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Hyundai Azera 2007



  • At a stand still I put a level on the hood and the bubble is right in the middle. 30K on the car. Is this possible and what could be causing this> Shocks were done once. maybe a Bad spring?
  • rmcbainrmcbain Posts: 50
    Hi: we have urchased a new 2007 Azera Limited and the front suspension appears to be very soft after just 12000 miles. It was never really firm but now floats over any dips on the road and feels very unstable. Any help would be appreciated. We have taken it to the dealership and they said there and no TSB or recalls on this. I thought I saw something about front struts or shocks on this in one of the posts.
    Mac :(
  • Thats the way the car is. I have replaced the shocks and after a few thousand miles it is the same. I have learned to live with it.In my opinion, it is not worth replacing the shocks. The whole design is bad. But the rest of the car is great!
  • rance2rance2 Posts: 39
    Never noticed that my 2007 Azera does not have Low or D2. Came off a 5,000 foot peak on a winding road with a steep drop and rode the brakes all the way down. Not a good feeling of control as the driver. Anyone with similar experiences and ideally a "fix"? :surprise:
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    You do have the option of switching over to manual mode and taking it down to 2 or even 1 if you're going really does the same thing.
  • This car has Shiftronic transmission, so it is better than having the D2 or Low!

    Why didn't you make use of the Shiftronic to control your descent?? All you would have had to do was to push the Shifter to the Right & moved it towards + or - to shift Up or Down. It gives you greater control over your speed.
  • rance2rance2 Posts: 39
    Thanks to allmet and wobbly ears (and anyone else out there that stays aware of all of the features of our Azeras). :sick:
  • There is a TSB for shock (strut) replacement on 2006 and 2007 Azeras. Scroll the Azera site here for suspension or front end problems. Go back to earliest topics. Not much new entered so it dropped down on the list.
    However, I have had two new sets of shocks with no improvement - and I only have 16,500 on my 07. New shocks will work better for awhile, but then ride will deteriorate again. Both new sets were installed by Hyundai at no charge.
    Three options: accept it as it is, sell it or try Lemon Law.
    I have learned to live with mine until I can sell it.
    Good luck and some people accept the ride in view of the other, good things about the car.
    BTW, Azera, Genesis and even Equus are known to have inferior rides compared to other cars in their classes. Not my opinion, reviews by professionals and way too many owners.
  • "... Not my opinion, reviews by professionals and way too many owners."

    Ah, there you are our dear old friend! I was wondering where you were. I am trying to be my civil best when I ask you this.

    Citation Please.
  • On second thought, I don't want to engage in another fruitless argument with Carolinabob.

    I'm out.
  • rance2rance2 Posts: 39
    Just had 30K service. Now hear a dull "thump-thump" sound that seems to come from front end. Similar to a very muted sound of a flat tire. Taking it to dealer this afternoon. Any thoughts on problem.
  • gamlegedgamleged Posts: 442
    They likely rotated your tires and you may have had a rear tire with a problem that is more noticible as a front tire...
  • rance2rance2 Posts: 39
    Yup, That was dealer's diagnosis too. Switched two front tires and we'll see what happens. By the way, I couldn't be happier with a car - balancing price & quality.
  • I have listed them several times and am tired of playing that game. Newest is Consumer Reports website, consumer opinions on Genesis. 54% had negative comments on the ride.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    The Genesis is not on topic here, thank you for keeping that in mind.
  • 30k on the car. What a pain. I wish they did not put this crap in cars. It all fails eventually.
  • I have an '07 limited with 19500 miles on it. A few days ago, I noticed that the passenger side dash blowout panel that covers the airbag module has an open seam. When you look at it you can see the outline of the flap that would tear open in the event of an airbag deployment. The seam is separating along the side closest to the door. I am surprised to see this, since the car is garage kept and, since I live in Southern CA, I always use a dash sunshade when out and about.
    I called Glendale Hyundai and was surprised with the offer by the service manager to "bring it in and we will order a new dash and replace it in a couple of days". No arguement whatsoever. That leads me to think that this problem has been reported before. Anyone have a similar issue?
  • Hi: We also encountered the same problem on our 07 Azera. It is a defect from the dash pad manufacturer. We also had a stress crack in the windshield on the passenger side about four inches from the door pillar. The dealer said the cars were manufactured with such tight tolerances that this has happened on a few other models. We also own a 07 Santa Fe and had the same windshield problem but it was on the drivers side.
    One more piece of information is that the struts on the Azera are fairly soft and we are having our changed after only 12000 miles. The ride has deterioated and the cars feels very unstable at any speed above 55 miles per hour. :)
  • I posted here earlier ( #847) about a defective dashboard. Just got the car back from Glendale Hyundai (CA)- They did a great job replacing the top section of the dash, and also a defective idler pulley that was making a growling or whining noise. I have to say I am happy with the work and they did not balk whatsoever at doing the warranty work. Only problem was that the mechanic failed to properly tighten the negative battery clamp after reattaching it. Amazingly the car started and ran fine all the way home. I found the problem this morning when I tried to start the engine and suddenly lost all power. Strangely, I couldn't tighten the clamp enough to make it tight. I had to go to several auto parts stores to locate a shim for the battery post. Once I added the shim the clamp was then snug enough to secure. All in all, a fairly painless repair experience.
  • Why didn't you take it to the dealer? You should not have to use a shim on the battery post, no matter how "painless." Is it possibly an indication of some other problem?
    BTW, I have seen at least one post from someone who had to have the dash replaced twice for this problem.
    Makes you wonder when the same problem shows up so many times.
  • rance2rance2 Posts: 39
    Have experienced a slight rattle in the dash. It was happening going over bumps, but now is pretty much steady in all but the smoothest of road conditions. Anyone with similar experience and fix? :(
  • Hello: We have had the four struts replaced on our 2007 Azera after only 13000 miles. the ride had deterioated that the car was unsafe at speeds over 55 MPH. The car now drives like it was when purchased. I think Hyundai should investigate the problem and issue a TSB as the handling is not safe at highway speeds. The dealership was more than professional and courteous. Great service and attention to detail. :)
  • jkolehjkoleh Posts: 38
    Here are my annual stats for other anal retentive Azera owners and for comparative purposes for calendar year 2009 for my 2007 Azera ltd.

    Miles 15134
    MPG 25.61
    Cost/mile 17.8 cents, not including depreciation
    Ave cost per gallon of gas $2.26

    Maintenance was high at $1249.67 which included 30,000 mile service and new set of tires. In its total mileage of 34408, car has had absolutely no mechanical issues other than a prematurely worn set of OE Michelin's.
  • rance2rance2 Posts: 39
    Thanks for sharing your experience. While I don't have the detail you've assembled, my 2007 Azera Ltd has 32,000 miles on it with zero mechanical issues. Tires are good for at least another 10K. :D
  • My car is virtually identical in costs to jkoleh. Also did the tires.
  • Hyundai has a recall regarding the seat belt harness wiring for Azeras. The NHTSA says that Hyundai would start notifying owners in Feb. Has anyone received any communications from Hyundai regarding this? n_id=09V497000&prod_id=221375&moduletype=VEHICLE&make=HYUNDAI&model=AZERA&veh_mo- del_year=2007&searchtype=DrillDown

    I'm really eager to get this repair done as I believe my 07 is afflicted with it. Passenger airbag light has been wonky for me in the past few weeks.
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    Wobbly...thank you so much for posting this info. Maybe now my air bag light situation can finally be taken care of the way it should be. It's the ONLY issue I've really had with my Azera. Getting the broken lugs taken care of is a non-issue really...and the driver's side upper control arm to be replaced will be handled by the warranty.

    How are things for you?
  • gamlegedgamleged Posts: 442
    The recall notice to registered owners is due this month (Feb), but as of the 21st, I've received nothing...
  • Neither have I.
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    This is definitely Hyundai's opportunity to avoid the major mistake that Toytoa seems to have made recently.
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