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Hyundai Azera 2007



  • rmcbainrmcbain Posts: 50
    Hi: The automatic headlight switch is on the left arm of the steering column. The windshield has nothing to do with the auto headlight switch. If you meant the auto windshield washer it is on the right side of the column.
    Hope this helps.
  • Sensor, NOT SWITCH.
  • jamazerajamazera Posts: 149
    sensor is on dash on the passenger side of the car...check manual
  • Well I have had it with Hyundai. I have been taking my 07 Azera in for servicing and suspension noises. I have the struts changed twice as well as the upper control arm was cracked and they replaced it. I was as La Quinta Hyundai in southern California and they replaced the rubber bushings in the control arm to eliminate the squeaking but no the clunking when you drive over any crack in the pavement. They said the car was out of warranty by three months and they would not honour replacement of the struts or the previous repair of the bushings for the control arm. I was a great promoter for Hyundai and now that will no longer be the case. Hyundai knows it has a suspension problem with all the comments in edmunds site and they refuse to resolve it.
    The whole situation at La Quinta Hyundai was a nightmare and would not recommend anyone trying to purchase a new car to stay away from here. This is not how customers should be treated. :lemon: :mad: :sick:
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    Okay...I'm proud to say that I've owned my '06 Azera for the last 7 years and put just over 146k miles on it. I've read all the posts about people complaining about the clunk noise, which I didn't experience until about 80-90k miles. All the years of going to the dealer and having them look at it, not one time did a mechanic ever mention anything about the sway bar bushings. My mechanic told me that sway bar bushings can wear out anywhere between 20-80k miles. So...I am going to order them and have him install them and I'll come back and let you guys know if it resolved the infamous clunk noise or not. I tried to find some silicone aftermarket bushings to no avail, so I will just try to order the best ones I can find.
  • rmcbainrmcbain Posts: 50
    Thanks for the update. Well first let me advise that I took the car into La Quinta Hyundai and they just screwed me for 180.00 and no improvement. I then went to Palm Springs Hyundai and after replacing the entire strut snubbers, top strut mount and all bushings the car now is like new or better. It will never be a sports sedan but it was never built to be one. So one thing is for sure that the Palm Springs service department correctly diagnosed the problem and corrected it. $600.00 is a lot cheaper than having to buy a new car to get rid of the noise.
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    Glad to hear you were taken care of, there's a lot of Azera owners who are not and they don't know either. What's even worse is the service depts. aren't explaining all the possibilities either from laziness or just lack of knowledge of their own product.

    Another thing to mention, my mechanic also told me that if you replace the struts, go with the KYB's as they are better tuned for the foriegn cars vs. the Monroe strust which are tuned for the domestic makes. Lastly, he also mentioned that a car of my mileage, I should also consider replacing the strut spring as that could weaken and put more stress on the strut as well. I found the springs online for like $86.

    Maybe you can keep us posted on how long you're able to go noise free now that you've gotten all the components replaced.
  • jamazerajamazera Posts: 149

    R U getting the bushings from Hyundai or from a parts store???? How much are they ??? R there only 2 or 4 bushings?? How much labor time is involved??

  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    Jamazera...I am ordering my bushings from (where I get almost all my parts now). The set I'm ordering is just under $7 and I believe it's only 2 bushings. The labor (from what my mechanic told me) is 2 hours, so I'll be paying $198 to get $7 worth of parts installed. SMDH What can you do? LOL

    Have a happy Easter if you celebrate, if not...have a great weekend!!!
  • jamazerajamazera Posts: 149 know..that is an easy fix...happy Easter.......sold my boat and am looking at a '13 Genesis R spec v-6 (not as a replacement for my Azzy)
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    The coupe, right? I test drove those and they are a hoot to drive, but since I commute into DC daily, I prefer to not have my ride be that sporty. :shades:

    I'll be keeping the Azzy for awhile, but I've got my eye on either a V6 Genesis sedan. The only way I would get the V8 is if I got the 5.0 R-Spec.
  • rmcbainrmcbain Posts: 50
    We also drove the Genis coupe and found it very small and is no comparison to the full size Gensis sedan. It was rough riding, hard to see out of the rear window and just a general noisey little four cylinder that did not do anything for us.
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    Yeah...I think the 4 banger appeals to the tuner crowd mostly. If I were to get the coupe, it would have to be the V6 version. Nice amount of power and pretty fun to drive, just can't use it as my daily driver. Definitely not to be compared in any way to the sedan. But, if you compare it to the old Tiburon...leaps and bounds better!!! ;)
  • jamazerajamazera Posts: 149
    yes the coupe v-6 r-spec or touring 375 hp......8 sp auto
  • jamazerajamazera Posts: 149
    yes the coupe v-6 r-spec or touring 375 hp......8 sp auto rated best buy ...consumer reports
  • Several Mechanics have told me the belt lasts around 100k. It is regularly inspected and I am told it is fine at 6 years an 83k miles. Anyone replaced them yet?
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    The mechanics are right. I changed my belt around 120k miles myself.
  • 86,000 miles on this car and still nothing has cost me any money other than $100 for a plastic shield under the car and a battery. Amazing quality.

  • Got a question.. I'm a new sales consultant at a dealership and I had a customer interested in an 06 Azera.. could anyone suggest to me a similar vehicle in terms of form, function, and price? Preferably one of the following manufacturers: VW, Subaru, GMC, Chevy, Caddy, or Buick?

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