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Mazda CX-7 AC problems



  • I didn't have all the problems you describe but I live in AZ and thought that the AC was simply not strong enough. I mentioned it to my dealer.

    Although I have not found the TSB online yet, my dealer said that one has just been issued for this vehicle regarding this issue (weak AC) . I suggest that you check with your dealer. Mine just ordered the parts per the TSB directive.

    Other than that, I have had no problems with the car. I find it interesting how many people with 2007-2008 CX 7s complain on this forum. Did anyone not ever tell them to not but any car in its first or second model year :confuse:
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    "..not buy any car in its first or second year..."

    Or in this case not even one in LAST year.
  • bonkjwbonkjw Posts: 1
    My girlfriend owns a 2007 CX-7 and the AC unit just went out on her car. She drove it down to the dealership and by the time she got there it was spewing smoke like crazy from under the hood. Dealership called her and told her that it damaged the crank shaft and that all this work needs to be done to the car in order to get it drivable again. She has 68k miles on it which means it's past warrenty. She has had all of her maintenance done by the dealership. She never received any type of recall letter on regarding the AC. Is she completely screwed or is there something we can do? Dealership said it was going to cost about $2,150 to get the car fixed.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
  • We have a 2011 CX7 GT Turbo that only cools when we are going over 2,000 rpm. CX7 only has 6,000 miles and has been in for services at Mazda dealership where I am advised that AC is operating at Mazda standards. When our CX7 has been sitting in ninety degree heat and we get in and start it AC starts by making a banging sound. If we are able to maintain 2,000 rpm for 20 to 30 minutes CX7 will eventually cool down. If we are in city traffic you get no cooling from AC and roast. I am under the weather now and can not take CX7 in for service, but I am disgusted with Mazda not being able to find and remedy the cause of very poor AC. Also getting banging from Turbo when need to accelerate quickly.
  • I have recently put our $1150.00, that I could not afford to replace my ac compressor that nearly caused my engine to catch on fire. Had it not been for the torrential down pour that I was driving in and 2 block distance to my home, I would have been in a very very dangerous situation and lost my vehicle. I deserve and insist on a refund. My mechanic has documented the work and I have saved the compressor to show mazda how it literally "melted. It got so hot that it glowed red.
    I have done a lot of research and am finding that many CX-7 owners have experienced the same problem and never received a recall letter. I am desperate to get my money back. I have a disabled husband in End Stage Renal Failure and cannot afford this. I had to borrow the money and need to pay it back somehow. If anyone has this Phantom recall letter, I beg you to send me a copy. I hope that nobody else has to deal with this either. Other than this problem I have been quite please with my Mazda. Come on folks, do the right thing.
  • I am desperate for a copy of this letter. I have just shelled out 1150.00 for a compressor that seized up. It got so hot that it glowed red. It could have been a serioulsy dangerous situation. I was unable to drive the car and also put money out for a rental until the work was completed. Would you be as kind as to contact me with a copy of this letter. Thanks so much.
  • statravelerstatraveler Posts: 1
    edited September 2012
    I just had a meltdown at the dealer I bought this vehicle from 10 months ago with the exact same loud noise and AC problems! They told me there was nothing wrong, treated me like I was hearing things or imagining the problem and watched me walk away. I'm grateful for all these postings that I can now share with a new mechanic to prove I'm not the only one. My AC makes a horrible loud noise when clicking off and on and you can hear the timing belt rattle and grind. Who knew?
  • My A/C pully ceased yesterday while I was in another state visiting for the holiday weekend. What a nightmare with family and belongings in the car waiting 3 hrs for a tow truck. Dropped the car @ Huntington Mazda and called them first thing in the AM. My car was 5yrs old in April 2012 and only has 52k on it so I was hoping maybe Mazda would do the right thing. Nothing doing, its out of warranty - sorry....this despite my convincing attempt to get them to stand behind their problem. I was quoted a price of $745.00 for a new unit along with replacement serpentine belt, re charging the AC etc...Based on what I've read on the boards, I was pleasantly surprised as I was expecting to hear something in the 1200 range. Regardless MAZDA sucks for not owning up to this common issue and should have replaced these units on a recall because when they fail you bascially have to shut off your car immediately. Lets say you were crossing the GWB or Throgs Neck bridge, you have to stop you car in a lane of traffic and hope you dont get hit by a truck or other car. Its comforting to know that Mazda cares ~ NOT.

    Here is my advice if you own one of these ticking time bombs, you are on borrowed time as to when your unit will fail. Be proactive suck it up and replace your unit, just think if you have your family with you and you are 50 miles + from your home and this happens.

    IMO its only a matter of time before someone gets seriously hurt or killed by their car stalling due to this known defect on a busy highway or bridge without a shoulder as they sit and wait for help. I hope someone sues the [non-permissible content removed] of out of MAZDA for their failure to properly handle this known defect. Needless to say this will be my first and last Mazda that I will ever own. ns/emotorcons/emo_lemon.gif:lemon:
  • As previously stated, these AC's are ticking timebombs, you need to be proactive and replace them before they cease and cause you BIGGER problems. I just saw that there are LOTS of new & rebuilt units available on Ebay for 150 - 300. Buy one and have your local mechanic install it and charge it for you, bet you can get the whole job done easily under 500.00. If you're handy its only 2 bolts and 2 hoses, 85 bucks for a charge and youre back in business......WORD TO THE WISE - DO IT NOW
  • pctechpctech Posts: 43
    And then, if you're LUCKY (I wasn't), your timing chain won't disintegrate at 82K miles and destroy your engine! I had a 30K used engine installed at a cost of $5000, then traded the car on a Subaru Forester, never to look at a Mazda again. Fun-to-drive vehicles with absolutely NO manufacturer support when the faulty design presents itself and sucks your wallet dry!
  • Just had my TC replaced a year ago along with the VVT on the recall. I plan on rolling out of this car within the next 12 months. Its no wonder Mazda is stopping production on the CX 7 and replacing it with the CX 5. Too bad because I really enjoy the car aside from the dismal gas mileage.
  • amojramojr Posts: 2
    Hello Jean,

    I just had the same issue. Found a copy of the letter online, took to the dealer and they would not accept it for the fact that the 5 years expire from purchase date and not by the year of the car, even though my car is still under the 60k miles. They insisted that its whichever comes first. Spent 700 dollars fixing it. I'm ready to fight for this refund, called corporate and the guy said theres nothing to be done. But I believe that if we get a group of 5 people, write a letter or really go after this most def we could get the money back. If thats the case I'm ready for media and a lawsuit. Let me know if interested and we can perhaps talk over the phone to plan this a bit better.
  • We purchased a new 2007 Mazda CX-7 in August 2007 from a local dealership. This car had problems from day one. On our first outing, the alarm went off when we locked the door and would not go off with the key activation. The car would not start because the alarm was on. We had to disconnect the battery to stop the alarm - all on our first outing! When we reconnected the battery, it started again. We had to call Mazda and since the dealership was closed, they had to dispatch from a national response team. Several hours later, we finally had our car towed into the shop and we were left stranded with no car! They knew our situation and distance from home and said they would bring a rental car - not! We had to call friends to transport us home. This should have been our first clue as to how bad Mazda Customer Service really is. My wife liked this car for its size. She is a small woman and its compact size (too small for me!) was just right for her. We took care of this vehicle and relegiously had service done (at our own mechanic as Mazda dealerships were too far away). We have had to replace tires around every 15,000 miles as it eats them up. The gas mileage is ridiculous - much less than rated and things break. The highly touted Boze stereo system failed and was fixed - only to fail again. The hinge to hold in the driver door fell off and Mazda would not cover a replacement part - all wihin the first 10,000 miles. My better judement told me to unload this vehicle sooner but we did not. We had planned for this next summer but waited too long. Two months ago we started experiencing an oil leak and took it to Mazda for service. $800 later, we were told that the repair was not covered so more money out of our pocket. A few weeks later we had more oil leaking, so I took it to our mechanic and he checked the repaired part. He told us that Mazda did not even replace the part but only repaired a gasket and it was obvious they repaired it - he showed us the pictures of the part. I took it to Mazda to keep my warranty in the first place and they did nothing but shoddy repairs. When I told Mazda about what I found, they told me that a not authorized repair shop working on that type of repair can jeopardize my warranty and implied that I was being had by this mechanic. Now, another two months later, while on a trip the timing chain started making noise. I took it to my mechanic and he said that the cost of parts for this would be so much higher on the secondary market that it would be cheaper to have Mazda fix it. In my investigation on this, I found that many others were experiencing this same problem with this vehicle and that the warranty had been extended (it should have been a recall!) but it only covered 7 years or 70,000 miles - whichever comes first - no exceptions. We were 200 miles over 70,000 miles and Mazda would not cover us for the repairs. I was told that the damage was already the at the point that basic timing chain repair would be around $1500 and about another $400 for "other" repairs. We $2000 on top of all the other expenses we have had with this vehicle and no help or support from Mazda. One mechanic at the Mazda dealership told me straight up that Mazda has known about this problem and chose not to do a recall these vehicles. He said it was hard for him to support his own company because what Mazda was doing is wrong. He told me that they found the problem early, completely redesigned the chain and parts and the replacement was working better than the original. If Mazda upgraded and replaced the whole system, they needed to recall. To end this sad tale, we decided that resale value with all this negative publicity about the CX-7 put us at around $5,000 max. We were not going to pump another $2,000 in a lemon so we cut our losses. Our end result through a broker was $3,500 maximum for a pile of metal to cut our losses and move on. I want EVERYONE to know that they should not even consider purchasing a Mazda. I would not risk it. We have told everyone we know and I am hoping this message helps at least one person out there move away from Mazda.
  • I know exactly what you are talking about had nothing but problems the day I purchase this Mazda. I actually was smart and added an extended warrenty on this car. At this moment it's in the garage getting fixed. Oil leaking in the inlet of the turbo. Kept having this high pitch sound every time on step on the gas. Also when starting my car burnt smell smoke came out the exhaust and would fill up my garage. I'm really surprise my car didn't start on fire. I have one more year before my car is paid off then I will get rid of it. I also will never by a Mazda again. Maybe I should get the timing chain fixed also while it's under the warrenty.
  • ronin50ronin50 Posts: 1
    My AC compressor seized up in the center lane of a busy 5-lane highway. When it did, the serpentine belt flew off and the power steering quit instantly turning my SUV into a very large dangerous brick. I had to quickly wrestle it over to the fast lane emergency lane and wait 1.5 hours for the tow truck with 3 9-year old cub scouts. Very dangerous on the side of the road after the danger of the break down. I have an extended warranty but the bill would have been $925 at the dealership in Metro Atlanta plus $60 for the rental. The car has had multiple issues since purchased. Mostly with the front suspension. I'd consider it a shiny burgundy lemon.
  • stantonb1stantonb1 Posts: 51
    I have a 2011 Mazda CX7s Grand Touring with under 10,000 miles. When I turn on the AC I get an extremely loud banding sound. I believe the sound is coming from the AC compressor, but am not sure. The CX7 was taken to Reedman-Toll Mazda where my master cylinder was replaced because it was found to be leaking. The CX7 was returned and the check engine light was on. Took CX7 back and requested the reason for check engine light being on be corrected and AC be checked out. Service technician who says he has a CX7 Turbo same year as mine experiences same problem with AC.

    My AC has not operated correctly since purchasing CX7. AC will cool CX7 when going over 50, but in traffic does very little. Mazda has been contacted and as of yet has not really gotten involved. I retained all records and Mazda told me that I never mentioned loud AC at start up and lack of AC performance. Reedman Toll technician informed me that "ALL" Mazda AC units make loud sound upon starting up. I would think if this was the fact that Mazda would have corrected the problem.

    I am personally pleased with the service provided by Reedman Toll, and believe that dealership is having problems dealing with Mazda. For instance when dealership needed to keep CX7 Mazda did not want to authorize a rental. Mazda finally did give authorization, but it was like pulling teeth. I have several other vehicles and have never experienced vehicle rental problem when vehicle is under warranty and problem is difficult to diagnose.

    Have other problems occasionally with CX7, considering replacing with 2013 Acura RDX. Use only synthetic Mobil 1 oil because of Turbo and change every 3,000. CX7 will frequently not run right. Check engine light is said to be due to lean gasoline mixture. I use only premium.

    Would like to get others input.
  • stantonb1stantonb1 Posts: 51
    I think that it is pathetic that the 2012 Dodge Avenger provided to me by Hertz Rental at Reedman Toll with close to 40,000 miles and average maintenance has terrific AC. My 2011 Mazda CX7 with under 10,000 miles and serviced every 3,000 miles has had from day of delivery poor AC. Come on Mazda has to know and be able to correct. The Acura RDX is looking more and more appealing.

    I have been under the weather and have not been able to take as active a role as I would prefer to with the CX7, but now I am really ticked off with Mazda.
  • stantonb1stantonb1 Posts: 51
    Dealer and MAZDA Response:

    Customer states there is A/C compressor noise in the morning. Called hotline, was told it was normal reference # 816964. Hotline is contacting engineers and will contact us and the customer.

    Was contacted by field engineer. Normal condition of the vehicle. Compared to another like vehicle.

    I have this to say to Mazda. This definitely is not normal. A/C is not cooling properly, is not running correctly and perhaps Mazda needs to consult with engineers who are better equipped to diagnose. I do not think Mazda customers would accept this as being normal.

    Definitely considering unloading this brilliant black Mazda CX7 lemon. :mad:
  • stantonb1stantonb1 Posts: 51
    Just contacted by Mazda customer representative who advised me that phone call was going to be recorded. When I said I give permission and would be recording too she hung up. My A/C is evidently working up to Mazda's field engineers performance standards and I have to accept this. :sick:
  • we own a 2008 mazda cx7 w/ about 75k miles. last summer our ac stopped working no other signs of problems on a trip 5 hrs from home. car wouldn't start next time we stopped. mechanic who was a saint saw us, came to help, had the car towed to his shop. he replaced the direct drive psc cond fan motor. 1 month ago we were 3 hrs from home, the ac stopped working. the car ran fine. a dlrship told us it was the condenser and dryer (ran a diagnostic, $750) taking it to local shop tomorrow. how normal is it to have your ac go out twice in one year?
    not a lot of wear and tear in the year btw, fewer than 10k miles. we bought the car used w/ 60k on it, so no warranty. do we have a possibility for a claim? thanks
  • Aside from your a/c problems, be prepared for your timing chain to disintegrate at approx 80k like my '07 did. The car was religiously maintained by the dealer and was never abused. The engine was essentially destroyed and a replacement was quoted at $6400, if I remember correctly. Dump the car while you still can! I'm now driving a Subaru Forester - no more "zoom-zoom" for me!
  • I have a 2007 CX7 and just turned 21k. A/C has gone out, can anyone send me a copy of this letter please!
  • See post #268 for the link to the letter. Good luck!
  • my 2007 CX-7 has proven the worst purchase ever... Two repairs on the variable timing lifts/gear, two replacements on the rear wheel bearings, and I am on my 2nd seized air-conditioning compressor.

    Talked to Mazda dealer who wouldn't repair it because the warranty replacement compressor expired at 60,000 miles...

    Now the repair bill is $1,500 - for a product that is still defective...

    Does anyone have similar issue but was able to get Mazda to replace the compressor after 60,000 miles... I investigated into the Lemon law in Michigan - no use...

    Or, any inexpensive way to fix the conditioning before I sell it?


    JC -
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
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    I investigated into the Lemon law in Michigan - no use...

    Did a lemon lawyer tell you that? You may want to see if you can get a free or cheap consultation and see if there's any kind of failure of warranty claim you can pursue.

    Contacting Mazda directly could help too since this is your second AC compressor.

    These links may help:

    How to Effectively Complain about your Car Problem

    The Secret Warranty
  • Michigan Lemon says 4 repairs of the same issue.. this is my 2nd issue with the same air conditioning compressor.

    I sent emails to two lemon law lawyers and am waiting for answers.

    Thanks for the links - will check them out

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