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Hyundai Azera 2007



  • Talked to my Hyundai service manager today and he has one recall and said the notices were released O/A Feb 15th.
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    For those wondering, here's a link that explains the recall. I just contacted my local dealer and they do show it in the system as well.

    NHTSA 2006-2009 Hyundai Azera Recall
  • 29tomt29tomt Posts: 12
    I live in NE Florida and extremely cold weather for this area was the rule this winter. I got to noticing the engine making a noise and acting funning when cranked cold in the AM. Told the dealer when there for service. Left it to where they could crank it in the cold and it is the timing chain tensioner. It was explained that the engine is non-interference but the problem would worsen with age and they have had to replace a few. Job takes several days and they gave me a rental.

    I ignored this problem on an older Elantra and it let go and ate up the engine.
  • 29tomt29tomt Posts: 12
    The did mine Monday as it was in their computer before I received the notice in the mail. Did not take long and was handled during normal service.
  • 29tomt29tomt Posts: 12
    I had those Michelin tires and after hearing the noise they made after the first rotation, I finally had to replace them at 25K miles. I though Michelin were good tires but not the OE tires that came on the Azera. I went with Goodyear replacements and have been very happy. Got my quiet car back.
  • 29tomt29tomt Posts: 12
    I was in for service and looked at the 2010 Sonata. That is one nice car and more economical than the Azera now. I still like my 2007 though. Service Advisor told me that there is another model coming out soon that is aimed at the BMW 7 series and it would have something like a 400HP engine.

    What has always made me curious though is that you never hardly see the higher end Hyundai models advertised. It is like they are a big secret or something. Any one know why?
  • Hi 29tomt, I know you meant the 2011 Sonata and yes it is a fine looking car. There will be no more 6 cylinders in the Sonata, it now has a new refined 4 cylinder and puts out 198 and 200 horsepower and later this year it will offer a Turbo model. You Service Advisor is out in left field to say they will have a 400 HP engine.

    Yes, they do advertise the high end Hyundai ie: Genesis, but not the Azera till next year when it is redesigned and fill in for the missing Sonata 6 cylinder.

    At the dealer on Tuesday for tire install and alignment and recall, I witnessed two 2011 Sonatas get sold during my 2 hour appointment.
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    The car your service advisor was telling you about is the upcoming Equus. The initial model will have the same 4.6 V-8 that's in the Genesis. It's possible it can be tweaked above the current HP output to offset the extra weight the Equus will have over the Genesis. Now there is a rumor that Hyundai will be producing a 5.0 V-8 that will produce somewhere around 425 HP that may go into a high line model of the Equus (long wheel base version). Never know at this point...right now, they just need to get the Equus to market and see how it does. If they hold true to pricing scheme, then it would start around $46-48K and end somewhere close to $60K.

    Hyundai is going to put ads out about their cars that will sell to the masses. However, once folks get in the door, they'll see the other models and be wowed. If you look on Hyundai's website, they call the Azera their "best kept secret".
  • They handled the recall on mine as well last week while I was in for service.

    I had taken it in for a crack in the top of the dash as others have reported (air bag area) and a noisy rear window screen. They ordered a new dash pad and a roller mechanism for the screen and will be providing me with a complimentary loaner for two days this week while they complete the repairs.

    My 07 is four months short of three years old with 47,000 miles and these are the first issues that I have experienced. Good service by my dealer, great build quality and a strong warranty makes for a great automobile for the price.
  • alymacalymac Posts: 31
    You lucky guy!
    My dash pad cracked.........I was told it was not a warranty issue. I subsequently
    found info on the internet that in fact it was...least in the States. So I printed the
    infornation and sent it to the dealer. He still tried to get out of it until I pushed the point.........he reluctantly brought the dash in....the whole ding dang unit. I thought it was just the top piece they would replace..dumb was the whole dash assembly...and I had installed a dash kit for over $300.00 before the crack appeared
    so I was s----d . It was the dealers struggle to admit that is most annoying.Dont they get paid for warranty work? Like whats his problem?
    My Azera is 2006. And a loaner...jeeeeesssss..I have to rent a car everytime
    %$%$#@. You 've got a good dealer.....and one who knows whos paying his wages...
    the customer! I live in Chilliwack, BC Canada
  • wobbly_earswobbly_ears Posts: 160
    Blame Canada! (Sorry, had to do it! Been watching too many Southpark episodes).

    Have you tried other dealers? The experience varies from dealer to dealer. You might get better treatment at another dealer.
  • alymacalymac Posts: 31
    When its a warranty job there should be consistency from dealer to dealer. The hairbrain that would do his own dealership out of warranty work is just that...a hairbrain!
  • wobbly_earswobbly_ears Posts: 160
    edited March 2010
    Most Hyundai dealerships still haven't graduated from the 80s when they had to sell crappy Excels. These days Hyundai wants to sell Azeras, Genesis & Equus.

    If there's a Trojan horse for Hyundai, it is their less-than-desirable dealers. Hyundai better start imposing strict service levels on its dealers.

    Hyundai's dealership network & service levels do not do justice to their products.
  • poleypoley Posts: 6
    Took mine in for the recall and was out of there in 40 minutes. Does the seatbelt correction fix the problem of locking the passenger in the seat without any sudden movement? I certainly hope so.
  • cobrazeracobrazera Posts: 352
    Does the seatbelt correction fix the problem of locking the passenger in the seat without any sudden movement?
    Per the recall notice I received: if your vehicle experiences the air bag warning lamp with a passenger in the seat, they replace the seat belt assembly and the wiring. If you don't already have that problem, they simply reroute the wiring - the latter fix would not affect your seat belt's mechanical operation.
  • I guess I am a lucky guy...that I bought a Hyundai!

    Just picked it up and returned the complimentary loaner (2010 Sonata) and the bill was a whopping $0.00.

    Got to love the warranty and my dealer has been great.
  • 29tomt29tomt Posts: 12
    I generally average in the 18s in north Florida in the winter and it does a little better in town in the summer. Some one said the change in the fuel blend has to do with the difference. Over a period of a year without resetting the odometer, in a combination of hiway and town driving with most being in town, I averaged 22 to 23. Is this about normal for the car? I did just have the fuel injectors cleaned and the next morning it back fired when I cranked it and turned on the check engine light and took it back to the dealer and they said some crapola has dislodged and they took care of everything. It was then I asked about the rattle and rough running when cold cranked in below 30 degree weather and they replaced the chain tensioner. All at no charge. Car runs good. No problems since I got rid of the Michelin tires. Road noise was driving me nuts.
  • medic481medic481 Posts: 32
    edited May 2010
    I am considering installing Pulstar plugs in my '07 Ltd. Has anyone else used these, and if so what do you think? Pulstars are supposed to give an increase in horsepower and milage. Wondering if it's worth the investment.
  • hjc1hjc1 Posts: 183
    More junk science .... Google reviews on these plugs
    Amazon also has customer reviews on these plugs
    If these plugs were as good as they claim ALL car co. would use them.....
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    if you want to improve performance over your OEM plugs. Then your best bet may be to go with the NGK Iridium plugs. NGK makes plugs specifically for cars of the Asian persuasion. I've currently got 85k miles on my Azera and will be replacing the plugs around 100k miles with the NGK Iridium IX plugs.

    NGK Plugs
  • Good choice of plugs allmet33, used NGK's in my 300M with very good performance. Changing plugs on the 3.8 looks like a job, got to remove the intake manifold to get out the back 3 plugs.
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    Thanks. My initial choice was Bosh Platinum +4's, but talking with a tech...he said they burn to hot for Asian engines. They are designed for European engines that require a hotter plug. He said using a plug that burns too hot could burn my engine up over time.

    Dealer wants like $250 to replace the plugs on the Azera. I'll look around and see what I can find or see just how hard a job it really is. I do know that when you remove the manifold, you have to put a new gasket back on it when you put it all back together.
  • jhanselljhansell Posts: 1
    I have owned my Azera for 3 years now and love it. Comfortable, easy to drive, sporty, nice sound system and a persistant squeak from the dashboard.

    I have been able to identify it related to gas pedal pressure. At Speeds up to about 40 MPH when pressure to the pedal is applied there is a recurring squeak that sounds like it is related, chirp, chirp, chirp...

    When I release the pedal pressue no squeak.

    Has anyone had this issue and found a resolution?

    I am reluctant to take to the shop for the "we dont hear it sir" routine.
  • gamlegedgamleged Posts: 442
    edited June 2010
    Haven't heard it, but it might be related to a slight body flex or some other slight change in dynamic under accelleration, as opposed to the actual accellerator pedal. I know this doesn't help at all... ; )
  • oskidunker1oskidunker1 Posts: 213
    The lasy year or so I have noticed back pain in the left middle of my back when driving an hour or more. I generally don't use the lumbar but am fooling around with it to see if it is of any help. Is the passing on the seat not as good after 3 years? Is there any solution if this is the issue?
  • rmcbainrmcbain Posts: 50
    Hi: Have you had a dash cover replaced as their was a problem by the passenger air bag cracking. We had ours changed and no squeaks so you might ask the dealership to check for a loose clip or fastener. There is so much plastic in the news cars everything must fit exactly right or you get squeaks from plastic rubbing on plastic. You might also want to check where the dash meets the windshield pillar. Have a friend ride with you an have him hold his hand on different places on the dash while driving or when the squeak occurs. Hope this helps.
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    Could be a number of issues. I've logged just over 88k miles (as of this last weekend) over the almost 4.5 years of ownership and my Azera is no less comfortable than it was when I first got it. Still being active in sports, I find the heated seats to be quite therapeutic when the lower back gets sore.

    Good luck on finding a solution.
  • 101649101649 Posts: 192
    I use the inflatable lumbar support regurarly mostly to change the "feeling" of the support on long drives...don't have any back problems, but the change in support pressure seems to relieve or reduce any fatigue...have had the lumbar support "motor" replaced 3X since '06..all under warranty
  • ruppbruppb Posts: 1
    My 2007 Azera Limited has the rain sensing wipers. I have always been extremely unhappy with them. In fact, the gas mileage and the wipers are my only complaints about the Azera. They are extremely inconsistent, waiting far too long to turn on at times and at other times running at high speed for a light mist. They do not have a timer - only the rain sensor. My wife won't drive my car in the rain. Yesterday I was buying a new Hyundai for my daughter and the salesman told me you can bypass the rain sensor and go to an intermittent operation, stating that the manual explains how to do this. Turns out he was incorrect. Does anyone else hate this feature like I do?
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