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Toyota RAV4 Throttle Lag



  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    I assume you can verify that a car mat was not stuck in the pedal assembly leading to the event.

    I would forcefully suggest the dealer replace your accelerator pedal assembly and throttle body assembly. If you had an uncontrolled accelerator event which you could not control with application of the brake, that is pretty serious.

    You can't get the dealership to assume liability for the result of an accident.

    If the dealership won't work with you and replace these items at the least (and I'm assuming the problem could also be with the Engine Control Unit but am assuming it's more likely the pedal assembly or throttle body assemby at fault), then personally: I'd get out of the vehicle ASAP even if I had to take a loss.

    Your safety, the safety of others travelling with you, and the safety of others in the vicinity of your vehicle are more important than the financial loss.
  • Wondering what you mean by "I'd get out of the vehicle ASAP even if I had to take a loss."

    Hopefully, you're not implying that he sell the vehicle to another poor sucker.
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    i wouldn't live with it for an extended period. my wife and my children would not ride in that vehicle.

    and no i don't believe in passing a problem like that along to another person...

    i'd report it to the nhsta:

    and to the manufacturer:

    i wouldn't try to sell it private sale - i'd try to sell it back to a toyota dealership - the entity in the best position to replace some components to eliminate the behavior forcing me out of the vehicle.

    that's the best i could do. what would you propose for someone in that position?
  • mcase2mcase2 Posts: 160
    This forum reads just like the Camry forum. The Camry is suffering from the same down shifting, jerking, cruise control problems, and slamming into gears. I also see another shared symptom in this forum, that is Toyota's arrogant refusal to fix the problem and the strategy of blaming the customer. It is abundantly apparent that Toyota will NOT help the poor souls who purchased their products. The only recourse is for owners to get tough and relentlessly apply the lemon laws that are available in every state in the Union. Money is all these companies understand and forcing them to buy back their junk beats hell out of begging for help they will not provide.
  • My RAV4 2007 actually kicks out of gear on deceleration/re-acceleration, for stoplights, tight turns and heavy stop and go traffic situations. It revs up to about 2000 rpm before it engages when I accelerate to proceed. This is a 1-3 second hesitation that I am told is normal for these vehicles...something about a bypass? Does anyone know about it? I was told originally, after the dealer re-set the computer, it was my driving causing the problem. They re-set it again and I had my husband, who drives entirely different from myself, drive it. Still it did the same thing. Finally the dealer had the manager, tech ride with me to see what was happening ( another tech actually took it home overnight). All gentlemen agreed there is a problem, but stated there are no bulletins or other complaints so they cannot do anything about it. I am now dealing with Toyota who said, as a complete surprise to me, that the dealer told them there is not a problem.
    I am very happy with most everything else about this vehicle. It is one of the best, most stable vehicles I have ever owned in snow, ice and slick conditions. It drives nicely and gets pretty good fuel mileage. But this transmission concerns me.
    Please respond with any information you might have concerning this condition. If it is 'normal', is there somewhere to look that explains the condition and what it is doing? If, as I have been told and believe, it is not normal, does anyone have experience or advice for me?
    Thank you
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Google for:

    wwest hesitation abolition dbw -dfg

    As of '08 Toyota has tried out a new fix, revised engine/transaxle ECU firmware that tries to determine the driver's "future" intent based on the rate at which the gas pedal is released. FAST, equaling/implying a coastdown intent and therefore the transaxle will more likely remain in the current gear ratio. Slow letup thereby implying an intent to enter cruise, constant speed mode, therefore an upshift if appropriate.
  • Thanks wwest. I started reading the messages in this forum after I posted. There is a lot of information here that will help me when we meet with Toyota this Friday; though we will see if it makes a difference. I will report to this forum after the Friday meeting, Thank you everyone.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Be sure and ask for a copy of all (4 to 5 page list) the C-BEST options that are available, and ask for an understandable, US humankind understandable, explanation of each. There are at least 3 now that allow you to configure the climate control system more to your liking, SAFETY, and management needs.
  • wwest, can you tell me the definition of the C-BEST options, or where I can google to find out, so I can better understand for what I am asking? My husband is not able to go with me to meet with the dealer and I need to have my ducks in a row as best I can. Thank you, Goose602
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    I think...

    Custom Body Electronics Systems.......
  • cmr6cmr6 Posts: 5
    We noticed that this issue became progressively worse over time. The dealership told us that the car is programmed to "adapt" to our driving style. (We also noticed this same lag when we test drove Foresters, so Toyota is not the only manufacturer employing this "advancement".) The dealership wiped the "memory" and the problem disappeared. Of course, it is slowly returning. If there is a more permanent fix out there, please submit the service bulletin number and we can all have our RAV-4's fixed. Thanks.
  • mike375mike375 Posts: 1
    i have the same problem with my rav4 (2007). on four occasions over the last two years, from a stop, the throttle surges and am unable to control with the brake. i have not taken it in to dealer as in three of the four cases, there was no danger of an accident and the event did not occur on a regular basis. however, the surge occured yesterday and propelled me out into oncoming traffic, very narrowly avoiding an adident. if they cannot fix the problem, i will sell the vehicle. if anyone has found what the problem is , pleas reply.
  • applebeeapplebee Posts: 2
    Lot's of luck with your dealer who will probably try to tell you that you had your foot on the accelerator instead of the brake. Problem is you can't duplicate the problem to demonstrate it. Also the black box thing will have no record of it. If you're successful in getting it fixed, please share the secret.
  • cmr6cmr6 Posts: 5
    Have the dealer "wipe the memory" each time you have it serviced and in between service appnts if necessary. The computer is adapting to your driving style and, like any computer/software, it makes mistakes, becomes confused by multiple drivers, etc. I'm waiting for a more permanent fix as well. I read that they are reprogramming some other models for a similar problem. I hope that they will have a fix for the RAV-4 soon.
  • Oh my...I had really not expected to see others with this problem. I just got treated like I was a total idiot by my dealer. I bought my 2007 Rav4 new on 7/30/07. Three weeks ago I get in it to go to work and it acts like it is not able to pull my drive way. The think felt like it was trying to pull the hill in 3rd gear. I was pressing the gas but it was like nothing was doing anything. I have lived in this same place for 20 years so it is not like it was a new spot that it would not pull. It felt like I was trying to pull a semi behind for all the power it had. When I got to level ground and tried to execellerate I had to push the gas pedal all the way to the floor. The thing reved to 6000 rpm's but did not move. It acted like it was in park and you were reving the engine. After about a 5 second hesitation it would jerk and take off but it had now power at all. When pulling onto the highway I thought I was gonna get killed. I press the gas and there is no power to get out of the way of traffic. Once again it felt like I was trying to take off in 3rd gear. Took me a mile to get up to speed limit. I would try to accelerate while I was at 60mpg to see if it had the power to pass. I actually had to STAND on the gas pedal holding it to the floor it revs 6000 rpms, hesitates, jerks and gears down like it is in low. There is no power to pass or to pull out into traffic. I feel like my powerful 4 cyl has been reduced to a 2 cyl. This all happened the weekend of July 4th. In a couple days it was fine so I put it out of my mind. Eleven days ago it started again. It was running fine when I went to work. When I got off I attempted to pull on to the highway. I started out and accelerated to go and NOTHING. Traffic was coming and I had practically pulled into the traffic and stopped in front of them because I would not go. I had to rev almost 7000 rpm's and go to 72 mph before the thing would ever change gears and take off when excellerated. All this time the engine reved as if it was in park and I was flooring the gas pedal. I called the dealer and took it in. I had a bad feeling when I got there and tried to tell then what was wrong. Of course they told me they had never heard of this before. I tried to show them 25 pages of printouts I had with me from these website. They refused to even read the other complaints I had printed out. I got a simple "people can right anything they want on the internet". I was treated like a fool. I went to the manager and told him I was not driving that car home as it was dangerous to me and to others when I could stall at any time in traffic. To appease me they gave me a loaner and when the manager called the service manger to his office with me they agreed that they would contact Toyota Motor Company directly and see if this had ever happened before. They were also going to check my computer out. Ironically it was 2 years to the day I bought it that I had to take it in. I have 20,000 miles on it. Well anyway after 11 days of hearing nothing I call the manager I had spoke to and he gave me the run around. I was told that since Toyota had not sent out a bulletin or a fix there was nothing they could do because Toyota would not allow them to fix it without their permission. When I argued the point as to why they would just not fix it they said that if they fixed it without Toyota telling them that there actually was a problem the dealership would not get reimburssed for the warranty work. I asked them to please just check the computer that effects the transmission and they refused because Toyota would not pay for it. I went to 3 of the managers and told them how pathetic I found it that they would rather risk lives than eat the cost to check my comuter out. UNFREAKING believable! This is the 4th car I have bought from them and I am totaly disgusted. I did not even get a mile on it for every $1000 I paid for it before it went all to heck. Now I am stuck with what could be a death trap in my opinion. I made them sign my receipt where I added that I had asked to have the computer checked out or possibly be re started and they refused. If I get hurt at least I will have that to show. I am so dissapointed in Toyota. It is all I have driven since 1985 but I will never buy another one...
  • cmr6cmr6 Posts: 5
    Don't abandon ship yet. Other manufacturers with the "new adaptive drive" software have the same issue. The computer gets confused....Have them wipe it's memory. I have them do it everytime I have my oil changed. Maybe it's time to look for a bulletin online. My dealership didn't know about the front passenger leak bulletin for RAV-4s...I found that myself online and brought the number in with me. Good luck!
  • ktjanektjane Posts: 1
    There is some vibrations when the accelerator is depressed, this does not happen all the time. Actually feels like the groves they sometimes put on center line or at stop signs. Is this a wheel alignment problem, balance problem?? Thanks
  • dmgrindedmgrinde Posts: 2
    I have a Toyota Rav 4 2002 that started hesitating a couple of months ago. My mechanic, despite days with my car has been unable to figure out the cause. He fixes something, gives it to me and it still hesitates. This week it started killing. He just replaced the crank sensor thinking that would fix it but when he took it for a test drive it died. Has anyone else had this problem and actually got it fixed.
  • dmgrindedmgrinde Posts: 2
    My mechanic finally figured it out. He replaced my ignition coils and cleaned the ECM grounds. My car works fine now.

    I checked with a Toyota mechanic about he hesitations and this is what he suggested.

    stalling and hesitation problems on these engines are often caused by too much carbon and gummy deposits on the inside of the throttle body, you might consider asking your mechanic to clean the throttle body and the throttle plate, in most cases this simple solution works.
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