negotiator.
  • 15, 27, 39, 53.

    Those are the speeds listed in the owners manual as the best shift points.

    However, I'm experiencing something different.

    my new fit (just took delivery yesterday) feels more natural at 10, 20, 30, 40 IF i want no greater than 2500 rpms per shift.

    anybody else? does this change over time? (granted i've only got 90 miles on the thing!)
  • badselfbadself Posts: 39
    Sounds like you might have a defective transmission synchronizer.
  • kfanyokfanyo Posts: 1
    Hi, we got our Fit about a month ago and I just love it. It's the best small car (and one of the best cars overall) that I've ever driven. We'll take a trip someday and I expect 45-50 mpg then. We drive for mileage and get 34-35mpg in Baltimore right now.

    Having sung all the praises, I've become more and more concerned with the transmission. It doesn't shift smoothly .You often get a little "ah-ha!" moment between gears because the transmission seems to let the engine run free for just a bit before the next gear engages. Sometimes it's enough to make you feel thrown forward in your seat just enough to make you wonder what just happened.

    When starting off, it shifts from 1st to 2nd at about 15 mph and then almost immediately shifts to the next gear (3rd or some sort of overdrive gear). The result is that the car seems to lose all power (Small wonder. You're turning 1500 rpm at 20mph with a 1500cc engine) so you give it more gas and then it down shifts and goes on. This annoys my wife. Sometimes she talks about it.

    When cruising on a level road and you try to speed up, sometimes it immediately shifts _up_ to a higher gear (of course, again, all power seems to vanish) and then the car seems to figure out that was maybe not a good choice and shifts down again, sometimes two gears.

    As I said, we drive for mileage and so we are very easy on the accelerator most of the time. If you are trying to keep up with rush hour traffic, you really don't notice anything undesirable about the transmission but the mileage 'tanks', so to speak.

    We took it to the dealer this morning and the shop manager drove it around the block with me as the passenger. He made several comments like: "THAT's not right", "I gotta check for a software update" and "It shouldn't be driving like THAT" and "Don't worry, we'll get that fixed".

    I really felt like things were going to be OK.

    So I left the car at the dealer and a couple of hours later they called to tell me that all tests had checked out and that the same shop manager had determined that ALL 2009 Fit's drive just like ours and they would be happy to let us drive another one just so we could see for ourselves.

    Ever since I got that call, my bull-'feather' detector has been blinking red.

    So I thought I would ask you good folks if this transmission behavior sounds familiar and/or normal or do I need to get a bit firm with the dealer and/or Honda in getting this resolved.

    Incidentally, the shop manager told me during the test drive that they are not authorized to do any repairs on the transmission in our car. If it doesn't seem right, they change it out, period. I suspect this all-or-nothing approach to transmissions is going to make people in his position a tad resistant to declaring that a transmission is indeed performing at a sub-standard level.

    Anyway, I hope I haven't gone on too long and I would love to hear anything you have to say.

    Thanks very much in advance,

  • eli8eli8 Posts: 14
    Hi Ken
    sounds fishy to me...i have a 2007 Honda Fit and i had a weird sound in my transmission and still do but it does not affect the drive. Drive the other 2009 cars and drive the same way you described or your wife....i cannot believe all Fits shift that way..i havent any problem with my auto shift and as far as they are not authorized to touch the transmission?????what is THAT...never heard of such a thing. When i had problem in the past..i went to the service manager in Honda and told him i wanted to speak to the representative from Honda who periodically visits. (i believe they visit all of the dealers & service areas ) and speak with her/him about this problem. (they took care of me because they did not want me to speak with the rep from Honda) if they wont or if they say, they dont come here..haha.... go over his head to Honda can find their address on the internet. Honda stands behind their cars.
    If all the 2009s shifted like you described we would have all kinds of messages on this forum... best
  • ricerxricerx Posts: 1
    I'm having similar problems with my 2009 Honda Fit Sport AT. I just bought it back in February. It only has 4,000 miles on it. It drives great on the interstate (35MPG) and ok in the city (30MPG), but I've been told it will improve in time as the engine is broken in. Which brings me to my current dilemma. I think something is wrong with the transmission.

    It was always a little jumpy in the lower gears at first, especially when going from a complete stop into 1 or 2, but it seemed to mellow out after a few thousand miles and my awareness of the gas pedal's sensitivity. I dismissed it as a new car that hadn't been broken in yet and continued to drive. Things seemed to be going great, but then I started to notice the car getting stuck in 3rd gear when going down hills. The engine would just wur (sp?) until I assisted it by clicking the right paddle shifter. I shouldn't have to assist an automatic tranny. Anyway, the car did not always do this and like I said mellowed out in time. However, now it's back to getting stuck in 3rd going downhill and it's skipping gears altogether as I drive.

    Has anyone ever experienced going from 1st into 5th by the time they reach 35MPH??? It seems to jump right into 3rd, hit 4th at 20MPH, and then 5th at 35MPH. Then the car has no power at all and the engine just wurs/spins.
  • tiff_ctiff_c Posts: 531
    It was always a little jumpy in the lower gears at first, especially when going from a complete stop into 1 or 2, but it seemed to mellow out after a few thousand miles and my awareness of the gas pedal's sensitivity. I dismissed it as a new car that hadn't been broken in yet and continued to drive. Things seemed to be going great, but then I started to notice the car getting stuck in 3rd gear when going down hills. The engine would just wur (sp?) until I assisted it by clicking the right paddle shifter. I shouldn't have to assist an automatic tranny. Anyway, the car did not always do this and like I said mellowed out in time. However, now it's back to getting stuck in 3rd going downhill and it's skipping gears altogether as I drive.

    Has anyone ever experienced going from 1st into 5th by the time they reach 35MPH??? It seems to jump right into 3rd, hit 4th at 20MPH, and then 5th at 35MPH. Then the car has no power at all and the engine just wurs/spins.

    I have a 2009 Fit Sport Auto and it does none of those things. Our car is almost up to 9,000 miles now. It never did any of these things even when new. I would say something is wrong with your car. We do however only get 34 mpg combined.
  • Pilsner, get your Fit back to the dealer pronto - there's something wrong with the shift linkage or 1 - 2 shift mechanism (I don't know the exact name). I had a similar problem with a '69 Mustang! There was too much play with the 1 - 2 shift rod mount. Fits totally different mechanically, but see what the dealer finds. Fit shifters are right at the top, shifting should be flawless!
    Don't be put off if it won't act up for him.

    Good luck!
  • ctboyoctboyo Posts: 1
    I bought this car last March. There are many good things about it, but the standard transmission is driving me crazy. It makes a loud clicking noise (sometimes two) when going into a gear and, sometimes, when leaving one. The dealer is pretty sure this is normal, but they are investigating.

    Has anyone heard of this? Anyone know if there's a way to get ride of the noise? Thanks...
  • dawsonmpdawsonmp Posts: 12
    I've got over 66,000 miles on my '07 Fit Sport. I have replaced tires, oil, and oil filter. I need new wiper blades and a cabin air filter. My driving is a pedal to the metal 38 mile commute each way. No problems, I mean really, what else would you expect from a Honda.
  • wjbalikowjbaliko Posts: 10
    Hs anyone gotten the Quick shifter option with their
    manual transmission?

    I'm familiar with a short shifter on a BMW.
    If the Fit has a truly short shifter it will improve
    the shifting dramatically.

    Anyone have any comments?
    Thanks guys
  • sara518sara518 Posts: 1
    I have a 2009 Fit Sport with around 4 thousand miles. I am concerned about the same clicking noise. It happens when I go from reverse to drive when the car has sat awhile. If i go REAL slow, i don't get this sound. It is very loud. The dealer thinks it is the breaks releasing - which I would think is not normal, either. So i do understand what you are saying. I have only noticed a couple of engine slips, but after reading this I will pay much more attention to how it acts. I don't think a new car should be having these problems.....
  • Bought my '09 5M last week thru C4C, just over 500 mi now. I really appreciate so much about the car and am enjoying it immensely except pulled into garage and when very quiet (no stereo, no fan), when in neutral w/ clutch pedal out, heard a slight constant noise. Then pressed clutch in and it went quiet. Half way thru the clutch stroke could modulate that sound with a half inch movement of the clutch pedal, making noise appear and disappear. Took in for warranty repair documenting the problem on paper but not demonstrating it to them. Service couldn't hear the problem, calling me to say to come pick car up. Nicely, dragged Svc Mgr outside and had him listen as I operated pedal (should have done this in the morning). He said "that's not right". He got in the driver's seat and under the hood, spending about 10 minutes with it. Before I left, he assured me he'd see to it that it was taken care of. He called Honda Engineering and called me to say that Engineering aurthorized him to have me bring car in for a transmission disassembly. I delivered it yest morn and he's estimating they'll have it four days, thru Friday. He's been very helpful and introduced me to the lead mechanic who would be tearing it down. Nice professional man - assured me he would find the problem! I expressed concern that its a new car and I still want a new car when I pick it up. Again, he assured me everything would work out fine. Gave me a free loaner - '09 black on black leather Accord Coupe with 5500 mi. Is it sweet and nearly twice as expensive as my Fit. I still prefer my FIT! Even though I'm concerned, just need to have faith they'll make it right.

    I do understand your various problems and great concerns when various ones of you are having these problems and not getting the attention you need. If your individual cases were mine, I'd get ahold of the Service Manager's ear and drag him out to your car. Put him in the passenger's seat like I did and demonstrate the problem. Don't be nervous or fearing that you're taking up too much of his time. You've spent 5 figures on your Fit and it should work correctly. Go for that drive and have him note the problems. If you're out on the road for 30 minutes, so be it. You're in control cause you're in the driver's seat. Be courteous and respectful while being straightforward and insistent. Ask him to note the problems on a pad of paper. Then, if neccessary, ask to come back and jump into a new Fit for a test drive, noting none of the problems you're having with your individual car. I'd keep at him, again kindly and respectfully, till he says he'll get to the bottom of your problem. He does not want a scene in front of other customers when you return to the dealership. Be willing to make one, if he wants to blow you off. You might have to get kinda tough with him. Just remember, you paid good money and the car is not right! While reasoning with him, he should give a darn that one of his cars is running around out there with a tranny problem. If he makes an ignorant comment like "I'm not authorized to work on your trans" or "the problem you're having is normal", and sticks to a comment like that, tell him you'll take it to a fellow dealership and have them look at it. He and his dealership probably won't want the bad press he'll know you'll give, going to a fellow dealer...

    If you feel that things must come to a head in the service area or the showroom, be willing to notch it up to that point but you must do it keeping your emotions in control. Do not become a raving lunatic, knowing that other customers and the dealership staff will look at you like you are - a crazy. Losing control and allowing anger to take over will not help you. It'll feel good to tell them off but will hurt you and the probability that your problem will actually be corrected!

    Again, you've got to take the bull by the horns and lay on somebody till the problem is corrected. DO NOT accept a blow-off, hoping the problem will go away on its own or that you'll live with it. When the warranty runs out, you'll be sorely sorry you didn't get it taken care of when you had the chance! I'll tell you what, if my car isn't right when I pick it up, I will take my own advice and live at that dealership while pestering Honda on the phone, doing whatever is neccesary to leverage them to take care of "their and my" problem.

    All of this written in my humble opinion,

  • The Gear ratios are absolutely horrid on my 07 Fit, and the drive by wire" is a complete misnomer because the fuel delivery is based on a computer that relays what the gas pedal is doing. There is no "wire" to the engine. I have been around to the dealer 3 times because my engine hesitates when leaving from a start. And when decellerating, the RPM changes by itself no matter that your foot pedal hasn't moved. Then there's the Over-Rev, which happens when you shift on the fly and the engine races up in RPM when you put the clutch in to shift. This does not make for smooth racing up the power curve. Sometimes I skip second gear completely and just throw it into third. From there it performs well. OK, big deal, they got it half right. This is a very frustrating car to drive, but then I shouldn't complain, a CHP officer here in San Diego was killed and his entire family as well when the car's computer caused the gas pedal to race the car down the freeway and he couldn't shut it down. It was a new Lexus. The dealer tried to blame it on the floor mats. Can you believe that ? Like a highway patrolman wouldn't be able to fix that dam quick because they had over 5 miles to stop the speeding car.
    These cars are just over engineered, and we are stuck with the bill and the poor performance.
  • I have a 08 Fit MT, 13k miles. I love the car. However, I have noticed that the several problems with the MT add up to something being wrong (I had the problems from the start, but they seem to get even worse with time).
    1) The 1st gear sometimes pops out to neutral almost by itself when I switch to the 2nd.
    2) When coasting backwards (2-4mph) and switching into the reverse gear I hear a loud grinding noise
    3) When switching into the 2nd gear I hear a thud and the engine experiences a shake each time the gear is selected, also when coasting forward.

    Took it to the dealer, who quoted me $800 for transmission teardown to find if this all happened because of my misuse. I am sure I didn't cause these problems, don't know what to expect...will post what happens next...I also like the car for its economy - got 47mpg by going 60mph on a freeway (on a 90F day)
  • The name is confusing. The wire refers to electronics; in contrast to mechanical parts.
    (from wikipedia) Drive-by-wire, DbW, by-wire, or x-by-wire technology in the automotive industry replaces the traditional mechanical and hydraulic control systems with electronic control systems using electromechanical actuators and human-machine interfaces such as pedal and steering feel emulators. Hence, the traditional components such as the steering column, intermediate shafts, pumps, hoses, fluids, belts, coolers and brake boosters and master cylinders are eliminated from the vehicle. Examples include electronic throttle control and brake-by-wire.
  • The mechanics found some loose bearings and slightly worn gears inside and its all being covered by a warranty. The service quality at Norm Reeves Honda is very good too so I am going to continue to be happy with my Honda Fit.
  • I'm experiencing the same thing with my new 2010 model. Have you taken it back to the dealership for a diagnosis? Do you know if this is normal among Fits? Thanks!
  • sidekixsidekix Posts: 1
    I have a 2009 Fit which I generally like, but I am having a problem gearing down from 5th to 4th. No trouble gearing up or gearing down except 5th to 4th. Is anyone else experiencing that problem?? Any advice would be appreciated.
  • stephen987stephen987 Posts: 1,994
    Manual or automatic? What, exactly, is the nature of the problem?
  • abkfit08abkfit08 Posts: 1
    I've recently (the past two weeks) started hearing loud knocking/popping (sounds like popcorn popping) under the hood while I'm driving. It doesn't do it while it's idleing, only when I'm driving and it's very random. It does it more so in 2nd/3rd gear, but has also done it in 5th. The mechanic at the dealership says he's "stumped". I'll be taking it back it on Friday for the 3rd time. My warranty runs out in another 1500 miles. It doesn't seem to effect the performance of the car, however it does seem to me like it doesn't have as much power as it used to when I first got it. Any ideas?
  • aaykayaaykay Posts: 539
    I have had my 09 Fit for around 8000 miles now and it has been absolutely trouble-free till date. No shifter problems and no other unpleasantness. Just a sheer joy to own and operate. The EPA highway mileage number says 33mpg.....but in mixed driving (50% suburban stop-and-go and 50% hwy at 65-85mph), I have NEVER been able to get it to below 35mpg (the gauge in the car is seriously optimistic and shows in the 40mpg range)....and typically get in the 37-38mpg range. During the winter months, with snow tires, the mileage in MIXED driving did drop down to 29mpg-33mpg but that I guess is par for the course for those conditions (minnesota winters).

    In fact, I used to have an 08 Honda Fit (base with manual trans), which I traded-in for a 7-seater and regretted right away. In a couple of days, I went back and purchased an 09 Fit Sport with manual transmission (I still have my 7-seater of course, in addition to the Fit).
  • I have test driven two Honda Fits, a 2008 and a 2010. I'm sold on Hondas and have previously owned three Civics--I think they are great. All lasted past 250,000 miles before I had to retire them.

    Now I'm enthusiastic about the Honda Fit, but I have been holding back on purchasing one because on both Fits I drove, the 5 speed manual transmission / linkage seemed mechanically sticky, cumbersome, rough to the feel. When I push it into gear, it seems to mechanically hang up for a moment before it goes into gear. The shifting just doesn't feel as smooth as the 85, 89 and 97 Honda Civic Hatchbacks that I have previously owned.

    It that a characteristic of the Honda Fit or did I just run into a couple that were not so smooth in the shifting?

    Thank for you input
  • teaton1teaton1 Posts: 3
    Bought a 2011 Fit Sport 6 months ago. 5-speed MT. Absolutely love the tranny. No problems whatsoever.
  • wistlowistlo Posts: 13
    Honda switched from linkages to cables on the Civic manual transmission in 2001. I had a 97, and then a 2001 (still going with 202,000 miles).

    The cable linkage very occasionally will stick a bit and the shifter will pop back into my hand, but this happens once every year or so--literally, about a dozen times in 11 years.

    I have a 2009 Fit, and the shifter seems similar. I find the cable linkage actually lighter and more responsive in most situations, but it's definitely a different feel. I'm now well used to it and enjoy driving both sticks.
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