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Subaru B9 Tribeca Navigation System Questions



  • well 1.1 to 2.0 the maps are newer. all data maps they use are always about 2 or 3 yrs behind typically for most major metro areas. its just takes those companies that much time to update the database then Kenwood has to incorporate it. but 1.1 to 3.0 probably would be noticable...

    also 2.0 adds some subtle changes to the system... it seems to calculate some roads in my area better (I am guessing they did some changes to the road data in those areas). but it still routes you down some small roads sometimes. just less often.

    2.0 also I think added the Daylight savings time adjustment to the clock setting. and there is a new map view I think with the actual GPS coordinates view. If you have 1.1 I would recommend going to 3.X

    I have 2.0 right now and will wait until 4.X to upgrade again.
  • amy10amy10 Posts: 26
    Thank you for your response! Think I will purchase after all. :)
  • Also, if you have rear entertainment system (dvd) it allows you to watch on the front screen while driving.

    But this requires some mod work doesn't it. I would love to get the front DVD working as I carpool kids in the morning and my son sits in the front. He doesn't get to watch the movies with his friends, which he doesn't mind too much. His friends think it's a novelty!
  • seems like a lot of work just to do what you can do by pressing the parking brake lever one click which doesn't engage the actual parking brake or i think what some ppl have done which was find something to permanently depress the button it presses which also doesnt' engage the parking brake.

    I just was trying out your suggestion that clicking on the parking brake was easier than messing with grounding a wire in the Nav unit. But it didn't work.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I see no improvement whatever with the latest DVD. There are still stores that closed over 15 years ago, on the DVD. Changes to major roads made over 5 years ago do not appear on the maps.

    You have to send these updates to the mapping companies, rather than just complain. Otherwise they will never get fixed.

    Garmin's maps still don't include the Bridgeville, MD, McDonald's, which has been there since the 1980s at least. I did submit that error so hopefully it appears on the next map update.

    If noone tells them, they'll never know! Send updates!
  • you have to press the parking brake one click and then hit the AUDIO button on the dash twice it will toggle between the video and the audio menu.

    note that doing that pressing one click, I think disables the running light daytime
    and also you will see the red brake light on.

    if you know someone with a little electrical wiring knowledge the hack to get the unit to work all the time is a better fix.
  • First, this was a reply to someone who asked if it was worth spending almost $300 for the latest update. Since I have the latest update, I offered my experience with it. Next, we are not speaking about a Garmin product. This GPS is made by Kenwood, and installed in the Subaru Tribeca as OEM equipment. I don't think the mapping provider is the same one used by Garmin. You spoke about complaining. This is not a complaint, although it should be, but an observation. As a consumer activist, I can tell you that complaints are an extremely effective way to bring about change. Complaining is what you may need to do. It is not the responsibility of the consumer to fix the product that he purchased. It is the responsibility of the provider to provide a warrant of merchantability. I enjoy Wikipedia, but since it is user edited and written, I would never depend on its accuracy. I certainly would not want my maps to be edited by user submissions. You said 'if noone tells them, they'll never know' It's their job to know, and offer an accurate product. Companies that offer poor products don't stay in business very long. I have had Garmin GPS units since 1991, and I have submitted many corrections to the various editions of their mapping software. It is difficult to say if it helped at all. I am sure that Garmin gets many suggestions for updates to the maps they sell. Just remember, if you don't complain, they'll never fix it.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Just remember, if you don't complain, they'll never fix it.

    We basically agree.

    I just think that pointing out these errors will at the very least expedite the correction of these errors.
  • Do you have the instructions or information on how to do the "ground wire" trick on the navigation system? I have a 2006 B9 Tribeca. Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated. TIA
  • Has anyone had any luck w/finding a universal remote to work w/the Tribeca Entertainment/DVD system? I called CarToys and was told only the Subaru dealers will have remotes that would work w/OEM systems. If its a Kenwood system I would think finding a remote programmed to Kenwood systems might work? Thanks in advance.
  • My kids lost ours, so I tried several "universal" remotes, but the codes didn't work. So I made my kids pay half the cost of the replacement remote from the dealer, and they are MUCH more careful with the new one.
  • Well I was afraid of that. Thanks for the info.
  • TrihardTrihard Posts: 11
    Hi All,

    I just purchased a 2006 Tribeca, and I have some questions. I stumbled upon this group, and I am pleased there is a place to ask questions from other users. The group doesn't look very active at the moment (last post is 1/4), but I am hoping it will pick up.

    Q1: Does someone have a more detailed or easy to use instructions for the Modification to the Nav System to ground the wire to disable the restriction on data entry while the car is moving? I saw the post a ways back, but it is still kind of cryptic,, and since many of you have probably done it, can someone help shed some more light on how to do it?

    Q2: Is it possible that a future version of the nav system will have text-to-speech to enable street names to be said? What about other accents/languages?

    Q3: Is there a way to have the doors lock automagically when the car starts moving (without having to press the lock button every time)? Also, is there a way to have them open when the car is parked and the driver pulls the door open? My old Jeep worked this way and is was great!

  • Hi all,

    My touchscreen stopped working today. Sits on the warning message waiting for me to click agree. I push and nothing. I've change the fuse and unplugged the unit, same thing. Does anyone have any idea how to fix, or a way around it? I read through the messages and it looks like there is no way to bypass the warning, I'm wondering if there is another way to accept other then the touchscreen. I could use 99% of the functionality if I could see the screens, I never put in addresses, mainly look at the map, gas mileage, etc. I'm guessing the GPS unit itself is fine, just the touchscreen is broken, any idea on cost to replace or if there is a non OEM version I could use to save $? Does anyone know if this part is easy to replace, if it is standard on non GPS b9's or if it's part of the GPS (Kenwood)

  • morey000morey000 Posts: 384
    It may be a longshot, but try re-booting. i.e. pulling the power for a minute. Might be most easily done by disconnecting the battery cable.
  • I want to do the DVD NAV hack but I am not confident in doing it. Did you happen to make a walk trough with pictures? Anyone in the upstate NY area that has done this modification and would be willing to help me do it?
  • umm did you just read back in the thread or do a search :confuse:

    here is the install of MIC for the Nav system:

    here is a link to the using a media center on the video input:

    here the link to the video while moving hack:
    (no pics sorry just no time and really not needed if you can have someone read thru and follow directions). You have to feel comfortable to at least pull out the screen from dash.

    Finally further down is how to get NAV entry while moving:
    and yes there is a picture on this one :shades:
  • Ok so all I have to do for the DVD hack is cut the grey wire, extend it further and ground it to one of the screws?
  • Yes just like I posted. cut about 2 " from the connector. make sure you use something about as thick as the wire they used. and connect to one of the 4 screws used to mount the unit to the dash (as per the posting) :shades:

    this will enable the VIDEO to be viewed on front screen while moving. NOT The Navigation Entry that is a different hack.
  • Hi Cluelesspa and or anyone who has done the mod they provided.

    Can you use the voice commands with the MIC to get through the initial warning screen, basically say 'enter' or ok?

  • Last dumb question: Which end am I going to ground? The end that is left from the connector or the end that I assume goes somewhere in the dash?
  • umm this part:

    one will be 16 wires (some not connected).. one will be smaller plug. anyway look for the ONLY solid grey wire (should be on the larger plug). Pin 13 of 16, I think... carefully strip back the black tape holding the bundle together and get back about 2 or 3 in from the end connector and CUT the wire completely.

    :shades: the part going to the connect (plugging into the NAV screen)... splice or connect a 4 inch wire of the same or larger size to the 3 inches left. :shades:

    Note the step above this cut back about 2 or 3 inches ;)

    then wrap the splice with electrical tape and retape the bundle. now reinstall the screen (feeding the new 4 in wire around the side of the unit. screw back in and attach the wire to one of the screws so the wire is in contact with the bracket (which is contact with the NAV case) which is Grounded ... there by grounding the grey wire (tricking the unit into thinking the e-brake is applied)...
  • haven't tried it as my button to activate the voice command is right next to the screen so not a big issue to hit the screen versus the mic button.

    But I am almost 100% positive there is no "OK" voice command.
  • Hi cluelesspa,

    I really need your help! I recently did this mod, in addition to adding an iPod to the Aux In connection via Karen in Az's directions

    I thought I did everything correctly, but I have the following problems:
    - The CD player no longer works. When I press the cd button, I get the audio info strip (what channel and what volume line at bottom of navigation screen)
    - The audio info strip comes on at startup and stays on with the nag screen until I accept (didn't used to do that). About 30 secs after accepting, the same info strip comes on without me touching anything!
    - The volume of my iPod (actually, iPhone, turned all the way up) is very low coming out of the speakers. Normally, I listen to the radio and cd at speaker volume 8-10. The volume I need to have it at for playing the iPod is around 24-27. When I pause the music I can hear noise coming out of the speaker, which someone told me might be because the Amp is all the way up.

    Any thoughts about what wires I might have messed up (because clearly I did) in the install to cause this? Since I do hear the iPod, I am thinking it was part of the grounding I did and not the wires for the audio. I can play video from the iPhome (while moving) fine as well.

    Should the volume have to be turned up so high for the iPod? Someone suggested getting the product N-64 at to help that.

    FYI, I have a 06 Tribeca, 5 seater.

    I really appreciate any and all help you can provide!
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    hit the AUDIO button your dash (the one on the dash) twice. you probably have the audio toggled to the rear entertainment system. its trying to show whats on your DVD player, which is probably turned off. hence the VIDEO hack you did.
  • TrihardTrihard Posts: 11
    I had tried that and every other combination to no avail.

    Turns out that I needed to reset the power to the system (via the battery) and then the cd player at least had power, but came up with a Mech Error. We removed the cd player and basically just made sure the CDs were all aligned again, and when we put the whole thing back, I was all set! So, my advice to anyone else doing this procedure would be to make sure you remove all your CDs from the unit before taking it out to do any modifications, just in cast they get mis-aligned. in the process.

    BTW, I purchased an N-64 from Navone audio to put between the iPod and the stereo, and now the sound is MUCH better. No need to crank up the volume anymore!
  • pdierkspdierks Posts: 4
    I have a 2007 Subaru Tribeca B9 and am looking to swap the East coast CD for a West coast CD. Is the version dependent on the year of Tribeca? If anyone has one and is willing to trade, please e-mail me privately. Thanks - Pat :lemon:
  • pdierkspdierks Posts: 4
    Do you have any West Coast version that you would be willing to part with? If so, how much? My wife just purchased a used - leased 2007 B9 and it only came loaded with the East coast DVD.


  • x5killerx5killer Posts: 368
    my 2006 B9 came with the vesion 1.0 NAV dvd and later got the 3.0 version for a hefty price ($250 or something ridiculous like that, I'd have to look it up)

    Well I recently traded the car in to save tax on the new vehicle (though of course got a low ball trade in price) so I really didn't want to give them the NAV 3.0 update dvd if i didn't have to since i still had the 1.0

    well i didn't think of this till after the fact and stupidly mentioned it as if they would give me more for the tradein which they didn't so i realized i should ahve just taken it out.

    once i mentioned it they warned that on some vehicles if you put the old nav dvd in after its already been updated with a newer one it can break the whole system and that I would be responsible for the cost of the repair of the nav unit if it did that.

    I call BS and they are just trying to get me to lave the 3.0 version nav update so i wanted to check for sure with Tribeca owners to see if we can find out if in fact downgrading to a previous version of the NAV would have any adverse effect on the nav system.

    if not, i see no reason to give them the update which I can gladly sell to another Tribeca owner for half the normal price of the NAV 3.0 update dvd and case with both east and west coast discs (then the person could sell whichever cost they dont need if they want)
  • x5killerx5killer Posts: 368
    I am going to try and at least get back the West Coast 3.0 nav dvd not in the unit and if i can find out that downgrading doesn't cause any adverse effect then I am going to try and get back the 3.0 case with both dvds and give them the 1.0 version that came with the car which I should ahve done in the first place.

    even if it did cause any problem to the nav unit they wouldn't have noticed that till later and would ahve been on them.

    I was trying to give them everythign possible with the Tribeca I traded in with all the upgrades and accessories i had for it and kept in great condition with regular maintenance and top care but they gave me such a lowball price for it that I dont feel like I should give them any extras including the upgraded nav dvd which costed me way too much
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