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Jeep Commander Start Stall and Idle Problems



  • 2006 Commander. 22K original miles. My 2006 Commander has refused at times to start off and on for the last two years. When I turn the key all the dashboard lights come on and the clock goes off. The truck doesn't even try to turn over. No noise from the engine. Nothing. I mentioned this once at the dealer but they couldn't find anything wrong and as the car was starting OK at that time I didn't pursue it. However over the last year (2009) the Commander has left me stranded a number of times....but when it refuses to start if the Commander was left alone for several hours (no touching, trying to start it, etc.) the truck would start up fine. This brings us to 1/9/10 and the truck would not start even after hours of sitting. I had it towed to my driveway and there it sits. My next stop is a mechanic and probably a new starter. The "perform service" light came on but as I had the car into the dealer for general maintenance in August 2009 my maintenance schedule should be up to date.(I'll check that). I am totally depressed. It is issue after issue with this particular truck.
  • itabotitabot Posts: 105
    just accept that it is a finicky jeep, and, more, when you can and before you need to, bring it to non dealer service centers for complete inspection and essentially an internal rebuilding.

    and, think about it this way, it is a beautifully styled suv, i.e., very contemporary and bauhaus.
  • I wish I could just accept it as a finiky Jeep but it is the only transportation that I have and often I have my grandchildren with me. It is now sitting in my driveway undriveable and leaking fluids big time. My biggest concern with getting it fixed is of course money but I also want it done right. I really don't trust the dealership. I think I will take your advice and take it to a non-dealership service department.
  • itabotitabot Posts: 105
    unfortunately, now i have more to share with you: just did my 3k oil change at a non-dealer that locally in lower fairfield county connecticut is the go to place for just about the last 30 years for high price cars and jeeps out of warranty, and, to my car they assigned their jeep expert, he goes on those jeep jamborees, etc., i.e., he loves jeeps more than i do (used to). so, does oil change and shows me that i have two lines leaking on right side of radiator, and that they will charge me $550-600 to replace. However, he also said that at 40k miles - another man there worked for jeep service for 20 years and for cadillac service for 10 - said that at 40k corporate will cover the repair, just call corporate first.

    i told them i doubted that given past experience. they said that these lines should never need replacing they are not something that requires owner maintenance and that their experience with jeep is that under those conditions jeep will cover and be terribly sorry for the inconvenience that faulty parts caused me.

    so, i call corporate but get the same run around i got the last time,i.e., has to go to a dealer to be diagnosed at $100 charge and if the dealer thinks that it should be covered corporate will do so; so, before i am willing to go for that (hook) line (and sinker) ,i call the dealer directly - not the one i purchased this commander from but the one my family purchased all the kids sweet 16 first car jeeps from - and, they explained that it is up to corporate and that they will only be able to do what corporate tells them to. so i said to them well, i don't want to bring the car in without an idea of what my bill will be, so what will you be charging me to do what the independent station said needs to be done, that is all i want done. that way, i told them, if corporate still won't cover, i won't be shocked by the bill. i want these exact parts replaced...and, they tell me that they won't replace them without also doing the complete diagnosis!!!

    in the meantime, i called corporate to tell them what was going on, and the first person assigned to my car was totally intolerable, i.e., i'm explaining the situation to her and she was barely capable of giving me helpful information; she seemed to be more concerned with empty courtesy words,etc. so i didn't even call her back. i just gave up and decided i am better off not wasting time, (time=money) and just doing the $600 repair with an honorable independent staffed by actual jeep experts and enthusiasts.

    then i get a call again from chrysler corporate and while it is from another person other than the dimmer bulb i started out with this new one assigned to my account, she left me a voicemail that clearly indicated jeep corporate still does not have my correct VIN, the name of the dealer that i purchased from, never mind a genuine solution to my problem.
  • itabotitabot Posts: 105
    regarding the transmission leak on top of the starter problem - and remember this is purchased from a jeep dealer only one year ago in october - just as with the starter that needed to be replaced after just 8 months after purchase, jeep corporate won't cover the repair and jeep corporate won't put their refusal to cover the repair in writing. the customer service representative, Sherri, when i asked if they would send me that refusal in writing first put me on hold and then asked me why i wanted it in writing (my reply, 'for my records') she put me on hold again and when she returned said that she was not capable of putting it into writing and was not capable of forwarding my request to someone who could.

    i am going to try one more time with chrysler corporate,trying to go through their investor relations department, and, if that fails, i will be going to the US Government agency over-seeing. needless to say, jeep needs to take a lesson from toyota; it isn't un heard of that cars can have problems, it's how the manufacturer handles themselves during these crises that sticks.
  • Hi Jeep tech. Do you have any more information on this problem because this sounds like exactly whats wround with mine. Mine does make a clicking noise when trying to start though. I know its not the battery and I have been reading up on this alot. Doesnt seem like the starter but maybe it is. I'm leaning toward the IPM problem but im not a mechanic and I didnt get alot from that post.
  • Unfortunately, I cannot provide a reply or any additional assistance, but I have what sounds like the exact same problem. I have a 2006 Commander. In the summer of 2007, it started having the same starter issue...all the normal battery type functions work properly, but the engine won't turn over at all and it makes a clicking noise when attempting to start. I seem to have narrowed my issue even does this during the summer months. It appears as if the internal temperature of the car reaches a certain level, the non-starting clicking issue appears. Once the car cools, it will start without any issue. Any time i have attempted to take the Jeep in to have the issue reviewed, it can't be replicated (of course).

    Like you, I'm not sure it's the starter, but it sounds like it would be. Of course, I don't necessarily want to replace the starter seeing as it works just fine 8 months out of the year. I'm only anxious during the summer months and it has repeatedly performed like this over the course of the past 3 years. It's maddening. If anyone can provide us with some additional information about the issue so we have a shot at correcting the problem, it would be much appreciated.
  • itabotitabot Posts: 105
    i'm anxious driving this commander all of the time. i have noticed that after starter replaced, though i don't have problems starting it any longer, the stall problem while driving grows worse. the stall is subtle, i.e., it's not a complete stall it's just an akward hesitation that happens when i am in slow going and start and stop traffic.that said, the long drives up to ski in vermont and upstate new york and sail in maine are not happening because the chances of this car breaking down are so high.
  • promise22promise22 Posts: 1
    I bought my car used a year ago. It has been nothing but trouble since! I have replaced the starter once. Had to have it towed home today. The problem, it wont start. Turn the key,lights come on radio works, etc...motor wont crank. All you hear is "click,Click,click". Weve had trouble with suspension and everything as well. Also the gas light seems to come on too fast! Put gas in drive around town and your on "e" in no time...gas leak maybe? Service lights for everything come on all the time! This suv is CRAP!!! Wish I had never gotten it! I wish they would recall the starter and it would cost nothing to replace. Chrysler/Jeep should be ashamed of themselves! They received a bail out...where the hell is our help!?
  • Same problem here. 2007 Jeep Commander will not start about every three months, regardless of snow, rain, or sun. Sits over night at the dealer ship after being towed and starts right up. No dealers can find a problem, ever. We have found however that under the hood in the fuse box, the starter fuse or relay when messed with will sometimes help get it to start. Look at the diagram of the fuses on the lid and you will see where the starter fuse or relay is. Broke down again last night and this time I tried everything and it would not start. We waited two hours and were going to get a hotel for the night, as that cost as much as the tow, I tried the jeep and it hesitated then started up. The only sound the jeep makes when trying to start is the slight clicking noise coming from the fuse under the hood labeled starter. Its a big black box fuse in the long skinny fuse box toward the cabin of the jeep. We're about to trade in the jeep today unless we can find a fix.
  • jaynbayjaynbay Posts: 6
    The problem is the starter. Demand that the dealership replace it. After multiple failed trips to the dealer to get our issue resolved, our warranty ran out. Finally, after reading several posts that seemed to point to the starter as the culprit, we went back to the dealership and had the starter replaced. Since we had been in for this issue prior to our warranty expiring, we contacted Chrysler and they reinbursed us for the repair bill. We have not had any more starting issues since having the starter replaced.
  • itabotitabot Posts: 105
    apparently, mine is going to need a new starter again. it is acting just the same way it did before the last starter was replaced by the dealer i purchased it from almost a year ago. chrysler would not reimburse me for the cost of that starter, and I certainly have no intention of letting that dealer get paid to work on that jeep again.

    i just also had frozen caliper replaced.

    the cost of rehabilitating this commander since i purchased from dealer is approaching $6k. The next new starter that i will need before end of summer = another nearly $400 and the lights on dash have never stopped flickering so what that will be...that said, at this point i have invested so many new parts in it, it should last quite a while.

    the only sticking point is the dealership i purchased from. they should be reprimanded/fined by chrysler. how much control does chrysler have over quality of its dealerships?
  • We purchased this jeep used whilestill j deer the manufactuer warranty. The first time it didn't start was in May, on mother's day after sitting in a parking lot for a couple hours. No warning, no lights, nothing. Just wouldn't turn over. They replaced the starter. It happened again, they replaced the computer module. The check engine light would come on and then disappear, since they found nothing wrong with it they told me it was probably bad gas. We purchases the extended warranty. The entire reason we bought this car was to tow our boat for a trip we recently took and started and ended in near disaster. Three weeks ago the car didn't start again, no warning, no reason. Towed it to Jeep and it started. They replaced the starter and then it wouldn't start foe them, they replaces the fuel pump again. Since we were leaving on vacation we paid to change all fluids and spark plugs just to p,ay it safe. We nervous put were assured the car was imperfect working condition. We made it to vacation, however almost did not make it home. While the jeep was running, going 65 mph on the Ny thruway in the middle lane, towing our boat with our two children in the back seat ... It died. No power, no brakes, very little steering. We had traffic on either side barreling down on us ... 18 wheelers included. It started for a brief moment and my husband was able to coast to a reststop. It's now at a jeep dealer and they want to replace the fuel
    Ump a third time in a year and a half. Something is very, very wrong here. What does it take to get jeep to recall????
  • itabotitabot Posts: 105
    i had similar start problem about a year ago, it was replaced and though the car continues to have start problems, it starts. the dealership it was purchased from (norwalk/westport, ct) and replaced it will not take responsibility for it.

    last week on I-95 similar stall to yours happened, albeit i'm fortunate that i didn't have small kids in back of car because obviously that would have been much worse. what jeep did was - driving at about 65mph steadily for about 10 minutes and then all of a sudden it was like i had pulled up the emergency brake up (I hadn't) and the car dropped speed (this all happened over about 3-5 seconds) and then all dash board lights lit up like they do when you immediately start the car but then within 2 seconds the lights went off and the acceleration increased on its own...back to speed i had been driving it at/relative to how much i was pressing on gas pedal. i'm lucky there was no traffic around me at that moment.

    if jeep were more responsible and if the government cared enough about this situation to do a recall i would of course, in the interest of public safety, bring car in to be looked at because if this happens again a major accident could be the result; but, as it stands - just look at this thread to see the efforts already spent to get jeep to take care of this - nobody in authority effectively believes that these are real or dangerous problems to have out there on the i'm not going to go all out to diagnose and fix on my dime. i am though when it becomes necessary replacing everything under the hood of my commander
  • amissneramissner Posts: 14
    edited September 2010
    Hey. I see a lot of good troubleshooting in this thread, but mostly about tsb 18-049-07, which seem to apply only to 2006 Commanders.

    I have a 2007 Commander w/Hemi. It stalls when stopped at lights or stopped in parking lights every time we drive it more than 15 miltes. Turn it off and start it back up and it will stall a little while later, sometimes 2-3 times on a single stop light cycle. Have had it into the dealer 3 times so far. They replaced the MAP sensor and poked around on it a bit, but it is definitely worse than before we brought it in the first time.

    Today it stalled while approaching a light, rolling at about 15 MPH. I stuck it in neutral and started it back up while rolling, but that was a first. Check engine light stayed on for the rest of the 75 mile drive.

    Any advice I can give the dealer? Is there any point to tsb 18-049-07 with the 07 w/Hemi? Thanks!
  • I have a 2007 Jeep Commander 3.7L that my husband and I purchased in Feb 2010. No problems, everything was fine until Aug 2010. One day, mid-Aug, I went to start my Jeep & got absolutely nothing. Very upset since there was NO warning that anything was wrong & I had just drove it; it wasn't even turned off for 5 mins! I was able to unhook the battery and let it sit for a while then hook the battery back up & it started just fine. This worked for about a week. Now it has been sitting in my in-laws front yard for almost a month with no signs of life. We replaced the starter, still nothing. Tried jumping it, it started once. Drove it around the block then shut it off. After it sat for an hour, we had nothing but "click, click, click" from the starter. We have also had the battery tested, it's good. Checked every fuse & relay in the vehicle, nothing. Check engine light blinks 10 times(open circuit), still haven't found the open circuit. Hooked it up to a computer at a dealership, which read nothing. Out of ideas at this point, frustrated and without a vehicle... Any ideas/suggestions?? :mad:
  • mkorponmkorpon Posts: 2
    edited September 2010
    I have a 2008 Jeep Commander (30,000 miles) that has had an ongoing problem. After driving somewhere and you park, then return after doing whatever, it won't start. Battery is good, turn key and dash lights up but no click, nothing... I've had it towed to the dealer 4 times now for repair.

    1st time- loose wire
    2nd time-bad connector
    3rd time- starter replaced
    4th time- another bad connection

    Anyone else having issues like this? As of now my wife won't drive it anymore due to fear of being stranded with our 2 year old (can't really blame her since it has happened 4 times within the last year). She has been on the phone multiple times with Chrysler with no solution in sight, "It's fixed." they say, I say "Sure it is, see you next month when it breaks down again..." :lemon:
  • I just got a used 07 Commander 3.7L last month. I love it for the most part, BUT check eng light came on 2 days after day of purchase and turned out to be the ESM, although never in 2 weeks had any symptoms before dealer replaced (at only wholesale cost for part). Now about stalling, has the company never come up with any remedies or recalls? A few days ago, I was driving it at low speed (accelerating after a turn) and accidentally bumped my knee on the ignition key. It sort of cut off but cranked it before it ever stopped. Anyone else done that, or could there be some sort of problem in the ignition switch itself that might be causing these stalling problems for so many people?
  • I have a 2006 Jeep commander, electrical probs-the dash lights- on off at random, wont start, click sounds, blowers shut off, transmission gets stuck in3rd gear. it has been back for transmission recall. Same probs. Called Crown dealership in Dublin Ohio, talked to garage, told him the probs, first thing that came out of his mouth was " Ignition switch", I didnt even have to ask what was wrong, he knew.
    I called Jeep today, the company, started a claim because I refuse to pay for something Jeep knows about.Its stuck in 3rd again, and it wouldnt start again this weekend, then it decided to get stuck in 3rd gear today. Complete BS, Jeep said they would process the claim , send it to a manager for approval and research?
    Really, they need to RESEARCH problems with the JEEP COMMANDER?
  • I have a 2006 Jeep commander, electrical probs-the dash lights- on off at random, wont start, click sounds, blowers shut off, transmission gets stuck in3rd gear. it has been back for transmission recall. Same probs. Called Crown dealership in Dublin Ohio, talked to garage, told him the probs, first thing that came out of his mouth was " Ignition switch", I didnt even have to ask what was wrong, he knew.
    I called Jeep today, the company, started a claim because I refuse to pay for something Jeep knows about.Its stuck in 3rd again, and it wouldnt start again this weekend, then it decided to get stuck in 3rd gear today. Complete BS, Jeep said they would process the claim , send it to a manager for approval and research?
    Really, they need to RESEARCH problems with the JEEP COMMANDER?
  • Hi, mine was an '08 V6 Commander. It had the same problem as yours. It is not the starter, not the battery and not the computer. My brother-in-law who works for Daimler-Chrysler says the "Jeep thing" are very complicated. It is from the very start of the manufacture that the design was a flop. No long term testing and brought up to the market in a haze. The overall mechanics of the electrical system and the computer were not really co-related in some aspects, in a sense that it falters at a any moment in time, and that fault lies in sudden malfunction. You can replace all electrical parts including the computer, starter, alternator, relays, starter switch and what have you, sooner or later the problem of stalling will occur, whether in hot or cold temperature.
    Do you know why they stopped manufacturing these supposed to be anice SUVs? The integrated electrical design was a flop. It came out in 2006 up to 2008, 2009 or 2010 was a carry over just to get rid of the previous stocks. Do you still trust your dealer's mecahanic of their guessing game? Not even Jeep, Daimler-Chrysler can resolve the occuring problems of these "Jeep thing"or if they do, they would not seized producing these nice SUVs. I used to loved my '08 V6, but when all the problems evolved, No other options but to get rid of it. My tow truck driver adviced me not to have second thought to trade it in and so I did. The driver says he towed a countless of times of similar vehicles, at least 5 Commanders per month. Well, good luck to those who still have it!!
  • jggrjggr Posts: 1
    Our 2006 Commander with the 4.7 just decided not to start...96 000 on it, and this is the third time this year it "threatened" not to start, but this is the first time it has actually refused. All the dash lights come on, the battery is at 12.45 v, drops to 11.7v when the ignition is switched on. Headlights good etc I do not believe it is the battery or the starter, but... any ideas? Seems to be a common problem!
    Thank you,
  • I posted a theory a few weeks ago that all these problems may have to do with the ignition switch. I have only owned my 07 for 2 months now. But shortly after I bought it my knee hit the keys in the switch and it died on me. But I cranked it back up before it rolled to a stop. I think the last two posts are also "headed in that direction too". Not sure of course that this is your problem, but you may want to explore that.
  • itabotitabot Posts: 105
    that was exactly what happened to my Commander & when faced with that repair the dealer said it needed a new starter. Got that starter & then, because of the 'threats to not start again', started again, brought the commander to a service place in Wilton, Ct where they actually have a genuine Jeep - not just expert- but enthusiast on staff. He didn't need to again replace the starter but has done several replacements on the Commander so that it doesn't threaten to not start any more. It seems as though the parts on The Commander 2006 installed on the 2006's in 2006 deteriorate quickly...they aren't what we think of as Jeep quality. But the replacement parts made now hold up better.

    If you're keeping the commander I would try to find out your area mechanics that actually are experts and's the only mechanic that is going to be able to steady the car's reliability. Good Luck!
  • What did the mechanic/enthusiast do instead of working on the starter?
  • You are right there, battery nor the starter are not the problem. I owned an '08 V6 which had a stalling problems too.I replaced the starter and the battery with brand new ones, new key pod and computer, but the poblem of stalling at any time still exist. It happened for 18th time in two years, and had spent a lot of dough curing my Commander's relentless illness, I call it cancer. I used my Advantage warranty for their towing services and it's good having that. Then I had known that the stalling problem was the result of incompatible electrical and computer design which was installed during the manufacturing process and there was no long term test at all for the vehicle and was placed in the market in a haze. So the result and the ultimate decision of the corporate "Daimler-Chrysler Motors, LLC" is to stop the Commander's production in 2009, 2010 is a carry over of the dealers to ged rid of the remaining stocks. (Sources came from the corporate insider). Come to think of it, why would they stop its production when in fact it was selling in 2006 and 2007?
    Maybe some owners does not have the same problem or is it? We all love our Commanders, but is it a reliable SUVs? We can keep it and why not, but we have to brace ourselves when the rough gets going! Good luck.
  • galangalan Posts: 2
    I own a 2006 Jeep Commander that I have only recently had problems with. The dash lights have recently flashed on and off. Also, for at least 2 days it wouldn't start intermittantly and as of this morning, it won't start at all. I have cleaned the battery leads and noticed that a cable running from the battery with 2 female connectors is missing a part in the middle and is apparently broken. What is that for? What does it do? I have purchased an online Chilton's manual but cannot find an exact match as to what that part is. I wanted to avoid the dealer. Does anyone have a suggestion? Thanks!
  • itabotitabot Posts: 105
    I would call 203.761.9541, that is BP in Wilton, CT. They solved all of my Jeep Commander Problems. I'm guessing you aren't located near there but if you tell them you read about them on Edmunds, that they solved another customers' jeep commander problems, etc., they might talk you through it (it sounds like you know what you are talking about).

    Good Luck!

    p.s. avoid the dealers at this point because 1. they are only towing the party line in a tough economy, a.k.a., customer service isn't a priority, and 2. non-dealer service shops seem to take greater pride in solving problems.
  • I have a 1996 Jeep Cherokee and have had issues with it not starting on occasions. I have looked up the problem online and determined it to be the parking sensor. Basically, it just doesn't know its in park. So you can fix the part, which isn't much - diff models, diff prices, but you can also do some others things which is what I do.

    Try these diff things to see which works best for you. This will also help identify if this is your issue or not.

    1. Rock your car while in park or in neutral. When it is in park you will hear it click, which is the sensor.

    2. Roll car backwards or forwards and straighten the steering wheel.

    3. Put in neutral and turn key to start. May also put in neutral then back to park a couple of times letting the car move a little helps.

    Lastly to help your car NOT do this, watch how you park. Make sure the wheels are straight or car rolls a little after putting in park and removing foot from the brake.

    For me this will happen when it has been raining a lot or when cold, but always starts after I rock it or put it in neutral and turn the wheel a little. Ihave never had to be towed.
  • palmer02025palmer02025 Posts: 1
    edited April 2011
    I have a 2007 Jeep Commander with the 5.7 HEMI

    I have not experienced any stalling issues or failure to start, but have experienced the delayed acceleration where the vehicle doesn't respond to pressing the accelerator, then suddenly lurches ahead.

    Today, however, I experienced the weirdest thing ever -- I clicked 'lock' on the key fob and it did lock but all STARTED without any key ignition. I unlocked it, put the key in, and turned it off.

    This is very weird and very unnerving -- has anyone experienced this??
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